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Climate and nuclear news in Australia this week

a-cat-CANClimate change. International criticism as the Abbott government repeals the carbon tax, leaving Australia with no climate change policy.Scientists demonstrate that human-caused global  warming is causing more severe droughts and floods in Australia. South Western Australia’s long term dry is becoming a big cause for concern

Renewable Energy ‘Maverick’ politicians Clive Palmer and Ricky Muir save The Australian Renewable Energy Agency  the Climate Change Authority, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Renewable Energy Target  from Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s renewables -destroying axe.  It is clear that the condition for Abbott’s rise to power, courtesy of the fossil fuel industries, was that his central task is to destroy all real action on climate change in Australia.

The remote South Australian town of Coober Pedy is to get  the  second major off-grid project recently supported by ARENA, which is also investing in a 6.7MW solar plus storage installation at Rio Tinto’s Weipa refinery in far north Queensland.  Australian banks face risks if Renewable Energy Target is gutted or abolished.

Wastes. The problem remains of Lucas Heights nuclear wastes due to return from France to Australia in 2015

Uranium industry - current world glut of uranium , and predicted slow return to nuclear in Japan mean that Australia’s uranium industry future still looks glum    Even if regulators do approve Cameco’s  Western Australian Kintyre project, it is not now economically viable.

Warren Mundine, Tony Abbott’s appointed top Aboriginal adviser is in the hot spot, with apparent conflict of interest in mining deals in Western Australia.


Ukraine I cannot yet find information on what the airline tragedy might mean  for nuclear power in Ukraine – and sanctions perhaps on Russia.

Iraq. ISIS insurgents seize nuclear materials

USA  - Radiation Safety Standards The Environment Protection Austhority (EPA)  is calling for comments on its planned update of  “Environmental Radiation Protection Standards for Nuclear Power Operations.”   The nuclear lobby is of course very keen to weaken those standards. Sophiticated and disingenuous arguments are being pushed towards that aim.  This is  acomplcated and difficult matter. I would hope that the EPA is concerned first for the public, and second for the nuclear industry, but I doubt this.

Japan. Even with safety clearance Japan’s nuclear reactors might not restart. Big protest in Tokyo against nuclear restart.

Fukushima.   Now  available first hand witness: The Yoshida Testimony. The Fukushima Nuclear accident as told by plant manager Masao Yoshida   The ice wall plan to stop leakage of radioactive water is not working

TEPCO workers leaving Fukushima for better paid, clean, safe jobs in solar energy projects. $1 billion in loans for Japan’s solar energy.

Iran Diplomacy struggles on, as the nuclear talks between Iran and the West are extended until November

Renewable Energy. International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that there are now 6.5 direct and indirect jobs in renewable energy.     10 top USA corporations call for renewable energy



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Australian nuclear news this week

a-cat-CANRadioactive waste- causes for concern

  1. The Abbott government’s move to get rid of its federal responsibilities about environment  - letting the States have control of many issues and decisions
  2. A new Bill in the Western Australian Parliament, that could give power to an Aboriginal leader to evaluate and negotiate decisions on land use.
  3. The proposal by one such Aboriginal leader, for a nuclear waste dump in his area.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits and does a defence/trade deal with Abbott government, – further locking Australia into USA’s military encirclement of China. Abe was welcomed in Parliament. He offered condolences, but no apology for Japan’s World war 2 cruelties to Australian soldiers, – just as there have been no apologies to Korea for the scandal of the Korean “comfort women”  Abe recently and very publicly visited Yasukuni Shrine, which honors convicted war criminals.  He would not have got the same kind of grand welcome in USA Congress, nor in South Korea, as he got from our historically illiterate P.M. Abbott.

Politics. New Senator Rickey Muir and Palmer United Party are blocking Abbott govt’s attempts to abolish Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). But  Industry Minister Ian MacFarlane, is pre-empting the parliament by refusing to renew the contracts of Arena board members.

