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News this week: the push to call nuclear ”green”

Coronavirus news? I confess to not being able to keep up with the latest on this. More infections in Brazil, other South American countries, Europe, …. USA? Vaccine rollouts happening, amid dissent….

Climate change keeps rolling on – are we near the ”tipping point”, where ocean currents weaken, affected by melting ice in the Norrth Atlantic ?

NUCLEAR. It might seem that nothing is happening. BUT, the relentless and well-funded nuclear lobby is now working overtime. They find the media a good sucker. You see, all you need to believe is that ”only the experts can have an opinion on this”. Never mind the fact that blind Freddie could see that ”nuclear power as a cure for climate change” is like ”cigarette smoking as a cure for obesity”. Mainstream journalists just play safe, regurgitating the spin of the nuclear lobby.

As it will be gargantuanally costly to clean up the nuclear industry – politicians find it easier to embrace it instead. Especially in France, where “This atomic energy is like a huge corpse hidden in a family housesee article below – in which France leads the push for a pro nuclear decision by the European Commission by 21st April.

As for America, from the nuclear point of view, Joe Biden could be seen as more sinister than Trump – carrying out the same policies, but with an appealing and decent presentation.

Anyway, it’s a revelation to me, as in every country, journalists are vigourously touting nuclear as essential to fix climate change, -presumably because it’s ”safer for” them to do this, when they really know little about it.


Labor Party’s platform on uranium/nuclear and radioactive waste issues. Scott Morrison’s $billion missile spend, a gift to foreign war companies and their sponsor, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, (ASPI). Greenland might reject Australian-Chinese company Greenland Minerals in its bid to mine rare earths.


No greenwashing’: Fossil gas and nuclear must not be defined as clean, ministers tell IEA summit. Nuclear power, eligible for green investments? An environmental and climatic aberration, based on cynical and dishonest reasoning!.

Fusion nuclear reactors – a boondoggle run by bureaucrats. Every type of nuclear fusion still requires more energy put in than it gives out!

The IAEA is getting worried about nuclear safety, in view of climate extremes, and especially of earthquakes.

SOUTH ASIA. Nuclear weapons potential triggers escalation in South Asia.

EUROPE. By 21st April, will the European Commission be sucked in by a shonky anonymous report that pretends that nuclear power is ”green”?

FRANCE. Nuclear power- the killer of our futureThe “Sortir du nuclear” Network denounces the attempts by France and the industrial nuclear lobby to include this technology in the European taxonomy (classification) project supposed to define “green” investments. France’s President Macron leads East European leaders in the pack to get the European leaders to call nuclear power ”green”.

CANADA. Secretive and corrupt plan to make Labrador, Canada, the world’s nuclear toilet. Labrador’s Inuit Regional Government kept in the dark about nuclear waste dump plan. Busting the spin that promotes ‘Small Nuclear Reactors’.


Joe Biden’s support for the nuclear industry is stated, but it’s not clear. Global nuclear industry delighted that Joe Biden pushes ”new nuclear for jobs”.

The massive tax-payer funding for security of nuclear reactors – and this will be just as bad for Small Nuclear Reactors. U.S. nuclear weapons are aging quickly. With few spare parts, how long can they last? U.S. Democrats introduce Bill to stop nuclear missile funding, switch funding to universal Covid vaccine developmen

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