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Hey Mr Weatherill- nuclear waste disposal is not an “industry”- it’s just a toxic dump

Weatherill glowClaire Catt, Your Say site, 20 Oct 2016  Weatherill is stating today in the Advertiser he is asking the community ‘its views on the establishment of a nuclear waste disposal industry in SA’.

It’s not an industry he’s proposing, just a dump in the outback. No sophistication there, just enormous risks and costs.

The discussion is bias and manipulated by the Government. Real information about the scale and dangers of this proposal are suppressed and the media is complicit.

The language used by Jay Weatherill is really creepy!

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Nuclear Royal Commission not clear on toxicity. Corruption in the nuclear waste industry

scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAINJeffrey Frommelt, Your Say site,   21 Oct 2016

Medical nuclear waste? 45 kg is just over 2litres.

Billions of dollars? Most countries are shutting down their nuclear reactors because of risk of another Chernobyl or Fukashima and the toxicity of byproducts.

The demolition material is similar to the uncooled reactor materials at Chernobyl or Fukashima. A high percentage is depleted uranium. The Gulf War used depleted uranium as armour piercing ordinance and anyone who came into any contact with depleted uranium by inhalation. Ingestion, cut or lesion contact got “Gulf Syndrome”.

Elevated risk of thyroid cancer but statistics in Veteran Affairs is confidential. Fukashima also has swayed medical stats like most large chemical catastrophes. ( Hiroshima, Bophal, etc) The cleanup at Chernobyl was allegedly by volunteer helicopter pilots who knew they would die and 17yo military conscripts, who coincidently were all dead within 12 months. Nuclear waste can be Carbon 14 or toxic, yet the RC does not clarify how toxic any transported or stored waste will be.

Oh and I just read that a comparable “Toxic Nuclear Waste Storage Facility” overseas was recently closed because of corruption in the upper management. Almost sounds like Australia’s banks except no one was ever caught or prosecuted. Trust? When is the plutonium Maralinga going to be stored safely?
I am confident that a select few will be paid billions and a few or maybe two meaningful or fulfilling safe jobs will be created. ….

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Young Victorians want renewable energy to replace Hazelwood power station

Victoria-sunny.psdNext generation pushes for green energy to renew Hazelwood power station, ABC News, By Helen Brown, 23 Oct 16,  The Latrobe Valley is home to three coal mines and four power stations, but now the 75,000 residents in the area are facing serious questions about their future.

French company Engie has said it has no immediate plans to shut down the ageing Hazelwood plant, but in the valley many believe it is only a matter of time before Australia’s most polluting power plant stops operating.

And that has led to a group of its younger residents calling for a different kind of future.

Carolina Herrera, 16, said losing Hazelwood would be tough, and a plan for new jobs needed to be put in place. She believed a move to renewable energy was the way to go.

“People would have to leave, and that would affect the community except at the same time it’s something that can be improved, like cleaner jobs, there’s lots we can do,” she said.

According to teenager Ella Darling, it is time to use local skills to become known for a different way of producing power. “Brown coal has made this area what it is so we’re thankful for that, but it is time for change to solar power, wind and even thermal power,” Ella said……..

It is this scenario that has also prompted action for change from a group called the Earthworker Cooperative.

They have invested heavily in solar manufacturing equipment with the aim of starting new industries and new training opportunities in the region.

According to its secretary, Dan Musil, the gear could be used by a number of local businesses involved in sustainable industries. “We’ve been working as a community group in the absence of government action,” he said.

“We’re a community group trying to take action where governments haven’t been, to set up jobs in what will be, what needs to be, a just transition for the valley,” he said……..

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Uncomfortable questions on Your Say site, for nuclear-loving South Australian government

questionJeffrey Frommelt, Your Say site, 21 Oct 2016  After 911, all hazardous facilities need to withstand a 787 fully fueled at full throttle diving as a minimum.

The US Govt spent 9 billion $ on Yucca Mountain Nuclear Storage Facility EHS and Investigation and decided the storage of toxic nuclear waste will not happen at Yucca Mountain. They also used the best information, people, technology available, not a few select “Expert Witnesses”. Were any of the Royal Commission Expert Witnesses from Chernobyl or Fukashima clean up expertise?

There is no seismic or geological report on p89 of the Royal Commission. Why has Bandioota been selected out of all optional sites without any geological, risk, safety, terrorist analysis, hydrological, environmental investigation? Is AREVA ( the bankrupt company indirectly responsible for sinking the Rainbow Warrior, 200 nuclear bombs in Tahiti, dumping plutonium in the Pacific Ocean setting up office in Adelaide? Did the French build the Pt Stanvac Desal and are they building the Collins Class diesel submarines? Are the Gen IV Nuclear Reactors cleaner than all the ones built by Areva? Do Areva have a Gen IV design? How are the Hindmarsh Island Bridge property developers associated with the ownership of Bandioota? …….

