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The Adani coal mine is a test of Australia’s environmental intelligence – Bob Brown


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Adani coal mine expansion has become a decisive issue for Queensland’s marginal seats

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Hanson denies humans behind climate change, blames ‘fearmongering’

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Murdoch media’s insulting coverage of the Stop Adani convoy

Bob Brown accuses News Corp of ‘disgraceful’ coverage of Stop Adani convoy, Guardian, Ben Smee

Former Greens leader describes Murdoch media headlines as ‘a disgrace to journalism’  The conservationist and former federal Greens leader Bob Brown delivered a broadside at “disgraceful” coverage in News Corp newspapers as his Stop Adani convoy arrived in Queensland to fervour among activists and stoushes in the local press.About 5,000 people joined Brown at a rally in the Brisbane central business district on Wednesday afternoon, protesting against the proposed Carmichael coalmine.

But Brown, whose Stop Adani convoy resembles its own mini election campaign, has attracted the ire of News Corp’s Brisbane masthead, the Courier-Mail……..

Brown, who rose to prominence because of his opposition to the Franklin Dam project in the 1980s, was asked why the Carmichael mine, and not other proposals, have become the focus of environmental and climate activism.

“I got asked that very often about the Franklin Dam. Why this dam and why not other dams?” Brown said. “This has become a litmus test for coalmining around the world. Bloomberg indeed describes it as the most contentious coalmine in the world.”…..

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The Stop Adani Convoy

In 2017, the High Court accepted that peaceful protest is a legitimate part of Australia’s representative democracy. It is encouraging to know the Adani convoy will be a legitimate part of the nation’s public discourse. Whatever problems we encounter, they will not come near the problems caused by us doing nothing. The Adani coalmine is a harbinger of global catastrophe. This convoy of concerned Australians will be taking on Adani out of respect for our children and the future of all life on Earth.


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Scott Morrison misleads the public on the costs of Labor’s climate policy

Scott Morrison warned on ‘cherry-picking’ $35 billion climate cost, SMH, 22 Apr 19 The election fight on climate change has sparked warnings against “misleading” voters about the cost of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, as an independent researcher repudiates Coalition claims of a $35 billion hit from Labor policies.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been accused of “cherry-picking” numbers in the escalating row over the competing pledges on climate, as he prepares to release new estimates of the economic impact of the Labor carbon target…….

The head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Dr Martin Parkinson, has responded to the climate dispute by warning against the “misleading” use of economic modelling and assuring Mr Shorten the public service has not costed the Labor policy.

The research company cited in the government’s $35 billion claim, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, has also told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age that the figure was “not a credible estimate” of the cost of buying international carbon permits.

“To come up with this number, the government has taken the highest point in our 10 year forecast for European carbon credits and assumed 50 per cent of Australia’s abatement for the next decade is bought at this price,” said Bloomberg NEF global head of special projects Kobad Bhavnagri.

“It takes the highest instantaneous forecast price, in the most expensive market, to come up with the biggest number.

“It’s like saying petrol is going to cost you $10,000 this year by assuming you buy everything in one go on Boxing Day.”……..

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Documents contradict Minister For Coal’s statement that Adani “accepted in full” changes sought by scientists regarding Carmichael mine

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The health dangers from climate change – catching Australia unprepared

Australia’s health system unprepared for climate change, experts warn, New Daily, 15 Apr 19, Australia is unprepared for coming health emergencies caused by global warming disasters, public health experts have warned.

From floods to heatwaves, droughts, cyclones and bushfires, the “frequency, intensity, and duration” of natural disasters in Australia is increasing, and our health systems are struggling to cope, three leading public health experts said.

While Australia is geophysically stable and protected “to some extent” from “catastrophic events” such as earthquakes and tsunamis, we are vulnerable to “climate-related disasters and emergencies”, the researchers wrote in the Medical Journal of Australia on Monday.

Titled Resilient health systems: preparing for climate disasters and other emergencies, the article was co-authored by Queensland University of Technology professor of Public Health Gerard FitzGerald, University of Sydney’s Professor Anthony Capon and Queensland Health Disaster Management Unit’s Dr Peter Aitken.

Australia must prepare its health systems for climate-related disasters and emergencies by adopting a “comprehensive whole-of-system approach” integrating “all elements of population health and health care”, from preparedness to response and recovery, they said. ……

The warning follows the release of a landmark report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate in October, which found that some of the most dire consequences of global warming will occur earlier than predicted, with time running out to avoid the most catastrophic effects…….

Across Australia, two-thirds of the population will be vulnerable to infection for eight months of the year, while the top end of the country will be vulnerable to infection 12 months a year, the study found.

Climate change an economic and national security risk……


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“Grey Power” Queensland activists protesting against Adani coal mine, demanding action against climate change

Grey power protesters stage Adani sit in. 12 Apr 19, Older voters opposed to Adani’s Queensland coal mine have vowed to continue a protest in Brisbane until they’re arrested. Queensland grandmother Rae Sheridan has been arrested three times at protests demanding action on climate change.

