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28 Oct 19  Voting begins in Kimba as nuclear waste issues divide the community.

26 oct 19 Farmers, traditional owners and ratepayers unite in anti-nuclear rally.

19 Oct 19, Federal govt trying to con Australians that a national nuclear waste dump is a “local” not a NATIONAL ISSUE.  South Australia: ballot on nuclear waste dump: Labor reaffirms anti-nuclear policy

17 October 19, A new bribe given on the eve of Kimba and Wallerberdina nuclear waste dump ballot

12 October 19 Government study found Kimba and Flinders Range areas to be unsuitable for nuclear waste dump.  Kimba ballot on nuclear waste dump- a good idea, but very badly done.

8 August 19  Nuclear waste: residents near proposed dump told to sign draconian code of conduct.

25 July 19 Senate moved to call on Senator Canavan to explain nuclear waste dump plan – size of dump, and types of wastes

13 July 19  Bangarla Aboriginal people’s Statement on court decision regarding ballot on nuclear waste dump site.Campaigners vow to continue the fight to stop Canberra dumping nuclear waste in South Australia.    Federal court rules against Aboriginal group who wanted inclusion in nuclear waste dump ballot. South Australian communities DID NOT voluntarily enter into process for hosting nuclear wastes.

9 July 19, Is Napandee, (Jeff Baldock’s property) near Kimba the govt’s chosen site for expanded nuclear waste dump?

29 April 19, Grey voters see red over 3 years of federal radioactive waste plan

6 April 19 – Port Lincoln the likely thoroughfare for nuclear waste entering South Australia?

\18 March 19 – Do we want another nuclear industry puppet in the South Australian federal seat of Grey?

16 March 19 – Hypocrisy in Scotland. For political reasons, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon refused to meet Aboriginal nuclear waste protestor.

9 February 19 Contrary to what ANSTO says, nuclear waste returning to Australia IS High Level Waste (HLW)

29 January 19 Courageous indigenous appeal to Scotland to stop sending nuclear waste – stop indigenous cultural genocide.

21 January 19     About nuclear wastes: Ignorance, incompetence and hypocrisy by Dan van Holst Pellekaan, South Australian Minister for Energy and Resources

19 January 19 Both Liberal and Labor keep mum about South Australia nuclear waste issue.

17 January 19 ANSTO nuclear waste will compromise safety and security in South Australia

15 January 2019 Matt Canavan’s ‘urgent’ new nuclear waste dump: The devil is in the detail

14 January 2019 Proposed nuclear waste dump in Flinders Ranges – an urgent issue for South Australians, and all Australians. Doubt about what happens to spent nuclear fuel rods within canisters.

8 January 19  STAND UP TO NUCLEAR WASTE DUMP BULLIES.  Pangea, reborn as ARIUS, waiting in the wings for the Australian govt to privatise a nuclear waste dump.

29 December 18 Despite 47.5 degrees Celsius heat, Senator Rex Patrick drove to Kimba to explore the question of “community consent” for nuclear waste dump

18 December 18 A second legal case to stop nuclear waste dump: Aboriginal traditional owners lodge complaint with Australian Human Rights Commission

3 December 18 Nuclear authorities planning for NUCLEAR PROCESSING at Kimba or Hawker dump site!

1 December 18 Government Divides Hawker and Kimba Communities While Hiding Suitable Alternate Radioactive Waste Sites.  Concerned citizens of Kimba petition the Senate to remove Kimba site from radioactive waste site shortlist.

17 November 18 Federal govt on nuclear waste dump: Minister has “absolute discretion”, dismisses Greens’ concerns.   The spent nuclear fuel rods at Lucas Heights can only sensibly be treated as high level waste.

15 November 18 Nov 28 in Flinders and Kimba – ClOSED meetings on nuclear waste dump plan

12 November 18 Federal government nuclear waste compromises Safety and Security in South Australia

10 November 18 Kimba property values plunge, following plans for nuclear waste dump there

8 November 18 Protestors rally at South Australian Parliament against nuclear waste dump plan. Aboriginal landowners say delay in nuclear waste dump vote may bring more opposition to the plan.

6 November 18 A warning about the privatisation of the Federal government’s planned nuclear waste dump for South Australia

27 Oct 18 Australian govt documents name Whyalla, Port Pirie, Port Lincoln as possible ports for nuclear waste transport

16 Oct 18 Ngadjuri Aboriginal Leader speaks out against South Australian nuclear waste transport and dumping

6 Oct 18 Un-paid people who care –speak out against nuclear waste dump plan for South Australia. High level nuclear wastes returned from France to Australia are not actually wastes of Australian origin.

5 Oct 18 Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – no resolution of dispute. Submissions are still accepted– Labor Senator Gallacher joins the Labor-Liberal pro nuclear dance team. Australian government grossly inflates the number of jobs to be needed at planned South Australian nuclear waste dump.

28 September 18 American transnational corporation AECOM would be the biggest beneficiary from a South Australian radioactive suppository

17 September 18 Greenpeace takes legal action against Australian nuclear waste transport to Cherbourg, France.

12 September    Ship loaded with Australia’s nuclear wastes arriving at Cherbourg, France    Flooding Dangers to proposal for Nuclear Morgue in South Australia Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP  on plan to store radioactive trash in rural South Australia

10 September Nuclear waste returning to Australia is really High Level Waste

7 September 18 – Injunction to halt Kimba nuclear waste ballot remains, Wallerberdina needs similar injunction

31 August 18  Environmental and flooding dangers to planned Flinders Ranges nuclear waste dump. Michele Madigan – update on the struggle against nuclear waste dumping in the Flinders Ranges. South Australia’s Greens leader Mark Parnell urges a united stand against nuclear waste dump plan.

29 August 18 Survey shows North region of South Australia mainly opposed to nuclear waste dump

27 August 18 Protesters against national radioactive waste dump march on Joy Baluch AM Bridge

25 August 18 Kimba’s aging population will hand the disaster of a “temporary” nuclear waste dump on to their descendants

24 August 18 Aboriginal group’s call for inclusion in nuclear waste vote now goes to the Human Rights Commission.  No clarity in Australian govt’s $31 million grants for communities to host nuclear waste dump.

