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Nuclear and climate news – Australia

Again, there’s a collision between the twin threats of nuclear power and of climate change, as California’s wildfires ravage the once-secret Santa Susana Field Lab (Rocketdyne), site of a partial nuclear meltdown in 1959, and still radioactively polluted.   Physicians for Social Responsibility refute media claims that wildfire ash poses no radiation health problem. ( No monitoring , no assessment: the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.)

California Fires Could Be The ‘New Abnormal’ If Climate Change Continues. Scientists have identified 10 ways in which climate change makes wildfires worse.

Investigative journalism. Again, journalists cover the situation of America’s sick and dying nuclear workers. This is a 2018 story, which was covered magnificently by McClatchy News in 2015.


NUCLEAR. Environmentalists are urging people to contact Labor MPs on two issues:

  1. Labor needs to support the movement against a federal nuclear waste dump at Kimba or Hawker, South Australia, a dump which would contravene South Australian law.
  2. National Conference in December in Adelaide: Federal Labor to hold firm to its strong anti-nuclear policy

Federal government nuclear waste compromises safety and security in South Australia.  Protestors rally at South Australian Parliament against nuclear waste dump plan. Aboriginal landowners say delay in nuclear waste dump vote may bring more opposition to the plan.   Kimba property values plunge, following plans for nuclear waste dump there.

Northern Territory: Mirrar people at last gain some control over their traditional land, as uranium miners leave.  Rio Tinto offloads Northern Territory uranium resources to Canadian company.

Australia already has cyclotrons, producing medical isotopes with no need for nuclear power.

Mining industry and union get together to prevent mining clean-up legislation.

CLIMATE CHANGE. Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian billionaire, calls on Government to reinstate carbon price. Energy Minister Angus Taylor confirms race is on to get new coal or gas finalised before federal election.  Call to Melissa Price, Minister For Coal, (sorry, I meant Environment) to explain why Adani project ‘s massive water use is OK.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Small scale solar surge continues to reshape Australia’s grid.   NSW government unveils plan to bring grid into age of renewables. Northern Territory unveils first grid-scale battery in “solar capital” Alice Springs . Plan to shift Kimberley to renewables could save $15m a year.   Huge solar farm planned for Murray Bridge, South Australia.    Victoria’s first big battery charges up on state grid.  Victorian Labor dials up its renewable energy target to 50 per cent by 2030.


Nuclear reactors “are a bad bet for a climate strategy” – former NRC chairman.

The digital danger to nuclear weapons.

Tell that solar air-conditioning is the answer to air-conditioning’s greenhouse gas problem.

Within 50 years, ozone layer hole is predicted to be completely healed.


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