If there is only 45kg of Australia. Nuclear medical waste to be stored, how does this generate billions of dollars and jobs in a shallow trench filled with demolition materials from dirty reactors and spent fuel (depleted uranium). ….

A nuclear dump will kill our wine industry instantly as soon as anyone finds a Geiger counter reading in a foreign newspaper. How many jobs are there today guarding Maralinga, Taranaki, Vixen 22 kg of plutonium and what stops this plutonium getting in the food chain at Maralinga for the next 200 million years?
After Monarto, State Bank, Multi Function Polis, MATS Plan, Hindmarsh Island bridge fiascos, who really believes any SA Toxic Nuclear Waste Dump will create jobs? Trust?
The Uranium industry is in massive decline simply because the end product is so toxic. “The clever country” becomes a rubbish dump for Toxic Nuclear Wastes is not a future.

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Erin offers to dig for dirt on toxin shock

US environment crusader Erin Brockovich has vowed to advocate on behalf of residents affected by the Defence Department’s Adelaide contamination scandal.(subscribers only)

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Absurdity of nuclear waste importing as solution to south Australia’s economic problems

Peter Mahoney, 17 Oct 16  Nuclear’s”back end” problem (the “disposal” of its waste). The search was on quickly to find a patsy state – and they think they have found it, here. Moral, economic and jobs arguments have been released in a barrage of coercive pressure on the SA public, when all Jacobs and their employers really want is a quick fix to their financial problems. The renewable energy industry is likely to overtake nuclear power generation in a few short decades, but if SA goes down this path we will be left with a very long term problem that the nuclear companies won’t be around to help with. The incredibly long timescales and ridiculously speculative nature of the economic modelling make any relevance to SA’s current economic challenges absurd.

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Rebuttal to Senator David Leyonhjelm’s enthusiasm for “cheap” nuclear power

Nuclear power, CEDA and manufacturing Nuclear power is not cheap, AFR, Reg Lawler, 17 Oct 16 Senator David Leyonhjelm wants a supply side revolution which includes reducing energy costs by ” .. in the longer term by removing the ban on nuclear power” (October 14).

The main costs in nuclear power are the cost of construction, the cost of fuel and operation, the cost of permanent disposal of waste, the cost of insurance and the cost of eventually dismantling the plant (which is more than twice as expensive as building it).

The proposed Hinckley plant in the UK will deliver power at about twice the cost of the current supply and be considerably more expensive than renewables.  That is even though it already has a 2 billion pound subsidy from the government and only pays for costs of construction and fuel and operation.  The government and the community carry all the other costs.

If there is an argument for nuclear power generation it cannot be because it is cheap.

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How to stop BHP’s tax avoidance

BHPBillitonSmThere is one way to put a stop to BHP’s tax avoidance, ABC NEWS  The Conversation By Professor John Mangan, UQ , 18 Oct 16  One of the most common ways multinationals take advantage of current laws to reduce their tax bill is through what’s known as transfer pricing. Former Treasurer Wayne Swan last week accused mining giant BHP of “aggressive transfer pricing”, denying the Australian government $5.7 billion in tax revenue.

For most companies, transfer pricing is rational behaviour, driven by the commercial possibilities created by variations in company tax rates across the international economy.

Companies (particularly multinationals) use it to minimise their tax bill by artificially inflating input costs in high tax countries and reporting (and paying tax) profit in low tax countries.

For BHP, this means selling some of its minerals to its Singapore marketing hub, which is then responsible for on-selling them and declaring the profits in Singapore, a low tax country.

This activity is legal under current tax law, though reports suggest the Australian Taxation Office has audited the firm on this activity. Governments around the world are struggling with the issue of transfer pricing. This often leads to opportunistic and, ultimately self-defeating competition among countries in setting company tax rates.

Former big four accounting firm executive George Rozvany has estimated tax minimisation schemes, of which transfer pricing is the most important, cost governments $US1 trillion a year.

In Australia alone, transfer pricing among the 300 largest companies is estimated to reduce the income tax take by $50 billion. In terms of the current total tax revenue, tax policy consultant Martin Feil estimated in 2008 that the income tax amount accruing to Australia should be at least three times as big if all the companies were paying tax at the official rate……….

A possible solution Continue reading

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South Australia’s Weatherill government conned by the nuclear industry

Weatherill,-Jay-wastesClaire Catt  From Your Say site  Since Mr. Weatherill suggests politicians should perhaps trust the people, I suggest it is high time for the State Government to stop meddling in this debate and stop pushing the nuclear industry’s agenda.
This industry has been searching for a Government stupid enough to consider such a reckless proposition for years. No country, rich or poor, has found such a proposition acceptable. No doubt the nuclear lobby is overjoyed and perhaps somewhat baffled to find South Australia is listening and falling for their outrageous claims of safe management and riches.
If we are talking about trust, well I consider our Government is grossly failing in their duty of care towards the people and yes, I’ve certainly lost trust. They have lost my vote.