22 August 18 Earthquake 20 August near Hawker planned site for nuclear waste dump. So called benefits from the waste dump don’t add up according to a new report.

20 August 18 Destructive Process and Oversold Benefits: New Report questions nuclear dump economic case, as Govt ballot postponed

10 August 18 Kimba nuclear waste dump proposal is in breach of International Atomic Agency Safety Guide.– The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) Says No To Nuclear Ports In South Australia

23 July 18  PUBLIC HEARING 2 August on National Radioactive Waste Dump Selection , Canberra.   Australian government ‘s $31 million bribe to Kimba or Hawker, South Australia to host nuclear waste dump. Radioactive Waste Facility: Communities can’t be bought.  According to Senator Canavan, Kimba and Hawker locals asked for a bigger bribe, to become a nuclear sacrifice zone.

20 July 18 Submissions to Senate: more people oppose a nuclear waste dump in Kimba or Hawker

12 July 18 Dolores Wells: nuclear waste dump will save Kimba’s future: Shame on Vocal Anti-Nuclear Critics! Kerri and Trevor  Cliff show a touching faith in Rowan Ramsey and the whole ANSTO pro nuclear propaganda. Kimba District Council seems mainly concerned about getting finances and services, in return for hosting nuclear wastes. Submission from Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) tells how good ANSTO is.

11 July 18  Chelsea Haywood sees nuclear waste dump as saving Hawker from a slow death. Ian Carpenter: nuclear waste dump would ensure survival of Hawker. Denise Carpenter -in Hawker, anti-nuclear information has been refuted by experts. Peta Ashworth: vaguely supportive on Selection Process for Nuclear Dump Site. Lyn and Claire Kemp declare their faith in a nuclear waste dump for Kimba. Matthew and Meagan Lienert – another declaration of faith in nuclear industry, ANSTO, ARPANSA, DIIS.

10 July 18 Jessica Morgan’s enthusiastic endorsement of ANSTO and the nuclear waste dump plan for Kimba. Andrew Baldock (offered his land for nuclear waste dump) dismisses objections to the plan. Jeff Baldock (volunteered his land) : the Kimba waste dump selection vote a matter for locals only.

9 July 18  Margaret and Charlie Milton – excited at the prospect of Kimba nuclear waste dump. Annie Clements happy to see nuclear waste dump powering Kimba community into the future.

7 July 18 Senator Rex Patrick in Whyalla – concerned that nuclear waste facility in South Australia is already a ‘done deal’. Responses to some of the pro nuclear Submissions to the Senate.

6 July 18 Daryl Koch has “no concerns” about nuclear waste dump for Kimba or for anywhere else.  Melanie Orman seems positively joyous about a nuclear waste dump for Kimba.   Jodie Joyce – another true believer in the National Radioactive Waste Facility for Kimba.

4 July 18 Does the Australian Federal Govt have the power to impose a nuclear waste dump?

2 July 18 “Community Consent: for nuclear waste dump site? “ Minister Canavan further muddies the waters– –Donna Johnson – enthusiastic about the Kimba Nuclear Waste Dump Selection Process. Katrina Koch happy with the Kimba nuclear waste dump selection process.

1 July 18.  Analysing the pro nuclear submissions about nuclear waste plan

29 June 18,  Resources Minister ‘hopeful’ in plans for nuclear power.

27 June 18 Geologists warn that the Barndioota region is a dangerous site for nuclear waste dumping. Brett Stokes -Submission on the illegality of the campaign for a nuclear waste dump in South Australia.  Brett Stokes shows how plans for nuclear waste dumping in South Australia have breached S.A. law.

25 June 18 Regina McKenzie’s detailed letters to Minister Matt Canavan ask the hard questions about the proposed Barndioota nuclear waste dump

23 June 18 Aboriginal land and nuclear waste dumping: A critically important Submission to Senate from Regina McKenzie,

20 June 18 Bob Tulloch dissects Australian govt’s nuclear waste dump “community consultation” and finds it dishonest.   Dave Fergusson – A Quorn resident disgusted at the hypocritical nuclear waste dump site process by Dept of Industry, Innovation and Science.

18 June 18  Australian govt rushing decision on nuclear waste dumping, avoiding Senate Inquiry report, and before next election.  USA nuclear authorities rename nuclear waste to make it sound safer: so do Australia’s

16 June 18 Need for an Independent Commission of Inquiry into Australia’s Nuclear Waste Management – FOE Submission  Philip Fels: a farming family saddened at community disruption, due to unwise Barndioota nuclear waste dump site selection

15 June 18 Why is nuclear industry puppet – Matt Canavan not considering Leonora , Western Australia, as nuclear waste dump?   Leon Ashton lays bare Australian govt hypocrisy, double-talk, lies , in its process for selecting nuclear waste dump site.  Kimba farmers Darren and Kellie Hunt deplore the Australian government’s flawed process for selection of nuclear waste dump site. Anna Taylor: Lucas Heights is the appropriate place, with the technology and expertise, for temporary storage of nuclear wastes.

13 June 18  Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick exposes wider flaws in the Australian govt’s targeting of South Australia as nuclear waste dump.  South Australian site selection for a national radioactive waste facility is a “sham”, as Western Australian private project is revealed.   Government assessment of proposed Kimba nuclear waste dump area is a farce.   Medical Association for Prevention of War – an urgent need for an independent inquiry into the production and management of Australia’s nuclear waste.

11 June 18  Flinders Local Action Group’s detailed submission: Nuclear Waste Dump decision is a National matter – not just  a local one.    Kay Fels’ strong submission against nuclear waste dump siting, – from a farmer’s point of view.  Ellenor Day is concerned about conflict of interest in nuclear waste site volunteered by Grant Chapman.

