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Corruption in the Australian uranium industry

Radioactive Corruption Video 1

Gal Vanise, March 18, 2018 ·    PREPARE TO BE ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED ………………….Pilot Plant near Roxby 1996 . This was an elaborate Government and corporate cover up under the Lib Government of the day. If you think the mining companies are doing ALL THE RIGHT THINGS…They are not. You only need to ask anyone who works in a mine how things don’t get reported..Out of sight out of mind.

This site was later ‘repatriated’ but no one can say where the contaminated waste was taken to other than ALLEGEDLY by the truckloads carried on trucks from Roxby Downs to Port Adelaide ….through townships and urban residential areas.. I fully expect I will get in trouble for this even though I haven’t committed any free speech crimes. SHARE TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.. NOW I ASK YOU THIS!.. WILL THIS NEW LIB GOV DO THE RIGHT THING IN REGARD TO THE PROPOSED RADIOACTIVE WASTE DUMP IRREGARDLESS OF WHERE IN SA THEY PLACE IT?.. NOT IF THESE VIDEOS ARE ANY INDICATION. THIS IS DYNAMITE… AND I WILL NEED A BLOODY GOOD LAWYER ONCE ITS OUT.

Radioactive Corruption Vid 2

Gal Vanise type in Radioactive Corruption on youtube bruz. It comes in 2 parts. otherwise here ya go… .
  • Peter Jack I worked at Roxby Downs in 1986. I got to go underground. Back then there was about 60 kilometres of roads down there. As we drove around we were shown these massive caverns some were filled with water possibly direct access to the great artesian basin and others with floor to ceiling blue plastic barrels full of yellow cake. 

    I assume they were all transported through residential areas.


  • Brett Burnard Stokes These unsealed radioactive sources are highly dangerous and illegal. The dust is the big issue, along with radon gas which is heavy and collects in cellars etc,   What are the longer term health impacts, you might ask.  Radon and uranium dust can cause lung cancer and other issues.
    These and other radioactive poisons cause genetic damage and more. 
  • Trevor Vivian Outta sight, outta mind is the MO of all mining the world over and in Australia the state & Federal govt’s refuse to support whistleblowers. At Mt Todd (NT) photo evidence of unbunded drill pads with waste polluting local creeks caused A Senate review(early 90’s) which shut down this disasterous destruction of Jaywon Sacred sites. The hostility from Mine managers toward bird survey whistleblowers meant never working in Australian mining ever. To me it is a badge of honour to reveal these lying thieving Global Corporate miners outta sight, outta mind operations. 
  • Gal Vanise HERE IS A QUOTE FOR THE DISBELIEVERS.. I WONT REVEAL THE WHO’s OR IDENTIFY THE PARKERS IN THE SIN BIN. I GAVE MY WORD…………………………”I was XXXXXXXXXXXX I know where it is. 198X. I was told to never tell anyone. It’s worried me ever since We dumped the unprocessed concentrate into the main tailings dam. It’s was blowing all over the place as the nylon bags had broken. Took two nights. Myself xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxboss who oversaw the job.
    A couple of days later one of those 7:30 type shows questioned the ……….. mining on tv. He denied any waste dumped.
    xxxxxxxxxx only had about xxxxxxx working for xxxxxxxxx. But after we did that job he got all the contracts.
    Really shonky. Ive never heard what happened toxxxxxxxxxxxxx but one of the older xxxxxxxxx mining blokes had to take samples from the bags.
    Mr.xxxxxxxx went off at him because his radiation tag came back high.
    He accused him of putting it in the concentrate. I never wore mine. xxxx was also a lazy buggar.
    At the same time they had a ball mill break down.
    It was going to take forever to screen the steel balls from the mill. xxxxxxxx got us to dump this as well.
    We pushed the whole lot into the water and by day light it was covered.
    We then went back and covered the pilot plant with fresh crusher dust.


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The Australian Labor Party wavers about the Adani coal project, but the anti-coal activists are not giving up.

While the Morrison government, including Resources Minister Matt Canavan, have been quick to seize on pro-Adani sentiment, especially in regional Queensland, after the election trouncing Labor too will likely review its stance on the mine.

Joel Fitzgibbon, Labor’s agriculture spokesman, on Monday warned that the party’s emphasis on climate change over coal jobs cost it heavily, including a 10 per cent swing in his own seat in the Hunter.

But the fight is not likely to go away.

As little as 1 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef will remain if global temperatures rise 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, and we are halfway there, the UN reported earlier this month in a landmark report on global biodiversity.

