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Politics – the Trump effect – theme for November 2016

The world is still reeling from the news that Americans have elected the narcissistic and unpredictable Donald Trump. The man has spent two years blustering his way into this role. He has made dramatic and unnerving pronouncements, which he will probably not be able to carry out.

Still, the world is left with an America ruled by  a pro nuclear, climate change denying Republican government, and the  likelihood of other national governments following America in that direction.

At least, the Trump election is galvanising opposition in USA. And, very diplomatically spoken leaders such as Angela Merkel, are indicating that they will not be swayed by the climate denialist forces.


Across the planet, national leaders with nuclear power are beholden to the nuclear industry. Even more so, when they have nuclear weapons. Also across the planet, the people are fearful of nuclear weapons, and more and more often now, opposed to nuclear power, with its dangers, its radioactive wastes, and its ever climbing costs.

The well-being of the people, particularly indigenous people, comes last,  way behind the politicians’ subservience to the defense and nuclear industries.

Still the nuclear marketing push continues, backed by political leaders, who hope that the next nuclear catastrophe won’t happen in their country, and during their term of office. That catastrophe will happen, perhaps in 40 years’ time, perhaps next week.


November 19, 2016 - Posted by | Christina themes

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  1. The Editor
    The Advertiser

    It seems to me that Dean Jaensch is more than a “tad confused” (The Advertiser, 23/11/16), especially when he refers to “we the common people”. Are we supposed to believe that professors of Political Science who are also weekly newspaper columnists are “the common people”. Phrases like “don’t come the raw prawn” leap to mind.

    Dean Jaensch’s academic definition of populist appears to be a far cry from the common usage of the word in reference to politicians. In this context populist seems to mean one who follows rather than leads. One who sits on the fence until they see which way the wind is blowing.

    It is sad to see someone like Jaensch, who is supposed to be an original thinker on things political, jumping on the anti-elite, anti-political correctness, pro-populist band wagon. What Jaensch and others appear to be trying to do is to invent a political straightjacket. They seek to muzzle dissent by labeling it as “politically correct”.

    Dennis Matthews

    Comment by Dennis Matthews | November 23, 2016 | Reply

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