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OPPOSE NUCLEAR WASTE DUMP :It’s easy and necessary to send submission by 24 Sept

Jim Green(FoE).’ [beyondnuclear] <

Please spare just one minute to put in an online submission to the federal government saying that you oppose the plan to impose a national nuclear waste dump in SA. Really important to get lots of submissions and the deadline is approaching. Just go to this link and it will only take a minute, promise:


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Rally against Liberal govt’s betrayal on South Australia’s anti nuclear law

Anti-Nuclear Coalition of South Australia. Street Protest 1pm Thursday 6th September 90-94 The Parade Norwood.

Premier Steven Marshall is now at the helm of State Government. During the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission his party heeded the wishes of the 2nd Citizen’s Jury by refusing to endorse the push for importing international radioactive waste.

During the March 2018 Election Campaign the Liberals also promised to uphold our Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Act – which makes it illegal to promote, import, transport, or store radioactive waste.

That was then, this is now, & what do we find?

Marshall & his cronies – subservient to their self interested Federal counterparts – no longer oppose the promotion importation transport & storage of radioactive waste.


Join us this Thursday at Marshall’s electorate office to protest their failure to keep promises & for over-riding the clearly determined will of the people.

For further information contact Bob Lamb on 85818255

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Event 27 June The Need for Leadership to Address White Supremacy in the NGO Sector

  Pro Bono Australia  Luke Michael, 14 June 18 

Charities and not for profits need to show leadership to address the issue of white supremacy in the NGO sector, a prominent Aboriginal writer and activist believes.

Nayuka Gorrie is a Kurnai/Gunai, Gunditjmara, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta writer and activist who spoke on a panel at the Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) 2018 Summit on Wednesday.

She was joined by Victorian ombudsman Deborah Glass OAM, Will Stracke from the Victorian Trades Hall Council, Reason Party leader Fiona Patten, and Centre for Social Impact CEO Kristy Muir.

The panel discussed the “shifting nature of leadership and the role of citizens to shape their own prosperous and inclusive society”.

One of the topics discussed was the need for greater diversity in leadership, particularly around race and gender.

Stracke admitted during the panel discussion that leadership in the trade union movement was “too white”.

“One of our values that we say is ‘diversity is our strength and solidarity is our power’,” Stracke said.

“And that’s about the diversity of our movement and our movement is very diverse… but I think we as a union movement [still] need more voices.

“We’ve very white in terms of our leadership and we need to get better at that.”………

“Leadership needs to be much more representative of the people,” Glass said.

“It’s not just gender, it’s race, it’s disability, it’s everything we all stand for. We can’t have leaders speaking for us who don’t represent us, who don’t look like us or don’t speak like us.”………

Gorrie has organised an event to discuss “dismantling white supremacy in the NGO sector” at Victorian Trades Hall on 27 June.

She told Pro Bono News why she decided to create the event.

“I decided to put on that event after chatting to a number of different people that work in the not-for-profit sector,” she said.

“And [people of colour] are doing twice as much work just to survive I think.”

Gorrie said while white supremacy was found across all sections of society, it was especially disappointing to see it in the not-for-profit sector, considering the sector’s purpose to make the world a better place.

……..“I think a lot of not for profits make a lot of money and the Indigenous Advancement Strategy was a really good example of that. Most of the money in the strategy went to non-black organisations.“So there is a lot of money to be made in perceived black dysfunction and I don’t know if it’s possible for them to do the work they’ve set out to do if they haven’t examined and [removed] the white supremacy within themselves.”

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Petition to Minister Canavan: Say NO to nuclear waste dumping in South Australia

Please sign and share our new petition
Minister Canavan recently announced that an AEC vote for Kimba and Flinders Ranges on the waste dump would begin on August 20th.  This announcement came in the midst of a Senate Inquiry into the site selection process and the vote is planned for just after the Senate report is due. There are many community voices expressed in the submissions that you can read online here.
Communities in Kimba and Hawker are being asked to go to the vote on whether to advance the process to establish a nuclear waste dump.
As Minister Canavan hears from the communities on this issue, we want him to hear from you too. We have started a postcard petition that we will deliver to him later this year. Please go online to sign the online postcard or pick up a bundle to distribute from The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide.

