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The vote of one town shouldn’t be the views of all people in South Australia.

Dianne Hedger The people of South Australia do not consider our state a wasteland that’s the view of the eastern states. The majority of South Australians don’t want anything to do with the nuclear industry in any form. We even have anti nuclear state legislation !!!!
The nuclear waste dump is being forced down our throats by the federal government and some people who only think of the almighty dollar.
The vote of one town shouldn’t be the views of all people in South Australia. The government know that if all of South Australia have a vote they wouldn’t be able to push their agenda.
The rest of Australia sits back and don’t think this issue will affect them.But they might like to think a little harder, Because the waste cannot fly across the country by itself to get to said dump. It will travel thru your state!! One spill is all it takes and your farming land will be useless too.

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Fuel tanker fire on highway near Kimba – just as well it wasn’t a nuclear waste transport

Highway opened after fuel tanker fire near Kimba 01 Nov 2019 The Eyre Highway has reopened following a fuel tanker fire yesterday near Kimba.

Emergency services responded to reports a fuel tanker rolled and caught alight on the Eyre Highway at Kelly, about 15 kilometres east of Kimba just after 7am on Thursday 31 October.

Fortunately, the tanker driver was not injured in the crash.

The fire caused damage to the road surface and required repairs by Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

The highway is open, but speeds are currently restricted to 40 km/h at the scene of yesterday’s fire.

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Kimba’s Dramatic drop in property values, since nominated for nuclear dump

Zac Eagle Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA

Property values dropped nearly 30% in 12 months since Kimba nominated for a dump.
Destruction of local communities in more ways than one.  Kimba was 496th in South Australia, now 952nd. more

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South Australia – the nuclear wasteland state

 South Australia – the wasteland state, SEBASTIAN TOPS, PORT LINCOLN TIMES OCTOBER 17 2019  South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury had many researched reasons to say ‘no’ to another’s (nuclear) waste.
Several established reasons are economically related, where one of those is supported by 82 per cent, stating clearly:
“Under no circumstances do we pursue the disposal of nuclear waste because the potential brand damage is too great a risk to the state.” (South Australia’s Citizens’ Jury on Nuclear Waste Final Report, p37).
Any process, limiting voice only to a few locals on the future responsibility of storing another’s (nuclear active) waste is contrary to the premier’s promise prior, to respect South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury’s (2016) verdict.
His promise proved false immediately after.
The intentional nuclear misrepresentations, hidden political frameworks and processes that neglect state-wide concerns remain vile, still.
The ‘self-responsibility’ moral makes NSW accept ownership of their produced (nuclear active) waste. Please ensure that any state’s waste remains with its owners, for that would be ethical.
For only “less privileged … would be willing to host repositories. From an ethical and environmental justice perspective, …, this option can hardly be taken into consideration …” (Mez, Nuclear Waste Governance, 2015).

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Farmers, traditional owners and ratepayers unite in anti-nuclear rally,

Farmers, traditional owners and ratepayers unite in anti-nuclear rally, Transcontinental,  Amy Green, 25 Oct 19,

  Farmers, traditional owners and ratepayers rallied together yesterday against the federal government’s plan for a national nuclear storage facility in their communities.

The rally began in Gladstone Square, before stopping outside Stuart MP Dan van Holst Pellekaan’s office to deliver a letter from Green’s senator Sarah Hansen Young.

The enthusiastic cohort continued their march to the Eastside Foreshore.

Kimba resident Terry Schmucker owns a farm in Cootra, close to the proposed Napandee site on the Eyre Peninsula.

He spoke passionately at the rally about the potential affects a radioactive waste management facility could have on the farming industry.

“The decision to put radioactive waste on farmland is wrong,” Mr Schmucker said.

“Farmland is valuable. If you take out as little as 160 hectares, that’s still farmland that’s gone and that’s along with the mining that’s happening, that’s along with urban sprawl, that’s a long with everything … We need to protect our farmland.”

Grains and oilseeds are Australia’s largest category of food exports, representing 24 per cent of total agricultural exports.

Strict industry guidelines make Australian growers highly competitive internationally, while also supplying high-quality products for domestic consumption……..

“We are also pretty isolated on grain marketing and we grow really good produce but the buyers don’t want to pay us a good price, so they will use any excuse to discount us. All they have got to say is that there’s radioactive waste right next to us, here’s $50 a tonne less.

“So whether it actually affects our produce is not actually the important bit, it’s all in the head for people who wind us down and bargain with us on price.”

Adnyamathanha woman Vivienne McKenzie also attended the rally, speaking on behalf of traditional  owners in the Flinders Ranges.

