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Climate change a grave threat to nuclear power, especially in Australia – theme for July 2020

Over recent months the global nuclear lobby, USA in particular, and its Australian followers, have managed to get Parliamentary Inquiries and Bills going, with the aim of undoing Australia’s laws that prohibit the nuclear industry.  At the same time the push to make South Australia a nuclear waste importing hub has been revived, with the Federal government’s plan for a waste dump at Kimba as the first step.

And what is the nuclear lobby’s argument for nuclear power?  – the absurdly false claim that it will solve climate change.

IT’s THE OTHER WAY AROUND!      Nuclear facilities cannot cope with global heating!   Especially in Australia.

Climate change is bringing  extreme temperatures and weather events, and sea level rise, to Australia.

For Australia, the threats from global warming are very real:

  • bushfires would pose the greatest threat to any nuclear facilities, (as Ukraine and USA are already finding out).
  • Droughts bring water shortages, meaning that precious water is not easily available for water guzzling nuclear reactors.
  • Where inland reactors are water-cooled – the threat to river life of heat pollution becomes greater.
  • There would be great  danger to the Great Artesian Basin increases, especially  for any nuclear facilities located in South Australia
  • For coastal nuclear facilities, sea level rise and storm surges are dangers.
  • For many nuclear facilities ( reactors, fuel processing, waste disposal), coastal or inland, flooding brings more danger.


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