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27 October 2017  Mark Parnell on the final report of the Joint Committee on Findings of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission

From now on, the progress of these manouverings, and of  Australian media and public reaction to this, will be followed on this page  – NUCLEAR DUMPING

ANTI-NUCLEAR and some anxious, submissions to the Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission South Australia

Adelaide Hills Climate Group

Adelaide University (on indigenous issues)

Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resources Management Board (on nuclear fuel chain)


Allen, Deidre (about water)

Allison, Dr Andrewstar (on recklessness of waste import plan)

Anaf, Gil M.  (on wastes)_

Anderson, Christine (on waste storage costs)

Australia Institute (on waste storage costs)

Backhouse, Meg (on waste storage)

Brown, Bobby

Caldicott, Dr Helen  and more here (on radiation)

Catholic Religious South Australia (this one in  a tricky format. sorry) (on wastes)

City of Port Adelaide Enfield (on Gen IV reactors)

Clean Bight Alliance Australia (on nuclear facilities and coastal communities)

Construction Forestry and Mining Energy Union   (on NFCRC bias)

Conservation Council of South Australia (on renewables)

Diesendorf, Mark (on financial risks) star

Drioli, Trisha

Dunis, Valdis (on wastes)

Electrical Trades Union  (on Gen IV nuclear reactors)

Enuff (legal issues and Jacobs MCM )

Environmental Defenders Office  (on wastes)

Eastman, Robert (on wastes)

Fisher, Bill and more here (on wastes and fuel leasing)

Foley, Robin (on wastes)

Fricker, Ally and Lamb, Bob  (on NFCRC bias)

Friends of the Earth Adelaide (to TOR)

Glover, Grahamstar (detailed points on wastes)

Greens and also here -Greens SA (on economics)

Hunt, Humphrey (wants referendum)

Jones, Patricia and Maxwell (on agricultural impacts)

Josephite SA Reconciliation Circle

Keane, Rebecca (on renewable energy)

Langley, Paul and some more herestarstar (on transport, and on 5 significant aspects)

 Ludlam, Senator Scott

McGovern, Anne and more here (all issues and on water)

Medical Association for the Prevention of War and Public Health Association of Australia

Monceaux, Dan  and more here  (on health, esp on uranium mining) star

Mothers For A Sustainable South Australiastar

Ngoppon Together 

Poetzl, Yuri (on integrity) star

Quiggan, John (on SMRs)

Sisters of St Joseph (on wastes)

South Australia Environment Groups (on wastes)


Uranium Free NSWstar(on economics)

Wallis-Smith, Michael  (on wastes)

Wauchope, Noel  and more here and herestar (on wastes, and Aboriginal issues)

West Mallee Protection star (Aboriginal issues)

Whittenbury, Holly-Kate (on NFCRC bias)

Keep an eye on this one. The South Australian govt is getting some uncomfortable nuclear
comments on its nuclear waste import discussion website Your Say

Responses to the NFCRC Tentative Findings are now online



From now on, the progress of these manouverings, and of  Australian media and public reaction to this, will be followed on this page  – NUCLEAR DUMPING

26 May. 16  This page is staying up so that readers can check back on the history of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission South Australia (NFCRC). It commenced on 19 March 2015, led by Kevin Scarce,  and delivered its final report to the Government of South Australia on 6 May 2016

However, the NFCRC is in  away, not really over. It seems that pro nuclear Kevin Scarce is still involved in the manouverings of the nuclear lobby, with the South Australian government, to make South Australia the world’s nuclear waste dump.


22 May  The Royal Commission has officially closed?  But No, not really. The government is setting up Citizens’ Juries

But apparently – the first is in no way a jury. A Citizens’ Jury should be tasked with making a judgement about something. It should not be a promotional exercise.

The jury is asked to produce an independent guide to help every South Australian understand the recommendations raised by the Royal Commission’s report.

4 May Read some significant Submissions to the Commission’s ‘Tentative Findings’ HERE.  

Dr Andrew Allison challenges The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission’s reckless Tentative Findings

text-Please-Note Responses to the NFCRC Tentative Findings are now online


23 April The Royal Commission doesn’t seem to be publishing the Responses to its ‘Tentative Findings’. Here’s  a good one, anyway, focusing on the health of uranium and nuclear workers.

