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Nuclear and Uranium Spinbuster – theme for June 2013

The facts on the global nuclear industry are not hard to discover, if you delve. Nuclear power has some sort of tenuous future wherever the government funds it, and wherever the country has not had experience of it.  Nuclear power is dying a tortuous death wherever it is supposed to be a private enterprise business, and in countries that have experienced it. World Nuclear Industry Status Report maps nuclear power’s global decline

And of course, with dying nuclear power plants, dies the market for uranium Yellowcake Fever: Exposing the Uranium Industry’s Economic Myths,

There’s always a little, subterranean, push going on in Australia .  People like John White (Australia Nuclear Fuel Leasing) Ron Walker and Robert Champion de Crespigny,   (Australian Nuclear Energy)  with $billion signs in their eyes quietly beavering away for Australia to become the world’s nuclear waste dump.  Which is one reason why they all love the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor


and of course – spin it to Australians as a medical necessity


The nuke lobby spins to kids


The nuke lobby spins to all Australians, but especially Aborigines.


In the meantime, while awaiting the full nuclear fuel cycle in Australia, the nuclear/uranium lobby spins new little nuclear reactors


And of course, in view of the desperate plight of Australia’s uranium industry – it spins uranium mining.


And of course – in the spinner’s lexicon, words are all-important – the more confusing, the better. The theme is to show how lovely nuclear power is, and to discredit renewable energy.


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