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Don’t Let Frydenberg approve Yeelirrie uranium mine or extinction!


As Australians we all love our beautiful wildlife, the birds and animals that are unique to the land and sea that we share with them.

But our Federal Environment Minister is about to make a decision that would enable the extinction of multiple species at the stroke of a pen.

Soon, Minister Frydenberg will choose between a uranium mine and unique species found nowhere else on the planet. The WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) warned the mine would cause extinction. Now it is up to Minister Frydenberg to make a decision.

Living underground, the wildlife under threat at Yeelirrie is very rarely seen. But our environmental laws are supposed to protect all creatures great and small.

If extinction is approved at Yeelirrie, it could open the door for extinctions of other wildlife all over Australia. Our possums, cockatoos, numbats and other endangered wildlife could be next.

CCWA and Traditional Owners have delayed a decision by challenging the Yeelirrie mine proposal in the WA Supreme Court, but time is running out and a decision could be made by Minister Frydenberg any day now.

We need to act quickly – and together – to prevent a dangerous precedent for extinction.

With so much at stake for our wildlife, we simply can’t allow the Minister to start approving extinctions at the stroke of a pen.

Send your message to Minister Frydenberg now, and tell him not to approve extinction.

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Brewarrina residents step up campaign against proposed nuclear dump.

22 Feb 18 Brewarrina residents, including Ngemba people with local cultural responsibilities, are stepping up their campaign against the proposal for national nuclear waste dump in the region. 

silent vigil will be held during the Council meeting at 8:30am this Friday February 23, followed with a rally on Saturday morning at 9:30am.

In November 2017 the Brewarrina Council revealed that a delegation had traveled to Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in Sydney and subsequently engaged pro-nuclear consultant Robert Parker.

Trish Frail, a Ngemba woman who is coordinating the local campaign to oppose the dump, said the community was shocked by the proposal.

“This nuclear facility will not benefit our town, the community or the environment,” Ms Frail said. 

“Ngemba people are custodians for the Ngunnhu Fish Traps. The site is claimed to be over sixty thousand years old and is heritage listed, being the oldest man-made structure in the world.”

“The Biami Traps were once a great gathering site for all clans to trap fish and to host corroborees, initiation ceremonies, and meetings for trade and barter.”

“A lot of our younger generation are talking about moving away if a nuclear dump is built on our land, they will lose our culture and our lore, this must not happen. The young people have been helping.”

“Brewarrina will not become a nuclear dumping ground for the Australian Government. We say No Nuclear Bundabunda (poison) on Ngemba Land – Bad Poison,” Ms Frail concluded. 

Facebook events

Friday vigil:

Saturday rally:


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Fringe opening night – join us to make the nuclear waste dump a state election issue!

The Federal government still wants to build a nuclear waste ‘facility’ in SA. Some of this nuclear waste is toxic for hundreds of years and some for thousands of years. All of it all poses risks to the environment, to nearby communities and to many thousands of people along transport routes. We continue to say no to a nuclear waste dump in our state.

With the South Australian elections coming up, we need to put the pressure on politicians to act against this waste dump! There are going to be plenty of people in the Mall on the 16th for the Fringe, so join us to hand information leaflets and have discussions with people. We’ll have radiation suits and placards, so it should be an attention grabbing demonstration.

Friday, February 16, 2018, 5 pm in Rundle Mall (King William end), Adelaide, Kaurna Land. #dontdumponsa

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Peace Boat with nuclear bomb survivors arrives in Sydney

Nuclear bomb survivors glide into Sydney on Japan’s Peace Boat  Japan’s 11-storey Peace Boat, that advocates for nuclear disarmament, has entered Sydney Harbour. 5 Feb 18, 

The 11-storey vessel is visiting Sydney as part of its ‘Making Waves’ tour, which is exploring the devastating humanitarian consequences of the use and testing of nuclear weapons.

Survivors from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster were also onboard.

“The world is closer to nuclear war today than it has been in decades,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific Campaigner Alix Foster Vander Elst said in a statement .