If she has her way, it’ll be four by the end of the day.

The 74-year-old is among a band of “grey power” activists who are staging a small but determined protest against Adani’s proposed coal mine in outback Queensland. (I’d) probably rather die in jail than in a nursing home,” Ms Sheridan told AAP on Thursday.

“This issue is of such importance, because stopping Adani is a line in the sand for our relationship with coal. It has to stay in the ground … New Zealand has done it, Australia can do it too.”

Fellow protester Greg McLachlan says he was moved to take action after watching thousands of school students take to the streets across the globe, calling on governments to protect their futures.

“We should have done more, and we should be doing more,” he told AAP, welling up with sadness.

“The future is their’s, not ours, and we are letting them down.”

Adani’s Carmichael mine project is an issue because Queensland is one of the key states needed to win federal government.

It is popular in the state’s central and northern regions, but could cost support among voters in inner-city seats who want more action on global warming. Labor’s environment spokesman Tony Burke says the prime minister called the election on Thursday to avoid Senate estimates hearings that would have seen the CSIRO grilled about the recent groundwater approval handed to Adani.

The hearings were promptly cancelled after Scott Morrison called the poll for May 18.

Adani’s plan manage groundwater now needs state government approval so that it can start digging.

But Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s government says it won’t be rushed into a decision to approve that plan, and another to manage the tiny and endangered black-throated finch.

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“The political, financial, or social influence of older people” – Grey Power climate activism

“We will inspire and train older Australians to take BOLD and creative nonviolent action to help change the politics of climate change for good.

Grey Nomads will become Green Nomads. We’ll organise #GreyPower blocs at the school strikes and bring the kids/grandkids with us. Politicians in marginal electorates will feel our presence day after day after day.
Our mission is to use our power to protect the climate now and for future generations and our #GreyPower uprising will demand the real change needed to address the climate emergency.
We are political but nonpartisan. We will target the political parties with the worst climate change policies the most, but will still push other parties to do better. We do not support or promote any political party.”

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Liberal seats held by vacating and conservative MPs have extremely high levels of concern for climate change.

Now Adani has been approved, these are the nine at-risk Coalition seats most concerned about climate change, ABC By political reporter Jackson Gothe-Snape, 10 Apr 19, Liberal seats held by vacating and conservative MPs have extremely high levels of concern for climate change.

Key points:

  • New research shows seats where climate change concerns are most common
  • “Keeping day to day living costs down” is the issue most often identified by Australians as a concern
  • Concern over the quality of governance is growing

And global warming fear was increasing even before the Federal Government approved the Adani coal mine this week.

Electorate-level research released on Wednesday shows the extent of concern for climate change as the election looms.

The polling, completed by Roy Morgan during 2018 as part of the democracy non-profit Australian Futures Project, shows “keeping day-to-day living costs down” is the most pressing concern across Australia, ahead of “improving health services and hospitals” and “open and honest government”.

Climate change is the next most commonly identified issue.

At least one in three people (33 per cent) have climate change concerns in nine Liberal seats that are potentially vulnerable at the coming election.

That is significantly above the national average of approximately one in four people (26 per cent).

A majority of these seats have either conservative MPs recontesting or new candidates replacing retiring or ousted MPs…..

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Emergency experts issue climate warning  

Emergency chiefs from across Australia are demanding the prime minister take action to deal with increased disaster risks fuelled by climate change.


* Mary Barry: former State Emergency Service CEO

Neil Bibby: former Country Fire Authority (CFA) CEO and former Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) deputy chief officer

* Jeff Godfredson: former MFB chief fire officer

* Craig Lapsley: former Emergency Management commissioner, former Fire Services commissioner, former CFA deputy chief officer

* Ewan Waller: former Forest Fire Management chief fire officer.


* Bob Conroy: former National Parks and Wildlife Service fire manager

* Greg Mullins: former Fire & Rescue commissioner

* Murray Kear: former State Emergency Service commissioner

* Phil Koperberg: former NSW minister for the environment, former Rural Fire Service commissioner

* Ken Thompson: former Fire & Rescue deputy commissioner.


* Tony Blanks: former National Parks fire unit manager and former Forestry Tasmania fire manager

* Mike Brown: former Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) chief fire officer

* John Gledhill: former TFS chief fire officer.


* Lee Johnson: former Fire & Emergency Services commissioner, Bushfire & Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre director

* Frank Pagano: former Emergency Management executive director and former Fire & Rescue Service deputy commissioner.


* Andrew Lawson: former Country Fire Service deputy chief officer

* Grant Lupton: former Metropolitan Fire Service chief fire officer.


* Wayne Gregson: former Department of Fire & Emergency Services commissioner

* Craig Hynes: former Fire & Emergency Services Authority chief operations officer.