Abbott gaffe - about Australia being “unsettled” before British colonisation – got an angry response from Aboriginals, including Senator Nova Peris, but notably not from Abbott’s best pro nuclear pal Warren Mundine

Climate change.  Conservative British peer Lord Deben absolutely trashes Abbott’s policies on climate change. Anglican Church urges Abbott to change his climate policies.

Lynas rare earths company, (of the dodgy processing plant in Malaysia) is not going too well, and has moved its head office from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur.

Renewable Energy. Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CIFC) continues to fund solar energy initiatives, and following the Al Gore visit, and Clive Palmer’s stance – it looks as if the CIFC will be saved from Abbott.  Interesting times ahead in Australian politics.  Perhaps Tony Abbott’s campaign against renewable energy is about to fall apart?

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on its way to being Australia’s new energy beacon. and is taking on the anti-wind farm brigade.  Sydney gets the world’s first solar integrated house.


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Shameful honouring of Japanese Prime Minister Abe

a-cat-CANDoes Tony Abbott know that there is no way that Japan’s Prime Minister Abe would be paraded proudly in front of both sides of politics at the USA Congress?   Nor in South Korea?

Why not?    Because Japan and Abe have never recognised, apologised or honoured the Korean “comfort women” who were so horribly exploited by Japan in World War 2.

And because Prime Minister Abe has only recently and very publicly honoured the graves of 14 major Japanese war criminals.

As Australians, we have even more reason to not honour Shinzo Abe.  He appeared in our Paerliament, and offered “condolences’ for the sufferings of Australian soldiers at the hands of Japanese prison guards. “Condolences”!   Not good enough!  Our soldiers were starved, tortured and killed. At least a public apology is called for.

Our Prime Minister Abbott, known to be scientifically illiterate, is apparently also historically illiterate.  Or is  it that Abbott is so keen to appease his military-industrial complex masters in USA, that anything goes, in his efforts to wed Australia to USA’s military encirclement of China, by palling up in defense agreements with Japan?

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3 things that I worry about relating to nuclear waste dumping in Australia

a-cat-CAN1. The Abbott government’s move to get rid of its responsibilities about environment  - letting the States have control of many issues and decisions

2, A new Bill in the Western Australian Parliament, that could give power to an Aboriginal leader to evaluate and negotiate decisions on land use HG Alert: 12 June 2014

3. The proposal, in the article below, by one such Aboriginal leader, for a nuclear waste dump in his area.  Nuclear dump plan for desert  MICHAEL DULANEY The West Australian  July 6, 2014,

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This week’s nuclear and climate news in Australia

a-cat-CANNuclear waste dump.  It has all gone very quiet, but machinations continue, regarding the proposed site.  It is unlikely that the sound option of storing Lucas Heights nuclear waste at Lucas Heights will be chosen. Interestingly, however, this is the option suggested by the two most ardent pro nuclear publicists for Australia  Ben Heard & Barry W. Brook. (That’s part of their campaign to reassure Australian s that the nuclear industry is so benign)

A nuclear waste dump on Aboriginal land is still the Government’s  favoured idea – this would introduce the full nuclear chain to this country, and the lucrative (to some) business of importing the world’s radioactive trash.. The propaganda will be to destroy the credibility of environmental groups, while using a mix of bribery and blackmail on the Aborigines. Meanwhile the push for nuclear power is renewed – with media items like THE AUSTRALIAN’s – “Let’s go nuclear, for the reef’s sake”

Uranium.  Queensland has just lifted a 32-year ban on uranium mining. Apart from the constantly falling market price for uranium (way below production costs), Queensland faces costly and divisive problems if it goes ahead. For example, the quickest export place would be through Townsville Port. The city of Townsville, home to 190,000 people is only 50km from the mine. The port is close to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, dugong protected areas, seagrass beds, fringing coral reefs and mangrove forests.

Arrest of Australian peaceful protestor in Malaysia. Natalie Lowrey was arrested along with Malaysian protestors against the Australian company Lynas’ Rare Earths project. They were quickly released. Of course – zero mainstream media coverage of this.

Climate change above party politics. Thanks to Al Gore and Clive Palmer, Australia’s clean energy projects have been saved from the Abbott axe.  But the real significance of this important co-operation is to demonstrate that climate change is above party politics.

