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Importing #nuclear waste is illegal. The Lucas Heights returning waste is an exception

a-cat-CANI hope that The Age and other media will make clear the fact that this radioactive trash returning from UK and France, emanates from radioactive trash that originated at Lucas Heights. Australia is legally obliged to take it back. A completely different proposition from the hare-brained idea of importing foreign nuclear wastes.

Lucas-wastesUnder Commonwealth and State laws, no nuclear waste repository can be set up in Australia, with just this one exception.

The nuclear lobby, and the South Australian government will use this exception to confuse the public – so that this exception could become a foot in the door for the ill advised plan by some greedy Australian individuals, and by the desperate overseas nuclear companies, for South Australia to become the world’s nuclear toilet.


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Increasing danger of #nuclear submarines in Indo Pacific oceans

submarine,-nuclear-underwat‘the more submarines you put in the same body of water, the higher the probability they might collide’.

Indo-Pacific nuclear sub threat to rival Cold War AFR, by John Kerin, 3 Sept 15  The Indian and Pacific Oceans are becoming increasingly crowded with nuclear armed and conventional submarines increasing the risk of collision and nuclear conflict.

The warning is contained in a new Lowy Institute of International Affairs paper to be released on Friday which argues the region faces the greatest threat of a miscalculation involving nuclear armed submarines since the Cold War era.

“The regional contests for influence between the United States and China and China and India do not yet have the existential or ideological ‘life or death character’ of the Cold War,” the paper by Professor Rory Medcalf of the ANU based National Security College and Brendan-Thomas Noone from the Lowy International Security Program says.

“But quite literally below the surface a new and dangerous competition is emerging as China and India in particular start deploying nuclear weapons at sea………. Continue reading

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Abbott govt soon to give shortlist of sites for Lucas Heights nuclear waste dump

radioactive trashNuclear waste dumps: Abbott government close to releasing shortlist of possible sites, SMH, September 3, 2015  Political correspondent The Abbott government is close to releasing a shortlist of possible sites to host a nuclear waste dump, but has missed a self-imposed August deadline. At least four locations — two in South Australia’s Kimba shire, one in Leonora in Western Australia and one in Yalgoo, WA — are among those in the running to be on the shortlist of sites that will host the “national radioactive waste management facility”, though a final decision on the location is not due until 2017.

The delay in the release of the list has prompted suggestions from Labor of a link with the Canning byelection on September 19. Continue reading

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Video: Walkajurra Walkabout protest Toro uranium mining project

Env-AustWalkajurra Walkabout begins fifth protest of Toro uranium mining project Anti-nuclear protesters have come together for the fifth consecutive Walkajurra Walkabout to oppose energy company’s Toro Energy uranium mining project.
By  Craig Quartermaine Yellarie Source:  NITV News 31 AUG 2015 

TRANSCRIPT Malarndirri McCarthy: The Walkajurra Walkabout has international anti-nuclear protesters and traditional owners gathered together on some of the richest uranium deposits in the country.

Craig Quartermaine: I’m here at Yellerie Station for the Walkajurra Walkabout that will continue for the next two weeks it’s a dynamic mix of people who make their way through country

After protesters set up camp, they had a breakdown of the meeting with Toro Energy before turning in for the night……

Kado Muir is the Tjurrura man who has lead the event for the last five years .

Kado Muir, Walkajurra Walkabout organiser: So if they ever got the approval to mine it, it would dig up a 50 kilometre area, taking uranium out of the ground, turning it over, extracting the ore, leaving radioactive materials behind, all this beautiful land will end up being a radioactive wasteland……..Basically all these people share this common goal with us the Aboriginal people of this land of keeping uranium in the ground and shutting down the nuclear industry.

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Jobs and solar energy are the concerns of Canning voters

ballot-boxCanning byelection: Voters want jobs, solar energy: Greens, WA Times, 
September 1, 2015 The coalition is using the politics of fear in its bid to woo voters in the Canning electorate, but locals care more about jobs and solar energy, the Greens say.

