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19 August South Australia event “We Say No To Nuclear Waste Dump”

This Saturday August 19 the No Dump Alliance is hosting the ‘We say NO’ event that will hear from speakers from the Flinders Ranges and Kimba region. Event details here:


Note: The Alliance was formed in 2016 to challenge the threat of an international nuclear waste dump in SA. Traditional Owners, unions, church, environment and other civil society groups worked together on a successful community campaign to end this threat and have now committed to continuing these efforts in relation to any planned national dump in SA – see:


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“Clinton’s Walk For Justice” to arrive in CanberraSeptember 3rd

Canberra Event Announced – September 3rd!

“Clinton’s Walk For Justice calls for support rallies and events to be held all across the country on September 3, as Clinton’s big Canberra arrival event is held.

“We’ll be calling on the Governor General to meet with Clinton and begin discussions about treaty – sovereign to sovereign.

“We encourage all people
– from the cities all the way out to the remote communities
– to take part in a national day of action to push for treaty
and address issues of injustice faced by both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

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Australian Red Cross to hold Hiroshima Day Vigil in Adelaide

Hiroshima Day Vigil   by Australian Red Cross in SASun, August 6, 2017

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM ACST


Elder Park

King William Road

Adelaide, SA 5000


Join the Australian Red Cross SA IHL Collective to mark the 72nd anniversary of the detonation of an atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Japan. We invite the community to come together to remember the victims of this attack and to highlight the devastating humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons.

After the recent historic adoption of Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Treaty, add your message of hope for a world free of nuclear weapons to our paper crane and lantern peace sign; listen to guest speakers and performers as we reflect on the need to continue to fight for an end to nuclear weapons.

For more information, email

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Key speakers for Alice Springs major event 10 YEARS OF INTERVENTION – 10 YEARS TOO LONG

A conference in Alice Springs marking ten years of the Northern Territory Intervention will bring together people from prescribed areas to discuss the issues impacting on them and how best to move forward in taking control of their lives and communities.

Speakers include Yingiya Mark Guyula, Member for Nhulunbuy and local Arrernte woman Pat Ansell Dodds discussing Treaty;

Dylan Voller and Vickie Roach, campaigners for reform of the justice system;

Barbara Shaw and Matthew Ryan, NT Aboriginal Housing Board;

Ngarla Kunoth-Monks, Alukerre First Nation Cultural Trust, speaking on community governance;

And Senator Rachel Siewert discussing income management.

21st June 2017 marks ten years since John Howard announced the Northern Territory Intervention.  In 2012, after token consultations, Jenny Macklin introduced the Stronger Futures laws which extended the intervention for a further ten years.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary and various reports and recommendations including from the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Issues and many peak Aboriginal organisations, governments have continued these policies which are having a devastating effect on individuals and communities.

People are still living in poverty and in unacceptable living conditions, many more are being sent to jail (often for non-criminal offences), more and more children are being removed from families and losing contact with their culture, more people are turning to drugs or suffering from mental or other health issues.

A meeting of the full Central Land Council on 10th May issued the following statement:

“CLC believes that the Intervention and Stronger Futures legislation is racist and continues genocidal policies, has not improved Aboriginal people’s lives and should be repealed.” Media contacts: Roxanne Highfold 044 767 4688/Marlene Hodder 043 881 6851

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17 June Tasmanians will join the global movement towards banning nuclear weapons

All in Tasmania who feel strongly that we should ban these weapons are welcome to gather together for an hour in a “Ban the Bomb” vigil on Parliament House lawns from 11am to noon on Saturday, next weekend.

Talking Point: Tasmanians can join UN bid to ban nuclear weapons, June 10, 2017 WHEN I was a child an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and a few days later, a second on Nagasaki.

Just two bombs killed about 80,000 people in Hiroshima and 40,000 in Nagasaki.

I felt sick then. It still shocks me.

Thereafter, we saw photos and film of people, including children, running screaming, their clothes torn off and their skin hanging in strips.

We saw photos of hospitals full of innocent people dying of radiation, their devastated cities and surrounding farming land irradiated 70 years ago and still unusable.

In 1956, a series of British nuclear tests at Maralinga in South Australia also left an area of our great nation contaminated. Australians then said: “Never again.”