22 April Breakfast with the Toffs, after May 6th Nuclear Royal Commission announces wonderful RC breakfastwaste import plan

19 March Submission responses to the Tentative Findings have now closed. I am informed that the RC (Royal Commission) received over 1000 responses, despite the short time period allowed. The RC says submission goodthey will publish the submissions, but I don’t know if that applies to ones from nuclear- related  businesses. While the nuclear lobby and their associated shills will no doubt have responded, I do know of several fine submissions written in good faith, and for the public good. These are some of them:

And don’t forget, many excellent previous Submission, for example- these.

13 March Now just under a week left for responding to the Commissions Tentative Findings. You can find good advice on sending  a response at Action Australia.  What were its Tentative Findings ? – in a nutshell that it would be great for South Australia to become the global nuclear waste dump.

February 20 – important dates

February 15  RC “tentative findings” announced.   Responses: Conservation Council of SA.   Australian
Conservation Foundation
.   South Australian Greens.  South Australian premier out on a limb, as national Labor dithers about nuclear policy.

February 1 Some more Pro Nuclear Submissions

January 25 Note Royal Commission news below 

February 15 Nuclear Royal Commission findings available to download from the from 11am, February 15, 2016

poster copyFebruary 16 – Adelaide Public Meeting On Nuclear Waste 

February 15 – 18  – South Australia Royal Commission Public Meetings 

* Monday, 15 February – Adelaide Town Hall (6pm)
* Tuesday, 16 February – Port Pirie Yacht Club (1pm), Port Augusta Institute Theatre (6pm), Ceduna Foreshore Hotel (6pm)
* Wednesday, 17 February – Whyalla Mt Laura Homestead (12.00pm), Port Lincoln Hotel (6.30pm), Coober Pedy United Club (6pm)
* Thursday, 18 February – Mt Gambier Main Complex (6.30pm) Renmark Hotel Galaxy Room (6pm)

* APY, Umuwa and Oak Valley community meetings are also being planned for February.

19 January  February 15 Commission’s tentative findings & feedback available

Likely Recommendations of the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission (to be announced on February 15th)

South Australian Cabinet gets two new pro nuclear enthusiasts

submission good


An anti nuclear Submission

Another  pro nuclear SubmissionSubmission pro nuclear

18 January Some more pro nuclear Submissions:

Don’t forget – you can still read all the published Submissions at

17 January 16. Now for some of the PRO NUCLEAR Submissions:Nuclear lobby on Aust govt


submission good19 December Read Bill Fisher’s fine Submission on nuclear wastes.

And there are some very good ones: e.g on Issues Paper 4 – nuclear wastes, tap in on their Search slot:

  • Alinytjara-Wilurara-Natural-Resources-Management-Board
  • Bobby-Brown
  • Sally-Hunter
  • Loraine-Lerc 
  • Yuri-Poetzl
  • Representatives-of-Native-Title-Parties 
  • Sebastianus-Tops 
  • West-Mallee-Protection

That’s just  a very few of the good ones. There’s heaps more.  You can read Bobby Brown’s on this site.


30 November Royal Commission hears that nuclear is a poor solution to Climate Change –   PROFESSOR HENRY SOKOLSKI

23 November Dr Edwin Lyman at Nuclear Royal Commission, speaks on waste transport problems (on 17 Nov) .

14 November  In all the drama about nuclear waste returning from France, we need to be mindful that this has nothing to do with the Royal Commission proposal to import the world’s radioactive trash to Australia.   On 16 November the RC’s public hearing topic will be COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & NUCLEAR FACILITIES – ENGAGEMENT WITH ABORIGINAL COMMUNITIES. The speakers will include two representing the Maralinga Tjarutja & Yalata Community Incorporated –  a group whose Submission to the RC was not negative.

5 November  Today’s hearing THE APPEARANCE OF BIAS – NOT A GOOD LOOK

27 October Conflict of interest in nuclear authorities: Dr Gordon Edwards explains, at Royal Commission hearing 21 October

26 October More public hearings  announced : all (but one) at  the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission  (NFCRC) , Level 5, 50 Grenfell St, Adelaide. They don’t yet divulge who the speakers will be

  • 12 November  – COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND NUCLEAR FACILITIES (location to be advised)
  • 30 November – FINANCING AND INVESTMENT IN NUCLEAR INFRASTRUCTURE (this will be fascinating, as nobody wants to invest in the nuclear industry – they rely on tax-payers!) 

23 October James Voss (of the notorious University College London, and formerly of the even more notorious Pangea Resources) revealed, at the Royal Commission hearing on October 15, the intention of the nuclear lobby to get Aboriginal Heritage Act further over-ridden .

