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Government and media are lying about the purpose of the hunt for nuclear waste dump ,site

a-cat-CANAustralia’s mainstream media keep on repeating the same old lie about the “national nuclear-medicinenuclear waste dump being all about medical wastes.

It’s not. It’s about the highly radioactive wastes now being returned from France to the Lucas Heights nuclear site in Sydney. By contracts made long ago, Australia is obligated to take back spent nuclear spent fuel rods that were sent to France, UK and Argentina for processing. And this will continue to happen, as long as the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor is kept going.

Production of medical radioisotopes is not the major function of the reactor. And these medical isotopes are now being made much more safely in non nuclear cyclotrons – without all those problems of safety, of being a terrorism target, and of radioactive trash, and its dangerous transport.

Hospital medical wastes are overwhelmingly of short-lived radioactivity, and therefore well suited to disposal near the site of use. No need to cart them all the way to South Australia. That’s just an nexcuse fofr the real aim – the storage of lucas heights  highly radioactive trash returning from overseas.


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Nuclear news as end of November nears

a-cat-CANLast week, it was all about the nuclear waste returning from France. This week,  a very successful nuclear lobby lie has taken over. All of the mainstream media, even the ABC who should know better, are pitching the search for  a dump site as necessary for “medical” wastes – a lie that needs exposing.

Kimba – Wow – do we ever need good old Kimba the White Lion to check out this spin!    Officials from Kimba , South Australia,  shown around Lucas Heights nuclear reactor, to admire the “solely medical” purposes of the reactor – and presumably therefore to later on welcome in the very toxic radioactive trash returning from France, UK and Argentina.  Farmers at Kimba are less enthralled.

It’s a charade really. Blind Freddy could tell that the govt-cum-nuclear-lobby has already earmarked South Australia. The logic runs like this.  South Australia’s already polluted: it’s the place to start. But we will start on “whiteys’ land, to avoid Aboriginal fuss. (For THE OTHER, later plan –  We’ve already fairly well radioactively stuffed up the Maralinga area.  Pity about the Aborigines – but we can bribe them into agreeing to completely radioactively stuff it up.)

Meanwhile a few other sites are pitched – from 28 voluntarily nominated sites around Australia – Sallys Flat in NSW, Hale in the Northern Territory, Cortlinye, Pinkawillinie and Barndioota in South Australia and Oman Ama in Queensland. Australian govt to pay 4 times land value for nuclear dump site, plus #10 million to local community. Communities object – Queensland, including the govt there, New South Wales,  Northern Territory.

Indigenous Adnyamathanha Camp Law Mob shocked at selection of South Australian site for radioactive trash dump.

Australian Conservation Foundation wants wide-ranging public review into Australia’s nuclear materials.

SAFETY ISSUES : Indonesia will close their waters to ship carrying radioactive trash to Australia.  Danger in transporting radioactive trash.
South Australia bushfires: crazy to suggest nuclear waste dump there!

POLITICS Australia’s Prime Minister Turnbull happy to have this nation be the world’s nuclear waste dump.  Turnbull assures India they can now buy uranium from Australia.  South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill to Paris climate conference – to preach “nuclear as climate solution”?

Adelaide branch of University College London (UCL) to close,  and good riddance to this nuclear industry academic front group!

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Why is the media not being clear about this haste to get a nuclear waste site?

a-cat-CANIt’s NOT about medical wastes.
The reality is that Australia is bound to take back Lucas Heights nuclear wastes that have been processed in France, UK and Argentina.
The French deadline is near – I think it’s 2016.
All this crap about medical wastes. Most medical radioisotopes have very short half-lives.
Most of them used for diagnosis only, not treatment.
There’s an argument for using less.
Medical radioisotopes can be made without nuclear reactor, as is now being done in Canada. Expensive ? Lucas-wastesyes. But not in the long run.
Obvious solution. Shut Lucas Heights reactor. Get non-reactor radioisotopes.
The pretense is that the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor is all about helping medicine.  It’s not. It’s all about keeping  afoot in Australia’s door for the global nuclear lobby.

