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Nuclear facilities in South Australia would be at grave danger from bushfires

bushfireDangers of Bushfires-Wildfires & Nuclear Businesminingawareness, 3 August 15   “………
According to the South Australia Country Fire Service, nearly 1/2 of people living in bushfire prone areas don’t understand the threat. This is apparently true of those proposing adding nuclear scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAINanything in Australia.
For, in such a context, the risks of nuclear anything are clearly even higher than average. And, the solar potential in Australia is higher than average. The choice should be clear……..
In January of this year (2015) over 700 South Australian Country Fire Service volunteers fought the Sampson Flat bushfire series, helped by teams from New South Wales Rural Fire Service and Victoria Fire Authority, over the course of a week. On “Black Sunday” 1955 in South Australia, 1,000 Emergency Fire Service volunteers fought fires, but were overwhelmed and 2,500 citizens volunteered to help. For the 1983 Ash Wednesday Bushfires (II), 130,000 firefighters, defence force personnel, relief workers and support crews worked to fight the bushfires.Clearly this is serious business and dangerous in the best of
Adding nuclear to firestorms is even more dangerous than the Fukushima earthquake-tsunami disaster…………

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Thorium – the nuclear lobby’s latest well-funded astroturfing campaign

As expert Jo Abbess states more clearly than anyone, thorium is “quite probably the most well-funded piece of astroturfing propaganda in existence.” Only through awareness and education can we hope to make rational decisions about our energy future. I recommend readers start learning about thorium nuclear from the articles above before making any decisions on the technology.

Thorium-pie-in-skyThorium Nuclear Information Resources  There is a rash of misinformation on the net about the supposed merits of the ‘new’ nuclear energy source on the block, thorium. I am sure that in a perfect world where nobody lies, thorium would be the perfect answer to the world’s energy needs as is claimed. This is unfortunately not the case.

Apparently, every time there is a new nuclear catastrophe, the thorium ‘miracle’ is promoted again as the ‘savior’ for the world. The Fukushima nuclear radiation catastrophe was not unique and the thorium misinformation artists have come out in droves. It’s the nuclear industry’s defense mechanism – create a new ‘safety myth’ that regular people can latch onto.

In reality, the thorium nuclear fuel cycle has been under development since the very early days of the nuclear industry. India, for example, has spent decades trying to commercialize it, and has failed. The US, Russia, Germany, and many others tried and failed as well. At best, thorium based nuclear power generation may be commercialized in a few decades.

I doubt it.

Fortunately, there are a number of independent trustworthy and expert sources of information on the internet regarding thorium nuclear. Here they are: Continue reading

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Evacuation of Uranium Mine Sites: Uranium shipments stopped, due to wildfires

text-relevantMining giants Cameco and Areva have had to stop shipping uranium from their northern operations as highways and airstrips are periodically closed by smoke and flame.

Wildfires Force Evacuation of Uranium Mine Sites; Stop Shipments of Flag-USAUranium; Endanger Firefighters and Environment miningawareness, 2 Aug 15, Wildfires and uranium mining make a bad mix, as do all parts of the nuclear energy chain. Cameco’s Crow Butte In Situ Leach (ISL) Mine in Nebraska had to be evacuated in 2012, as did personnel from their Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan operation in 2012, and the MacArthur Lake Mine in 2002, due to wildfires. Shipments of uranium were stopped, a few weeks ago, from Cameco-Areva’s Saskatchewan uranium mines due to wildfires. Continue reading

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What’s Australia’s water security under future climate?

BHP-water-guzzlerThe role of water in Australia’s uncertain future, The Conversation    Manager Water Resources Assessment Section at Australian Bureau of Meteorology  Manager, Urban Water at Australian Bureau of Meteorology August 3, 2015   “…….Water security is threatened by a number of factors. These include climate change, rainfall variability, population growth, economic development, and drought.

For instance, across southern Australia climate change is projected to decrease winter and spring rainfall by up to 15% by 2030 regardless of whether greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

Rainfall declines are amplified in reduced streamflow and in turn the water in storages. Southwestern Australia has seen streamflow declines of 50% since 1970, while streamflow during the Millennium Drought (1996-2010) in southeastern Australia was half of the long-term average………

Australia also has naturally highly variable rainfall influenced by events such as El Niño and La Niña. An El Niño was declared in May 2015.

