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Decentralised solar air conditioning system

Solar air conditioning for your home | All Cooling Systems , October 20th, 2010 by coily Use the sun to cool your home or office will provide great cooling, savings and is environmentally friendly, this systems does not use the grid……..How The solar air cooler work it harnesses the sun and radiation then heats up solar panels simpler to hot water panels the heat which is gained through this process is stored in a large insulated tank, the heat is then used to drive an absorption chiller or a dehumidifier depending in your located in hot dry area or humid area.

The small amount of sun’s energy in winter can even heat your home in winter time thus saving you even more money and using less energy, and making hot water for you all year round.

In the end dry and the sun is used to process the cooling meaning using no electricity as compared to conventional air conditioning systems, low energy consumption mean less greenhouse gas and the gas that is used in the solar cooling system is greenhouse neutral.  Conventional  air conditioning systems ………..will be less efficient meaning they will be used even more and put more burden onto the planet

……….. the need of solar cooling is paramount with heat rising and less use of conventional air conditioning systems, it will also save you hundreds of dollars every year ..

There are already many hundreds of successfully installations throughout the world, but why haven’t many people brought a new solar cooler, its because not many people know about these great systems and there is not much demand for them as of yet, plus service people tradesmen need the experience to installed these new systems, the systems are rather complex and need careful installation and design to perform at its best.

Solar air conditioning for your home | All Cooling Systems | For You | Your House | Computer Cooling

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  1. How or where do I learn more about these systems? And where can I get some?


    Comment by Antonio Found | April 13, 2011 | Reply

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