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Nuclear news this week in Australia

a-cat-CANLatest news is all about Lucas Heights nuclear wastes soon to arrive back from France. Many Australians do not realise that this is an exception to Australian law that makes it illegal to import nuclear waste.  France took it to process, on condition that the resultant radioactive trash returns to Australia.


Nuclear fuel leasingnot economically viable for Australia.

University College London in Adelaidis key player/driver in South Australia nuclear push. Australia’s demonstrated incompetence on dealing with radioactive trash.

Uranium to India: Australian govt: slap in the face for its own Standing Committee, on uranium sales to India.

CLIMATE CHANGEMalcolm Turnbull all tied up over Climate Change and Paris Conference. Australia’s obligations to Pacific climate migrants. Australia’s ’empty promises’ on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies.  Pope’s climate cardinal to visit Australia.

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This week today – in nuclear and climate news Australia

a-cat-CANApologies, everyone, because the Australian section is so lo oong. Also because the International section is practically non existent.

I find the International scene gloomy, as:

March on Paris  The Don’t Nuke the Climate campaign will be present in Paris to organise and
coordinate actions, gatherings and lobby efforts. On December 12 we organise a strong and visible anti-nuclear contingent in the Global Climate March. We call upon everyone to come to Paris for December 12 to make your point clear.

  • 28 & 29 Nov, 2015: Mass demonstrations in European Capitals.
  • 30 Nov – 11 Dec, 2015: The 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC – Paris, France.
  • 12 Dec 2015: Mass demonstration in Paris.


AUSTRALIA  – well, the nation at large sleeps on, thinking that the removal of half-witted PM Abbott has fixed things. Well, it hasn’t!


On uranium sales to India, Malcolm Turnbull should heed Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Treaties.

Costs of new nuclear, high, higher, and astronomic – Australia, USA, South Africa, China.

CLIMATE CHANGE  Australia has no environmental credibility, yet  seeks to co-chair the Green Climate Fund. Banks NAB and CBA support climate action (but watch out for nuclear investment). Big companies urge action on climate change (but beware of BHP’s nuclear lobbying). Australian insurance companies must come clean about climate change.

Adelaide’s January heatwave attributed to climate change.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA.  Forget climate change spin: Nuclear lobby’s aim is South Australia as radioactive trash dump – Helen Caldicott. South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission THE APPEARANCE OF BIAS – NOT A GOOD LOOK. Don’t let strident pro nuclear voices drown out alternative voices.

Karoonda Council, South Australia, considering floating solar plant.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA Cameco’s uranium plans in Western Australia stalled indefinitely by low prices. But Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg expresses nuclear lobby’s religious belief in future uranium boom.  Australian media continues to confuse return of Lucas Heights wastes with plan to import world’s radioactive trash.

Western Australia’s wave power microgrid – a world first.

VICTORIA Iluka Resources to subdivide West Victoria land with radioactive trash tomb.

QUEENSLAND State aims to prevent green ‘lawfare’McKinley Shire, Queensland, promotes local business with renewable energy initiative.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  Too good to be true? Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s new found enthusiasm for renewable energy. AUSTRALIA CAN GO GREEN AND HAVE ECONOMIC GROWTH.  WHY WE SHOULD GO IT ALONE ON CLIMATE CHANGE. The Balunu Foundation’s healing programme of green energy with Aboriginal people.

Australia’s chance for a new “mining” boom – mining the sun.  Council approval for central Queensland solar farm near Baralaba. Sunshine in your beer in Sydney.

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Why is Australia suddenly embracing both nuclear industry AND Green Climate Fund?

a-cat-CAN The Australian government and the subservient mainstream media have just kept mum for many months about South Australia and its rather disgusting Nuclear Fuel Chain  Royal Commission.

Now, suddenly, it’s all the rage with the Prime Minister,Liberal politicians, (and under news-nukethe cover – Labor, too) , and the new Chief Scientist Alan Finkel (who’s not even  a scientist anyway), and the media.

At the same time the government is trying to become co chair of the International Green Climate Fund.

There is  a connection.  At the December UN climate talks, the very powerful and well funded nuclear lobby wants to get nuclear power classed as a ‘low emission’ industry – qualifying for financial incentives and tax breaks.