And the climate risks aren’t restricted to the reef. The Reserve Bank’s deputy governor, Guy Debelle, has warned that climate change could cause financial shocks if companies didn’t take the risks seriously in their planning. 

By risks, he was meaning everything from reputational damage to the damages from bushfires and cyclones, events worsened by climate change. It’s for reasons such as this that major lenders QBE, Japanese trading companies and China’s State Development and Investment Corporation have all reduced their investment exposure to coal. 

Are anti-mine activists about to give up?

The Stop Adani campaign says it’s not going to give up its national efforts.

“We’re not going to let that basin be mined,” a spokesperson for the movement said.

Stop Adani’s local organisations have increased to 190 across the country and these groups won’t be put off by the election outcome.

“These kinds of moments are when movements grow,” the spokesperson said. “Nothing has changed about the science nor what’s at stake.”

What’s next for the coal mine that helped to return Morrison to power?  

It’s been a byword for division but, post-election, moves are speeding up to approve Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in Queensland. How did we get here and what’s next?  By Peter Hannam  Adani’s proposed mine in Queensland has long been a lightning rod for division over coal-mining and climate change in Australia. It is also being named as a big reason for Labor’s lost seats in Queensland amid the Morrison government’s upset re-election.Now Queensland’s Premier says everyone’s “had a gutful” of the issue – and she wants it sorted out.

“I am expecting a definite timeframe by Friday,” Premier Palaszczuk said on May 22.

So what’s next for this controversial project and what are the implications of it finally going ahead?

First, what exactly is the project? Continue reading

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There are still serious obstacles to Adani’s coal mine expansion


Any impact on the underground aquifers that feed into the Great Artesian Basin would not only be devastating for the environment, but also for all the communities that rely on its water resources.

The original groundwater model submitted by Adani was not “suitable to ensure the outcomes sought by the EPBC Act conditions are met”

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Gross injustice! Ecuador to hand over Assange’s entire legal defense to the United States 

Ecuador to hand over Assange’s entire legal defense to the United States  20 May 2019

Three weeks before the U.S. deadline to file its final extradition request for Assange, Ecuadorian officials are travelling to London to allow U.S. prosecutors to help themselves to Assange’s belongings.

Neither Julian Assange nor U.N. officials have been permitted to be present when Ecuadorian officials arrive to Ecuador’s embassy in London on Monday morning.

The chain of custody has already been broken. Assange’s lawyers will not be present at the illegal seizure of his property, which has been “requested by the authorities of the United States of America”.

The material includes two of his manuscripts, as well as his legal papers, medical records and electronic equipment. The seizure of his belongings violates laws that protect medical and legal confidentiality and press protections.

The seizure is formally listed as “International Assistance in Criminal matters 376-2018-WTT requested by the authorities of the United States of America”. The reference number of the legal papers indicates that Ecuador’s formal cooperation with the United States was initiated in 2018.

Since the day of his arrest on 11 April 2019, Mr. Assange’s lawyers and the Australian consul have made dozens of documented demands to the embassy of Ecuador for the release and return of his belongings, without response. Continue reading

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Australian courts will consider the risks of climate change to be foreseeable, thereby creating further responsibilities for companies and directors

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Need for awareness on what Lynas will do with its rare earths radioactive trash


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Lynas plans rare earths “upstream” processing in Australia and “downstream” processing in USA and Malaysia

Lynas expansion plans Trump Wesfarmers’ bid  SMH, By Colin Kruger, May 21, 2019   Wesfarmers’ attempt to buy Lynas Corp on the cheap appears to be dead after a combination of US President Donald Trump’s trade wars and the announcement of expansion plans by the rare earths group sent its share price soaring above the Perth-based conglomermate’s indicative offer price on Tuesday.Lynas said it will spend $500 million by 2025 on value added processing in the US and Malaysia as well as setting up a processing plant in Western Australia, near its Mt Weld mine, to extract radioactive waste from its rare earths before it is shipped to Malaysia.

“Our plan is to invest in upstream processing close to our source (Mt Weld), with downstream processing close to our customers,” Lynas chief executive Amanda Lacaze said with reference to the Malaysian plant and expansion plans in the US announced on Monday.

Lynas offered little clarity on whether this will ensure its Malaysian operations will be able to continue operating when its current licence expires in September, but it did not matter.

