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Nuclear lies in Australia, about radioactive trash – theme for March 19

As Australia grapples with its growing mountains of plastic, industrial. domestic garbage, the question of radioactive trash is not publicly discussed, (except for being happily promoted to small communities in South Australia, who are being bribed to accept a nuclear waste dump)

Australia’s corporate and political leaders,  the tax-payer funded nuclear agency ANSTO,and the mindless mainstream media, have been able to portray radioactive trash as something separate from the wastes problem. Good heavens! Something vaguely political, so we shouldn’t be talking about it?

But the reality is that Australia has a twofold problem with nuclear wastes deception.

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and a few greedy politicians and businessmen are promoting the nuclear industry, in pushing the view that in Australia  there is no  problem. ANSTO’s nuclear reactor keeps producing high level toxic wastes, while they pretend it’s a medical necessity. ( only a very small percentage of isotopes produced are used in Australia’s hospitals, and of these, only a tiny few are used to treat illness).

Their other pretense is that they actually know how to deal with nuclear waste –  it’s all solved – it’s all safe.  But, in reality they don’t know, nobody really knows, for how long ‘high’ and ‘intermediate’ level waste will be safe in Holtec’s ‘temporary’ canisters.  ‘Temporary’ means for a hundred years, perhaps more – sitting in a rural area, a (formerly) agricultural community – stuck with this poisonous stuff, which gets transported across the continent, potentially exposing many communities to radioactive danger.




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