The Australian Government was at the forefront of countries that established the United Nations, with the main task of preventing war, in particular nuclear war.

However, since then, the world has experienced one war after another, with increasingly sophisticated weapons, plus an underlying dependence on violence rather than justice, education, negotiation and compromise to solve the thorny issues.

There are nearly 15,000 nuclear weapons worldwide, each one of which can cause devastation like that of Hiroshima and thereafter cause a nuclear winter sufficient to destroy all human life. Nine countries have these weapons and more, such as North Korea, are trying to make them.

No one should have them. Continue reading

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Until June 21 – Submissions received by Australian govt on nuclear waste dumping in South Australia

RE: Proposed Federal government imposition onto community in South Australia of an illegal “100 year” Store for ANSTO’s “10 000 year” irradiated Nuclear Fuel Wastes.
Public submissions are open till 21 June 2017, to:
The Minister’s release “Kimba 90-day consultation begins”(20 March 2017) invited submissions on potential approval under the National Radioactive Waste Management Act 2012 of two nominated sites near Kimba for assessment as potential sites for the proposed NRWM Facility.
E-Address To: Senator The Hon Matthew Canavan
The Minister for Resources and Northern Australia
c/o The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
National Radioactive Waste Section
The National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) comprises two co-located waste management facilities: an above ground 100 year Store for nuclear wastes that ARPANSA states require isolation for 10 000 years, AND a Disposal Facility for a range of radioactive wastes requiring isolation for up to 300 years.

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Kimba District Council conducting ballot on National Radioactive Low/Intermediate Level Waste Management Facility.

Kimba District Council The District Council of Kimba is conducting a ballot in relation to the nomination for a site being progressed to Phase 2 for further consultation for a National Radioactive Low/Intermediate Level Waste Management Facility.

If you are not currently enrolled on the State Electoral Roll for this council area you may still be entitled to enrol to vote on the Chief Executive Officer’s roll if you own or occupy a property within the District Council of Kimba.
For further information on voting entitlements please contact the office on 8627 2026.

Applications close for the purposes of the ballot at 12 noon Monday 15th May, 2017.
Please share if you know of someone that maybe eligible.

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Lobby Labor to stop the four Western Australian uranium mines

  • Sign the Uranium Free Charter
  • Take a selfie – with the Ban Uranium Mining Permanently sign and post to social media #walabor #uraniumfreewa
  • Get in touch with Labor – see details below: – (08) 6552 5800 – (08) 6552 6700 – (08) 6552 5000
For your local member find:

Here is some draft text you could adapt to send to them or use as speaking points for a call: 

I’m contacting you to let you know I support the WA Labor policy to prevent uranium mining in WA and wish to see uranium mining banned permanently in this State. I am concerned by recent media statements that indicate Labor will let the four proposed uranium mines in WA go ahead. None of these projects have final approval none are under construction so they do not meet Labors criteria. These mines should not be allowed to proceed under a Labor Government.

After eight years of support and subsidies for uranium mining by the Barnett Government, our State remains nuclear-free. There are no operating uranium mines, no uranium projects with final approval to mine, and no proposals that are economically viable.

Now that Labor has won the State election, you and your party have a unique opportunity to prevent and ban uranium mining in WA and instead support a Renewable Energy Target and a clean energy future for West Australians.

Labor has been clear and consistent on their opposition to uranium mining and the party has a clear and strong policy against uranium, nuclear power, and nuclear waste that I support. This position should be clarified and re-affirmed given recent media reports that suggest otherwise.

I urge you to make quick decisive action to end uranium mining in WA once and for all. This will create certainty and relief for communities that have endured eight years of negotiating and fighting with uranium mining companies and the Barnett Government._____

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Western Australia anti nuclear action

US bases tour – WA – June 16th – 18th
Join us on a whirlwind tour of the US bases close to Perth. We’ll leave on a Friday head towards Geraldton and come back on Sunday evening. We’ll be camping in State Park so bring a swag or a tent.
$80 per person (includes food and fuel and no frills) – spaces are limited so book in fast!
For more info or to book your spot call 0415380808 or e-mail

This years Walkatjurra Walkabout dates are now set for the 4th of August leaving Fremantle and returning on the 3rd of September. We are hoping for a really good turn out this year and hopefully it will be a celebration of a Ban on uranium mining. If Labor have not done it by then we need lots of people to come and demand that they keep their promises. Register for the walk here or find our more Information for walkers here.