The Peace Boat, welcomed by the Maritime Union of Australia and Uranium Free NSW, entered the harbour at 7am on Monday.

Later in the day, a rally will be held outside official government offices, urging the Australian and Japanese governments to sign the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

The Japanese survivors and Indigenous survivors of the 1950s British nuclear weapons testing at Maralinga in South Australia will address the midday rally at the Australian Government offices and the Japanese Consulate-General.

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ARPANSA considering components in radioactive trash dump- asks for your comments

This process is about determining the nature of the material to be dumped in the proposed x3 SAust radioactive suppositories.

Currently there is no official determination about what is actually to be accumulated there – hence the delay in remediating the leaking drums @ Woomera & failure to properly inform the local communities.

Also thereby wrongfully expecting them to sign off on an unknown quality/quantity.

Submissions close Feb 23

ARPANSA is engaging in public consultation on the draft Code for Disposal of Solid Radioactive Waste (Radioactive Waste Disposal Code).

Start/End Date:
Thursday 21 December 2017 – 09:00 to  2 March 2018 – 17:00
ARPANSA invites people and organisations interested in the disposal of solid radioactive waste to tell us their views on this topic. Have Your Say Now –  more

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Making waves in Melbourne February 1st

Tomorrow 6 PM · ACMI · Melbourne, VIC

On the opening night of the Sustainable Living Festival, Making Waves features the powerful tales of nuclear survivors from Japan and Australia, travelling aboard Peace Boat’s voyage to Australia from 24 January – 6 February 2018.

The Governments of both countries have not yet signed the new nuclear weapons ban treaty. Inspiring civil society movements are demanding their leaders reject these weapons of mass destruction and abide by the new international legal norm.

Free event. Registrations essential. Speakers: –

  • Miyake Nobuo, survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima –
  • Hasegawa Hanako and Hasegawa Kenichi, former dairy farmers evacuated from Itate village, Fukushima –
  • Karina Lester, Yankunytjatjara-Anangu second-generation nuclear test survivor –
  • Scott Ludlam, former federal Senator and ICAN Ambassador

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7 February – Adelaide – NO Nuclear Waste Dumps  – A STATE ELECTION ISSUE

Protest Action @ 122 Pirie Street 17:45 February 07 2018

 We defused Js International Radioactive Bombshell, but at a cost to the State of 10+ million bucks. Don’t let that money be a complete write off – one of the recommendations from the NFCRC was “… both broad social consent and specific community consent must be obtained for any new nuclear activity to commence in South Australia”.

This finding was tabled & accepted by both houses of the State Parliament in October 2017.

The Federal Govt continues to pursue the placement of radioactive waste in SA, which constitutes ‘new nuclear activity’: therefore any State Government has a recognised obligation to ensure ‘both broad social consent and specific community consent’.


The current incumbent JW has failed to heed his constituency – whilst the Marshall Liberals have said diddly squat. And who knows what the X-men would deliver?

The Public Service Association of South Australia will be hosting the 3 Amigos in an Election Event at their HQ Feb 7.

South Australians, The fight did not end with the Citizens Jury Outcome. If you do not want this State to be a waste dump & want your voice heard: then you must continue standing steadfast against the nuclear spin cyclists.


Office Admin

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The Peace Boat is on its way to Australia



Right now, the Peace Boat is on its way to Australia. The Making Waves speaking tour will feature second-generation nuclear test survivor Karina Lester, ICAN Ambassador Scott Ludlam, hibakusha from Hiroshima and Nagasaki and former dairy farmers from Fukushima, all travelling aboard the floating international peace village. Join the tour and help us amplify the call for Australia and Japan to join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.


Thursday 25 January 12-2pm

Foley Hall, Mouat St (between High St and Croke St) at Notre Dame University

Register here.


Monday 29 January 6-7:30pm

Gallery Yampu, 1 Jenkins St, Birkenhead

Register here.


Thursday 1 February 6-8pm

The Cube, ACMI

Register here.


Friday 2 February 12:30-2pm

Parliament Lawns, Salamanca Place. In the event of wet weather, we will move the event into Parliament House.