Also, the Labor Opposition should drop their negativity, and vote for Abbott’s Direct Action policy. That way, there is  a start to action. Without it, Australia has no climate policy. It’s just too important to mindlessly oppose Abbott on everything. And, I for one, think that The Greens should back Abbott’s inflation-based adjustments to the federal petrol tax rate, that will discourage use of greenhouse gas emitting fuel.

Renewable energy. Victorian town Yackandandah has a plan for 100% renewable energy

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Scrapping of the plan for dumping nuclear waste on Aboriginal land at Muckaty

a-cat-CANWell, for a few weeks, the Australian media has been happily occupied titillating us all with matters legal – the court cases of Oscar Pistorius and of Rolf Harris.

Meanwhile barely noted by the media, a 7 year legal battle was over this week -  one that has far more significance for all Australians. And especially for indigenous Australians.

The  Aboriginal Traditional Landowners of the Muckaty station area, (Northern Territory)  fought against nuclear waste dumping on their land, and following the last weeks of this case, that plan has been scrapped. It has been a very unequal fight, yet those proud indigenous people have won out, against the legal forces of the Australian Government, and the Northern Land Council, which first signed up to  the dump plan.

Background. The global nuclear lobby is happy to have a research reactor at Lucas Heights, in Sydney. This reactor was envisaged, way back, after World War 2 as part of a push to get a nuclear bomb.  It remains there as a way in for the nuclear industry in Australia. The medical isotope production was tacked on later – to make the reactor look more respectable, but medical isotopes can be made in alternative ways.  Australia sent the high level nuclear reactor wastes overseas is legally bound to take them back.

2004   The Australian government first attempted to site a nuclear waste dump in South Australia, but South Australia resisted this and won. A Territory has less power and that is why the Government  targeted the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory Government passed the Nuclear Waste Transport , Storage and Disposal Prohibition Act 2004

2005 . A government expert team investigated and selected 3 sites suitable for burial of the returned high level nuclear wastes. All of these sites were on Commonwealth land.  The Muckaty area, which is seismically risky, as well as being on Aboriginal land, was not selected.  Nevertheless, the Howard Liberal government passed a draconian Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act 2005 , over-riding environmental and Aboriginal heritage laws, and State and Territory laws and selecting Muckaty for the site

2010. The Labor government repealed that Act in 2010, and promptly replaced it with an equally draconion Radioactive Waste Management Act 2010.

The medical waste deception. The argument that a Northern Territory  waste dump is needed for medical wastes is disingenuous.  “Waste from nuclear medicine procedures, the majority of which is for diagnostic services rather than treatment, is low level and short term waste can be stored on site and safely disposed of locally.  The small amount of higher level waste from nuclear medicine can also be stored locally, as it is currently” -Public Health Association of Australia,

The future. The relatively small amount of high level waste from the Lucas Heights reactor could be stored at Lucas Heights, and the reactor could be shut down, to stop further toxic production. The Australian government, lik ethe rest of the world, does not know where to put the ever accumulating collection of radioactive trash.

My bet is that our not very bright, and totally unethical government will try it on Aboriginal people again – with blackmail or bribes – ‘whatever it takes’.




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Australia’s embarrassing fossil fool Prime Minister

Dear oh dear!  It’s such an embarrassment!

Abbott-fiddling-global-warm Australia, (population 23 million, about the size of one city in Asia) has a Prime Minister who confidently lectures the whole world against taking any effective action on climate change. Tony Abbott’s on a whirlwind trip to Canada and USA to preach his gospel of promotion for fossil fuel industries

US President Barack Obama speaks out forcefully on the need to act, on carbon pricing as the most effective action, and has introduced significant action to cut greenhouse gases. China has started 6 regional emissions trading schemes.The World Bank’s survey found that 39 countries and more than 23 States and provinces have adopted emissions trading schemes or a carbon tax. No worries. Abbott pronounces that there  is “no sign” that such schemes are being adopted.