Leader Richard Di Natale said it was “rich” that Liberal candidate Andrew Hastie told the party’s recent state conference it was “disgusting” others were using the byelection as a chance to kick the Prime Minister and advocate for solar energy.

But about half of the electorate used solar energy, including hot water systems, so solar was clearly an important issue, Dr Di Natale said.He referred to Friday’s Border Force debacle, saying locals were much more concerned about issues such as power prices, the West Australian economy and employment for young people………Greens candidate Vanessa Rauland, who runs a business that helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint, said she would move from Fremantle to the electorate if she wins. 

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Eric Schlosser in Australia to talk about #nuclear weapons

Investigative journalist Eric Schlosser on America’s history of nuclear weapons, ABC, Lateline  By Amy Sherden US author Eric Schlosser, best known for his book and film Fast Food Nation, has revealed how small human errors and complacency have led to the United States almost blowing itself up on several occasions.

The investigative journalist has been researching America’s history of nuclear weapons for his book Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident and the Illusion of Safety.

He delves into great detail on the “Damascus incident” of September 18, 1980, where a missile equipped with a nuclear warhead exploded in a launch silo at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas.

An airman conducting maintenance on the USAF Titan-II ballistic missile dropped a socket wrench about 24 metres, with the two-kilogram tool punching through the skin of the fuel tank.

The rupture caused a fuel leak and nine hours later the missile exploded.

An airman was killed and the launch complex was destroyed. But thanks to the warhead’s built-in safety features, it did not detonate.

Schlosser is in Australia for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, talking about our delusions over nuclear weapons. Here are some of the key points from his interview with Lateline…….

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Tasmania set be be regional leader with the right renewable energy policies

The Abbott Government’s continued hostility towards renewables will see Australia slip down the ranks and fall behind. We cannot afford to be left behind.

Renewable energy promises to be one of the leading industries of the 21st century, and a long-term strategy should focus on attracting investment.

Over $2.5 trillion is expected to be invested in renewables in the Asia Pacific region by 2030 — we need to make sure this investment is made here in Tasmania.

map-Tasmania-solarRenewable energy policy key to growth HELEN POLLEY MERCURY SEPTEMBER 04, 2015

TASMANIA has led the way in Australia on renewable energy for some time now.We have set ourselves apart from the rest of the nation through the integration of wind and hydro technology, and by tapping into Bass Strait fibre cable opportunities.

Tasmania can continue to lead the way if the correct policies, strategies and mindset are put in place now. By looking at renewable energy as an investment in Australia’s future and leveraging new opportunities Tasmania could become a world leader in this field.

Tony Abbott and his Liberals have done everything in their power to mess with renewable energy in Australia, and come election time there will be a clear cut choice between Labor and the Liberals when it comes to renewable energy  Continue reading

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Solar energy news items – South Australia and Victoria

 Solar to replace nuclear and coal
UBS believes solar power could become the default power supply technology of the future (subscribers only) 

Energy company shows interest in building manufacturing plant in Adelaide
A Brisbane-based energy company flags the possibility of building a manufacturing plant in Adelaide, which will produce battery storage units for solar energy.

Solar energy project to create 30 SA jobs
THE South Australian government says the expansion of a Queensland-based Indigenous renewable energy company will create more than 30 job

Solar power storage system helps Croydon family slash power bill
CLEAN energy experts say home solar power storage technology could turn our power system on its head.

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Institute of Public Affairs to win prize from USA right wing group?

hypocrisy-scaleThinktank Institute of Public Affairs up for prize for role in repealing carbon tax, Guardian 2 Sept Organisation’s former policy director Tim Wilson – now Australia’s human rights commissioner – praised over efforts to counter ‘misinformation’ peddled by carbon tax advocates The Institute of Public Affairs is in the running to win an international prize for its role in repealing the carbon tax.

The rightwing thinktank is a finalist for the $US100,000 (A$142,000) Templeton Freedom award, granted by American non-profit organisation the Atlas Network.

A glowing description of the IPA’s campaign strategy against the carbon tax – which was passed under logo-IPA-wolfthe Gillard government in 2011 and repealed by the Abbott government in 2014 – is detailed on the Atlas Network website…….The IPA will find out if it has won the prize at a New York event in November.