12 October  

More public hearings: all at  the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission  (NFCRC) , Level 5, 50 Grenfell St, Adelaide.


10 October  Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) Transcript of hearing on 7th October – is the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) a lemon?

5 October  ANGGUMATHANHA  Aboriginal group slams Commission’s processes. Kevin Scarse says radioactive trash dump is best nuclear economic option for South Australia.

4 October At hearing on Oct 1 Dr Arjun Makhijani explained the diseconomics of nuclear power, the irrelevance of it to climate action, (too slow) why Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) are doomed to fail

26 Sept. Those pesky Aboriginal women who stopped the last attempt to make South Australia a radioactive trash dump – are at it again – “We do not want nuclear anything on our Land “- Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Law and Culture.

 Coober Pedy gets another not very impressive visit from the Royal Commission.

24 Sept Professor John Quiggin dismisses the CANDU nuclear reactor at the Commission Hearing 23 Sept

18 Sept  Royal Commission discussion topic page. These discussions only remain open for a week and have previously been dominated by pro-nuclear voices.

14 Sept  Companies and individuals who sent in submissions (as published so scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAINfar at

I am concluding that the RC is either deliberately or ineptly making it difficult for people to analyse the submissions.
These are my reasons:
  • they bundle people’s submissions together under whatever heading (i.e Issues Paper number) they feel like.
  • If separate submissions were sent in, as I did – sending 4 separate, they don’t necessarily all appear, or if they do appear, not under the heading they were intended for.
  • While companeis and agencies like ANSTO are listed alphabetically, individuals are listed under their first name, not surname – alphabetically. (makes it hard to find e.g if you looked for Dr Diesendorf)
  • It is difficult to work out how many individuals and organisations actually sent in submissions, as many people have put  in several. My list below is just of those who sent in submissions, whether they sent in just one submission or several, I have counted each only once.
  • Anti -nuclear  total 75
  • Pro nuclear total 66
My  list of those who submitted pro nuclear is not complete. There would be plenty of nuclear/thorium companies who would have submitted ‘commercial in confidence’ – not to be published.
It will be interesting to compare the motivations for the submissions pro and con.
So far it is looking like a clear contrast between:
  • Pro nuclear – something to gain – business, career,and
  • Anti nuclear – for the public good
You can watch Day 2 of the Royal Commission hearings online and access the witness lists here:

11 Sept A Submission to #NuclearCommissionSAust raises objections to its whole modus operandi

From Public hearing 9/9: Ross Garnaut tells Commisison about rapid development of solar photovoltaic electricity. Anna Skarbek tells hearing about the opportunities for renewable energy.

9 Sept. Royal Commission hearing covered by TV Channels 2 and 7 – but apparently only in South Australia. They like to pretend that it’s just a State issue – not of national interest?

9 Sept – Public hearing held :  CLIMATE CHANGE & ENERGY POLICY – Adelaide.

More public hearings:

  • 14 September 9:00am, Monday, 2015 at the Science Exchange Building, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide.  CLIMATE CHANGE & ENERGY POLICY List of witnesses can be found here.
  • 18 September Friday, 18  September 28, 2015 at the Science Exchange Building, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide. – NATIONAL ELECTRICITY MARKET.
  • 22 September Tuesday, 22 September, 2015 at the NFCRC, 5o Grenfell St, Adelaide.
  • 23 September Wednesday, 23 September, 2015 at the NFCRC, 5o Grenfell St, Adelaide. GEOLOGY AND HYDROGEOLOGY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA.
  • 29 September Tuesday, 29 September, 2015 at the NFCRC, 50 Grenfell St, Adelaide: topic-  LOW CARBON ENERGY GENERATION OPTIONS.
  • 1 October, 1 October Thursday,2015 at the NFCRC, 50 Grenfell St, Adelaide: topic-  LOW CARBON ENERGY GENERATION OPTIONS.
  •  2 October, at the NFCRC, Level 5, 50 Grenfell St, Adelaide. LOW CARBON ENERGY GENERATION OPTIONS
  • 6 October Tuesday, 6 October, 2015 at the Science Exchange Building, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide. ESTIMATING COSTS AND BENEFITS OF NUCLEAR ACTIVITIES.


7 Sept. I’m going through the Submissions. Quite  a laborious task. at times funny. I liked the conclusion of Geoff Russell’s pro nuclear Submission – that the authorities that ordered Fukushima evacuation were “nutters” and that falls from solar panelled roofs are  a bigger health risk than Fukushima radiation.

