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Australia, Nuclear Power and Information – theme for September 2012

It’s the Information Age, yet, in Australia, it is especially difficult to get
 information., and in particular, information about nuclear issues.

  • Australia’s monopoly media – the Murdochracy, in general just spouts the line of handouts from our uranium- happy government and  uranium companies.
  • At the same time, any negative information about the uranium/nuclear industry gets scant coverage, or. better still, is not covered at all
The decline of print journalism, in the face of the Internet revolution, has
 meant that investigative writers now have a struggle to get any decent employment.
At the same time, the Internet is flooded with “news” that might or might not be accurate.  There’s no accountability for what appears on blogs, Facebook, and other social media.  And it comes most often in short “bites” – can be simplistic, sensational or just plain wrong.
This month we try to draw attention towards good writing, towards investigative journalism that is still happening, despite the obstacles.
How can we evaluate nuclear news in this confusing climate? Fortunately we do have some fine alternative online media for example  – Independent Australia, New Matilda, Crikey, Indymedia Australia, and the extraordinary Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog.
This post was written in June 2011. Since then, even Australia’s mainstream media, while still in the grip of government and corporate power, has been shaken up by the information revolution, and the growth of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc help to point you towards Australian and international independent media, and independent nuclear information blogs.

August 19, 2012 - Posted by | Christina themes

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