News emerged early Tuesday of China’s President Xi Jinping visiting a rare earths factory in China on Monday, in what could signal his intent to use China’s dominance of this market as a weapon in the trade wars. Lynas is the only significant rare earths producer outside of China. Continue reading

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It’s not clear what will be done about Lynas’ radioactive wastes in Malaysia, as Lynas plans rare earths processing also in Texas

Lynas’ US plans no threat to Wesfarmers interest, Malaysian problems,  By Colin Kruger – May 20, 2019 Lynas Corp’s plans to establish processing operations in the US are not expected to pose a threat to Wesfarmers’ interest in the rare earths group, but it won’t offer a Plan B for its Malaysian problems either.Lynas told the ASX on Monday it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with one of its US customers, Blue Line Corp, for a joint venture to separate medium and heavy rare earths elements in Texas. Lynas said it would be the majority owner of the venture…….

The company declined to comment further but Ms Lacaze will front investors on Tuesday and is expected to clarify plans to invest in processing infrastructure in Western Australia where it mines the rare earths at Mt Weld.

This will offset the sovereign risk of its billion-dollar Malaysian operations, which could be forced to close in September if Lynas does not remove more than 450,000 tonnes of low level radioactive waste.

The company had been in talks with Wesfarmers about a processing joint venture in WA last year which led to a controversial $1.5 billion bid by the conglomerate in March. Continue reading

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Warren Mundine, nuclear stooge, loses Gilmore election – the only Liberal loss in the country

The nuclear lobby was quietly gleeful when their puppet was chosen as candidate for Gilmore.  What a blow when this turned out to be a resounding defeat!

Federal election 2019: Labor bucks trend in NSW to scoop marginal seat of Gilmore  ABC News ABC Illawarra By Ainslie Drewitt-Smith  20 May 19,  Voters in Gilmore bucked the trend this federal election becoming the only seat in the country to turn its back on the Coalition and install a Labor MP.

Key points:

  • The seat of Gilmore in NSW has been held by the Liberal Party for 23 years but was won by the ALP after a 3.6 per cent swing
  • LNP candidate Warren Mundine conceded defeat on Sunday night
  • The National party candidate Katrina Hodgkinson says she’d love to stand for the electorate again

The seat on the New South Wales south coast has been held by the Liberal Party for 23 years but the ALP gained the marginal electorate following Saturday’s vote, with a swing of 3.6 per cent.

Fiona Phillips declared victory on the night.

It was her second tilt at federal politics after she previously lost her battle for Gilmore to former Liberal MP, Ann Sudmalis.

This time, Ms Phillips said she felt confident she had the support of the local community throughout the campaign.

“I think I’ve been campaigning since about 2014, I’m an absolute fighter for the community and that’s what I’ll continue to do,” Ms Phillips said…….

The Coalition put forward two candidates for the seat which was also contested by the Greens, an independent, the Christian Democratic Party and a United Australia Party candidate.

The Liberal candidate Warren Mundine was controversially hand-picked by Prime Minister Scott Morrisonto run in the regional seat after local branch members had already endorsed Milton real estate agent, Grant Schultz.

Mr Mundine refused to concede defeat until late on Sunday night………

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Melissa Price – Australia’s Minister For Coal – but don’t we need a Minister for the Environment?

Environment Minister Price under pressure to front the public, ,By Nicole Hasham, May 20, 2019   Australia has failed to deliver a major report to the United Nations on its progress in halting the extinction crisis as pressure mounts on Environment Minister Melissa Price to front the public over highly controversial election-eve decisions.Ms Price’s absence from the federal election campaign became a national curiosity. She refused scores of media interview requests, ignored challenges from her political rivals for public debates and did not appear at government announcements relating to her portfolio.

This prompted suggestions she was avoiding scrutiny of controversial approvals she granted just before the election, such as groundwater plans for the divisive Adani coal project and a contentious uranium mine in her home state of Western Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has indicated Ms Price will be re-appointed to the portfolio in his next cabinet.

The Department of the Environment and Energy, which Ms Price oversees, was due last December to present Australia’s sixth national report to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

The report would outline the government’s progress on conservation measures and in meeting the objectives of the convention, to which Australia is a party. However, it has not been delivered.

Australia has one of the world’s worst extinction records. The global crisis was highlighted in a shocking United Nations report this month that warned 1 million species on Earth were headed for extinction within decades.

The Morrison government has also failed to deliver an official plan to protect the nation’s animals and plants. A draft version of the plan, Australia‘s Strategy for Nature 2018-2030, was panned last year as a “global embarrassment” for its brevity and lack of specific targets.

Ms Price’s office did not respond to this publication’s questions or interview request.

Mr Morrison was grilled over the United Nations extinction report and appeared to stumble in his response, referring to government measures that do not exist.

Two days out from the election, Ms Price and Resources Minister Matt Canavan announced an independent audit of energy giant Equinor’s plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight, in response to deep concerns in South Australian coastal electorates.