6 Sept. Reading through the Submissions. I’m dividing them into groups:

  • pro nuclear
  • cautiously pro nuclear
  • sitting on the fence
  • anti nuclear

5 Sept. Note – Adelaide  16 Sept. – Nuclear politics in the pub – Part.1 Royal Commission submission sessionsubmission good

Good submissions: City of Port Adelaide Enfield Submission  notes poor prospects for New Nuclear Technology. ADELAIDE HILLS CLIMATE ACTION GROUP  unanimously opposes all nuclear industries.

31 Aug Kevin Scarce off to S Korea, later will conduct public hearings in South Australia

28 Aug   Read sections of some really good Submissions –  click on Submissions to Royal Commission


You can check out all the Submissions published at


27 Aug Examination of the pro nuclear spin in Muller, Derek

“Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail”

20 August Many new Submissions published.  I am not able to keep up. I single out an outstanding, powerful, submission from Josephite SA Reconciliation Circle

14 August #NuclearCommissionSAust: an overview of submissions published about Radioactive Trash

Some submissions that DO consider the public benefit:

10 August The submissions to South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission could well be autopsyits post-mortem

6 August   All the submissions to the Royal Commission that have been uploaded so far can be found by clicking on the four pictures on the following page:

5 August. Two good submissions to the Royal Commission on Issues Paper 4:

31 July. Late this month, Commission officials visited United Arab Emirates UAE. Now the Commission plans visits to UAE on 26 – 27 August. 

Commission is lately visiting rural areas, no doubt planning  to co-opt Aboriginal communities in latest visits 4-6th August .

28 July ( NEW) Answer Points for Issues Paper 3  Electricity Generation

27 July Tenders for work listed on Royal Commission website

24 July  Points for Submission on Issues Paper 2 – FURTHER PROCESSING AND MANUFACTURE.  Inaccurate information in the Commission’s Issues Paper 1.

18 Jul – Adelaide’s Friends of the Earth announce a Campaign Against Nuclear Expansion

Australian Labor Party’s pro nuclear Shadow Resources Minister will not try to overturn Labor’s anti nuclear policy, until after the Royal Commission has made its report.

13 July  –     Inaccuracy in Issues Paper 1 of South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Commission

10 July. Submissions to the Commission (due 24 July and 3 August) are turning out to be so complicated as to be pretty much impossible, (for all but the nuclear industiy’s officials)

8 July Nuclear Commisson takes off for visit to USA , and to Canada’s (notoriously corrupt)  nuclear industry.

7 July. Kevin Scarce gives a very inadequate, worryingly poorly informed report on the Commission’s recent whirlwind tour of Taiwan, Korea, Finland, France, UK.

Conflict of interest. Note that Kevin Scarce, Greg Ward, and others in the Royal Commission have shares and/or close ties with the nuclear industry

26 June Nuclear Royal Commission chief, Kevin Scarce, says not to worry about Fukushima – and after all – no deaths from radiation there (YET!) Scarce now showing his true pro nuclear colours? 

Transcript of Royal Commission meeting at Coober Pedy. Jon Bok spoke, (appointed to communicate with Aborigines)

On 8th July, Royal Commission to leave for USA and Canada, till 17th July.

23 June  Interests of expert advisory committee of royal commission finally declared.  Dr Timothy Stone should not be a Royal Commissioner: has financial interest in a nuclear company

17 June. Back from overseas, the Royal Commission is resuming its community forums. Next one – 23 June at Coober Pedy. 5 pm at Italo Australian Miners Club, Italian Club Road. The Commission’s Regional Engagement Officer will explain the process for people from regional and remote areas to make a Submission to the Royal Commission.

12 June  Royal Commission has presumably finished its overseas junket.  They spent much time with (former nuclear giant),  AREVA, in France.  On the very day of the Commission’s arrival in France, the French government disbanded AREVA, as it was going bankrupt.  This apparently  didn’t faze Kevin Scarce and his merry nuclear men, in seeking AREVA’s advice and guidance. .

For a comprehensive understanding of the Royal Commission – its background and recent developments  – go here.

10 June This week – Commission meeting with all the pro nuclear big-wigs in France and UK .

6 June A French Farce indeed – South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission now in Paris – talking to AREVA, as news comes out of AREVA’s financial disaster

Royal Commission has now visited:- Taiwan, Japan, including Fukushima, Finland, Austria and France.

4 June All very quiet from the Commission -presumably in Japan – but no media coverage. Meanwhile the new Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Calculator might be very relevant to Australia’s Royal Commission.

