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Religion : The Australian uranium industry is seen as the boom industry for our future. Once Australia “rode on the sheep’s back”. Now, the big (Liberal) money men want Australia to scoot along as the quarry and waste dump of the world.

This is all supposed to be “evidence-based” – based on “science” . It’s the opponents of nuclear who are “fanatics”, “superstitious” etc.

But in fact, the whole pro-nuclear push has a kind of religious fervour to it, and very much is based on “acts of faith”.  Like the Catholic Church, the nuclear lobby has its DOGMAS – its articles of faith that must be believed, however incomprehensible they are to reason and logic…..


It’s pretty hard to really track the interests of the nuclear industry on the Australian media. For example, I can’t easily find out which individuals in powerful positions in Australian media are also in powerful positions in mining companies.  But that has been an Australian tradition.

Australian media coverage (or lack thereof) of nuclear/uranium issues is also affected by Australia’s media monopolies.   Just two great corporations control  the majority of Australian newspapers. Television and radio ownership is similarly concentrated, And linked to newspaper ownership…..

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