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VIDEO   Danger of transporting toxic materials, like nuclear waste, through Northern Territory

 e-book Lallie Lennon’s oral history of atomic bombs in Australia

VIDEO   How many rights do residents have to stop a mine from going ahead on their land?

VIDEO A unique wildlife phenomenon stands at the precipice… Australia’s  beautiful colour-changer, the Giant Cuttlefish

Get the facts on multinational corporation BHP’s additional huge mine for Roxby Downs

VIDEO Mine expansion draws more water from basin ABC News, Paul Klaric, October 14, 2011 Scientists are concerned that the the proposed Olympic Dam mine expansion will put a strain on Australia’s greatest underground water supply.

SA Parliament may sit longer to pass Olympic Dam mining bill

Radioactive Show  latest edition is now available to download or podcast via: 
Remembering Maralinga and Emu Field: between 1953-1963 the British and Australian governments were testing atomic weapons in South and Western Australia. Many Aboriginal people and atomic veterans are still suffering the physical and psychological effects of these tests. We hear from Avon Hudson, Maralinga atomic veteran, Yami Lester, atomic survivor, and uncle Kevin Buzzacott, on their experience of the nuclear tests in the 50s and 60s in Australia.File Download (30:10 min / 21 MB)

The latest edition of the Rad show is now available for podcast and download via: : This edition we hear voices from the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance meeting held in Alice Springs from September 09-11, 2011. Representatives from Aboriginal communities and from Environment groups concerned about the impacts of uranium developments came together to share information and stories of how to protect communities and the land from the growing nuclear industry in Australia.    The dangers of Australian company Silex’s laser uranium enrichment process

WALK AWAY FROM URANIUM MINING W.A.  Aboriginal Sovereignty. Wangan Nga, a Ngaanyatjarra man, shares his story about country and the importance of leaving the uranium in the ground.
THIS ONE IS FUN – DON’T MISS IT! VIDEO Hazards Of Radiation  This video was created to provide factual information for workers and community members about radiation exposure from uranium mining.
Wind Energy, Myths and Facts

This short film focuses on wind energy and the common myths and confusions that threaten its developement. It includes Wind Turbine Sickness (WTS), sound….

A new clip(WAKE UP) by David Bradbury about the expansion at Olympic Dam and why it needs to be stopped. A good educational tool to explain to people the dangers of uranium mining.

VIDEO, Japan using Fukushima people as human Guinea Pigs  TV Channel 9  Liz Hayes, 60 Minutes
AUDIO   .    Windsor backs renewable
energy future, 
ABC Radio AM 

Audio | Beyond Nuclear Initiative  speakers from CANBERRA RALLY June 14, 2011  Muckaty Traditional Owner Dianne Stokes, Muckaty Traditional Owner Kylie Sambo, ETU Qld secretary Peter Simpson, Senator Scott Ludlam (Australian Greens), Dr Helen Caldicott, Adam Bandt MHR (Australian Greens),Dave Sweeney (Australian Conservation Foundation),Dr Sue Wareham, Medical Association for Prevention of War, Steve Phillips, Greenpeace Australia/Pacific

The Radioactive Show 16 June 11   Here are the latest shows available for podcast :  This week we have special interviews with Bob Del Tredici, Canadian photographer, documenting the nuclear age since the 70s, Hitomi Kamanaka, Japanese filmmaker, and, Dr. Mick Broderick on the global Hibakusha project.

* On the 13th of May BHP Billilton released their first Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for their proposed expansion of the Olympic Dam Uranium mine in S.A. This is almost two years after they released their draft EIS and subsequently received over 4000 responses to it. David Noonan, Nuclear Free campaigner for the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) provides us with comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the current situation and the major environmental concerns.
The radioactive show airs on 3cr 855 am (Melbourne) at 10am Saturdays and repeated at 6am Tuesdays,broadcast nationally on Tuesdays at 12 noon on the Community Radio Network and podcast on the 3cr website

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ICAN Australia is pleased to announce a fundraiser screening of the movie Atomic Mom at ACMI Cinemas in Melbourne’s Federation Square on Monday June 20 as part of our global Nuclear Abolition Day activities.