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Northern Australia can expect more tropical cyclones this year

More tropical cyclones likely for Australia this year: here’s why The Conversation,  BOM, Australian Bureau of Meteorology  Manager of Climate Prediction Services, Australian Bureau of Meteorology  Climatologist, National Climate Centre, Australian Bureau of Meteorology  October 17, 2016 Northern Australia is likely to experience an average or above-average number of tropical cyclones this summer, according to the Bureau’s annual Tropical Cyclone Season Outlook, issued last week. Given current climate drivers, that means we’re likely to see 11 or more tropical cyclones in the Australian region, and typically around four of those will cross the coastline.

The season will almost certainly be more active than the last. And that means it’s time to prepare, because the likelihood of damage from a tropical cyclone is high in any season……..

As this season starts, ENSO is neutral. But a La Niña “watch” is current, meaning a La Niña certainly cannot be ruled out before the end of the year.

The latest observations show the Pacific Ocean has several indicators that have exceeded La Niña thresholds. El Niño and La Niña develop slowly, and likewise their impacts don’t appear suddenly.

With warmer water around Australia’s northern coastline – a classic La Niña-like pattern – the odds rise of an above-average tropical cyclone season.

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A call for legal action against South Aust govt for spending money to promote nuclear wastes importing

Citizens' Jury scrutinyBrett Burnard Stokes, Facebook, 13 Oct 16     The Fourth Option.   How can we defend ourselves against the Scarce scam?   Millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent illegally on the Scarce conspiracy to trick South Australians into sacrificing everything for the nuclear industry. Do we have to submit to financial and public health disasters?

For the next few weeks, a few hundred South Aussies are being paid to be a Citizens Jury, considering three options.

These three options are stated to be non-binding guides for the Weatherill government.

So even if the Citizens Jury majority votes for the No option, Weatherill may just go ahead with his plans to gut SA laws and sacrifice our future.

Is there a fourth option for the Citizens Jury?

Instead of being a complicit beneficiary of this illegal process, every member of the Citizens Jury has a duty.    Instead of being a complicit beneficiary of this illegal process, every member of the Citizens Jury has an opportunity.

The fourth option is there for the taking – to stand strong and demand the law be enforced, demand that SAPOL investigate with a view to prosecution and maximum penalties for conspirators Scarce, Weatherill, Winter-Dewhirst and others.

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Never mind Nuclear Citizens’ Jury: Weatherill has go ahead for waste dump drafted already?

Weatherill glowSteve Charles, Your Say site, 10 Oct 2016 No matter what any of us say, and no matter whatever conclusions the jury’s are manipulated to come up with, Weatherill has no doubt already drafted his response to the whole process which will state that this has been a triumph of democracy and that the people have spoken, including the indigenous community, and guess what, the overriding sentiment is that the high level nuclear waste dump is to go ahead. I am just waiting to hear it. Then what do we do?

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The economic fallacy in the Nuclear Royal Commission’s argument – Your Say

scrutiny-on-wastes-sa-bankruptPeter Biggs  Your Say site, 11 Oct 2016  Nuclear waste would present us with a major headache in the future. First on a basic human scale humans always eventually make mistakes whether it be by poor design or anything else. This is why we have an enquiry every time a mistake is made to find out what went wrong. When we make a mistake with a Nuclear Waste Dump though no matter how big or small all the gains we make in the short term will be gone. Effectively SA will become an economic waste land, outsiders will see SA as that place that had the nuclear accident. Real Estate would plummet, any integrity in our food production would be gone we really would have no future, as it is until this is put away I would advise not to buy real estate in SA, nuclear waste dumps do add to your housing values.

Any business person apart from those in the nuclear industry can see the next flaw in the proposed nuclear waste dump. If by some miracle an incident did not happen in say the first 20 years many other providers would seek to duplicate the model of the waste dump to get some of that good dollar. The result would be that the economic boon would quickly reduce and soon disappear this is the very nature of business. Thus SA would have the burden of nuclear waste with none of the economic gain, tax payers would then have to step into maintain what would an incredibly expensive facility. I could go on but I won’t for now, this proposal is short sighted study history to get some perspective on what can go wrong not just in the nuclear industry but all human interactions.
I Love my state, I love Adelaide we are better than this. First state to give women the vote….not first nuclear waste dump in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Thought for the day. Why is Jay Weatherill backing a dead nuclear horse?

abbott-derekDerek Abbott   Thought for the day: We just had the 2nd US presidential debate. “Nuclear power” generation was not mentioned once by either candidate in their energy policy. Also there is zero mention of nuclear on both their campaign websites.

Looks like nuclear is a dead horse, and has it no political steam left. Why is Jay backing a dead horse?

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Thought for the day – on radioactive trash

abbott-derekDerek Abbott Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 12 Oct 16 Thought for the day: We haven’t even solved the problem of our own low level hospital nuclear waste, and we are talking about high-level waste from other countries? Jay should learn to walk before he can run.

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