The El Niño’s likely impact will be drier and warmer conditions across inland eastern Australia. Importantly the strength of an El Niño does not always indicate how severely Australia may be affected.

text-relevantThese dryer conditions, should they arise, will place increased pressure on the water supply of effected regions. In particular, increased water demands and reduced stream flows will see declining surface water storage volumes. This could mean we need to develop and use more climate resilient sources………

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State of emergency with 23 large wildfires in California

text-relevantFlag-USAHundreds Flee California Wildfires as Governor Declares State of Emergency LOWER LAKE, Calif.)—Blazes raging in forests and woodlands across California have taken the life of a firefighter and forced hundreds of people to flee their homes as an army of firefighters continue to battle them from the air and the ground.

Twenty-three large fires, many sparked by lightning strikes, were burning across Northern California on Saturday, said state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman Daniel Berlant. Some 8,000 firefighters were attempting to subdue them, something made incredibly difficult by several years of drought that have dried out California.

“The conditions and fire behavior we’re seeing at 10 in the morning is typically what we’d see in late afternoon in late August and September,” said Nick Schuler ………..Sourced through from:

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Refuting nuclear industry lie that ionising radiation is good for you

quackIs Radioactivity Really Good for You? – NRC to be The Decider NoNukesCA.netAugust 1, 2015 by James Heddle

“……./.YOU may be suffering from… RADIOLOGICAL PHOBIA!

Yes, folks, its a new psychosomatic disorder recently discovered in the Fukushima aftermath by ‘health care professionals’ and their allies in the global pro-nuclear lobby and the PR firms that specialize in the ‘manufacture of doubt.’

Just think, the million-plus deaths shown to have resulted form Chernobyl and all the thousands of mutated kids being cared for in orphanages in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine weren’t caused by Chernobyl fallout radiation exposure – its all in their heads (even if their brains are on the outside of their skulls)!

Same with the so-called Fukushima ‘victims.’ Its all about their MENTAL ATTITUDE – their fact- and experience-based BELIEF SYSTEMS.

The cure – as with other related psychosomatic maladies such as: Climate Change Phobia, GMO Phobia, Surveillance State Phobia or Arctic Oil Drilling Phobia – is DENIAL. What could be more simple…or more simple-minded?

NRC Leaps into the Breach
Always ready to uphold its well-earned reputation as Jonny-on-the-Spot for identifying and resolving any conceivable danger to public health and safety from nuclear technology, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in its august wisdom has decided to respond to a petition from three people claiming to represent Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information to revisit in an official proceeding the long-discredited theory of ‘hormesis,’ the idea that chronic exposure to low-level nuclear radiation is actually Good for you, because it makes you better able to withstand higher exposures. Wow, what a liberating, needless worry-reducing concept!

Don’t Be Fooled: Even Low Levels of Radiation Are Bad

Information and links to sources debunking the ridiculous, irresponsible and long-discredited claim that chronic exposure to low-level  radioactivity  is good for you.      are included below……..

Nuclear Cheerleaders Use Voodoo Science to Pretend Low Levels of Radiation Are Safe … Or Even Good For You

Radiation Experts: Radiation Standards Are Up to 1,000 Higher Than Is Safe for the Human Body

Don’t be fooled by the spin: radiation is bad

On chemical hormesis:
Hormesis is a flawed theory

On electromagnetic hormesis (thanks to Nina Beety:
Hormesis and EMF: A Complex Dose-Response Phenomenon (pdf)

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New Zealand’s nuclear test veterans call for radiation health study

Atomic-Bomb-SmNuclear veterans call for radiation health study NZ Herald Aug 3, 2015 Veterans of New Zealand’s frigate protest at nuclear tests in the South Pacific are calling for a study into the effects of radiation on their health and their children and grandchildren.

antnuke-relevantAbout 500 men served on HMNZS Otago and HMNZS Canterbury during the 1973 official Labour Government’s sea-borne challenge to testing in the atmosphere at a French Polynesian atoll.

Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group president Wayne O’Donnell said the group wanted to monitor medical problems of the veterans and their families.

However, without a full list of those who served on the frigates, the group needed to get in touch with crew, or their widows and families.

The group aims to set up a trust fund to enable medical testing of veteran’s children and grandchildren.

It sought data on issues suffered by the children and also mothers during conception and child birth.

“It is hoped the results will establish the truth of the genetic transfer of illnesses related to the nuclear exposure encountered by the crews that were sent to Muruoa Atoll in 1973,” said Mr O’Donnell.