Atomic Mom, a feature length documentary by M.T. Silvia, tells the story of two lives, two mothers, affected by the atom bomb – that of a scientist involved in the post-war development and testing of the bomb and the one on whom it was unleashed.

Atomic Mom holds out hope in a world torn with conflict. As two women whose lives have been altered in unimaginable ways clear the clouds of distrust and anger and open their hearts to reconciliation – they provide hope for a better future for all of us.For more info and to view a trailer check out the website here:  Out of Sight, Out of Mine – New  film from David Bradbury – plight of South Australia’s Aboriginals from Maralinga to Uranium Mining

RADIATION DOSAGE CHART An interesting and nicely designed visualisation of radiation dosage and impacts:

Dr. Caldicott’s  interview with Dr. Vini Khurana about the dangers of cell phones and electromagnetic radiation

Independent Australia interviews Dr Helen Caldicott
The horrifying consequences of the Fukushima meltdown | Independent Australia
Nuclear waste dump legal case

Anti nuclear waste dump – Muckaty Protest – Darwin May 2011 YouTube – Muckaty Protest – Darwin May 2011

Latest video and audio items as they come in:  
Radioactive Show This week we speak to Veronica Wellings from Kakadu in the Northern Territory about growing up around the Ranger Uranium Mine as well as her experience on the Peace Boat Voyage, the Global Hibakusha Project in Japan and Tahiti. We also speak to Dr. Gavin Mudd about the ongoing tailings dam problems at Ranger, as well as a background about the mine.File Download (30:00 min / 14 MB)
Stop Australian uranium fuelling the next nuclear crisis

Remembering Chernobyl – Standing with Fukushima
VIDEO Dr Helen Caldicott talks about Fukushima and Chernobyl
Download/Listen to the latest edition of the Radioactive Show: 16 April 11 Special interview with Meera Patel, co-producer and co-director of ‘Beating the Bomb’. And Dr. Jim Green from Friends of the Earth, on the recent debate around the death toll of Chernobyl, and on what it might mean for Fukushima. We also speak to Mia Pepper from CCWA about the Western Australian Nuclear Free Alliance, and Cat Beaton, the nuclear-free campaigner with the Environment Centre of the NT, on the current flooding at Ranger uranium mine in Kakadu. File Download (28:00 min / 13 MB)

Also last week’s show is also available for download: Hear the Radioactive Show’s exclusive interveiw with ANSTO ‘whistleblower’ David Reid. Mr Reid is former health and safety officer for Australia’s only nuclear power reactor – Lucas Heights, in Sydney. Mr Reid has been suspended from his job for two years since he raised concerns over safety breaches and under-reporting of accidents. ANSTO, the Australian Nuclear Science and Techology Organisation who run the reactor claim he was suspended due to ‘bullying’ on his behalf. Mr Reid has a very different story.File Download (29:28 min / 14 MB)

VIDEO Nuclear industry propaganda about low-level radiation is “absolute rubbish” says physician who taught at Harvard Med School — It’s all about internal emitters (VIDEO) « Energy News

29 March 11 The latest edition of the Radioactive Show is available to download as a podcast via;
We continue our focus on the Japanese nuclear disaster: Dave Noonan from the ACF on the impacts this disaster might have on Australian exports of uranium, Yuki Tanaka from the Hiroshima Peace Institute who speaks about why, in history, Japanese people do not have a strong opposition to nuclear technologies, and Kimie Chadwick from Japanese for Peace. Also, Cat Beaton, from the Environment Centre of the NT with an update on the proposed national nuclear waste dump that is being imposed on the Muckaty community near Tennant Creek.File Download (30:04 min / 14 MB)
RADIOACTIVE SHOW Please listen to the latest podcast (March 19) now available on the 3cr website:
This week we put a special focus on Japan’s nuclear disaster which followed a devastating earthquake and ravaging tsunami. We hear from: Kimie Chadwick, from Japanese For Peace about the damage done to her home town, Philip White from the Citizen’s Nuclear Information Centre in Tokyo, who gives a bit of background to Japan and Tepco’s nuclear safety regulations and practices, Dr. Tilman Ruff, from the Medical Association for Prevention of War, on the serious health implications for citizens and workers health, and Dave Sweeney, Nuclear Free campaigner from the Australian Conservation Foundation, on what this means for Australia. Please tune in to this week’s edition of the Radioactive show, giving a unique insight into different aspects of this disaster. Produced by Jessie Boylan in the studios of 3CR Melbourne.File Download (29:20 min / 20 MB)

