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Nuclear power and the Consumer Society – theme for June 2017

The American nuclear front group The Breakthrough Institute have been in South Australia, along with South Australia’s own favourite nuclear zealot, Ben Heard, and his own nuclear front group Bright New World.  They were touting  -the gospel of the need for endless, escalating use of electricity.  Their theme , – apart from putting across the myths of  “nuclear waste solution” “climate change solution”, “clean energy and “cheap energy” –  is the theme of how Australia can be a global moral leader in helping the under-developed nations, via New Nukes.

I think that’s the biggest flaw in their mythology – that the world needs to ever consume more :”goods” and more electricity –  presumably until human society decides to spread all that further – on Mars.

Endless economic growth,  endless producing of things, endless buying of things, endless energy use, endless creation of wastes – this is the way that we humans run our lives, and our planet.

But the planet can’t take it, and neither can we.

It seemed OK, when the Western world could exploit its own indigenous areas, and the “Third World” –    the mess made by digging things up, leaving wastes, throwing stuff away – all this could go into the land and waterways of remote “undeveloped” peoples.


But we’ve run out of “undeveloped” lands and peoples. Now it’s becoming the Asian, African, South American century. They’ve become the disciples of the Western religion of materialism – now also getting cars, big houses, wanting it all, wanting more stuff.

Where do we all put the poisonous end products of our “civilised” consumption?   Into the planet’s air, waterways, land and oceans.   As we poison our planet, we poison our own life support system.

There is an alternative lifestyle – an old-fashioned one – the CONSERVER SOCIETY. It is still practised by many indigenous peoples. We’d better learn from them – and fast!


May 25, 2017 - Posted by | Christina themes

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  1. Hi Noel, read the SMH on line this morning from WA and am so glad you are still carrying on the fight against the bad guys, and wish you luck with that one. As for this December theme above, you don’t mention the elephant in the room….unrestrained capitalism. Now there is no counter balancing ideology, the world’s riches are up for grabs. I don’t see any likelihood of any country returning to a more managed economy or a “conserver society” unless we have a hideous intervention like world famine or pestilence. Don’t think even climate change or a minor nuclear war will do it. Joan Groves (ex WEL Shepparton)

    Comment by joan groves | December 19, 2012 | Reply

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