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Australia and international politics – theme for April 2017

It’s quite a macabre spectacle – watching Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop sucking up to China’s government on the one hand, and to America’s government on the other.

You see, as our largest trading partner, China , is Australia’s biggest overseas customer, well we gotta keep them happy. But, oh dear, there’s America’s strong criticism of China’s activities in the South China Sea and USA sending a nuclear-powered supercarrier into those waters, and Julie Bishop backing USA, and criticising China 

Like the good little Deputy Sheriff  to America, Australia obediently boycotted the UN nuclear weapons ban talks. Donald Trump poses a new kind of problem – will we still mindlessly join America into military adventures, as we have always done in the past?

The global nuclear lobby badly wanted Australia to be the world’s nuclear toilet. South Australian people power had a splendid victory over that.  Australia’s small band of nuclear zealots still hope for this, but with the current financial crisis in the global industry, their chances fade.

On the climate change scene, Australia has the reputation of an international leper. Will the Turnbull government now cave in to Trump’s attitude of climate denial, and back out of the Paris climate treaty?


March 27, 2017 - Posted by | Christina themes

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