Our government has been bought. Malcolm Turnbull or Julie Bishop will front up at the Paris Climate logo Paris climate1Conference, assisting the nuclear industry to push its barrow. They might even be able to hold out the hope that saintly Australia will charitably take in the world’s radioactive trash  – in the interests of resuscitating the nuclear industry (especially USA’s) by solving the industry’s trash problem.

If only the rest of the world would praise Australia’s ‘green credentials’!

They couldn’t do that while we had the  apparently half-witted Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.  Now we have  a much smarter PM Turnbull –  who is doing exactly the same things, but expressing it all more subtly.




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This week. Climate and Nuclear News Australia

a-cat-CANIt would be funny if it were not so desperately serious. Today’s Age (print version, business section) tells us that the big corporate winner from the El Nino heat wave will be Coca Cola – yes, a double whammy as kids will get rotten teeth and diabetes, as well as heat exhaustion.

I could feel guilty that I bang on about nuclear, when climate change is the massive planetary threat. But if we let the nuclear lobby  get away with its lies, true climate action (renewables + energy efficiency) will be stymied – along with the increased danger from every phase of the nuclear fuel chain.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA NUCLEAR FUEL CHAIN ROYAL COMMISSION Dr Caldicott was aggressively interrogated by Mr Jacobi  – a veritable inquisition!. Dr Gordon Edwards explained  the Conflict of interest in nuclear authorities

FEDERAL POLITICS: NUCLEAR  PM Turnbull appoints a nuclear energy enthusiast as Chief Scientist. Malcolm Turnbull favours importing radioactive trash to Australia. Malcolm Turnbull not keen on nuclear power, but keen on nuclear waste import. Australia’s govt and Opposition swing towards the nuclear industry. Labor Leader Bill Shorten says he opposes nuclear industry mainly because it is ‘not viable’.

Josh Frydenberg, Australia’s Minister For Nuclear soon to release shortlist for waste dump site. – these wastes returning to Lucas Heights  – not to be confused with the South Australian plan to import everybody’s radioactive trash.Time that Australia took a responsible attitude to radioactive trash management at Lucas Heights.


Poll shows Australians overwhelmingly reject coal and nuclear- solar is tops.

Camp Concern: protestors recall and reactivate anti nuclear campaign in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Tourism industry at Maralinga – but how safe is Maralinga nuclear bomb site?

FEDERAL POLITICS: CLIMATETurnbull on a tricky tightrope. Fijian PM slams Turnbull for giving in to climate denialists. Turnbull tangled in knots over climate change and coal policy. PM Turnbull’s deceptive answers on coal and climate change – Senator Larissa Waters. Barrier Reef to become a fossil fuel highway .Prince Charles to Australia to speak on climate changeTurnbull will attend Paris UN climate conference.

Seed – Indigenous Youth Declaration for Climate Justice. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders‘ legal action against coal port at Abbot Point.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  100% renewable energy electricity company launched in South Australia. Opportunity for Port Augusta to be repowered with solar thermal energy. Queensland’s huge wind solar plant goes ahead.


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Fed up with the #NuclearCommissionSAust

a-cat-CANYes, I am fed up with the charade of this Royal Commission –  its pro nuclear bias is apparent from the very start – with nuclear enthusiasts strongly represented, starting from Commissioner Kevin Scarce.

Today I looked for the transcript of the hearing  with Dr Helen Caldicott on 27 October. Well, it’s hard to find. When you go to the appropriate page  on the Commission’s website – not a mention of Dr Caldicott, though she was the first speaker that day.

The one that they do mention is  Professor Geraldine Thomas, Imperial College London. Prof Thomas is a very well known pro nuclear speaker. She appeared prominently on the nuclear dragon thing soft sell series on SBS.  Thomas has spruiked about radioactive iodine, but conveniently has ignored other radioactive isotopes. (I’ve not read her latest spruik to the RC, but you can bet your boots that she is lobbying away there for the nuclear cause. Sadly Imperial College is becoming notorious for this.)

I have been reading through the transcript of Dr Caldicott’s speech, or more correctly, interrogation. by the redoubtable Mr Jacobi.

I am amazed at the aggressive questioning of Dr Caldicott –  it seems to me to be aimed at discreditiing her.