Since the group formed two years ago, he said it had met Veterans Affairs Minister Craig Foss and senior officials and more communication was expected from both sides……….

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August 2 Energy News

Geo Harvey , 3 Aug 15 World:

  • Western Australia is about to get its first solar powered mine site, with work starting next week on a $40 million solar array to supply Sandfire Resources’ DeGrussa copper mine with a substantial portion of its power. Under a deal with Juwi, the builder, Sandfire will buy power for at least six years, with further agreements if Sandfire keeps the mine going. [The West Australian]
  • Plans for Britain’s first nuclear reactor in almost 30 years have come under sustained attack from politicians and City bankers. A report from a top bank this weekend warned that the cost of the £25 billion Hinkley Point C plant was “becoming harder to justify.” HSBC concluded: “We see ample reason for the UK Government to delay or cancel the project.”…….. [This is Money]…….

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Oxfam Australia: Powering up against poverty – why renewable energy is the future

From the tiniest nations of the Pacific to a giant like China, developing countries are demonstrating that reducing poverty and tackling climate change can, and indeed must, go hand in hand. …

In this report we comprehensively debunk the Prime Minister’s now-infamous statement that “coal is good for humanity”. In this report we explore the devastating impacts of coal on communities and reveal how, contrary to industry claims, coal can do little to bring electricity to those still living without it, the majority of whom live in rural areas and beyond the reach of the conventional energy grid.

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Chilling reality of Fukushima nuclear situation is not accurately reported

The Worst Disaster That You’ll Never Hear Anything About, Criticl, 2 Aug 15 “………Immediately after the incident, a massive amount of misinformation was spread, with news outlets using a map from NOAA about wave height to depict the spread of radiation and a picture of a nearby burning oil refinery as one of the reactor in flames. Misinformation is rife after any disaster, and those in charge did an admirable job at first to redirect the conversation to what appeared to be the facts and reaffirm what seemingly was important to understand.

Notwithstanding, due to the amalgam of reluctance by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and the Japanese government to later accurately report the above facts coupled with the complicity in hiding the realistic risks and dangers, a catastrophe has only been allowed to get worse over the past couple of years. A lack of investigative journalism in Japan along with constraints of the government’s secrecy act creates a culture of apathy around the incident, which the rest of the world sadly is only all too happy to follow. A situation has manifested that continues to spiral out of control, one with no apparent solution and one that is going to have immense long-term consequences across the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading

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Delay or cancel UK’s too expensive Hinkley nuclear plan -says top bank

Hinkley-nuclear-power-plantToo expensive…Not needed…top bank report hits out at plans for £25bn Hinkley C nuclear plant, This is Money,  By NEIL CRAVEN FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY, 2 August 2015  Plans for Britain’s first nuclear reactor in almost 30 years have come under sustained attack from politicians and City bankers.

A report from a top bank this weekend warned that the cost of the £25billion Hinkley Point C plant was ‘becoming harder to justify’.

HSBC concluded: ‘We see ample reason for the UK Government to delay or cancel the project.’ Continue reading

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Uranium mine- Australia’s largest water guzzler – it’s criminal in a dry climate

text-relevantOlympic Dam Mine: Largest User of Energy in S. Australia; Largest User of Australia’s Precious Water Resource – The Great Artesian Basin 31 Friday Jul 2015 by miningawareness  The largest single user of electricity in South Australia is the Olympic Dam uranium, copper, gold, silver mine. Almost 60% of the energy in South Australia comes from renewables! Why would they need nuclear? Why a “Royal Commission”? They clearly want nuclear power so that they can sell their uranium to make energy to mine more uranium. Furthermore, the wise shun uranium, so to keep mining it in Australia, they need to dump it on Australia in the form of depleted uranium from enrichment, nuclear power, and the too often forgotten nuclear waste, to go with the radioactive tailings which they already have.


The largest user of underground water in the Southern Hemisphere is the Olympic Dam! Australia has a generally dry climate, and is highly dependent upon the same groundwater, underground aquifer, which is pumped for mining and most assuredly polluted by mining. Wikipedia says the Olympic Dam mine is the largest industrial user of underground water in the Southern Hemisphere. But, no single individual would use so much, so it much be the largest single user. Thus, it is also the largest single user of Australia’s precious Great Artesian Basin water.

