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Nuclear politics Australia – theme for June 2018

It would appear that none of Australia’s politicians are aware of the nuclear machinations going on in this country.

Dr Adi Paterson, pontiff of Australia’s holy ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation), was able to sign Australia up to the international club for developing new nuclear reactors, all by himself . The government obligingly rubber-stamped that weeks later, with no Parliamentary discussion.  That was in 2017.

In 2018, Labor and Liberal are studiously ignoring  the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and ANSTO’s attempt to foist a nuclear waste dump on a small rural community in South Australia.

One South Australian politician had the gumption to call for a Senate Inquiry into this. This Inquiry will report on 14 August. But the government will state its decision on 20 August.

Meanwhile – a deadly silence falls over this issue, as far as Australia’s Coalition and Labor MPs are concerned. Of course, the Australian media, as always, also keeps obligingly silent.

A few politicians slightly aware of international nuclear politics. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop expressed Australia’s support for the Iran nuclear agreement. We wait to learn if PM Malcolm Turnbull will cave in to pressure from Donald Trump to join USA efforts against Iran.

For me – the most ungracious act of Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Minister-ship was the way that he snubbed the Nobel Prize-winning The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.


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