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Get Local For Climate Action #Auspol #CanningVotes

Originally posted on jpratt27:

Get Local For Climate Action
Across the planet there is an unstoppable train of momentum as communities, countries and businesses race ahead with renewable energy solutions, leap-frogging outdated and polluting forms of energy.
But while the rest of the world gets on with the job, the Australian Government is shirking responsibility and clinging to a dirty and polluted past. If we don’t get with the action, we’ll get left behind.
So this October, Oxfam supporters like you are building community pressure on the Australian government. Join them! Get your friends together and visit your local Federal MP to talk climate.
You have the power to demand better from our leaders. Sign up to get local for climate action now!

Feel a little daunted? Don’t worry, we’ll provide plenty of resources, you can come along to a training and information session and your state Community Campaigner is available to answer…

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Western Australian Labor holds firm to nuclear-free policies

logo-ALPURANIUM AND THORIUM (nb: from Environment chapter)

  1. WA Labor believes that:
  2. Enriching uranium poses significant risks to human health, the natural environment and is not a solution to climate change; and
  3. Thorium also poses significant risks to human health and the environment.


  1. In Government, WA Labor will:
  2. Oppose the mining and export of uranium;
  3. Oppose nuclear enrichment, nuclear power and otherwise the production of dangerous radioactive waste;
  4. Oppose the storage of nuclear energy waste in Western Australia;
  5. Oppose the testing or use of nuclear weapons in Western Australia or near our coastline;
  6. Encourage local governments to declare themselves ‘Nuclear Free Zones’; and
  7. Ensure that the mining of thorium in Western Australia only occurs under the most stringent environmental conditions and oppose thorium exports to countries that do not observe the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


URANIUM MINING & NUCLEAR ENERGY (nb: from Industry and Regional Development chapter)

  1. Recognising the problems, hazards and dangers of nuclear power, especially relating to:
  2. The safety of the nuclear fuel cycle;
  3. The unsolved problems pertaining to the reprocessing and storage of radioactive wastes and spent plant;
  4. The growing concern about the biomedical effects of even low radiation;
  5. The coupling of nuclear energy and nuclear weapon development;
  6. The added danger of a future plutonium economy and the threats to civil liberties involved in a nuclear economy; and
  7. The fact that Labor policy contained herein on fossil fuels, energy conservation and renewable resources will ensure Western Australian energy self-sufficiency.


  1. WA Labor will:
  2. Reject nuclear power as an option for electricity generation in Western Australia;
  3. Oppose the establishment of a nuclear enrichment facility in the State;
  4. Reject the establishment of nuclear processing plants or the storage of nuclear wastes in the State;
  5. Allow no uranium mining or development in Western Australia; and
  6. Place thorium under the restrictions and conditions applicable to the mining, processing, sale and transportation of uranium currently mined in Australia as outlined in the Resources and Energy section of the National Platform, so far as they relate to nuclear non-proliferation.


  1. The platform recognises WA Labor’s long and continuous opposition to Uranium Mining.  The commencement and continuation of any uranium project is inconsistent with WA Labor Policy.  WA Labor will accept no obligation to complete approval processes or honour contractual arrangements entered into by a previous government where such approvals or contracts are directed towards an outcome inconsistent with WA Labor’s platform.

International Relations:

Support measures that prevent the use of Australian uranium exports in the proliferation of nuclear weapons or environmental degradation


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Rosatom now selling uneconomic Honeymoon uranium project in South Australia

uranium-orethumbs-downRosatom sells Honeymoon uranium mine in South Australia, SMH September 1, 2015 Simon Evans Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy company Rosatom has finally lost patience with the Honeymoon uranium project in northern South Australia and is selling it off to an ASX-listed minnow called Boss Resources.

Honeymoon is one of the five Australian uranium mines in Australia, four of which are located in South Australia, but it has been in mothballs for the past two years because of the plunge in uranium prices which made it uneconomic to continue mining from the site.