Wallerberdina station near Barndioota in the Flinders Ranges is one of the three remaining potential sites for the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

The Seven Sisters songline, one of the most significant creation tracks throughout Australia, runs nearby this site.

Songlines explain the laws desert people live by, the origins of country and are a crucial element of Aboriginal culture.

“It’s a very, very important site for the women The Seven Sisters is because that is the first storyline up there in the Flinders Ranges that’s been recorded anywhere and it was tabled in the state parliament of South Australia,” Ms McKenzie said.

“Its like if you have a book and someone rips a page out, it takes away from the story that you’re given.

“It’s desecration, and we are trying to preserve those songlines for generations to come. “The Adnyamathanha people aren’t recognised in their own Country, they can’t even get a vote.”

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South Australian Labor comes out swinging against nuclear waste dump selection process

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Radioactive liquids in Olympic Dam waste pools are killing native birds

Olympic Dam Alert: BHP propose a major new Evaporation Pond 6 for radioactive acid liquor wastes that will continue deaths of hundreds of birds each year

The federal government are inviting comments on BHP’s “Olympic Dam Evaporation Pond 6 EPBC Act Referral 2019/8526”  (scroll down to Date of Notice 21/10/2019).

Public submissions are only open until cob Monday 4th Nov 2019, see info on how to do so at end of this e-mail.

Please consider making a brief submission, key Recommendations are provided below, along with a Background Briefing Paper and a feature press article “BHP vs Birds”.

For info see “Migratory Birds at Risk of Mortality if BHP Continues Use of Evaporation Ponds” a 3 page Briefing written by David Noonan for the ACF, Friends of the Earth and Conservation SA (30 June 2019), at

see “BIRDS VS BHP: Evaporation ponds at BHP’s Olympic Dam mine are killing hundreds of birds” article in The Advertiser 10 July 2019

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Complications and secrecy about the Australian govt’s plans for nuclear waste dumping in the Flinders Ranges

No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 21 Oct 19,


“4.2 NRWMF Risk Assessment and SWOT
Moved Councillor Taylor, Seconded Councillor Reubenicht

That: a. pursuant to Section 90(2) of the Local Government Act 1999, the Council orders that all members of the public with the Exception of the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Acting Finance & Administration Manager and T Davies be excluded from attendance at the meeting for Agenda Item 4.2 – NRWMF Risk Assessment and SWOT Analysis;

b. the Council is satisfied that pursuant to Section 90(3)(i) of the Local Government Act 1999, the information relates to litigation that the council believes on reasonable grounds will take place, involving the council; and

c. the Council is satisfied that the principle that the Meeting be conducted in a place open to the public has been outweighed in the circumstances because of the potential litigation.

CARRIED (255/2019) Council moved into Confidence and all members of the public left the Chambers at 6:54pm”


Tim Bickmore Also…. The SWOT plan supposed to be released publicly on November 7… “Meeting moved out of Confidence and was reopened to attendance of the Public at 8:12pm

Moved Councillor Reubenicht, Seconded Councillor Anderson

That Pursuant to Section 91(7) of the Local Government Act 1999, the Council orders that the following document(s) (or part) shall be kept confidential, being document(s) (or part) relating to a matter dealt with by the Council on a confidential basis under Sections 90(2) and 90(3)(i) of the Local Government Act 1999:
• NRWMF SWOT Analysis and Risk Assessment;
• The Minutes of Special Meeting 16 October 2019; and

That the order shall operate until the Minister or his authorised representative gives consent for the information to be released either in draft or final form or 7 November 2019 whichever
is the sooner.

Kazzi Jai Omg! So…..if you use the SWOT – even though it is financed by the Feds – it is in contravention of our State Legislation and so the Council is open to liability? Is that correct?
The Feds ALWAYS THOUGHT that they have this one in the bag with respect to SWOT – that’s why they were happy to finance it but set the ballot date anyway!
Arrogant &%$#%&s

  • Kazzi Jai Can’t a copy get “accidentally released”? Just like ScoMo’s talking points email?
    Or get the Feds to release it – since they said this is an “open and transparent process” supposedly??
    Noel Wauchope I don’t really understand what this is all about, but methinks that perhaps the nuclear lobby’s waste dump plans just got a tad more complicated?

    Kazzi Jai, It will be IF the Feds don’t step in and release the SWOT results!

    Kazzi Jai The Councils will RUE THE DAY they EVER had anything to do with this whole sorry process!! The Bribe Money should have been the BIG Warning Light!

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Maralinga nuclear test site used to house thousands of people, now there’s just three

Maralinga nuclear test site used to house thousands of people, now there’s just three, ABC North and West SA , By Gary-Jon Lysaght and Samantha Jonscher

Between 1956 and 1963, when the British government tested nuclear weapons in outback South Australia, Maralinga was home to thousands of soldiers and scientists.