The Australian tragedy of all this is that –  Abbott is probably not lying. He is ignorant.  He got into power via the money of the fossil fuel lobbies and the propaganda of the Murdoch media. Abbott gave a wonderfully informed and authoritative description of the theory of man-made climate change. He said it is “absolute crap” Yes, we have  a fool for  a PM, and it’s a national embarrassment.


Wait to see the blackly funny side of this.  Tony Abbott is  a firm supporter of the nuclear industry. When he has destroyed all action on climate change in Australia, and when he has stopped renewable energy development there – watch Abbott suddenly believe in climate change ‘action’.  That’s when Tony Abbott will come all out in favour of nuclear power as the ‘solution to climate change’ –Christina Macpherson, 11 June 14

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Below the radar – nuclear and climate news

a-cat-CANRadioactive Waste Court case.  The traditional Aboriginal owners of the Muckaty area in Northern Territory continue their 7 year battle against radioactive  waste dumping on their land.  Their legal case continues, with hearings in Tennant Creek, Melbourne, and now back to the Northern Territory.  The Government’s latest argument is that the radioactive trash dump can go ahead, even without the  consent of the Aboriginal owners.

Uranium – Energy Resources of Australia expects an even huger loss this year, but, despite that, AND its environmental failures, NT and Federal govts have approved a restart of Ranger uranium mine. Paladin Energy’s share price collapses.

Left wing Australians are enjoying the gaffes of our pugilistic Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He is off on a world jaunt, almost certain to embarrass himself and Australia.  However, it’s  a pity that:

  • The Labor opposition keeps buying into the personal pugilism, instead of coming up with policies that are for the public good, and clearly different from the Abbott government’s.
  • The media , like schoolkids watching  a playground fight, do not cover the policy issues, and what is really going on.

Abbott’s global tour:

  • France. Apart from Abbott connecting up the war heroes with the carbon tax and Australia being “open for business’, it’s pretty clear that the D.Day ceremonies fit well into the building push for a glorious ANZAC Day centenary in 2015.   As one whose relatives did fight in WW2, one dying as result, I fear that it will turn out to be some sort of militaristic party – feeding in to Australia’s close role in USA’s military encirclement of China.
  • Canada. Abbott will meet P.M. Stephen Harper. On nuclear issues, they will be unanimous, if discreet. Ontario ‘s elections loom, but a non issue  will be its planned nuclear power expansion. Both of Canada’s Liberal and Conservative parties are fans of the planned $25 billion expansion of nuclear power.  Not only is the uranium industry (though financially failing) important to Canada, but Canada is the hub of the push for a new nuclear gimmicky export, thorium reactors.  Propaganda for these has been successful in Australia, with backing from all sorts of influential people and organisations, especially in South Australia.  So it is likely that thorium nuclear reactors, and even Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) will be included in the government’s Energy White Paper – later this year.    Abbott and Harper are also in happy agreement that there should be no real action on Climate Change, and they both support the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  • USA  Yes, the media is paying some attention to this one, since President Obama came out strongly for action on Climate Change. How will Tony Abbott wriggle out of this one?  It has importance for the G20 meeting in Brisbane in November. Abbott maintains that Climate Change will not be a G20 agenda item.  That is probably why Abbott may cancel planned meetings with the heads of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund – to avoid discussing that subject.

Renewable Energy.  Mainly more bad news for Australia, as the International Renewable Energy Agency reports that Australia could reach 50% renewable energy by 2030,  BUT, we’re actually going backwards instead.






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Comedy time in Australia for climate news?

a-cat-CANTough times for Australia’s comic writers, as the news is out-doing them these days with a nudge and a wink, and Federal Liberal politicians in a post-budget turmoil.

I can even get  a bit of black humour out of Prime Minister Tony Abbott pressing on with his campaign against climate change action and renewable energy, while at the same time, Eastern Australia is getting its warmest, driest May on record, with the forecast of more to come.

Tony Abbott, settling in to his anti-climate action policies is like that proverbial frog, sitting comfortably in ever heating water, not realising that he is going to be cooked.   Not that this is Abbott’s immediate biggest worry – but I’m betting that later this year, it will be.  It’s just a pity that farmers, bush-fire victims, flood victims, have to pay the price, as Australia becomes an international disgrace, due to our fool of a Prime Minister.