9 June 18 Ruth Tulloch on  “community consultation” by National Radioactive Waste Management – ” a huge, expensive marketing exercise ”

5 June 18 Katrina Bohr is dissatisfied with the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility’s process for “Community Consultation”. Chloe Hannan: community mental health is a serious issue that is ignored in the nuclear waste dump site selection process

4 June 18 A cry from a brave indigenous heart.  Conservation Council South Australia: No adequate case has been made for the establishment of a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

2 June 18 Sydney’s Opal nuclear reactor’s High Level Wastes off to France, later to return to planned Federal Nuclear waste Dump.   MNEMOSYNE GILES’ powerful submission exposes the deceit in the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility plan.

1 June 18 Leanne Lienert not necessarily opposed to nuclear waste dump, but very critical of the process.

30 May 18  Adnyamathanha Traditional Land  Association again confronts Resources Minister Matt Canavan on nuclear waste dumping.  No clear meaning of “broad community support” – the fatal flaw in Australian government’s push to impose a nuclear waste dump – Brian Cant.


28 may 18 Federal Government National Nuclear Waste Dump Selection Process – a B-grade horror movie plot.

26 May 18 South Australia’s No Dump Alliance sends a powerful submission opposing Federal nuclear waste dump plan for Flinders Ranges

 25 May 18 Toni Scott asks: will the government hound the Kimba and Hawker communities until they support nuclear waste dumping?

24 May 18 Environmental Defenders Office shows up flaws in Department of Industry, Science and Innovation’s report on nuclear waste siting

21 May 18 Australia’s Federal government process for nuclear waste dump siting disrespects indigenous community.

19 May 18 Australian government increases pressure for nuclear waste dump – (will the Senate Inquiry be irrelevant?)

18 May 18  Janette Thomas – on the biased “community consultation”on Barndioota nuclear dump plan, seismic and flooding dangersSouth Australia’s battles against nuclear waste dumping won, – and now fought again.

14 May 18  We must not leave nuclear waste decisions up to poorly informed Kimba residents –Kimba community being conned by false propaganda about nuclear medicine. Sue Tulloch’s scathing criticism of the federal nuclear waste dump process and shambolic Barndioota Consultative Committee

13 May 18 South Australian Premier  Steven Marshall now doing a backflip on nuclear waste dumping

12 May 18  ANSTO is lying to South Australians: nuclear medicine does NOT need a nuclear waste dump in Flinders Ranges.

11 May 18   Eddie Hughes MP– Nuclear Waste Dump Site Selection Process is Deeply Flawed

10 May 18  David Noonan: No sound reason for ANSTO’s nuclear reactor wastes to go to Kimba South Australia as STRANDED WASTES

9 May 18 Gary Cushway shows up the lack of indigenous support for nuclear waste dump

7 May 18 –  Sisters of St Joseph finds the Terms of Reference for Senate Inquiry on Nuclear Waste Dumping to be ‘grossly inadequate”.      Time for South Australians, ALL Australians, to rally against nuclear waste dumping in beautiful Flinders Ranges

6 May 18 Adnyamathanha tribal elder, Ken McKenzie, rejects pressure to agree to nuclear waste dumping at Wallerberdina.  Disrespect by ANSTO toting NSW Aboriginal man across Australia to promote nuclear waste dumping.

5 May 18 Australia’s “Nuclear Archbishop” Dr Adi Paterson, graced Kimba with a visit.

4 May 18 Pastoralist Donald Fels finds that Barndioota, South Australia, is a totally unsuitable site for a nuclear waste dump

2 May 18 Unanswered questions: what does ANSTO do with the high level nuclear waste canisters at Lucas Heights?  Nuclear waste dump site decision an all-Australia matter , says Independent and Peaceful Australia Network South Australia.

30 April 18 Anica Niepraschk calls on the government to dismiss the Hawker and Kimba site nominations for nuclear dumping  Two years of community resistance-Lessons from international experiences in selecting a nuclear waste dump site.   Australia’s radioactive trash, and the history of failed attempts to set up a nuclear waste dump.    Contradictions and problems in the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Taskforce process.

28 April 18 Colin Mitchell’s powerful submission to the Senate finds the national radioactive waste selection process to be deceitful

27 April 18 Australian Human Rights Commission predicts legal challenges that might stop nuclear waste dump plans for South Australia. Christine Wakelin – very sceptical of National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Taskforce’s methods and plans.

25 April 18 Barngarla native title holders do NOT support National Radioactive Waste Management Facility on their land – the nominated sites.  Gathering of South Australian groups to stand firm against nuclear waste dumping.

23 April 18  ‘s Michele Madigan’s submission  suggests alternative plan for Lucas Heights nuclear waste.    Woomera’s high level nuclear waste to go to Kimba as “Intermediate Level Waste”

21 April 18 Barbara Walker’s submission – nuclear waste dump would damage tourism, split community and is illegal in South Australia

20 April 18 The best yet: ENUFF’s Submission to Senate Inquiry on Nuclear Waste Dump Site Selection. More ubmisions published on Denate website: Highly Recommended:
barb walker
noel wauchope
barry wakelin
colin mitchell
michelle madigan
anica niepraschk
david noonan

18 April 18 Climate change – unseasonably hot weather made bushfires near Lucas Heights nuclear reactor become “apocalyptic” blazes.  Government and media silence on the bushfire danger to Lucas Heights nuclear reactor.  New South Wales National Party leader says- nuclear power “inevitable”for Australia Australian government successfully bribing Kimba community to host radioactive trash?   Visit of pro nuclear Resources Minister Canavan has strengthened Aboriginal opposition to nuclear waste dump

14 April Kimba Economic Working Group on nuclear waste dump set up by Dept of Industry Innovation and Science.   Nuclear Promotional Activities planned :Australia’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.  Janet Tiller: deep concern at plan for radioactive trash dump on agricultural land- submission to Senate.