1 June  Coincidence? ON 30 June South Australia’s Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) will lose its funding.

30 May  Dr Helen Caldicott dissects the propaganda for South Australia’s Nuclear Chain Royal Commission.

29 May   Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Congress calls on Nuclear Royal Commission to remove the obstacles it has set up against those wanting to make Submissions. Revealing new of America’s long term push to make Australia import nuclear wastes.

27 May  Assessment of Kevin Scarce’s Royal Commission forums. Report on Royal Commission meeting at Flinders University  (May 20)

22 May Commission’s   Submissions Guidelines  designed so as to virtually exclude participation of
Aboriginal and remote residents.

20 May Transcript of Kevin Scarce’s community meeting at Coober Pedy available on this website.

17  May – Meetings continue in rural South Australia. Royal Commissioner Kevin Scarce skilfully avoids questions auch as about the locations of proposed nuclera waste dump. He also does urge people to put in Submissions to the Royal Commission.  So the potential is there, if Australians, and particularly South Australians can be bothered to go to the trouble of submitting their views.

14 May We can expect Canadian & USA nuclear manufacturers to put in submissions to the Commission.

13 May The Conservation Council of South Australia (Conservation SA) produces  Commentary on the Royal Commission’s Issues .  Dennis Matthews exposes the deceptive language, and dubious claims of  “Issues paper 3  ELECTRICITY GENERATION FROM NUCLEAR FUELS ” 


1.  First Nuclear Royal Commission Issues Paper indicates an expensive farce  

2 Dennis Matthews exposes South Australia Royal Commission “Issues Paper 2” spin   

 3 Issues Paper 4 – misleading and serious omissions

Critique of Issues Paper 3 is being developed

7 May . New propaganda forums announced :

  • 19 May 2015 – University of South Australia – 5.30pm (Mawson Lakes Centre)
  • 20 May 2015 – Flinders University –  5.00pm (Flinders at Tonsley)
  • 22 May 2015 – Adelaide University – 1.00pm (Bonython Hall)

2 May Nuclear Royal Commission announces more dates  & locations for its propaganda forums:

  • 05 May 2015: Berri – 12.00pm at the Berri Town Hall
  • 11 May 2015 – Yalata
  • 12 May 2015 – Oak Valley
  • 13 May 2015 – Umuwa (in the APY Lands)
  • 14 May 2015 – Coober Pedy
  • 18 May 2015 – Leigh Creek

Analysis of pro nuclear submissions to the Draft Terms of reference show that the nuclear lobby’s over-riding concern is public opinion, and the ways to win Australian hearts and mins over to the nuclear industry

Australian Labor Party to support the nuclear push– at its Conference in July


27 April. Kevin Scarce announced, on 22 April, the  the release of the second Issues Paper titled Management, Storage and Disposal of Waste. But – surprise surprise – you go to their website  – and – it’s not there – no advance information for the public meetings held in Mt Gambier, and other rural venues.

24 April Royal Commission (presumably Kevin Scarce + unknowns) held public forum at Mt Gambier on April 20.  35 people attended. Then Commissioner talked with “business leaders” . – a lot of secrecy about who’s involved in this Royal Commission.

20 April “Issues Papers” advertised. But only one is available –  Exploration, Extraction and Milling  Read Dennis Matthews critique of this – First Nuclear Royal Commission Issues Paper indicates an expensive farce

3 papers yet to be published  Further Processing and Manufacture  Electricity Generation  Management, Storage and Disposal of Waste

19 April – Commission propaganda meetings announced  – note that so far all this is limited to South Australia – as if setting up a global nuclear industry hub were just a State issue.Closing date for submissions to the  Commission will be July 24.

Commissioner Kevin Scarce to travel to nuclear sites in Finland, France, Britain and Japan,  – accompanied by whom?

20 April 15 NUCLEAR FUEL CYCLE ROYAL COMMISSION VISITS MOUNT GAMBIER  with what looks like a very limited pro nuclear agenda

17 April 15 Expert Advisory Committee announced:  3 strident pro nuclear advocates, Professor Barry Brook  Dr Timothy Stone   John Carlson and one voice of reason Ian Lowe 

15 April 15

  • Not directly related to the Royal Commission, BUT – A delegation of Australian nuclear free campaigners has travelled to Canada to present at the World Uranium Symposium being held in Quebec City, April 14-16. The group includes representatives from Aboriginal communities impacted by nuclear projects and national environment groups. Interesting in view of the fact that South Australian government also sending reps to Canada, to get help with the Royal Commission.
  • Note List of pdf 2nd round Submissions at:

14 April 15.  Nuclear promoters quietly lobbying Labor politicians, claim that they have the backing of Labor leader Bill Shorten. Pro nuclear lobbyists use Twitter hashtag #SANuclearRC – nothing new on that, so far.