But – on to some good news, for  a change. The unique and beautiful giant cuttlefish is back in its breeding grounds at the top of Spencer Gulf, South Australia. Its numbers had dwindled, and if BHP Billiton’s desalination plant had gone ahead, that would have been the finish for this iconic Australian animal- found in no other place. (The desal plant was part of BHP’s now-ditched, grandiose Olympic Dam uranium mine plan).

A certain irony – Rio Tinto famous for its uranium/nuclear industry is now finding that solar energy is its best option for its remote Weipa bauxite mine.

I spare you  a repetition of all the climate and renewable energy programs to be destroyed by the Abbott government. But I think that they’re in trouble when conservative groups –  rural citizens  and the Australian Industry Group (AIG) speak out in favour of the Renewable Energy Target.


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Climate, Nuclear News – what’s in the budget.

Climate Change  is the great moral challenge of our generation” –   Kevin Rudd  2007.

After 7 years – what has happened to Australia’s enthusiasm for action on Climate Change?  Sadly, Australians have elected a Climate a-cat-CANDenialist government – a government that makes John Howard’s look like a radical  greenie..  And, hardly noticed in the swathe of cuts to welfare,  to youth affairs, homelessness programs, health, education, the Budget’s attack on renewable energy is barely noticed.

Except for the children of the rich, the future is very insecure. That’s the near term future.  For ALL of Australia’s children , the future in the changing climate is insecure, indeed, fearful.  Ignoring world trends for action, ignoring President Obama’s call for climate action, ignoring the renewable energy revolution already underway, Tony Abbott has acted faithfully in the service of the polluting industries.

 The Budget:

  •  abolishes Australian Renewable Energy Agency. (the agency’s remaining unallocated funds of about A$1 billion could be returned to the general revenue pool).
  • moved to eliminate the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation
  • dumped The million solar roofs program ( a core pre-election promise) “In place of the million roofs program, which was at once stage budgeted for $1 billion, the government has announced a derisable $2.1 million for “community” solar projects on RSL and bowling clubs and the like in 7 marginal electorates. (Yes, they are that cynical)”.- Giles Parkinson. 
  • cut $21.7 million over four years through the amalgamation of the National Environmental Research Programme and the Australian Climate Change Science Programme to form a new National Environmental Science Programme.
  • slashed $111.4 million over four years from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, the main scientific research body.
  • axed Clean Technology Innovation Program
  • frozen funding for the Cooperative Research Centres
  •  drops  election promise to re-establish Low Carbon Australia – a body that sought to provide specialist financing for energy efficiency projects.
  • will replace the Carbon Tax by Emissions Reduction Fund  The ERF allows farmers and land managers to earn carbon credits by storing carbon or reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the land. These credits can be sold to people and businesses wishing to offset their emissions.
  •  cut $459.3 million (or around three-quarters) of funds from the Carbon Capture and Storage Flagships Program,
  • cut $16.8 million over two years from the National Low Emissions Coal Initiative
  • cut $10.0 million  from the budget from the Bureau of Meteorology

Uranium industry has  a poor short term future and  a poor long term future – from World Nuclear Association analyst, Steve Kidd.


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Tony Abbott hides behind his newly created star, Matthias Corman, in attacking renewable energy

a-cat-CANIs it not pathetic that a Liberal government should be so determinedly aiming to stifle business?Corman,-Matthias-monster

In Australia, people on the Left have always criticised the Liberal Party for being so “pro business”, at the expense of other section sof the society.

Now, we’ve got a Liberal Coalition government that is hell-bent to stamp out business –   or at least any business that has something to do with 20th Century renewable energy technology.    The fact that solar and wind energy, (and energy efficiency) are making great strides now, and getting cheaper, and Oh My God, showing that small distrib uted energy sources can be effective and cheap –  that fact seems to have spooked Tony Abbott, as well as spooking rather dim-witted energy utility executives. (I mean, they could have got on board with the coming energy revolution instead of fighting it)

Never mind. Abbott ploughs ahead.  And look!  He’s got a new creation!   Coming from nowhere there’s the steely-eyed unblinking Matthias Corman. Corman does not flinch as he adroitly promotes Abbott’s despicable and ridiculous policies on renewable enegy.  Here’s a monster in the making, for even Tony Abbott. As Abbott hides, perchance his creation might later be  a menace, like Frankenstein’s monster was.