13 April Lucas Heights’ dangerous nuclear wastes.- Top secret transport of nuclear waste – via Port Kembla?

12 April – Katrina Bohr: Submission to Senate– community views, indigenous support – and what about climate extremes?

11 April   Holly Whittenbury on Nuclear dump siting– Aboriginal issues, tourism impact, conflict of interest issues

8 April  Justine Major: Radioactive waste dump should NOT be on agricultural land -Submission to Senate

2 April 18  Senate Inquiry on nuclear waste dump sit is still not publishing any anti-nuclear submissions

31 March 18 – Federal Nuclear Waste Dump Siting IS A NATIONAL MATTER – submission to Senate

28 March 18 South Australia’s new Liberal MP Dennis Hood will push for nuclear dump. Australian Senate Committee has published only the PRO NUCLEAR submissions. ? ignoring the others

27 March 18 Submission for the public good – to Senate Inquiry on nuclear waste dump selection

26 March 18 – Strong support for Sydney’s Aboriginal rally against Brewarrina nuclear dump plan.

25 March 18 Submissions to the Australian Senate Inquiry on siting federal nuclear waste dump- theme for March 18

24 March 18 South Australia’s new Liberal Premier Marshall backs nuclear waste dump, despite community discord. An angry response from Eyre Peninsula resident to media coverage of South Australia nuclear dump plan. High Level nuclear waste by the name of Intermediate Level is just as corrosive to “dry cask containers“.  Anniversary of radiation accident at Lucas Heights – a warning to South Australia. Dumping nuclear waste is illegal in South Australia: South Australians will resist imposition of dump.

22 March 18 Pro nuclear enthusiasm in Ben Heard’s submission to the Senate

21 Mar 18  Leave Lucas Heights nuclear waste AT Lucas Heights – Mark Parnell     A powerful statement of warning against a nuclear waste dump for Kimba, South Australia    Busting the pro nuclear spin to regional South Australia, by the visitors from Lucas Heights      Nuclear propaganda tour across regional South Australia – AUSTRALIAN RADIATION PROTECTION AND NUCLEAR SAFETY AGENCY


Past accidents at Lucas Heights don’t augur well for nuclear dump plan.

17 Mar 18  Paul Waldon – a warning on safety tests of dry casks storing nuclear wastes

16 Mar 18 Nuclear waste dump for South Australia? Deafening silence by politicians and journalists.

14 Mar 18 David Noonan’s Submissions to Senate, regarding Reprocessing Nuclear Fuel and Safety of Intermediate Level Wastes

10 March 18 “Broad community support” for a nuclear waste dump near Kimba should mean a national referendum

9 March 18 Protesters unite against nuclear waste in Port Augusta   New York Times buys into ANSTO’s nuclear spin about Kimba?

7 March 18   Best way to make submissions to the Senate Inquiry on Nuclear Waste Dumping  ANSTO spin and lies : Kimba nuclear fans shouted a visit to Lucas Heights

5 March 18   South Australia election: Greens OPPOSE, SA Best nearly oppose, nuclear waste dump in SA: Labor and Liberal vacillate  Nuclear Waste issue highlighted in Port Augusta ahead of state election

3 March 18 Call for submissions to the Australian Senate Inquiry about the nuclear waste dump plan

2 March 2018  Our NEW PAGE on Submissions on Radioactive Waste Code.   David Noonan’s Submission on Required Protection of Cultural Heritage from impact by Disposal Facility Site selection AND on the Principal of Non-Imposition of Disposal Facilities

28 February   Brewarrina nuclear dump protests send clear message to Council: “Keep Bre Nuclear Free”.       About submissions on ARPANSA’s draft Code on Radioactive Wastes.   Vitrified nuclear waste due to be sent from UK to Lucas Heights, Australia by 2022

27 February 18  Senator Cory Bernardi promises $445 billion for South Australia, if it hosts international nuclear waste dump.  Australia signed up to keep nuclear waste as close as possible to the point of production .

24 February 18  Submission to ARPANSA on the draft Code for Disposal of Solid Radioactive Waste.   Department of Industry, Innovation and Science appoints giant American corporation AECOM to assess nuclear waste dump sites.    Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to set up another pro nuclear ‘Economic Working Group’ (EWG)

23 February 18 REGARDING THE NATIONAL RADIOACTIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITY – summary of letter from MAPW to Industry Minister Matt Canavan

21 February 18  The latest comments on ARPANSA’s site about Code for Radioactive Wastes.  The pretense that Lucas Heights nuclear spent fuel rods are an “asset”. No, they are wastes.  Nuclear waste canisters will themselves eventually become toxic radioactive trash.

19 February 18 To Feb 19 these are all the published comments on ARPANSA’s site about Code for Radioactive Wastes  ARPANSA draft Code for Disposal of Solid Radioactive Waste – Comments deadline postponed to 2nd March     Confusion about what types of nuclear waste are at Woomera, and planned for Kimba area.

Submissions to  to – Senate Standing Committee –Stop nuclear waste threats in South Australia. 

 17 February 18 Despite local opposition, Australian government still planning for nuclear waste dump in rural South Australia

16 February 18   So far, 4 pro nuclear Submissions to Senate Committee on nuclear waste dump selection.  Nuclear waste dump? A new abuse for Brewarrina’s Aboriginal people?

14 February 18    National Radioactive Waste Management Project is deceiving local communities.  UK’s Cumbria Trust point to serious concerns about nuclear dump plans and “Working with communities”   Kimba or Wallerberdina Station could be stuck with Stranded Radioactive Trash

10 February 18   From tears to cheers: three years since South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission was announced.

9 February 18 Senate Committee investigating nuclear waste project may already be compromised

7 February 18  South Australia’s peak environment body welcomes Senate nuclear waste dump inquiry  Senate Inquiry into Selection for Nuclear Waste Dump Site.  Inquiry into process for nuclear waste dump site selection

5 February   The nuclear industry lobbyists rule the Australian radiation regulator.  I will say NO to the waste dump

3 February 2018 ARPANSA considering components in radioactive trash dump- asks for your comments

 31 January 18 South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill may take High Court action against proposed Federal Nuclear waste Dump

29 January 18 Australian Government Department of Industry and Science hides the truth on radiation risks.  Any South Australian nuclear waste dump must have broad social consent and specific community consent.

