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Uranium exploring companies crawl all over the Australian outback in response to constant glowing propaganda about uranium. Meanwhile the uranium price continues to sag, as countries wake up to the unaffordability of nuclear power, and even to the fact that nuclear weapons are pretty useless as national defences.

Meanwhile, as global warming proceeds, and environmental pollution problems become apparent – Australians need a shift towards looking after the very base of our economy – Australia’s land and water


Real value begins with things that enhance life, and these come basically from unpolluted air, water and soil.    A healthy, productive environment is the basis for a healthy socially cohesive society- from this comes a country’s real wealth.

A healthy environment is not something that just might get  tacked on as an afterthought – after corporations first make a lot of money, then let the population have some sort of a life. Corporate profit is not the basis for a good economy.


One way to promote Australia’s sustainable economy is to make sure that you’re not investing in uranium mining.  This is hard to do, as you don’t know where superannuation funds and banks are putting your money.

At least you can avoid directly investing in BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Paladin or any of the other uranium mining companies.

Ethical Investment funds are not all they’re cracked up to be.

Good ones? Hesta Eco Pool , Arkx Clean Energy Fund, Hunter Hall Global Ethical Trust and Hunter Hall Global Deep Green Trust , Domini Social Investments, will not invest in uranium mining or nuclear power.

Not so good ones.

Australian Super,  ING, BT Institutional Australian Sustainability Share Fund, Aviva Investors Sustainable Investor Funds, Perpetual Ethicals SRI  will invest in uranium mining. Some of these funds state that they “will not invest in companies which directly mine uranium for the purpose of weapon manufacture.”. What a piece of breath-taking hypocrisy that statement is! – They have no problem if the uranium indirectly finds its way into nuclear weapons, or frees up other uranium for weapons

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