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Flooding Dangers to proposal for Nuclear Morgue in South Australia

Susan Craig   Susan and 4 others are consistently creating meaningful discussions with their posts. .Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 12 Sept 18  There is also some other interesting news regarding Lake Torrens National Park and it’s proximity to the proposed site being outside the site characteristic criteria. 

There are so many evidence based flaws in this proposal that are now percolating to the surface. The AECOM report under Hydrology and Flood Risks Assessment Finding referred ONLY to the floods of 1955 and 2005. The report DID NOT take into account the floods of 1989.
This is the study/report by Flinders University and the Army on the LAKE TORRENS floods of 1989, where flood waters flowed into Spencer Gulf. There have been 5 major flooding events since 1944 and when this happens again, it will be not only devastating for the community and farming in the wake of the floods, but also our Tuna Farming Industry in Port Lincoln, which it will destroy overnight.
HERE’S AN ABSTRACT: “On 14th March 1989 an extreme rainfall event caused record historical floodings in Lake Torrens and in the Pirie-Torrens corridor. The results of a joint Flinders University/Army expedition to monitor these events in which the water level and major ion content of the floodwaters in Lake Torrens were measured over the duration of the flood (March–December 1989), and the volume flow and major ion content of the flood in the Pirie-Torrens corridor which discharged into Spencer Gulf at Port Augusta.”
The risk here is far reaching, not to mention the convoy of road, rail and maritime dangerous radioactive cargo traversing South Australia. All South Australians are part of this, as we will share not only in the catastrophic outcomes in the event of an incident, but also the major immediate effect it will have on our economy, as we see our $8 billion dollar tourism and our $5 billion dollar agriculture industries disappear. There are infinitely better options for a national radioactive nuclear facility. The Flinders Ranges and KIMBA in the very heart of farmland do not provide the right characteristics.…/03721426.2015.1065467…

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Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP  on plan to store radioactive trash in rural South Australia

Heather Mckenzie Stuart shared a post.Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, Conversation Starter  11 Sept 18, 

Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP  Proposed storage of domestic radioactive waste:I’ve always said that I will strongly support a community which does not want to host a waste site (and similarly if it is wanted), and that has never changed.

The Kimba and Hawker districts are the ones being proposed by the federal government and its is vital to get a reliable assessment of those local communities’ opinions. The efforts of the Barngarla people to have the opinions of traditional owners who do not live in the district included are understandable, and this also gives everyone a bit of time while the court considers that request. The federal government has said that it will still undertake a vote, but after the court confirms who should be allowed to vote.

And once that has been done, we’ll all know the results and we can halt or progress the process together.

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Nuclear propagandist  Ben Heard might spin nuclear submarines for Adelaide engineering firm

Steve Dale shared a link. Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, September 8   Ben Heard’s Linked-in profile has Frazer-Nash Consultancy as one of his present employers. I’m sure this company do many things, but the following two items from the UK site got my attention –

“Excellence in submarine design, nuclear propulsion and weapon systems”
………..”With over three decades of industry experience, Frazer-Nash successfully helps clients meet the strict nuclear industry regulatory requirements throughout the life of their nuclear projects; including the full lifecycle management of nuclear material and waste.”
From Maralinga, Pangea, to NFCRC – there always seems to be a UK connection.

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South Australia’s Greens leader Mark Parnell urges a united stand against nuclear waste dump plan.

Last week, I went to Port Augusta and Hawker to meet with residents fighting against the Federal Coalition Government’s plans to build a national nuclear waste dump in South Australia.  It was great to see both the Kimba and Flinders Ranges communities working together to show that they are NOT the “willing” communities that the Government was hoping for.

This ill-conceived push by the Federal Government to dump low to intermediate level nuclear waste in regional South Australia has seen farmers, residents, business people, Traditional Owners, community campaigners and the Greens join together, united in their call for the dump to be dumped.

I was pleased to speak at the rally held in Port Augusta on 19 August, outlining the Greens’ continued opposition to the dump and highlighting the grossly mismanaged site selection process that the Federal Government has conducted and how divisive this has been to the affected South Australian communities.

I had timed my visit to the region to coincide with the ballot of local residents to gauge their views on the dump.  However, days before the ballot papers were due to be sent out, the vote at both locations was postponed following a Supreme Court injunction brought by the Barngarla people – the Traditional Owners of much of Eyre Peninsula including land in the Kimba region.

The Barngarla people successfully argued that it was potentially a matter of racial discrimination to allow property owners to vote in the ballot, but not Native Title holders.  Similar arguments apply to the Adnyamathanha people of the Finders Ranges, all of whom have strong attachments to the land, but most live outside the narrow area to be balloted. The case has now been referred to the Human Rights Commission.

Additionally, the people of Port Lincoln, Whyalla and Port Pirie are seriously concerned that they too have no opportunity to participate in the ballot.  The Greens want to see the community consultation and ballot extended to local Traditional Owners as well as those living in the proposed nuclear waste ports or along the nuclear waste transport corridor.

Everyone who is potentially impacted by this plan should be included and their voices should be heard.

To have your voice heard, make a submission to Federal Minister for Resources Senator Matt Canavan via email at by 24 September.

Let’s take this stand together.