Also the podcast for March 12 is also available:
This week we highlight the impacts on the rights of indigenous people in Australia under the current assimilationist policies of the NT intervention. We also hear from Leanne Edwards, a Gunnai/Kurnai woman from the Lake Tyres community, about the blockade that was established on International Womens Day, lead by the women of Lake Tyres, demanding self determination over their community.File Download (22:08 min / 10 MB)

The radioactive show airs on 3cr 855 am (Melbourne) at 10am Saturdays and repeated at 6am Tuesdays,broadcast nationally on Tuesdays at 12 noon on the Community Radio Network and podcast on the 3cr website

We talk about Nuclear and Peace Issues; follow the most current news on nuclear issues in Australia

Presented by Energy Matters team member Virginia, we take a look at some of the stories from Australia and around the world  recently added to our renewable energy news section.

In this episode, Virginia covers a proposal to tax coal fired power to pay for NSW’s Solar Bonus scheme, the heated debate on a carbon price for Australia, a new web site that tracks coal’s creep across Victoria and how a carbon price could boost regional renewable energy jobs.

Energy Matters Video News – Episode 25 – March 9, 2011 : Renewable Energy News :

MUCKATY by Kylie Sambo Video | Beyond Nuclear Initiative

Traditional owners of the wetlands in Kakadu National Park in the NT’s north are concerned a nearby uranium mine may be contaminating the waterways. Scroll down this page: ABC News – Video – Top Stories of the day in video

Senator Scott Ludlam speech on the 30-year uranium deal with the US,

International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons has created an animated short film on the hazards of depleted uranium and the international campaign against its use.

Countdown to Zero reveals the truth behind an issue on which human survival itself hangs – the very real possibility of nuclear disaster. From the producers of An Inconvenient Truth, Countdown is a chilling wake up call about the urgency of the nuclear threat. see the trailer at:  Countdown to Zero | Global Zero



interview with Dr. John Church, oceanographer and the world’s leading expert on sea-level rise.

IFYOULOVETHISPLANET » Blog Archive » Best of 2010: Dr. John Church on how global warming will raise sea levels and bring more frequent storms


Beyond Zeros Matthew Wright and Mark Ogge speak to Hans-Josef Fell of the influential German Greens Party about renewable energy policy in Australia and Germany and discuss the economic and social opportunities a strong renewable energy industry would create for Australia.Hans Josef Fell from German Greens Party talks about renewable policy | Beyond Zero Emissions

Latest Radioactive Show On this week’s radioactive show we hear snippets from the BHP AGM held in Perth on the 16th of november, as well as talk to Dave Sweeney from the Australian Conservation Foundation about a uranium mining conference in Tanzania.File Download (29:54 min / 14 MB)


In this episode, Virginia covers a record year for rooftop solar power in Australia, the power asset sell-off in New South Wales, Queensland’s clean coal project found to be not viable at this point in time and a 150MW concentrated solar farm for California.
Energy Matters Video News – Episode 23 – December 24, 2010 : Renewable Energy News :


New from  David Bradbury films   “The facts on the danger of uranium mining to workers and community:

YouTube – When the Dust Settles PART 1.avi

YouTube – When the Dust Settles PART 2.avi

YouTube – When the Dust Settles PART 3.avi

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