The land was taken from its traditional owners, the Maralinga Tjarutja, before an official hand back in 2009.

Now, Oak Valley to the north is the largest Aboriginal community on the Maralinga Tjarutja lands.

But the former military test site itself is home to three people — two caretakers and a tour guide…….

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Government study found Kimba and Flinders Range areas to be unsuitable for nuclear waste dump

Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges 11 Oct 19

A 2005 feasibility study by URS Australia for the SA government found both Flinders Ranges and Kimba unsuitable for Radioactive Nuclear Waste Dump. Anyone told Canavan and Marshall?


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Ballot dates confirmed for Flinders Ranges on nuclear waste dump issue



Flinders Ranges Council confirms ballot dates for waste facility, Transcontinental, Amy Green,  1 Oct 19

Communities in the far north are one step closer to finding out if they will have a radioactive waste management facility in their backyard with ballot dates confirmed by both councils in contention.

Voting commences in the District Council of Kimba next week, while the Flinders Ranges Council have confirmed that it will hold a community ballot between November 11 and December 12.


Surveys will be undertaken of businesses owners and neighbours living within a five kilometre radius of the boundaries of the three nominated sites. ……

“In addition to the ballots, anyone can have their say through the submissions process.”

But the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Dave Sweeney said the ballots are divisive and are raising tensions in otherwise cohesive communities.

“The ballot is important and essential obviously for communities in the affected areas to have a say and voice their opinion,” he said.

“But this is not a decision just for Kimba or just for Hawker, it’s a national radioactive waste management facility and the government has turned it into a bidding war or a how much are you prepared to fight struggle between two regional communities.

“What it is, what it should be, and what it needs to be  is a national debate or a national consideration around what is the most responsible way to manage this material.

“The ballot and the government’s entire approach has been divisive, unnecessarily divisive. They are consistently asking people to make decisions and take positions on the basis of completely insufficient evidence.

“You wouldn’t buy a secondhand car on the basis of what we know about this project, yet they are asking communities to sign off yes or no about radioactive waste that will need to be managed for 10,000 years.”

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A Kimba resident says there’s no going back: a plea to vote NO to nuclear dump

Kimba residents to vote on waste facility, RACHEL YATES, 30 Sept 19, I would really like to see an extra 45 jobs in our community, this ‘process’ has made me very sceptical and I have very little trust in the government to keep their word, especially when we don’t even know who will actually be running the ‘facility’.

There are still so many unknowns in regards to the dump and yet we are being asked to vote on something that will be here forever.

We won’t be able to change our minds once it is here.

No matter what has been promised or how safe they say it is, this facility will be forced onto people in this community.

I am a neighbour and my family and I still do not want to live anywhere near it.

Nuclear waste should not be dumped on agricultural land.

I can live with being blamed for losing this ‘opportunity’ if we are not chosen but, if we are, and I have to live near this, I will never ‘get over’ feeling like the government and my community has forced this on me and my family.

So far, the government has broken numerous promises and continually change the rules to suit themselves.

Can you truly trust them?

The upcoming vote is our final chance to have a say.

This is it!

There is no going back.

Please, please make sure you are absolutely certain before casting your vote.

If you have even the slightest doubt, please vote no.


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Potential impact of radioactive wastes on water activities in the Spencer Gulf

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‘Bold’ scheme launches to power every property on SA’s Eyre Peninsula with solar  

‘Bold’ scheme launches to power every property on SA’s Eyre Peninsula with solar  ABC Eyre Peninsula   By Lucy Robinson and Emma Pedler 6 Sept 19,  An ambitious plan to power every property in one region of South Australia with solar has been labelled an Australian first — but experts are divided over whether it will work.

Key points:

  • The Eyre Peninsula in SA has been plagued by blackouts and a new Community Solar Scheme is rolling out to boost energy security in the region
  • The scheme includes finance solutions and free quotes to help people access the technology
  • SA Power Networks said the current energy network in SA has “limited capacity to support solar” across the state

Home to around 60,000 people, Eyre Peninsula has been plagued by blackouts in recent years and left without power for several days at a time on multiple occasions.

Its towns were among those hit hardest by the statewide blackouts in September 2016, with Eyre Peninsula businesses wearing a median cost of $10,000 from the event.

The Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association (EPLGA) has released a Community Solar Scheme, put together by Regional Development Australia (RDA), which it says could boost energy security while helping residents save money on power bills……..

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‘Up to $12,000 owing to Adnyamathanha girl’: Grandmother

‘Up to $12,000 owing to Adnyamathanha girl’: Grandmother, Transcontinental, Greg Mayfield 4 Sep 19

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