Free event. Register here.


Monday 5 February

PROTEST: Sign the nuclear weapon ban treaty! at 12:30pm, on the corner of Bent St and O’Connell St, Sydney CBD, in view of the Australian and Japanese Government offices. BYO broken nuclear umbrella.

PUBLIC FORUM and PERFORMANCES at 6-8pm, Redfern Community Centre.

Register here.

Follow ICAN Australia’s journey aboard the ship on our TwitterInstagram and Facebook pages.
We look forward to Making Waves with you for the nuclear ban treaty.
ICAN Australia.

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8 December: Australian Federal government intervention into Northern Territory (NT) Aboriginal communities

 ‘On Friday 8th December in Redfern,
Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) will host a public forum
– Human Rights: Where are they? Ten years of failed Intervention
– featuring two strong First Nations voices from the Northern Territory 
and other speakers from the eastern states.’


Aunty Elaine Kngwarraye Peckham, Apmereke-artweye of Mparntwe, NT

Laura Lyons, Wiradjuri Woman: Instrumental in assisting to form FIRE (Fighting In Resistance Equally) and was involved in setting up GMAR Sydney Branch (Grand Mothers Against Removals)

Sylvia Purrurle Neale, Eastern Arrernte

Greg Marks, International human rights law expert, specialising in Indigenous rights. Policy analyst, researcher and writer. Centre Associate, Indigenous Law Centre UNSW

Facilitator:  Jeff McMullen, journalist and film maker

Friday, 8 December 2017, 5.30 pm for 6 pm start

Redfern Community Centre, 29-53 Hugo Street Redfern

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 Add your name to our petition calling for a Fair Price for Solar.

It’s been a week since the Turnbull Government announced the “National Energy Guarantee” (NEG) and still we’re being kept in the dark about what this policy will mean for rooftop solar. The NEG doesn’t say a word about Australia’s 1.7 million solar households. Not. A. Word.

As it stands the policy will concentrate power in the hands of the big retailers while leaving solar owners in limbo about what it means for their clean, homegrown power [1].

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that the same companies who’ve been ripping off solar owners for years should get any more power. Will you add your name to our petition for a Fair Price for Solar?

Solar owners have tapped into the power of the sun to take back control of their energy bills; they shouldn’t be left wondering what every new energy policy announcement will mean for their household budget.

A Fair Price for Solar provides balance and removes uncertainty – it means everyone with panels on their roof gets a fair return for the power they feed back to the grid. No ifs, no buts.

In South Australia, since the Essential Services Commission deregulated the minimum feed-in tariff, some retailers have recognised the benefits that solar owners bring to the grid, but many continue to get away with underpaying solar owners for their clean power [2].

Solar on the roof is good for the hip pocket, good for the environment and good for the grid, by lowering peak demand. But the way the system is set up means that big business enjoys the benefits of all that clean power – it’s rigged.

Will you help build momentum by adding your name to our petition that calls for a Fair Price for Solar?

The Federal Government is trying to flog a plan that ignores everyday Australians who are providing clean, affordable electricity to the grid. Worse still, they’ve set renewable targets so low that they might end up rapidly slowing the rollout of rooftop solar [3].

But with 1.7 million households across Australia with rooftop PV, if we work together, you and I can make sure rooftop solar is pushed into the light.

Let’s make sure the little guys don’t lose out again. Add your name to our petition calling for a Fair Price for Solar.


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Farmers for Climate Action – Stop compulsory acquisition of grazing land  for Adani’s private rail line

Petitioning Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

Stop compulsory acquisition of grazing land
for Adani’s private rail line

~ Farmers for Climate Action

‘My name is William Graham and I’m a fifth-generation grazier
on a cattle station near Emerald in Central Queensland.

‘This week the Queensland government has compulsorily acquired
3568 hectares of agricultural land in this region,
for Adani’s private rail line to their proposed Carmichael coal mine.

‘Graziers and farming families are coming to grips with the news
that parts of their properties will no longer belong to them.
The nuisance factor is enormous.
Properties will be split apart, and
access to water and facilities more difficult. … ‘

Read more of this petition, including background here:

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