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Nuclear wastes- South Australia as their National Toilet? – theme for January 2020

Australia, especially South Australia, is known for its clean energy, and clean agricultural produce.

We must not let that reputation become ruined, by letting Kimba, or any other rural region, become blighted with a nuclear toilet.

The Opal nuclear reactor in Lucas Heights/ Barden Ridge, Sydney, stores its wastes relatively safely in above ground containers. There they should stay, until eventually disposed of deep underground, as close as possible to the point of production.

Australia should stop producing nuclear wastes. ANSTO’s nuclear reactor keeps producing high level toxic wastes, while they pretend it’s a medical necessity. ( only a very small percentage of isotopes produced are used in Australia’s hospitals, and of these, only a tiny few are used to treat illness). Australia already has some cyclotrons, which produce medical radioisotopes, with no need for nuclear fission.

Australia especially South Australia, can lead the world in clean energy. South Australia can lead in clean green produce.

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