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Looking back: the week in climate and nuclear news in Australia

a-cat-CANMedia delight.  The Australian media had a beaut time with William and Kate, and little Prince George (yes he WAS cute with the Bilby). And after that they had an even beauter time with the ANZAC festivities, (yes, I AM  sad for all those young lives destroyed).

Late on Anzac eve, hidden between all this fun, Australia’s Minister Against the Environment, Greg Hunt, put out the trash –  revealed the government’s policy white paper on climate change, with  Direct Action, and the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). Clive Palmer and other right-wingers oppose it. As Paula Matthewson, corporate adviser said ,  if the legislation looks like not passing,  Tony Abbott will be thinking -  “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch” (e.g No action whatsoever on climate change)

Also ignored  midst the fun, the panel to Review the Renewable Energy Target  was announced.  As I reel from the discovery that Abbott’s top adviser, Maurice Newman is both a Climate Denialist, and a believer in Intelligent Design (Creation Science) I was pretty much numbed by learning of who’s been appointed to this panel -  ACIL Allen, Brian Fisher, Shirley In’t Veld  all straight from fossil fuel lobbying. The panel is headed by Dick Warburton, climate sceptic and nuclear advocate.  That rampant left wing radical, Bernie Fraser, former governor of the Reserve Bank is very disappointed in the government’s attack on renewable energy.

Nuclear power.  Don’t let’s forget, beneath the hype about Royals and ANZAC Day, and even the  pre-Budget discussions, the pro nuclear lobbying goes on.  A pity when Westinghouse, which wanted to export 81,000 Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, pulled right out of this plan. But that doesn’t deter Australian enthusiasts, including our new Governor General Peter Cosgrovel.

Uranium  mining. Toro Energy ‘s quarterly report shows the continued fall in uranium prices.  Tio Tinto might be bailing out the cash-trapped ERA with its closed Ranger mine, but as yet I do not have a definite source to confirm this deal. (USA mines are stockpiling uranium due to the abysmal prices. )

Climate Change.  Aboriginal ‘climate ambassadors’ are  assessing  impacts of climate change on the natural environment and traditional communities. They are coming up with important findings about plants and animals in local areas across Australia


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The latest in Australian nuclear news

a-cat-CANClimate change. It is a worry that Australia’ s scientifically illiterate Prime Minister Tony Abbott has, for his chief business adviser, one of the country’s leading climate change denialists. Maurice Newman makes even Tony look well-informed. Sadly, Tony has surrounded himself with yes-men. Notably, Greg Hunt , Minister Against the Environment has really sold out.  Hunt did his PhD on climate change, but is now the strongest advocate for coal mining.

Maverick politician Clive Palmer calls Tony Abbott’s Direct Action policy – a “token gesture” and a waste of money, and he won’t vote for it.

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) Just as Westinghouse, Babcock & Wilcox, and top investor Warren Buffett pull the plug on this uneconomic project, nuclear lobbyists seem to be succeeding in getting the Australian government to move in this direction. The government would need to overturn existing law against nuclear power, and make a massive order for a heap of these little gimmicks, that nobody else will buy.

Uranium mining.  Now here is an Australian mystery. Uranium prices continually topple yet  all the business pages tout up what a good investment is uranium. It really does look more like some kind of religious faith, rather than any sound economic analysis.