Sign the Uranium Free Charter
Don’t let WA become a radioactive quarry and waste dump! Western Australians face a choice about uranium mining. The current push to allow uranium mining is a direct threat to workers’ safety and the long term health of our environment and communities. Uranium mining does not make good economic sense and leaves behind a radioactive legacy.

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Getting the government ‘out of bed with Adani’  Keagan Elder 3 May 2017:

On WednesdayCoffs Coast Climate Action Group joined forces with concerned residents
at a protest outside of Federal member for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker’s office.

Coffs Coast Climate Action Group spokeswoman Liisa Rusanen said the
purpose of the demonstration was to call the Federal Government “out of bed with Adani”.

“About 60 demonstrators gathered around a makeshift bed  with an effigy of Mr Hartsuyker and chanted in unison,  “What do you want? Stop Adani.’ … “

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17 June National Day of Action – Ban The Bomb

More than 130 countries have begun negotiating a new treaty to outlaw nuclear weapons, heralding the end of two decades of paralysis in multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations. So far, the Australian Government is standing with the nuclear armed states and boycotting the negotiations, despite overwhelming public support for a ban.

Australia has signed the treaties to ban chemical and biological weapons, landmines and cluster munitions. As a country that has experienced the devastating and long-lasting impact of nuclear testing, our Government must now support a ban on nuclear weapons!

 Please join the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom NSW and ICAN Australia on Saturday 17th June for a Women’s March to Ban the Bomb!

This march is a women-led initiative and inclusive of all genders, ages, cultures and faiths. It is building on movements at the forefront of the resistance to weapons and war. It is occurring in solidarity with the New York Women’s March to Ban the Bomb, organised by WILPF program Reaching Critical Will. This is also part of a National Day of Action across Australia! Continue reading

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Its time to Call Out Canavan on nuclear waste!

  • The storage of radioactive waste remains illegal under the South Australian Radioactive Waste Transport and Storage (Prohibition) Act (2000)
  • The Federal Government’s consultation process is fundamentally flawed. Traditional Owners were made aware of the nomination by a media announcement. This complete disregard of the importance of community consultation is completely contradictory to the Federal Government’s commitment to a more open and transparent site selection process.
  • To find a practical and just solution to the management of Australia’s radioactive waste, there is a need for a public inquiry to explore all our options for the management of radioactive waste. Such an approach would provide enhanced community and procedural confidence and rigor and ensure greater stakeholder engagement.

Call Out Canavan!

Its time to Call Out Canavan on nuclear waste!

We are encouraging people to contact the Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan in the week leading up to the one year anniversary of the nomination at Wallerberdina to oppose the dumping of Australia’s radioactive waste on the Adnyamathanha people and support the local communities in opposition to a national radioactive waste dump in the Flinders Ranges.

South Australia is at risk of being turned into the nation’s nuclear waste dump.

The Turnbull Government is advancing plans to build a national nuclear waste dump in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. The shortlisting in April 2016 resulted in one site at Wallerbidina in the Flinders Ranges to be pursued for further investigation.  This means the area is at extreme risk of being chosen to dump Australia’s nuclear waste.

We need your support to protect this region from nuclear waste.

The Wallerbidina site is of great cultural, historical and spiritual significance to Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners, who are calling this decision a desecration of their culture. Regina McKenzie, who lives at Yappala Station near the dump site, says: “The area is Adnyamathanha land. It is Arngurla Yarta (spiritual land). The proposed dump site has countless thousands of Aboriginal artifacts. Our ancestors are buried there. The nominated site is a significant women’s site. Throughout the area are registered cultural heritage sites and places of huge importance to our people.”

Friends of the Earth has been working closely with Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners and many concerned South Australians who are opposed to the proposed dump.

