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Nuclear issues in Australia? – whom to believe? -theme for June 2021

Generally, nuclear issues get little media coverage in Australia. There is one big issue – the Government’s determination to set up a nuclear waste dump at Kimba, South Australia. And this gets almost no national coverage, which is the way that the nuclear lobby likes it.

There’s a pro nuclear fuss in the Murdoch media from time to time – usually from National Party politicians, who appear to believe there’s no need to provide facts, evidence on costs, safety, climate effects…..

The ABC and The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, on the whole, tread a pretty neutral path on matters nuclear.

Promoting the nuclear industry.The accepted nuclear experts. When mainstream media does address matters nuclear, it seeks the opinion of the ”accepted experts” – officials from ANSTO, (the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation), some military officials, the government’s industry department, politicians lobbied by the nuclear industry, the Minerals Council, and uranium miners. Over the years, we’ve had pro nuclear enthusiasm from nuclear physicists Dr Ziggy Switkowsky, Dr Adi Paterson, and publicists for the industry, Barry Brook, Ben Heard, Robert Parker. Geoff Russell ….

Opinions against the nuclear industry. In opposing the nuclear industry, Australia has heard from Aborigines, and the environment and conservation bodies, and some economists. Notable voices are from Australian Nuclear Free Alliance, Friends of the Earth, and the Australian Conservation Foundation – non government organisations that depend on member donations. The Greens, the Labor Party, and some unions, particularly the Electrical Trades, oppose nuclear power.

The most effective opponents of the nuclear industry have been Aboriginal people. They’ve brought their passionate understanding of the land, and also skilful and informed knowledge of legal and of radiation and environmental issues.

Just a few of the strong Australian voices against nuclear power – Dr Helen Caldicott Yvonne Margarula, Regina McKenzie, Katrina Lester, Dr Jim Green Dave Sweeney Tilman Ruff

Australia is unique in the present global push for the nuclear industry – unique in that it has this proud history of indigenous resistance to nuclear waste dumping, and also in its remarkable potential for renewable energy technologogies.

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