Should Ms Price continue in the environment portfolio, she faces a number of persistent questions, including how Australia will meet its Paris climate targets if the government’s plans to use carryover carbon credits from the Kyoto period are deemed outside the rules.

In a statement, the department said it was working on the report to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and that this involved “an extensive co-ordination and consolidation process”. The department hopes to finalise the report this year.

The separate national biodiversity strategy was being revised and required agreement from state and federal environment ministers, it said.

Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said Mr Morrison “must dump Melissa Price from the ministry … The climate and our environment can’t afford another term with Melissa Price as environment minister”.

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Sweden wants Detention of Assange, meanwhile USA seizes his property. DOES AUSTRALIA CARE?

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Coal industry lobbying Morrison govt to build new coal plants

Coal industry urges re-elected Morrison government to build new coal plants, Guardian,   Ben Smee  @BenSmee 20 May 2019 

The Coal Council calls on Labor to reverse many of its climate policies after strong election swings against it, The coal industry has begun lobbying the re-elected Morrison government to support hardline positions, including building new coal-fired power stations and weakening approvals processes for new mines.

The Coal Council of Australia released a statement on Sunday welcoming the election result, praising the Coalition for supporting coal, and calling on Labor to reverse many of its climate-focused policies towards the fossil fuel…….

Despite the election result, coal will likely remain a vexing issue where policies designed to win regional votes could also cost support in inner-city electorates. Research by the Queensland Resources Council, leaked to the Australia Institute in the days before the election, shows the sector is “nearing crisis” and that coal has created a negative perception.

Queensland Labor sources acknowledged Adani was likely decisive in Herbert, Dawson and Capricornia. But they cautioned against being sucked into the larger narrative, being pushed by supporters of coal, that Adani was an underlying cause for the party’s poor result across Queensland.

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MORRISON WOULD RATHER GIVE GREEN LIGHT TO NUCLEAR OVER SOLAR  Noah Carroll8 October 2018 The Prime Minister has become so desperate to find any energy policy he today refused to rule out building nuclear power stations across Australia – including in areas bordering his own electorate.

Mr Morrison today told Alan Jones there is “absolutely no reason why, when it’s economic, we shouldn’t have nuclear power generation in Australia.”

According to a report from the Australian Institute about where nuclear power would be located, Botany Bay, neighbouring Morrison’s own electorate, could be a likely candidate for a nuclear reactor. Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, the Sunshine Coast and Bribie Island were also named as possible locations.

Scott Morrison would rather put nuclear reactors up and down the east coast of Australia, instead of investing in solar and admitting that renewables are cheaper and cleaner.

This in spite of all the evidence nuclear power is actually much more expensive than renewable energy and would lead to higher prices.

Mr Morrison also seems blind to the well documented safety risks of nuclear power, highlighted by events like the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Mr Morrison’s bizarre thought bubble confirms the Liberals will support any form of power generation as long as it is not the proven and sensible forms of renewable energy like wind and solar power.

Rather than floating nuclear power balloons, the Prime Minister should end his government’s war on renewable energy — the cheapest and cleanest power available. 

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Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is adamant that there will be no increase in climate action from this government

Our plan is very clear’: No climate revamp for re-elected Coalition,  Australians should not expect any change to the Liberal-National government’s climate change policies after their federal election win.   SBS, 20 May19

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has hosed down any suggestion that the Coalition will be going back to the drawing board on climate change after the government’s come-from-behind election win.

“Our plan is very clear and it’s the plan that we took to the Australian people,” he told ABC’s Insiders on Sunday. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has hosed down any suggestion that the Coalition will be going back to the drawing board on climate change after the government’s come-from-behind election win.

“Our plan is very clear and it’s the plan that we took to the Australian people,” he told ABC’s Insiders on Sunday.

Mr Frydenberg was among Coalition members who faced a swing against them on Saturday, in the face of challenges from independent or Green candidates campaigning largely on climate change.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott lost his seat to Independent Zali Steggallfor whom climate change was pivotal.

As the results rolled in, outgoing MP Julie Bishop said the Coalition must reassess its position on climate change and possibly revisit former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s signature energy policy.

“It will have to end the uncertainty and the National Energy Guarantee was the closest thing we had to a bipartisan position.” …..

Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek hopes the government finally grapples with climate and energy with a policy aimed at bringing down pollution, reducing power prices and boosting investment in renewables.

“How is this government going to manage that when they are still so broken inside with climate change deniers on one side and people who at least accept the science on the other side, but 14 different energy policies?”

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Environmentalists shocked at election result, but resolute

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