* Steve Rothwell: former Fire & Emergency Services director and chief fire officer

* Stephen Sutton: former Bushfires NT chief fire control officer.


* Peter Dunn: former Emergency Services Authority commissioner.


* Naomi Brown: former Australasian Fire & Emergency Service Authorities Council C

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Traditional Owners fighting Adani coal mine mount fresh legal challenge   Adani gained federal government approval for its controversial mine project but could be stopped by a courtroom confrontation from Traditional Owners.  By Ella Archibald-Binge, 10 Apr 19



Traditional Owners opposed to the Carmichael mine will mount a legal challenge in the federal court next month to overturn Adani’s crucial agreement with Indigenous landholders.

The mining company’s groundwater management plan was approved this week by Federal Environment Melissa Price and before construction can begin the Queensland government needs to sign off on environmental approvals.

However, if successful, next month’s court hearing could have severe ramifications.

A handful of Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) native title claimants are seeking to invalidate Adani’s Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA), which is required for the mining company to build key infrastructure.

Some W&J native title claimants support the mine but those who oppose it say the ILUA is a “sham”.

Their claims were dismissed in a court hearing last year and the group will now appeal that verdict to the full bench of the federal court.

‘An act of war on our people’

Adrian Burragubba, one of the anti-Adani claimants, said he felt confident ahead of the hearing.

“That full bench federal court has allowed us to argue at least ten points – all we need is one of those points to get up in that argument and that ILUA will then become null and void,” he told NITV News.

“You can’t start building a mine until you get that ILUA, so nobody wants to talk about it because it’s the main thing that’s holding up the mine.”

Mr Burragubba  also criticised the federal government’s decision to approve Adani’s groundwater management plan, claiming the project would destroy ancient springs.

“Water is part of our dreaming as First Nations people,” he said.

“This will fracture our ties with our ancestors and will essentially be an act of war on our people.”

Environmental approval ‘reeks of political interference’

Meanwhile, Queensland Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch said she would not be rushing the remaining approvals.

“I will not be bullied and I will not allow the regulator to be bullied,” the Labor MP said.

“The federal minister’s decision yesterday to approve Adani’s [groundwater management plan] reeks of political interference, and in many ways puts into question the integrity of her decision-making process.”

Adani Australia CEO Lucas Dow said the approval followed 18 months of environmental evaluation by CSIRO and Geoscience Australia.

“The measures outlined in the plans will ensure groundwater at the mine, and the ecosystems that depend on it, are protected,” he said in a statement.

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‘Shame’: Anti-Adani protesters storm Morrison speech

 SBS News , 8 Apr 19 Anti-Adani protesters have disrupted a Scott Morrison speech, as Coalition tension mount around the controversial project. Anti-Adani protesters have disrupted Scott Morrison at a Brisbane business lunch, but the prime minister appeared to take in his stride.One woman carrying a Stop Adani protest flag managed to reach Mr Morrison’s side, saying “we care about the climate. This will be a climate election … Shame”.

She was dragged away by security as a second protester stood to yell “stop Adani”………

Australian Youth Climate Coalition organiser, Melanie McAuliffe, said they wanted to highlight LNP government’s inability to react on climate change.

“We just had a summer of unprecedented heatwave, bushfires and floods and yet this government still continues to ignore what we need to do to address the climate crisis.”…….

Several teenagers said they were looking for action to save the planet.

Jo, from Cleveland, told the crowd outside the business lunch that all she wanted was a future.

“I am 17 years old and I want is for our government to do what they need to to save the planet,” she told the crowd.

“This is our home, this is what houses us, we have a responsibility to care for it.”………

Anti-Adani protesters disrupted a business lunch speech by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Brisbane on Monday. ………

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How last-minute Adani approval could be the final big call of the Morrison Government

ABC News, By political reporter Jackson Gothe-Snape 8 Apr 19, Adani’s controversial mine awaits its final Federal approval this week, days before the election is called.

Key points:

  • Only one significant approval remains for Federal Government to approve Adani mine
  • Securing sign-off before the federal election is called would mean Queensland MPs in marginal seats could campaign on the issue
  • Queensland State Government still has two outstanding approvals

Approval from the Environment Minister, Melissa Price, is one of the final hurdles before the project can commence.

And pressure is growing from some of her colleagues for her to approve the mine so Queensland MPs can talk up the project during the election campaign.

This is the latest on what exactly is needed before the Adani mine can go ahead.

Federal groundwater hurdle

The last major federal environmental approval required is around how the mine will affect the local water system.

It’s formally called the Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan (GDEMP).

The Federal Government has asked the CSIRO and Geoscience Australia to assess the plan, but the decision to approve or deny the plan rests with the Environment Minister.

It’s not clear what these organisations have concluded, but a spokesperson for the Department of Environment told the ABC the department “has provided its assessment” to the Minister.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday the Government would be “relying on the scientific evidence”.

The ABC has previously reported the CSIRO had found flaws in the plan………

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