12 April 15   Federal government’s WHITE Paper on Energy  sets out the plan to remove restrictions on the nuclear industry, and help South Australia accomplish whatever industry they want to buildSouth Australia’s media pro nuclear media hype continues.

  • Former estate agent Senator Sean Edwards extols the $billion industry that we’ll get from nuclear reprocessing. Possibly putting his career future at risk, Edwards set up a website with quite absurd and unsubstantiated claims.
  • For those who follow Twitter, Australia’s pro nuclear campaigners tweet with the hashtag  #SANuclearRC

April 6th 2015  South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission is due to report its Recommendations by nuclear-fuel-chain36 May 2016

Things have gone very quiet now, since the initial announcement about this Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission on 8th February 2015.

So – what is going on now, about this? 

Well, we don’t know.

We don’t know:

– who will be on the Royal Commission panel, who will be their “expert” witnesses

– when submissions from the public will be invited

– what will be the closing date for submissions

We do know – that there’s a format for submissions, and that those submissions must relate to the Terms of Reference, and presumably nothing outside of that.

What we can expect.

I’m betting on a fairly long period of media silence. During that time, the nuclear lobby will be organising all its well paid industry writers to produce detailed, highly technical arguments in submissions for bringing the whole nuclear fuel chain to South Australia.

I’m expecting that the great unwashed – that’s you and I – will be supposed to be intimidated by the legalistic format for submissions. Meanwhile Australia’s mostly ignorant and mostly subservient mainstream media will – in the fullness of time – trot out all the necessary simplistic pro nuclear dribble provided by the nuclear lobby.

SO – watch this space – watch this page – for regular updates on the progress of South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain  Commission. AND – you can sign up to get their emails – from  – click on “Keep me informed” 


5 April 2015 8th February 2015  Premier Jay Weatherill announced that there would be a Royal Commission into expanding the Nuclear Fuel Chain in South Australia. Comments on the Draft Terms of reference were invited. Kevin Scarce was appointed leader of the Royal Commission on February 9.

16 February. Comments closed.

22 February. Terms of Reference were announced. Despite receiving over 1000 submissions covering many aspects of nuclear issues, the announced Terms were quite narrow.






  1. Since Fukushima proved that Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7 (and that does not even include nuclear failures caused by Man) we must remember the danger of using Nuclear. Of course the Nuclear Industry completely denies this ☢ reality, but that is why we are left with things like this that make all their ☢ is 100% SAFE claims look like just so much ☢B$:

    “Just in recent days there have been the admissions by high-ranking Tokyo Electric officials that the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant could take more like 200 years because of the lack of technology to do the job.” see:

    In short, Nuclear Payback* is the reason that so many elected Officials are now pushing the use of nuclear, not that it is the best long term solution to our Energy needs.

    It is also important to consider that if one or more nuclear reactors meltdown the effect will be felt Globally, since we all share the same air and Oceans, which is why Fukushima should serve as perfect example of what not to do for mankind.


    Those that support nuclear power because nuclear power somehow supports them; no matter what the health implications or other “costs” are for others.


    Comment by CaptD | April 26, 2015 | Reply

  2. Imagine if nuclear fuel produced in AU is responsible for a future reactor meltdown that has global implications… That would give “Made in AU” a ☢ bad name, which should urge CAUTION to all elected Officials that are now only thinking about short term gains.

    SUGGESTION: AU could easily use its size and sunny location to generate enormous amounts of both Energy (in the form of Liquid Hydrogen) and/or potable water using Solar power in order to become a major Global Energy Exporter, (instead of exporting ☢ materials), thereby making the World a safer place for all of Mankind.


    Comment by CaptD | April 26, 2015 | Reply

  3. I think we should dump the Labor government instead of dumping the world’s high level radioactive waste in SA. The solution to SA’s economic woes is NOT to dump the world’s nuclear high level toxic waste in our ‘ backyard ‘ but to dump this mad government along with all the greedy mad nuclear scientists who are heartless and ruthless when it comes to the lives of human beings ! Human lives are sacred because human beings have a soul. If we cannot discern the mad scientists from the sound scientists, then we are lost.


    Comment by Esther | February 22, 2016 | Reply

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