Chan,-MargaretNot long ago, Dr Margaret Chan of the World Health Organisation stated “There is no safe low level of radiation”

Yet when Dr Caldicott said that same thing, she was subjected to aggressive questioning  and demand for exact sources.

I wonder whether Mr Jacobi would have subjected the head of the WHO to the same insulting inqusition.

Inquisition nuclear


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Wrapup of Australian nuclear and climate news

a-cat-CANSOUTH AUSTRALIA NUCLEAR FUEL CHAIN ROYAL COMMISSIONAboriginal women will fight on against nuclear waste dumping in South Australia. Nuclear lobby plans to further override South Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage Act. Nuclear Royal Commission plans for radioactive trash dumping on Aboriginal land: a confusing issue

Radioactive trash returning to Lucas Heights by ship from France. Outcry in France over nuclear waste shipment to Australia. Safety concerns over transport of radioactive trash returning to Australia.

Australian Conservation Foundation debunks argument for Mount Isa radioactive trash dump bid.

Energy resources of Australia abandons plan to expand Ranger uranium mine.

Political Oblivion for climate villains Abbott and Harper. Australian government withdraws funding offer to Bjorn Lomborg’s anti climate action centre.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt full of praise for Clean Energy Finance Corporation  Malcolm Turnbull won’t back Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Australia’s chance to become a renewable energy superpower. Queensland’s revolutionary solar energy systems – on carparks and other commercial buildings.  Kerang, Victoria, gets economic boost from Lalbert solar farm.  Wind farms seek contracts in Australian Capital Territory. With solar power, rooftop panels have exceeded grid parity.

3 compelling reasons why Adani’s Mega Coal Mine Is Still In Trouble. Deloitte Access Economics warning after Turnbull government approves Adani mine. Carmichael coal mine conditions are not ‘strict’. Traditional owners reject  a Land Use Agreement with Adani for the Carmichael mine on our traditional lands. Conservationists consider a new appeal against Adani coal mine

5 million hectares of Northern Territory land joins Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). Indigenous owners will manage huge new protected area in New South Wales.

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Quick roundup of Australia’s nuclear/climate news

a-cat-CANTry as I may, I can’t seem to make this weekly news roundup shorter. I don’t expect that people will read it all, or go to all links.  However, just the 3 top links here are very much worth reading. They deal with the subject of ionising radiation.  On October 7 Dr Helen Caldicott is speaking at Sydney University on this subject. Meanwhile the global nuclear lobby is intensifying its propaganda lie that ionising radiation is harmless.

  1. Three Nobel Prize winners calculated the genetic damage of nuclear energy.
  2. Biological Consequences of Nuclear Disasters: From Chernobyl to Fukushima.
  3. Film ‘The Martian” gets it really wrong about ionising radiation.


USA’s Small Nuclear Reactors lobby turns to Australia, as safety rules too strong in USA.

Australia needs a new national identity – blending black and white – Paul Keating. There needs to be a stronger framework for Aboriginal property rights.

CLIMATE CHANGE. Narrow chance left to prevent catastrophic collapse of Antarctic ice shelves.  Adani coal mine approval ‘grossly irresponsible’. Turnbull govt postpones effort to stop environmentalists using legal avenues. To meet climate goals, Australia must double decarbonisation. Australia’s doctors campaign for action on climate change. Doctors plan global day of climate action.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA.    South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission.  Anti nuclear opinions excluded from #NuclearCommissionSAust’s hearings’   Eloquent Submission to #NuclearCommissionSAust – an Aboriginal Perspective.  #NuclearCommissionSAust’s plan to bring radioactive trash to Australia – by Leasing. Dr Helen Caldicott’s submission concerning radiation #NuclearCommissionSAust.

NORTHERN TERRITORY. ERA concedes defeat on Ranger uranium mining extension. Fall in quarterly production for uranium miner ERA. ERA should be made accountable for fire in Kakadu National Park.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  network of micro-grids for Australia’s energy future?     Solar cars in Australia . South Australia: subsidy for large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects.NSW. Broken Hill’s solar mega-plant operational this year.    Australian Capital Territory inviting Tesla Motors to research renewable energy.  VictoriaAustralia’s govt urged to push renewable energy – ‘All Energy Australia’ in Melbourne.


