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Nuclear power and Space exploration – dangerous twins – Australia : theme for November 2017

Yes, it’s all excitement and enthusiasm in Australia! Wow! We’re getting a Space Agency! And the very brilliant and appealing Professor Brian Cox is to tour Australia! Dare anyone throw cold water on all this joy?

Let’s start with the big problem. PLUTONIUM. While some rockets have been solar-powered, the current popular fuel is plutonium. The much-touted Cassini spacecraft, that recently plunged into the Planet Saturn, was powered by plutonium.

Plutonium space operations are a huge danger to the world.  Plutonium has long been accepted as the most lethal radioactive substance.There’s the danger of spacecraft crashing back to Earth, with resultant highly radioactive pollution affecting humans and all species. There’s the danger involved even on Earth. in the making of the plutonium-fuelled spacecraft.

The need for plutonium for fuel also necessitates nuclear reactors, the only way to get plutonium. Of course, the nuclear lobby is salivating at this potential rescue of it’s dying industry.

And Prof Brian Cox – a brilliant particle physicist and TV science rockstar? Yes. But he is also a very suave pro nuclear propagandist.

The current Australian mania for space exploration presents some other problems, which get no mention in the media. THE HUMAN PROBLEM  First of all – the overwhelming danger of radiation, which makes human travel to Mars impossible.

There are other very obvious ethical problems, in the plans to send people on  a one way trip to Mars.

And economic questions. just what are the greatly touted benefits of space exploration?

Australia is once again about to pour tax-payers money into a questionable science project, oblivious to its intimate connection to the very dangerous nuclear industry.


October 21, 2017 - Posted by | Christina themes

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