27 January 18 Dishonest scare-mongering linking nuclear medicine and radioactive waste dumps


20 January 18 Film company to abandon plans for production in South Australian area if Federal nuclear waste dump goes ahead

17 January 18 Nuclear waste dumping decisions promoted as just a “local” issue – Australia unaware

15 January 18 Brett Stokes – a reminder about ANSTO and its zeal for the nuclear industry

14 January 18 Lest we forget: South Australians consistently reject hosting a nuclear waste dump

8 January 18 

6 January 18 Aborigine anger over lack of action to stop Scots nuclear waste transfers

 The politics behind the nuclear push in South Australia is complicated indeed.

1 January 2018 In 1995 the Australian government knew that Sydney’s Lucas Heights high level radioactive trash was a problem

15 December 17 Federal Nuclear Waste Dump: Locals NOT WELCOME to attend the Barndioota Consultative Committee December Meeting


9 December 17  Call For Senate Inquiry Into South Australia’s Nuclear Dump Sites

4 December 17 Over 1000 protest in Adelaide against Federal nuclear waste dump plan

29 27 November 17 South Australian law: government now prohibited from spending money to promote nuclear waste importing

27 November 17 Proposed Federal nuclear waste dump threatens South Australia’s environment and economy.

24 November 17 Western Australia nuclear waste enthusiast Glenn Baker shows his ignorance of the real purpose of nuclear dump

22 November 17 Australia’s govt and nuclear lobby soften up South Australians for nuclear waste dumping

17 November 17 High level nuclear wastes, planned for South Australia dumping, but not mentioned by Australian Government

Lucas Heights is the obvious place for a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

15 November 17  Federal radioactive waste in South Australia : three sites, two years, one message

Australian Aboriginal concerns will now be addressed in Scotland discussions on destination of reprocessed nuclear wastes

13 November 17 South Australian government: local Aboriginal community has final veto on nuclear waste suppositary

8 November 17 Dean Johnson, Kimba mayor, ecstatic about Kimba getting Federal govt bribe for radioactive trash dump search


  Holtec casks for wastes (as intended by Nuclear Royal Commission for South Australia) now found to have faults

1 November 17 Nuclear fuel waste: Extended Storage at Lucas Heights or target SA?

28 Oct 17 Weird award for crummy Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission agency

27 October 17  Mark Parnell on the final report of the Joint Committee on Findings of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission

21 October  Business South Australia – still a strident voice for the nuclear lobby. Judge rules that Business South Australia is NOT a charity.

 ANSTO calls High Level Nuclear Waste – “Intermediate Level” – fooling the public

18 October – No more money for investigating nuclear waste importing – South Australian Parliamentary Committee report

16 October – Australian govt changing electoral boundaries, in effort to get support for radioactive waste dump in South Australia?

 27 September –Aborigines fight to block nuclear wastes from Scotland ending up dumped in rural South Australia

20 September 17  Nominations sought for Kimba Consultative Committee on National Radioactive Waste Dump

Rural South Australia could end up with the curse of stranded nuclear wastes

16 September 17 ANSTO bosses support the global nuclear industry, not the well-being of Australians

11 September 17 Is the Federal Nuclear Waste Dump plan a TROJAN HORSE FOR AN INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WASTE DUMP?

9 September 17 South Australian responses to Federal Nuclear Waste Dump plan – Facebook

1 September 17 Time for Australia to have an inquiry into nuclear waste production and storage.

30 August 17 

28 August  Radioactive hospital wastes: South Australia

25 August 17 Western Australia Shire of Leonora keen to make money by hosting radioactive trash

21 August 17  South Australian govt’s pro nuclear propaganda campaign was expensive

19 August 17 The ABC swallows the nuclear lobby line on medicine – hook line and sinker. Two Kimba farmers happy at the prospect of stranded radioactive trash on their land.

18 August 17 Stand Tall: No Dump Alliance urges South Australian leaders to halt nuclear waste plan.

2 August 17 South Australians Brett and Michael Rayner overjoyed at the beauty of nuclear wastes at ANSTO.  Michelle and Brett Rayner blissfully unaware of the toxicity of the nuclear waste they’re inviting.

21 July 17 Pro nuclear activities of MP Rowan Ramsey questioned

30 June 17 Karina Lester: the Anangu story, and the Aboriginal fight against nuclear waste dumping

28 June 17 Minister For Nuclear and Coal, Matt Canavan pushes forward with Kimba radioactive trash dump plan. 


23 June 17 Kimba vote to investigate nuclear waste facility, but opposition to this is strong.  Kimba community divided over federal nuclear waste dump plan – fairly narrow “yes” vote

21 June 17 Strong calls to have Kimba nuclear dump plan dumped

7 June 17  South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill declares the nuclear waste importing plan “dead”

June 2o17 Senator Scott Ludlam probes the Australian government’s plan to dump Lucas Heights’ nuclear waste on rural South Australia

29 May IMPOSITION of ANSTO reactor nuclear wastes onto South Australian community

14 April Kimba South Australia: Neighbours still opposed to nominated nuclear waste facility sites

13 April Petition: No high level nuclear waste dump in South Australia. Say no to Jay’s high-level waste dump

7 April Does Australia REALLY need a radioactive waste facility in outback South Australia?   ANSTO admits that Federal waste plan is for reactor generated wastes, and that no longterm      disposal plan exists. Some enthusiasts for nuclear waste dump at Kimba, but many opponents.

    South Australian Liberal Party to launch advertising campaign against Nuclear Royal Commission plan to import nuclear wastes.

24 Mar Adnyamantha Aboriginal elder considering legal action against federal government‘s  proposed nuclear waste dump

22 Mar Radioactive Repeat: federal radioactive waste Groundhog Day increases uncertainty. Federal Government running amok in SA communities over nuclear waste.


11 March  South Australian Liberal Party condemns the plan to import nuclear wastes

7 February On nuclear waste dumping: America’s Dept of Energy more truthful than South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission

6 February Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) propagandising to Aborigines.             “Intermediate” nuclear waste- opens door for High Level Wastes .     High Level Nuclear Waste IS planned for South Australia’s Federal Dump.

