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Water shortage problem for Australia’s uranium miners in Africa

Rio Tinto, Paladin Uranium Mines in Namibia Face Water Shortage, Bloomberg News By Felix Njini November 18, 2013 Uranium mines operated by companies including Rio Tinto Plc (RIO) and Paladin Energy Ltd. in Namibia face a water shortage as a drought in the southwest African nation curbs supply to the operations and three coastal towns. Continue reading

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No price relief in sight for Australia’s troubles uranum miners

thumbs-downTough times ahead for uranium miners  ABC Rural  By Tara de Landgrafft   19 Nov 13,  “……With a number of Japanese reactors still offline after the 2011 earthquake, there is an oversupply of uranium in the marketplace… will be a tough two years ahead for current producers, with one Australian miner already going into care and maintenance.

“You could have up to 40 to 50 per cent of producers who are actually operating at a loss at present,” he said.

“We’ve got a shorter term surplus in the market where you’ve got reactors offline and material that would have been entering into term contracts, those have been deferred, and that’s finding its way probably more into the short, medium-term market.”

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Renewable energy project for Perth

Power station plan promises ‘renewable energy to the south-west’ ABC News,  Mon 18 Nov 2013, A private company is proposing to build a renewable energy station in Perth that would add power to the south-west energy grid using recycled waste.

A six-week public consultation period is open for New Energy Corporation’s proposal for the gas-fired power station in east Rockingham. Gas produced from waste material will be burnt to produce electricity for the grid.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has already approved the technology for the company at a similar facility in Port Hedland.

New Energy’s Jason Pugh says renewable energy is a sustainable option considering the struggles of the south-west coal industry.”Certainly with some of the issues that the coal industry is going through and also the price of energy in the market at the moment, this project represents a real opportunity to get renewable energy to the south-west,” he said.

He says renewable energy is becoming vital considering the struggles faced by the coal-fired energy industry in Collie. “The technology that we’re employing has already been approved by the EPA in our Port Hedland facility at Boodarie but we acknowledge that the community is the major stakeholder in this project, so we’re working really hard to inform the community through this process, firstly through the six-week period,” he said…….

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Community funded solar power – the way of the future, and even of NOW

Closer to home, by the middle of last year more than 60 communities throughout Australia had expressed interest in developing community owned wind and solar farms; but few had received funding to assist in the early stages.
Australia’s Fund Community Energy has been calling on the Federal Government to establish a $50 million grant program to support the development stage of community renewable energy projects.

Community Funded Solar Powering Ahead In The UK  19 Nov 13 The UK’s Brighton Energy Coop (BEC) has raised more than £200,000 in just 3 weeks for a 200kW rooftop solar panel system project – the largest in the city.

Like other solar co-ops, members of the community chip in for the installation of solar array. Revenue is generated through feed in tariffs and sale of the power generated to the “solar landlords”, the businesses where the systems are installed.

BEC offers cash payments to building owners of up to £10,000 to host solar panels, plus discounted electricity for 20 years. Continue reading

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