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Past week in nuclear news Australia

n.b. Australia’s top nuclear expert Jim Green on ABC Radio National “Ockham’s Razor” next Sunday 18 October at 7.45 a.m. EST (later available as podcast) Dr Helen Caldicott to speak at Sydney University on Sat 17th October.

a-cat-CANCritical scrutiny on Australia’s stance on nuclear weapons.

Secrecy on nuclear waste plans, as Fed govt delays announcing site for radioactive trash dump.

Govt to investigate ERA’s Ranger uranium mine burnoff and subsequent Kakadu fire.

Unable to sell them at home, Westinghouse trying to flog uneconomic nuclear reactors to Australia.

Labor Party to launch a managed, predictable, energy transition process.

South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission -an Aboriginal group slams its processes.   Is the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) a lemon? – a critical look at the public hearing held on October 7th.   Royal Commissioner Kevin Scarce says South Australia as radioactive trash dump is our best nuclear bet.

CLIMATE CHANGE. AUSTRALIA’S SHAME: getting UN climate draft to drop action to help climate refugees.  Displacement Solutions (NGO for climate refugees) targets Australia as worst climate offender. Climate draft for Paris leaves Australia further behind in its lack of climate plan.   Climate Change Authority gets five new board members in possible reprieve.   Talking about bushfires: we should be talking about climate change too.

Trans Pacific Partnership‘s Investor-State Dispute Settlement [ISDS] provisions are bad for environment.

RENEWABLE ENERGY PM Turnbull could end the govt’s war on wind farms; but will he?  New South Wales town Uralla shows the way to 100% renewable energy.  Perth home entirely powered by solar energy shows the way. New low-cost, high efficiency solar panel launched in Australia. Study finds that storage for solar energy can replace gas in our electricity networks.

Water. Australia’s Great Artesian Basin – what will its future be?

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The week that has been in Australian nuclear and climate news

a-cat-CANLeading up to Paris Climate talks, the nuclear lobby is still going hard at spinning Lie No. 1 – that New Nuclear technology solves the radioactive trash problem.  But for October,  the focus is on Lie No. 2, – that ionising radiation is harmless, indeed , good for you.

Their favourite tactic is to confuse the public, by comparing the harmless Potassium K in bananas (of very low radioactive intensity), with man-made Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 (of very high radioactive intensity).  Their next favourite is to promote the quack theory of “hormesis” – the claim that ionising radiation is actually beneficial to health.

CLIMATE CHANGE.  Still possible to contain climate change: Paris UN conference will be critical.   Pope Francis’ US visit has triggered awareness of climate change as a moral issue.   Bank of England warns on climate change’s threat to global stability. Coming refugee crisis as sea levels rise on Pacific Islands.

South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission.  Analysis of the pro nuclear submissions shows that the major aim is to get South Australia to set up “New Generation” nuclear reactors. (yes, they’re the ones that still exist only on paper). The nuclear companies, not South Australia,  would pay the costs of setup – because Australia would pay them back later from the proceeds of importing radioactive trash. The Commission is paying lip service only to renewable energy as a”low carbon’ option.

Of course most of these submissions come from nuclear companies, from individuals connected to nuclear technology, and from a couple of wannabe famous South Australian politicians.

However, the nuclear front group The Breakthrough Institute also has a submission published.

Meanwhile, at the public hearing in Adelaide , October 1st,  Dr Arjun Makhijani explained the diseconomics of nuclear power, the irrelevance of it to climate action, (too slow), and the futility of the drive for Small Modular Nuclear reactors (SMRs).

Nuclear lobby aiming to overturn an Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act ban

BHP and Toro energy look to climate action as the reason why  the uranium market ( now in doldrums) should have a ‘renaissance’, though, interestingly, BHP actually mentions the possibility of another nuclear disaster mucking things up for them. Toro’s Wiluna uranium project is now stalled indefinitely.

Renewable energyAustralian govt to promote battery storage, through Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). Australia world top in household solar panel installations. Canberra school Amaroo to get benefits from ACT’s largest rooftop solar system.