5 February Jeff Baldock could make $$$s from #nuclear waste dump, but poses as community benefactor

3 February 17 S Aust property owners offer land for nuclear waste – at Napandee and Lyndhurst, near Kimba.    Nuclear propaganda group to visit Port Augusta.     Kimba Mayor wants a referendum first, before any decision on nuclear waste dump.

28 January 17 2 earthquakes in 2 days near to Barndioota, the planned Federal nuclear waste dump site

16 January 2017  Derek Abbott explodes the Royal Commission proposal for a nuclear waste dump. South Australian Liberal leader stresses that the Royal Commission nuclear waste plan was a huge economic risk

12 December 16

9 December 16   According to Bob Hawke, Aborigines can get a decent life only if Australia imports nuclear waste? South Australian nuclear waste dump fans, (members of Ben Heard’s “Bright New World Nuclear Propaganda”)  write to politicians

7 December 16 Australian government’s nuclear waste dump for Barndioota – a sly prelude for importing nuclear waste

5 December 16 South Australian Labor govt clings to its nuclear waste dream

30 November 16 Tiny outback town divided over plan for federal nuclear waste dump. Kimba, South Australia, may rejoin the discussion on hosting a federal nuclear waste dump.

star28 November 16 “Medical” uses do not justify Lucas Heights nuclear reactor, nor a Flinders Ranges nuclear dump

23 November 16 Nuclear lobbyist Nathan Paine rubbishes the economic experts who informed South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission. Michael West casts a satirical searchlight on South Australia’s nuclear waste import plan.

star20 November 16   Michele Madigan relates the continuing saga of the South Australian nuclear waste import plan . Sunday Mail survey reveals opposition to nuclear waste dump

19 November Legal obstacles – State,National, and International, to Australia importing nuclear wastes  Nuclear Economics Consulting Group reports on the diseconomics of importing nuclear waste to South Australia  Europe’s new rules about exporting nuclear waste are RELEVANT TO AUSTRALIA

18 November. Nuclear dump plan dumped- but will be a South Australian election issue

17 November No further investigation into high level nuclear waste dump – Jay Weatherill

16 November .  Pro nuclear Royal Commissioner Scarce still pushing the barrow for the industry South Aust Premier Weatherill wants a a nuclear referendum but no-one else does. South Australian Premier Weatherill – a political martyr for the nuclear lobby.  Protestors in the streets of Adelaide call for “Dumping the Nuclear Waste Dump”

14 November 

13  November Now, focus on the unnecessarily large, and unnecessary, Flinders nuclear dump proposal.   Don’t let’s get complacent that the nuclear waste import battle is over.

7 November Aboriginal people will never agree to a high level waste dump – Nuclear Citizens Jury Report. Premier Weatherill’s Big Gaffe. Overwhelming rejection of nuclear waste import. (article includes reader poll). Premier Weatherill’s grand nuclear waste plan in shreds! NO TO NUCLEAR WASTE DUMP ! South Australian Nuclear Citizens’ Jury.

6 November A “Minority Report” from South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury?

5 November Nuclear Citizens’ Jury to present report to Premier Jay Weatherill. Port Lincoln nuclear jurors mull over Citizens’ Jury report. The Nuclear Royal Commission will be remembered as a hypocrisy, Kevin Scarce’s Nuclear Conflict of Interest.

4 November Tainted economic evidence was given to South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission

29 October  Labor Party dithers in vote over nuclear waste dumping in South Australia  South Australian Premier Weatherill heckled by anti nuclear protestors  Delaying tactics on the nuclear waste agenda at South Australia’s Labor Party Conference

28 October ‘Nuclear Citizens’ Juryobserver’ – CARA Director John Phalen (Director Nuclear Engagement at Department of the Premier and Cabinet)  – has been booted out of Basecamp after requests from multiple jurors.

Will Australia become the global nuclear toilet? Lead-up to events in Adelaide 29 October

Nuclear showdown for South Australia’s Labor Party Conference.

27 October – An ethical argument for Australia to import nuclear wastes?

star22 October – see the Witness List for Nuclear Citizens’ Jury 29-30 October, and see which witnesses are pro nuclear and which are for nuclear-free