Nuclear anything is even more dangerous in a dry climate, so prone to bushfires, and even fire tornados! Using up the precious water resource of the Great Artesian Basin by uranium, or any other mining, is criminal….

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Hibakusha continue to speak out against nuclear weapons

Japan’s atomic bomb survivors continue in fight against nuclear weapons
As Japan prepares to mark the 70th anniversary of the world’s first nuclear attack, survivors ponder how to continue warning of the horrors of nuclear war,
Guardian,   31 July It is not as if Sunao Tsuboi needs another reminder of his violent encounter, as a 20-year-old university student, with a “living hell on earth”. The facial scars he has carried for seven decades are proof enough. But, as if to remind himself of the day he became a witness to the horrors of nuclear warfare, he removes a a black-and-white photograph and points to the shaved head of a young man looking away from the lens.

sunao Tsuboi on Miyuki Bridge 1945

“That’s me,” he says. “We were hoping we would find some sort of medical help, but there was no treatment available, and no food or water. I thought I had reached the end.”

The location is Miyuki Bridge, Hiroshima, three hours after the Enola Gay, a US B-29 bomber, dropped a 15-kiloton nuclear bomb on the city on the morning of 6 August 1945. Between 60,000 and 80,000 people were killed instantly; in the months that followed the death toll rose to 140,000.

In the photo, one of only a handful of surviving images taken in Hiroshima that day, Tsuboi is sitting on the road with several other people, their gaze directed at the gutted buildings around them. To one side, police officers douse schoolchildren with cooking oil to help soothe the pain of their burns.

As Japan prepares to mark the 70th anniversary of the first nuclear attack in history, Tsuboi and tens of thousands of other hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors) are again confronting their own mortality.

“People like me are losing the strength to talk about their experiences and continue the campaign against nuclear weapons,” says Tsuboi, a retired school principal who has travelled the world to warn of the horrors of nuclear warfare.

The average age of the 183,000 registered survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks rose just above 80 for the first time last month.

While each has a unique recollection of the morning of 6 August and its aftermath, near disbelief at the scale of destruction is a theme that runs through hibakusha testimony…..

“If the hibakusha continue to speak out against nuclear weapons, then other people will follow suit. That’s why we have to continue our campaign for as long as we are physically able.”….

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Fire tornadoes a risk to nuclear facilities, as climate change continues

text-relevantTurn and burn: the strange world of fire tornadoes December 17, 2012 Rick McRaeACT Emergency Services Agency and Jason SharplesUNSW Australia Rick McRae is Researcher at ACT Emergency Services AgencyJason Sharples is Lecturer, School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences at UNSW Australia.

We’ve all seen footage of out-of-control bushfires sweeping the Australian landscape, burning out hectares of native forest in their wake. But you might not have heard of a fire tornado, let alone seen one.

For many years now researchers have theorised that fire tornadoes could be possible. Now, in studying the 2003 Canberra bushfires, our colleagues and us have shown fire tornadoes do indeed exist.

So what are fire tornadoes? Where do they come from? And what sort of damage can they cause?

Fire thunderstorms

To answer these questions, we first need to understand a separate – but related – phenomenon: fire thunderstorms, also known as pyro-cumulonimbus clouds……….

Tracing the tornado

We showed that the weather conditions the fires were burning in were also suitable for tornado formation. We mapped the damage path, from the air and on the ground and could track the tornado in weather radar data………..

The 2003 Canberra fire tornado

Unlike the fire whirls observed by firefighters, the 2003 Canberra fire tornado was linked to the base of a thunderstorm, lifted off the ground, and then touched down again, three times.

What made this fire different to other fires was the wide range of observations being made as the edge of Australia’s capital was threatened.

They included:………


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Call for more safety for nuclear facilities as wildfires move fast

text-relevantFlag-USAIn Light of Fast Moving Wildfires; Evacuations, US Senators call on NRC to Stop Waiving Emergency Response Measures at Decommissioned Nuclear Sites (to no avail) miningawareness51 July 15

wildfire-nukeDespite calls by Senators in 2014 to stop elimination of emergency response measures at decommissioning nuclear reactors: “In June 2015, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved elimination of off-site emergency planning for San Onofre, even though they know the waste is extremely dangerous. This means fewer emergency planning staff, reduced funding and less radiation monitoring. … The San Onofre fire staff has been reduced.  Continue reading

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