  • Four Mile uranium mine The Australian pronounces The Sun Will Rise On  Uranium, but then proceeds to describe all the problems facing South Australia’s Four Mile uranium project – warning that this new mine will be “no earnings bonanza”.  Four Mile uranium mine is supposed to start production soon, despite a coming court case.  It is largely owned by USA’s General Atomics, nuclear weapons maker, and big lobbyist of Australian State and Federal politicians.
  • Ranger mine. No resolution about who will pay to rehabilitate the radioactive mess created in Kakadu National Park. ERA desperately trying to restore investor confidence in Ranger.
  • Paladin uranium company continues in its downward spiral, with declining production and falling revenue

Finally, despite all the glowing predictions for uranium investment, the energy analysts do tell it as it really is. Greg Peel of FN Arena  is ” becoming increasingly bearish on the outlook for uranium prices, and just to add to global oversupply. Australia’s Four Mile mine in South Australia… is expected to commence production”

Joint Strike Fighter jets $12 billion purchase. Not only the Greens, but  even a Liberal MP is against this. 



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Australian nuclear news this week

a-cat-CANAustralia’s comedy shows are getting poor audiences this week. Everyone’s focussed on New South Wales and federal politics. My thanks to tweeters “Barry walks the plonk” Che Shiraz Shiraz – whatever will be , will be”

Sorry – I digressed badly there.

Uranium Now we’re going to sell uranium to Saudi Arabia. Such a stable, democratic, Middle Eastern power – no worries about a Middle East nuclear arms race ?

Uranium mining at Ranger: Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) trying to pull a real swiftie. They say they won’t rehabilitate this polluting mine in Kakadu National Park, unless they get approval to start a new underground mine. Meanwhile the parent company Rio Tinto is not prepared to pay for the Ranger clean-up – saying it’s the responsibility of the loss-making ERA.   All bad news for the Mirrar people – they’re ing exploited again , as always, by the nuclear industry.

Australia’s participation in Hiroshima meeting on nuclear disarmament. We refuse to join the non nuclear nations movement towarsds banning nuclear weaposn. We mustn’t be “emotional” about nuclear bombing,, said our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, in Hiroshima.

Politics . (No this is not about a bottle of wine. Stop it!)  The Australian Labor Party in its Not wisdom, is pushing to have mining, uranium mining too, in the radioactively polluted Woomera nuclear weapons test area.

The Liberal government’s response to the IPCC report on climate change?  The Anti Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, announced yesterday that Australia would promote coal and nuclear industries. Not renewable, not energy efficiency. Is it any wonder people are turning to the Greens?  Looks as if Liberal and Labor are now joined at the hip.

New South Wales. A nifty new solar project that should revolutionise remote area energy systems.

Victoria. I bet Greg Hunt wishes that those pesky Morwell people would just shut up, and look after their coal -caused asthma, emphysema, etc. They have started a campaign to keep the Renewable Energy Target.  And they want the government to put money that’s pledged for new brown coal projects into cleaning up Morwell after the Hazelwood coal fire.  Who do they think they are? (“Ohmigawd“, –  thinks the Napthine govt - “they’re voters!“)

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Australia’s disgraces – uranium mining in Kakadu, – now uranium sales to Middle East!

a-cat-CANThe Murdoch press, and all the business pages are jubilant : –  Australian uranium to be sold to the United Arab EmiratesAustralian Mining , 16 April 14  - “Australia’s uranium sector will receive a much needed boost with the United Arab Emirates signing a deal that will see it purchase yellow cake produced here. Trade Minister Andrew Robb met with UAE foreign minister Sheikh Abdullah in Abu Dhabi to sign …”

Has Australia no pride?  No understanding of the consequences of its pathetic drive to resurrect the flagging uranium industry. Will Australia go to any country to try and make a few bucks ?  We will sell uranium to India,- non signatory to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, to Russia, notorious for its poor monitoring of where uranium and its wastes go.

Now we’re supposed to rejoice that Australia might sell to United Arab Emirates –  never mind if that triggers off a Middle East nuclear arms race.


At the same time, the Australian government and Australian generally seem oblivious to the mess that uranium mining has made in Kakadu. I mean – it’s only home to traditional Aborigines,  an ecological paradise (or it was) a top Australian tourism attraction.  Having messeed it up environmentally, and messed up financially too, ERA plans to start a new uranium minng venture there – even though they’re too broke to clean up the mess.

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