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Survey shows North region of South Australia mainly opposed to nuclear waste dump

Business-SA published a regional survey today & despite widespread opposition they continue to pursue an international radioactive suppository. Like their Federal cronies, the ignorant BS credulity can only deliver divisive smokescreens of vain leadership divorced from the lives of the people they claim to provide for.
Anecdotally, some regional business owners in the Far North, members of B-SA; claim they had no knowledge of the survey prior to it’s release……
High Level Waste mentioned on pages:
p15 = 55% against overall;
p24 = Eyre Peninsular 41% anti 41% pro;
p27 = Far North including Port Augusta & Whyalla 50% pro 39% anti;
p32 = Murray/Riverland 50% anti:
p74 = Barossa 80% anti + KI 74% anti + SE 63% anti

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Kimba’s aging population will hand the disaster of a “temporary” nuclear waste dump on to their descendants

Paul Richards  Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 25 Aug 18,    The long-term target [of the nuclear-waste-dump-for-Kimba campaign] is Federal legislation that affects all emerging generations.

“The Federal Government has consistently misled Kimba residents about its intentions. Residents have been repeatedly told that the above ground store for long-lived intermediate-level waste^ would hold waste for several decades until a deep underground disposal facility is available,” Mr Green said
Most of Kimba’s residents are the Silent and Baby Boomer generation so are unlikely to see a deep repository built,

Furthermore, this group will never face the outcome of our future, and this is a serious matter of choice being made for thousands of generations, by so very few.

keywords: ‘Residents’, ‘above-ground store’, repeatedly told’, ‘long-lived intermediate-level waste’, ‘several decades’.
^including spent nuclear fuel reprocessing waste

source: the advertiser news blog – Adelaide now
population of Kimba:

47.8% are over 45
33.2% are over 55
34.3% are 24 – 44
26.9% are under 24

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Two major solar farms for Whyalla, South Australia

Steel city’s solar rush gets a head of steam  Whyalla could soon be home to two major solar farms after Adani Renewables announced it had received pre-construction approval for a 400 hectare project just outside the city. – …..(subscribers only)

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We say NO to nuclear waste dump in South Australia

We Say NO is a short film bringing together voices from South Australia and beyond presenting clear and united opposition to the Federal government’s proposal for a Radioactive Waste Management Facility in the State. “South Australia has spoken. We say NO, and we mean NO.” Regina McKenzie “Many voices bring promises of wealth, but one State, with a cohesive strong voice, says We Say NO.” Lavene Ngatokorua For more information see:

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Is South Australian group Engage 2 Act a nuclear propaganda front?

South Australia has this organisation Engage 2 Act. I know little about it. Perhaps it is a genuine organisation. Perhaps you just have to offer yourself as a speaker for their functions, and no checking is done?
Anyway good old nuclear propagandist Ben Heard is right into it., and will be speaking at their function Escape 2 The Country South Australia, on November 16.

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Exaggerated ‘benefits’ of a radioactive waste dump for rural South Australia

The economic benefits of a radioactive waste dump proposed for rural South Australia have been exaggerated, a new report warns Peter Jean, Senior Federal Political Reporter, The Advertiser August 20, 2018 

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Conflict of interest: Richard Yeeles, adviser to South Australian Premier on Olympic Dam Aboriginal Trust

Tim Bickmore shared a link.No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 15 Aug 18 

The Olympic Dam Aboriginal Trust distributes funding to 3 aboriginal groups based upon income from the mine. Those groups are: Barngarla, Kuyani (Adnymathanha) & Kokotha.
Barngarla & Kuyani are currently the groups targeted by the radioactive waste site suppository process.
According to the ODAT website, currently Richard Yeeles, senior economic adviser to State Premier Steven Marshall is listed as a BHP representative on the council which determines who gets what monies…..
Conflict of interest?

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Peter Malinauskas, South Australia’s Labor leader says the nuclear waste selection process is wrong

Katrina Bohr No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 12 Aug 18 

Had an extensive conversation in person with Peter Malinauskas, SA State Opposition Leader.

I shared my concerns for the people in the communities, and the process that’s been imposed on them.
He agreed that the process is wrong, and gave me his word, that the issue will be brought up in Parliament as soon as it returns.

He was shocked to hear how people’s health and lives are being affected. 
I’m holding him to his word!

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Earthquakes: another good reason to not establish a nuclear waste dump in the Flinders Ranges

Lyn Blume Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA Here is another good reason to not dump nuclear waste in SA as this is a seismic region in Australia, here is the most recent record. Earthquake Details
NW of Blinman, SA
Origin (UTC): 06/08/2018 22:35:45 Epicentral Time: 07/08/2018 08:05:45
Longitude: 138.511 Latitude: -31.000
Magnitude: 2.4 (ML) Depth: 10 km

Event Id: ga2018pkbnhd Blinman is a town deep in the Flinders Ranges, in the mid-north of South Australia. It is very small but has the claim of being the highest surveyed town in South Australia. It serves as a base for large acre pastoralists and tourism. The town is just north of the Flinders Ranges National Park, is 60 kilometres(km) north of Wilpena Pound and 485 km north of Adelaide.….

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Senator Matt Canavan wants a nuclear waste site chosen by November.

Proposed nuclear waste facility has South Australian towns divided as locals prepare for ballot, ABC West Coast SA  By Samantha Jonscher and Gary-Jon Lysaght, 3 Aug 18, 

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Petition to South Australian Premier to block nuclear waste dump

State government urged to block nuclear facility, Marco Balsamo 2 August 18 A petition calling on the state government to block the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility has attracted over 10,000 signatures.

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