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Australia a leader in the global clean energy nuclear-free movement – theme for April 21

Far from perfect, and yet, – Australia is in important ways a leader. Australia , along with New Zealand and a few others, has laws prohibiting nuclear activities. And the Australian clean energy and nuclear-free movement has a worthy history, and a strong global presence today

Through the 20th Century, Australia had an honourable role in internation nuclear disarmament agreements. In 2017 The U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was the result of the work of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. (ICAN) . ICAN was intiated in Australia

Australia has bountiful resources of sun, wind and ocean waves to supply 21st Century clean energy.

Way back in the 1960s and 70s, solar energy techniques were developed in Australia. Today Australia leads in solar rooftops, and despite government lack of interest, is developing solar and wind farms, and battery storage, with South Australia as a world leader in clean energy production.

Today, Australia has a corrupt government, in bed with the fossil fuel industries, and ever ready to do the bidding of the nuclear lobby – (if it were not for the strong anti-nuclear laws). The inept Morrison government has no ideas, is run largely by a small noisy contingent of far right pro nuclear idealogues.

We must be aware that the nuclear lobby is a global beast, a cabal of toxic masculinity – it gambles with the perils of nuclear accient, nuclear war, and rides off like little boys into space adventures, including space weaponry (and at tax-parers’ expense)

The clean energy movement needs to be a global one, too, – a co-operative work, in which Australians join with other nationalities, and especially indigenous people world-wide, in the vital struggle to save this planet and its peoples.

Proudly, we have not only ICAN Australia, but also The Australian Nuclear Free Alliance, Friends of the Earth, Australian Conswervation Foundation – to name just a few national groups, and there are also State-bsed groups.

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