The Honeymoon mine is located about 75 kilometres north west of the town of Broken Hill and has been through a series of changes in ownership, the last being a buyout of the Canadian firm Uranium One by the Russian state-owned nuclear company Rosatom. This gave Rosatom ownership of Honeymoon.

Boss Resources chairman Evan Cranston told Fairfax Media on Tuesday that one of the big attractions was the 2600 square kilometre tenement package which came with the project…….

The complex buyout by Boss involves several components including a $2.4 million cash payment, a $200,000 “site access” fee and several milestone payments into the future if the mine does go into production again.

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Australian uranium company Paladin mothballing uneconomic project in Labrador, Canada

thumbs-downAurora Energy suspending uranium exploration in Labrador, CBC News Company cites low prices for decision to mothball Labrador operation Sep 01, 2015 Aurora Energy has announced it is suspending uranium exploration in Labrador and is blaming lower commodity prices for the decision.

Ches Andersen, Aurora’s vice-president of Labrador affairs, said since there’s no mining underway, the parent company will mothball the Labrador operation…..

Aurora is a member of the Paladin Energy Ltd. Group of Companies, based in Australia.

Lifting of moratorium

The issue of uranium mining in Labrador has been a divisive one.

The Nunatsiavut government narrowly passed a controversial bill to put a moratorium on exploration in place in April 2008.  The decision to lift the moratorium was made unanimously late in 2011….

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The danger to Japanese children, of Cesium-137 ingested in food


I am afraid that there are many Japanese people now living on lands equally Cesium-137contaminated with radioactive cesium. If Japanese children are allowed to routinely ingest foodstuffs contaminated with Cesium-137, they will likely develop the same health problems that we see now in the children and teenagers of Belarus and Ukraine.

Thus it is very important that we recognize the danger posed to children by the routine ingestion of contaminated food with Cesium-137 where ever they might live. It is also important to prevent further nuclear disasters which release these fiendishly toxic poisons into the global ecosystems. Given the immense amounts of long-lived radionuclides which exist at every nuclear power plant this is an urgent task.

The Implications of The Massive Contamination of Japan With Radioactive Cesium 
Steven Starr  Senior Scientist, Physicians for Social Responsibility  Director, University of Missouri, Clinical Laboratory Science Program Helen Caldicott Foundation Fukushima Symposium  New York Academy of Medicine, 11 March 2013 A large number of highly radioactive isotopes released by the destruction of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant grossly contaminated the Japanese mainland. Most of these radionuclides had short half lives which meant they would essentially disappear in a matter of days or months. For many of those who were exposed to them there will be major health consequences.
However, there were some radioactive elements that will not rapidly disappear. And it is these long-lived radionuclides that will remain to negatively affect the health of all complex life forms that are exposed to them.

text cesiumChief among them is Cesium-137, which has taken on special significance because it is has proven to be the most abundant of the long-lived radionuclides that has remained in the environment following the nuclear disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima. It has a 30 year radioactive half life which is why it persists in the environment. Scientists now believe that it will be 180 to 320 years before the Cesium-137 around the destroyed Chernobyl reactor actually disappears from the environment. Continue reading

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Hanford. 25 years and $billions later, not one drop of nuclear waste has been treated

Hanford-waste-tanksThe Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant project there, known as WTP, is meant to exhume the waste, freeze it in glass, and give it a proper burial. But it’s been plagued by delays. It was expected to cost $4.3 billion and be built by 2011. Instead, the cost has swelled past $12 billion to date, with an estimated $7 billion in work left to be done. So far, not a drop of waste has been processed.

Nuclear cleanup project haunted by legacy of design failures and antnuke-relevantwhistleblower retaliation, Center for Public Integrity,  Twenty-five years after the project began, the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant at Hanford is nearing a three-fold cost overrun, and not a single drop of waste has been treated By Patrick Malone 2 Sept 15 

The largest and most costly U.S. environmental cleanup project has been dogged for years by worries about an accidental nuclear reaction or a spill of toxic materials that could endanger residents nearby, as well as a history of contractor retaliation against workers who voice worries about persistent safety risks.

But it hasn’t fully turned the corner yet, according to recent comments by the federal officials now overseeing its operation. Continue reading

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