18 October – Huge anti waste dump rally in Adelaide on Oct 15. Smaller ones in Sydney , Melbourne, Alice Springs

13 October  – anti– nuclear dumping rallies across Australia text don't nuclear waste Australia

15 October – Adelaide NATIONAL  against nuclear waste dumps in SA
15 October – Melbourne  National Day of Action: No Nuclear Waste Dumps on Aboriginal Land! 
15 October – Sydney  – National Day of Action  against nuclear waste dumps in SA
12 October Witnesses recommended for the next Citizens’ Jury on Nuclear Waste Importing
9 October. Monitoring Second Nuclear Citizens’ Jury – doubts on the integrity of this exercise. Jury given  a loaded pro nuclear  question.
8 October. Inconvenient truths the nuclear “citizens’ jury” needs to hear
7 October  South Australia’s nuclear dump plan – fool’s gold? – senior Liberal MP
1 October. Premier Weatherill either dishonest or ignorant, about Finland’s nuclear waste dump plan
18 September Unpleasant consequences for Australia in setting up international nuclear waste dump?
                               Jay Weatherill dithering on when to make a decision about nuclear waste importing for                                South Australia.
16 September. “Your Say” comments on Nuclear Royal Commission’s Waste Dump plan  – on economics, on Royal Commissioner  Kevin Scarce, on the possible nuclear submarine connection, on South Australia’s reputation. 
15 September When will Premier Weatherill admit that the nuclear bonanza is a really bad idea?
                               Citizens’ Jury – a good process studied an economically bad plan
12 September Taxpayers up for huge costs in South Australia – just for the PLANNING for nuclear waste importing
10 September Australia’s nuclear lobby wants waste dump as a prelude to setting up ‘new nuclear’ in South Asia.
9  September More South Australian govt nuclear propaganda eventsThurs. 15/9:  Colonnades Shopping Centre, 54 Beach Rd, Noarlunga Centre,  11:00am – 7:00pm                      Morgan Institute, 2 Ninth St, Morgan, 11:00am – 7:00pm                      Pukatja Aboriginal Community, Ernabella-Victory Downs Road,  11:00am – 5:00pmSun: 18/9:  Left Unity  forum re political issues and dump. 2pm. Box Factory, Regent St, Adl.Mon. 19/9: Port Augusta Central Oval, Victoria Parade, 11:00am – 7:00pmFilm: “Containment”, Capri Theatre,141 Goodwood Rd, 6:00pm – 7.20p  AND meeting – Joinery 6pmTues. 20/9:  Quorn Town Hall, 1 Seventh St, 11:00am – 7:00pm                        Woomera Theatre, 675 Banool Ave, 11:00am – 7:00pmWed. 21/9: Munno Para Shopping Centre, 600 Main North Rd, Smithfield, 9:00am – 5:00pm                       Andamooka SES Shed, Hospital Rd, Andamooka, 11:00am – 7:00pm                       Hawker Community Sports Centre, Druid Range Dr, 11:00am – 7:00pm
                      The Gov, 59 Port Road, Hindmarsh. @ 6.30pm
A talk on the dollars and the dump and a National Day of Action info session.Thurs. 22/9: Munno Para Shopping Centre, 600 Main North Rd, Smithfield, 11:00am – 7:00pm   Coober Pedy Greek Hall, Lot 1226 Saint Nicholas Street, 11:00am – 7:00pm                         Leigh Creek Tavern Dining Room, 20 Railway Terrace W, Copley, 11:00am – 7:00pmFri. 23/9:  Munno Para Shopping Centre, 600 Main North Rd, Smithfield, 9:00am – 5:00pmSat. 24/9:  Munno Para Shopping Centre,  600 Main North Rd, Smithfield, 9:00am – 5:00pmMon. 26/9:  Keith Institute, Ruth Wheel Building, Heritage Street, 11:00am – 7:00pm                        Tailem Bend Town Hall,  101 Railway terrace, 11:00am – 7:00pmTues. 27/9:  Naracoorte Hall, 95 Smith St, 11:00am – 7:00pm                        Meningie Bowling Club, Princes highway, 11:00am – 7:00pmWed. 28/9:  Port Adelaide Shopping Centre, 200/220 Commercial Rd, 9:00am – 5:00pm                        Kingston Town Hall, 29 Holland St, Kingston, 9:00am – 5:30pm                        Penola Wattle Range Council (the Gallery), 27 Arthur Street, 11:00am – 7:00pmThurs. 29/9:  Robe Institute, LOT 131 Mundy Terrace, 11:00am – 7:00pm                          Harbour Town,  727 Tapleys Hill Road, West Beach, 9:00am – 5:00pm                          Millicent The Civic and Arts Centre,14 Ridge Terrace,11:00am – 7:00pmFri. 30/9:  Mawson Lakes Shopping Centre,297 Mawson Lakes Blvd, 9:00am – 5:00pm5 September. Keep in mind Second Round of Citizens’ Jury meetings 8th and 9th October and 29th and 30th October and 5th and 6th November4 September South Australia’s Premier Weatherill is proud that his nuclear waste import plan is RISKY!3 September Unions ready to oppose South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill on nuclear waste dump plans31 August Secret forum – for the Nuclear Royal Commission to indoctrinate kids?Latest South Australian govt nuclear propaganda event list (How much is all this costing the tax-payer?)Fri. 26/8:   West Lakes Shopping Centre 9-5   Mt Barker Town hall: Stephen St, 11:00am – 7:00pmSat. 27/8:   West Lakes Shopping Centre 9-5Mon. 29/8: Port Lincoln Aboriginal Community, Ravendale Rd, 11:00am – 5:00pm                  Tanunda CWA Hall, 70 Murray Street, 11:00am – 7:00pmTues. 30/8: Koonibba Aboriginal Community, Foggos Road,  11:00am – 5:00pm                   Kapunda Soldiers Memorial Hall, Hill Street, 11:00am – 7:00pmWed. 31/8:  Birdwood Institute 44 Shannon Street, Birdwood, 11:00am – 7:00pmThurs. 1/9: Castle Plaza Shopping Centre, 992 South Rd, Edwardstown, 11:00am – 7:00pm                    Strathalbyn Town Hall, High Street,  11:00am – 7:00pmFri. 2/9: Kangaroo Island Town Hall, 43 Dauncey St, Kingscote,11:00am – 7:00pm              Norwood Town Hall Don Pyatt Room,175 The Parade, Norwood, 9:00am – 5:00pm              Royal Adelaide Show – Jubilee Pavilion, Goodwood Rd,  9:00am – 9:00pm              Pt. Augusta Exposure 2016 Institute Theatre & Gladstone Square              Opens on Friday night with ‘Talking Straight Out’, 5.30pm 3/9: Norwood Town Hall Don Pyatt Room, 175 The Parade, Norwood, 9:00am – 6:00pm               Royal Adelaide Show – Jubilee Pavilion, Goodwood Rd,  9:00am – 9:00pm               Pt. Augusta Exposure 2016 Institute Theatre & Gladstone Square, 9:00am – 4:30pm 4/9: Royal Adelaide Show, Jubilee Pavilion, 9:00am – 9:00pm                Pt. Augusta Exposure 2016 Institute Theatre & Gladstone Square, 9:00am – 1:00pm 5/9: Royal Adelaide Show, Jubilee Pavilion, 9:00am – 9:00pm                   Port Wakefield  Eagles Sports & Community Centre,  11:00am – 7:00pmANC meeting: Joinery, 6:00pm – 8:00pmTues. 6/9: Royal Adelaide Show, Jubilee Pavilion, 9:00am – 9:00pm                  Iwantja Aboriginal Community, Indulkana, 11:00am – 5:00pm                  Yorketown Town Hall – Main Hall, 15 Edithburgh Rd, 11:00am – 7:00pm

