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Australia and the American election: Nuclear and climate issues -theme for October 20

American politics – nothing to do with us?   Think again.

Nuclear weapons – not much difference – whoever wins.  With Pine Gap,  military bases, and the ANZUS and Five Eyes spy alliances, Australia is tied in to the U.S. military industrial complex. Those bases are a military target. The USA will want to sell us military stuff, bring its nuclear submarines to our ports, etc.  However, there’s  a better chance of stability if the Democrats win, as Joe Biden is interested in arms control and agreements, whereas Trump specialises in tearing them all up.

The nuclear fuel chain – little difference. Joe Biden will be the same as Trump, perhaps worse, as he would be more organised, so better able to promote the marketing of gimmicky small nuclear reactors to Australia.

Climate change. Here lies a difference – a big one for Australia. Scott Morrison must be praying for Trump victory. They are pretty much on the same page on global heating, though unlike Trump,  Morrison has to pretend that he cares.

Indeed, a Biden victory would mean trouble for the Morrison government.  Joe Biden if president will push allies like Australia to do more on climate.


September 24, 2020 - Posted by | Christina themes

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