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In Australia,The nuclear/uranium lobby  is very cleverly spinning the Fukushima disaster. They  are  spinning two main lies:

1.downplaying Fukushima- that because of Fukushima nuclear power will now be made safe, (and even Fukushima is not so bad really, low level radiation is “acceptable”).

2.  uranium is a good investment – current low share prices are “short term” – the “long term fundamentals” are really good.

Fortunately, the world,  even including Australia, has now an unprecedented openness. Ziggy Switkowski, Barry Brook, Michael Angwin,  and many other worthy stuffed shirts   swan around Australia, spinning to carefully selected audiences, and feeding media handouts to THE AUSTRALIAN.

But they will be held accountable.There are many out there – economists, ecologists, radiology experts, public health experts, epidemiologists , even some nuclear physicists- who are not beholden to the nuclear industry.The nuclear spin  bubbles will be burst, and the truth will out.

April 16, 2011 - Posted by | Christina themes

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