Regina McKenzie and her family are asking for support.
One way you can support the community is by contacting Minister Canavan between April 24th and April 28th and express concern about the national dump plans. In the lead up to the final decision, your voice can be a powerful support to the Adnyamathanha people and will be appreciated for generations to come.

So this April – Send a message to the Minister Continue reading

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Non scientists must join the March for Science

Why non-scientists need to join the March for Science, Brisbane Times,  Jocelyn Prasad, 20 Apr 17,  I’ll be among the many non-scientists participating in the inaugural March for Science, which is taking place worldwide on Saturday.

None of us is untouched by science. We owe much of our prosperity to scientific progress. And many of the greatest issues facing humanity require us to get behind evidence-based research…….

March for Science Australia aims to improve scientific literacy and promote open communication of science. We believe a well-informed society is more prosperous and successful. It is less likely to be led astray by the misinformation often propagated by social media. And it prevents the likes of the anti-vaccination movement from building an ideological stronghold.

In a time of political uncertainty where fake news has become part of everyday life, scientists participating in the march know they need to shed their lab coats and spend time explaining their work to non-scientists. They know that being able to explain research in simple terms doesn’t diminish its value. On the contrary, clear communication widens support for it.

All politicians must pay more heed to scientific evidence when formulating policy. This is not a climate change march but it’s impossible to ignore the blatant disregard by politicians of available, peer-reviewed research on environmental issues. A willingness to back new coal mines, thinly veiled disdain for renewable energy and abandonment of the Climate Council are just a few recent measures showing how the government has turned a blind eye to science.

And while we might think censorship of scientific information is not our problem, it’s worth remembering the Australian government last year asked the United Nations to remove references to the Great Barrier Reef from its report on climate change’s impact on global heritage sites.

We are also calling for stable investment in public research. It’s time for politicians to stop taking a myopic economic view, to look beyond the electoral cycle and to consider the country’s long-term wellbeing. Robust research that seeks to solve complex problems requires stable funding. But funding in the science sector can vary from year to year, often leaving worthwhile scientific pursuits to wither. We know the government’s coffers aren’t bottomless. It’s another reason for scientists to become better communicators – when they explain their work to taxpayers, they broaden support for publicly funded research.

Most of us aren’t professional scientists but we’ve all done science. Whether we’re teaching kids to catch a ball, figuring out how to improve this year’s tomatoes in our veggie patches or discovering new planets in our spare time, we’re embracing scientific principles.

And we need science that is pursued for the public good, uncompromised by commercial or political interests……Jocelyn Prasad is an organiser of the March for Science and University of Sydney media adviser. The Sydney march starts at midday on Saturday in Martin Place.

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March for Frontier Wars Massacres and Conflicts
Tuesday 25 April 2017  Gathering from 9:30am
Anzac Parade (west end cnr Constitution Ave., Reid, Canberra)


Newsletter of 21 April 2017, 9am AEST

This Newsletter:!topic/wgar-news/hVShDimAp6s

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A March on Anzac Day: 6 years of FRONTIER WARS

Sovereign Union 20 Apr 2017  Ghillar, Michael Anderson: 

“We’ve been dying on this soil for many hundreds of years now, since the whiteman came and we’ve been doing that in defense of our land. They’ve had the superior force and mightier weapons, but they’ve never been able to conquer us. They’ve been able to imprison us, jail us and all that sort of stuff but we’ve never acquiesced, never ceded our sovereignty and we are in defense of our land every day of the week.

This is a hidden war. It’s a war of stealth and, unfortunately, when we want to remind people of this, then people take offence and call it a protest.

This is just being totally respectful of the fact that we, our people, have got a message to relay and Australia cannot keep hiding it – like at Hospital Creek nine kilometres north of Brewarrina. We want to excise that land there because the human bones are still visible and that’s my ancestry. They were shot at this place. We had here people who survived this massacre, but that was a private army. They were made up of all the cockies and pastoralists.

It’s reality.

We need to remind people of this – and you go to Germany where mass murders occurred in Germany. You go to Serbia now, where they buried people in mass graves, where they massacred them. They’ve now created a situation there where these things are memorial parks now to the dead who were killed there.

Here in Australia we don’t have that and I think it’s time we did that for every nation. We have to include the elements of Australia’s forgotten wars.”

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