                  Flinders Uni, Environment Day,  9:00am-3:00pm

Wed. 7/9:  Royal Adelaide Show, Jubilee Pavilion, 9:00am – 9:00pm

                   Kadina Town Hall, 51 Taylor St, 11:00am – 7:00pm

                   Umuwa Aboriginal Community, 11:00am – 5:00pm


Thurs.8/9: Royal Adelaide Show, Jubilee Pavilion, 9:00am – 9:00pm

                 Fregon Aboriginal Community, 11:00am – 5:00pm

                 Port Pirie Northern Festival Centre, 106 Gertrude St, 11:00am – 7:00pm


Fri. 9/9: Royal Adelaide Show, Jubilee Pavilion, 9:00am – 9:00pm

             Mimili Aboriginal Community, Umuwa-Chandler Road, 11:00am – 5:00pm


Sat. 10/9: Royal Adelaide Show, Jubilee Pavilion, 9:00am – 9:00pm


Sun. 11/9: Royal Adelaide Show, Jubilee Pavilion, 9:00am – 9:00pm


Mon. 12/9: Clare Town Hall, 229 Main North Road, 11:00am – 7:00pm

                    Pipalyatjara Aboriginal Community, Main Street, 11:00am – 5:00pm


Tues. 13/9: Jamestown Medical Centre Meeting Room, 66 Irvine St, 11:00am – 7:00pm

                   Kanpi Aboriginal Community, Main Street, 11:00am – 5:00pm

Wed. 14/9: Colonnades Shopping Centre,54 Beach Rd, Noarlunga Centre, 9:00am – 5:00pm

                    Amata Community, Gunbarrel Hwy,11:00am – 5:00pm

                    Orroroo Golf Club, 1 Second Street, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Check out some excellent submissions to the NFCRC at Nuclear Royal Commission 
2-4 September – Port Augusta EXPOSURE
19 September – Goodwood, AdelaideFilm Containment 
8 October – Adelaide – Nuclear Citizens’ Jury no. 2
9 October –  Adelaide – Nuclear Citizens’ Jury no. 2
29 October – Adelaide – Nuclear Citizens’ Jury no. 2
30 October – Adelaide – Nuclear Citizens’ Jury no. 2
25 August   South Australia’s nuclear waste dump plan not economically viable? The nuclear lobby doesn’t care. 
24 August Can South Australia cope with the bureaucratic mountain needed for nuclear waste dumping?

20 August South Australian Parliamentary Inquiry asks inconvenient questions about nuclear waste import costs

14 August South Australian Parliament’s Joint Committee on Findings of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission. 

Graph Submissions to SA Parlt 2016

This Parliamentary Inquiry is still going on. Transcripts of hearings and submissions can be read at (if Chrome browser doesn’t work for those PDFs try another browser, e.g Firefox.)

13 August  South Australian Govt’s “Simplify Day” – aimed at removing nuclear restriction laws?

4 August Festering doubts on impartiality of Nuclear Royal Commissioner Kevin Scarce

3 August Manufacturing social licence – South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission

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12 July  The videos of the NUCLEAR CITIZENS’ JURY held June 25-26 and July 9-10 are not easy to find. Here is the link to all 24 –

 Transcripts of the Nuclear  Citizens Jury proceedings are at

9 July  Today’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury Hearings – not looking too good, so far.  Nuclear Citizens Jury discusses Community Consent

8 July    Tune in from 10.30am on Saturday 9th July for the first livestream session.

Agenda for Saturday 9th July and Sunday 10th
Topics: Community Consent  –  Economics – Safety – Trust

24 June      25 June LIVE STREAMING South Australian Government’s Nuclear Citizens Jury

Nuclear Citizens Jury – dubious panel, dubious public accessability

South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens Jury to have a ?scientific panel

National Labor opposes nuclear waste importing: an obstacle to South Australia’s plan

20 June More about the Citizens Jury Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26

Does the South Australian plan meet the BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR CITIZENS’ JURY ?

David Noonan’s Nuclear waste security brief, in brief.  In greater detail- here. 

17 June Senator Nick Xenophon not keen on nuclear waste importing.Citizens' Jury scrutiny

View South Australia Nuclear Citizens Juries Saturday 25 June and Sunday 26 June

16 June – Responses to the Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission’s recommendations. See some good ones – scroll down the sidebar at our home page. Also see John Jasson’ s response and Penny Kleemann’s response. .

12 June Antinuclear Australia is surveying all Labor MPs, Senators and Candidates, as to which way they would vote, if Labor moved to change its policy against nuclear expansion, including importing nuclear waste. You can see the survey question at ELECTION 2016. Scroll right down, past the Nick Xenophon team, and list of Labor politicians, to find the message sent to Labor politicians.

Antinuclear Australia is also surveying Nick Xenophon Team politicians, to find out what each thinks about Australia importing nuclear waste.

4 June Submission time again this time to South Australian Parliamentary Committee. Closing date July 1st (conveniently hidden during Federal Election fervour)

South Australian ‘Citizens’ Jury’ to kick off expensive nuclear publicity juggernaut

Globally unprecedented scale of Nuclear waste shipments target Australia. Which Nuclear port in Australia to receive and store High level Nuclear Wastes

Friends of the Earth tracking the progress of South Australia’s Royal Commission into Nuclear Expansion.

29 May Doubts about the integrity of South Australia’s “Citizens’ Jury” nuclear waste plan. Check on newDemocracy ‘s statement here – at NUCLEAR FUEL CYCLE ENGAGEMENT – SOUTH AUSTRALIA’S DEPARTMENT OF PREMIER & CABINET

25 May – Royal Commission very vague on how much a South Australian nuclear waste dump is going to cost the tax-payer.

24 May – Unstable Middle East and Aaian regimes are the likely customers for sending nuclear waste to South Australia

23 May – Dr Andrew Allison assesses the FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS of South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission

22 May This page is taking over from the Royal Commission page. You would think that South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission was over. But No. The South Australian government is now using the Citizens’ Juries to continue the work of the RC.

The first Citizens’ Jury is in no way a jury.

It seems to have been given the job of further “educating” the public on the recommendations of the RC.

.A Citizens’ Jury should be tasked with making a judgement about something. It should not be a promotional exercise.

The jury is asked to produce an independent guide to help every South Australian understand the recommendations raised by the Royal Commission’s report.

Watch this space….

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