Australian news, and some related international items

– Spinbuster 2011

Spinning for nuclear is critical now. The Nuclear Establishment is in frenzied mode to get Australian to believe that nuclear power is OK.

Why?    For one thing,  some of  Australia’s nuclear mafia see that they can make $squillions from an International Nuclear Waste Import Industry.  Gotta convince Australians that it’s OK, that Australia needs the whole nuclear fuel cycle.

Australia’s Liberal Party heavies – like Greg Hunt, and Alexander Downer now come out publicly in a favour of Australia as the world’s first, and only, nuclear waste importing nation. They will be followed by other big nobs with dollar signs in their eyes.

For another thing –   with uranium prices in the doldrums, and nasty information dribbling out from Fukushima, gotta prop up Australia’s belief in the uranium/nuclear industry’s future.  Before it’s too late – seeing that BHP Billiton wants to get going on the world’s biggest uranium mine. Also, Rio Tinto wavering about its waterlogged Ranger uranium mine.  The uranium industry in Australia is teetering

In fact, the nuclear industry is teetering and tottering, globally.  In developed countries, USA, UK, Germany, even France – the nuclear industry is in a state of paralysis, mainly through issues of cost, safety, and waste disposal problem.

Japan is a whole other story. It is plunged in costs, and struggling to deal with the continuing Fukushima crisis, and with its dependence on nuclear power.  Already, the Japanese govt is developing pro nuclear spin. For example, it has moved to increase the level of ionising radiation that it considers “acceptable” in children.

This month is critical for the nuclear industry worldwide. The nuclear establishment will now be in overdrive, as it seeks to neutralise information about Chernobyl and Fukushima.

The spin about ionising radiation is particularly important.   The World Health Organisation works with the International Atomic Energy Agency – an unfortunate connection.  Among other drawbacks, the WHO includes only thyroid cancer as a health effect from Chernobyl. This means that the leukaemias and other cancers, and  birth defects, – are not counted in the population exposed to Chernobyl radiation.

On May 28, 1959, at the 12th World Health Assembly, WHO drew up an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency. A clause of this agreement says the WHO effectively grants the right of prior approval over any research it might undertake or report on to the IAEA – a group that many people, including journalists, think is a neutral watchdog, but which is, in fact, an advocate for the nuclear power industry. Its founding papers state: ”The agency shall seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity through the world.” 

The WHO’s subjugation to the IAEA is widely known within the scientific radiation community,..

Chernobyl is critical, as it’s now 25 years since that disaster –  25 years being the right time to expect the development of cancers from “low level” radiation.

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