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Another week in nuclear and climate news in Australia

a-cat-CANThe deck chairs at the Titanic Paris Climate Talks in December include a chair for EDF the giant French nuclear company, which is a sponsor of the conference.  Meanwhile in UK, the Thorium Nuclear lobby has got itself charity status.  The global nuclear lobby is working hard to win the world to its new, though yet non-existent, technologies. It is using 3 main lies:

LIE 1  “new nuclear solves the wastes problem”. For September and have focused on that particular lie. LIE 2. “Low dose ionising radiation is harmless, even good for you” – a focus  for October. LIE 3. “nuclear solves climate change” – the focus for November.

September 26 – International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
Join the ‘Don’t Nuke the Climate’ Thunderclap!

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN NUCLEAR FUEL CHAIN ROYAL COMMISSI0ON is beavering away, holding public hearings with interested parties, and with some who must be a nuisance to it. Sept 23rd they had to put up with Professor John Quiggin, telling them that renewables are happening, and CANDU nuclear reactors just aren’t.  Rebecca Keane’s Submission didn’t help them either, spelling out South Australia’s potential as leader in renewable energy.  Electrical trades Union of Australia dispelled the hype about Generation IV Nuclear Reactors.

Those pesky Aboriginal women who stopped the last attempt to make South Australia a radioactive trash dump – are at it again – “We do not want nuclear anything on our Land “- Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Law and Culture.
Coober Pedy gets another not very impressive visit from the Royal Commission.
NATIONAL POLITICS Australia’s new Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg is a nuclear power enthusiastMalcolm Turnbull disappoints on Climate Change Policy
WESTERN AUSTRALIA . Yeelirrie Uranium project – the fight is just beginningWalkatjurra Walkabout completes 5th walk against uranium mining in West Australia.
RENEWABLE ENERGY Tesla’s new Powerwall solar-energy batteries available in Australia this year. It will disrupt Australia’s energy market.


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Things change, things stay the same – nuclear news this week

a-cat-CANAustralian politics is in a pretty parlous state. We have just got rid of the worst Prime Minister in Australia’s history. We now have Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a more likable personality, with a better general intelligence. But the policies remain the same, especially on climate change, as Graham Readfern has shown, in  a devastating critique.  But, Malcolm Turnbull might move slowly and subtly on climate change. As PM Tony Abbott was the Labor Opposition’s best asset, we wait to see what happens in that camp.


Uranium sales to India  Government committee finds that it is too dangerous to sell uranium to India. Uranium deal with India is also bad for Australian business.

Nuclear disarmament Australian govt ‘sees no value’ in humanitarian pledge on nuclear disarmament. Australia, formerly a leader on nuclear disarmament, now a leper in the regional disarmament movement

CLIMATE CHANGE. Survey findings  Rio Tinto, Business Council of Australia to be top climate hypocrites. Australia’s and New Zealand’s Prime Ministers just don’t care about Pacific Islands with sea levels rising.

Victorian Environment Protection Authority wants ILuka Resources to explain radioactive trash dump plan.

Renewable Energy: Companies looking for renewable energy investments in Australia

Aboriginal IssuesAboriginal Freedom Summit 2 pushes for Treaty

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Nuclear lobby’s latest schtick – “Acceptable Risk”

a-cat-CANI studied the nuclear lobby’s schtick and came up with 3 main lies that they are pushing in the leadup to the December Paris conference:

  • “new Generation IV will solve the nuclear waste problem”
  • “low dose ionising rdaiation is OK – even good for you”
  • “nuclear power will solve climate change”

BUT – I missed an important one. They’ve got a new gee-whiz idea – called “ACCEPTABLE RISK”. spin-global.nukeAustralian nuclear propagandist Geoff Russell used this one in his submission to the South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission – as he argued that people falling off roofs with solar panels is a bigger health danger than Fukushima radiation.

They have another great way of confusing us (that’s the aim – confuse the world and delay action against a truly dangerous industry)  – they call it ‘residual risk”:

it is not meaningful to say that an activity or facility is safe or unsafe. The proper way to say it is that the residual risk is tolerable or acceptable given the benefits that are derived from this activity or facility. The NRRC is helping Japanese utilities to accurately quantify the residual risk from nuclear power plants so that measures can be taken to reduce it to as small a number as possible. –  (George Apostolakis, Japan News, 30/8/15)

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