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Uncle Ken Canning at Sydney ‘Don’t Nuclear Waste Australia’ event 15-10-16
Adnyamathanha woman Juanella McKenzie at Sydney ‘Don’t Nuclear Waste Australia’ event
 New Nukes Make Global Warming Worse: CO2 Smokescreen w/ Arnie Gundersen
text-Please-NoteWe are monitoring the South Australian government’s strange and wonderful (?) NUCLEAR CITIZENS’ JURY process


29 October – Adelaide – Labor Party Conference
29 October – AdelaideProtest rally outside Labor Party Conference 
29 October – Adelaide – Nuclear Citizens’ Jury no. 2
30 October – Adelaide – Nuclear Citizens’ Jury no. 2
5 November – Adelaide – Nuclear Citizens’ Jury
6 November- Adelaide– Nuclear Citizens’ Jury

More information at Action Australia


Uncle Lyle Davis speaking at ‘Don’t Nuclear Waste Australia’ rally, Sydney 15-10-16 

 Hill End farmer Robyn Rayner speaking at the Sydney rally against nuclear waste dumps
NTEU NSW Secretary Genevieve Kelly at ‘Don’t Nuclear Waste Australia” rally, Sydney
see-this.way Art Exhibition – Nuclear, at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide 
 If you want to have your say we recommend you fill out the survey on the government’s website below. These survey’s will be collated and presented to the second Citizen’s Jury so clearly and strongly stating your concerns is important.…/statewide-survey

text-Please-NoteCheck out Latest South Australian govt nuclear propaganda event list at Nuclear Dumping 
starLEST WE FORGET. Read extracts from those fine ANTI-NUCLEAR submissions to the Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission South Australia, conveniently arranged in alphabetical order at NUCLEAR ROYAL COMMISSION 

sign-thisNo Nuclear Dump in SA – signage

see-this.wayBlack Mist, Burnt Country opens on September 24 at the National Trust SH Ervin Gallery, NSW and will tour nationally.

scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAINTranscipts of South Australia Parliamentary hearings and submissions can be read at (if Chrome browser doesn’t work for those PDFs try another browser, e.g Firefox.)


 of the week

SA’s Radioactive Royal Commission  

Plan for an international nuclear waste dump in Australia
No Dump Alliance

logo No dump Alliance SA



        sign-this Stop the TPP


As the community and campaign fires up against the dump the Facebook group ‘Fight to Stop the Nuclear Waste in the Flinders Ranges’ is doing a great job of sharing info, organising and offering support – add yourself to keep in the loop and get involved.

sign-thisPlease sign and share this petition against the #barndiootadump #nonukesSA…


  1. Imagine a planet where our families were very moderate in size – we wouldn’t be using as much energy in total and could leave some energy for the next generation.

    Comment by L Hunter | September 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thank you, L. Hunter.
    I totally agree with you – the goal would be moderation in human numbers, as well as moderation in the way we live, and consume the Earth’s resources.
    I read recently of someone’s suggestion that “the best tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the condom”

    Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. I’d have to admit that my views have been influenced by the information put out by the ‘independent’ radio and television broadcasters and by the institutes you have mentioned.
    I feel that I have made a conscious effort to become better educated on the issue of nuclear power but if our public broadcasters and institutes are not providing unbiased information on the issue then where else do I go?
    I personally think the case for nuclear power is strong but I am now wary that I may not have been presented with all the relevant information.

    Comment by MattSmith | January 20, 2010 | Reply

    • Australia’s public broadcasters are not doing such a bad job, by world standards. Of course they find trivia, sensationalism, and overly sentimental topics are more popular than serious matters. And of course, they find it easier to just use the media releases that pour out from industry and government.

      Still, one can find very fair and informative stuff in Australia’s mainstream media – (eg. The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Courier Mail), just that it’s likely to be on about page 7 of the newspaper, or on TV or radio at an unfriendly time (e.g ABC’s Lateline). Also, journalists aren’t always resourced (or inclined) to spend time at the “coal-face” or rather, the “uranium-face” – some topics just not covered.

      All coupled with Australians, (including journalists’) extraordinary reverence for the opinions of “hard” scientists, (nuclear physicists, like Ziggy Switkowski,) compared to their scepticism about “soft” scientists, ( ecologists, environmental scientists like Mark Diesendorf, or Prof Ian Lowe)

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | January 21, 2010 | Reply

  4. A message we get from the media is that Nuclear power is the only way to provide full-scale baseload power.

    Rarely do Nuclear power proponents mention REDUCING or ELIMINATING the gargantuan full-scale waste of power.


    millions of burning electric lights on bright sunny days, eccentric eclectic electric doors opening for any people/objects passing by and often not coming in, almost countless numbers of devices chewing up electricity in standby power-buy mode, dinosaur toasters and dinosaur ovens run on days that a solar oven could do the job, shop “background” subliminal propaganda programming music and video feeds, hair dryers when extreme water wasteful cotton for towels is unused or discarded in frantic frenzy, “boom box” speaker earthshakers human-attempted earthquakers, electric air conditioning to cool those already overflowing with excessive cold-weather-survival calories, grid iron heaters instead of exercise + no-restrictive-nicotine + no-depressive-alcohol + comfortable clothes in winter.

    The True Cost on my electric bill at home is ONE KILOWATT $0.25 per day, but outside of home, and due to waste society, is probably an order of magnitude (10 times) greater at a minimum.


    “To Waste is a Crime.”

    Comment by NoNukes Australia | March 3, 2010 | Reply

  5. I have a query regarding using some material on your website, and getting permission from you to do so. Could you please contact me by email, and I will send you the details?

    Comment by Debbie Gallagher | July 23, 2012 | Reply

  6. Scientists must dump toxic nuclear waste in their own backyard FIRST for many, many centuries to PROVE that it is safe, before pedalling their evil lies and deceit onto human beings, who have a heart and a soul and are of sound mind !
    Why don’t the world’s scientists buy an island or landsite somewhere in the world and use it as a toxic nuclear waste dumping ground as they are clearly so obsessed with nuclear power ? Most of them are multimillionaires after the nuclear deals they have made, some even with our enemies and also all of the evil lies they have preached to human beings. Perhaps the countries that create nuclear waste, could also contribute to the cost of this toxic nuclear waste dump island or landsite. I propose that humanity demands that all the world’s nuclear scientists go an live on such an island together with the world’s toxic nuclear waste as an EXPERIMENT before spreading their EVIL ERRORS and LIES and DECEIT onto human beings. We need to DEMAND PROOF !

    Comment by Esther | February 21, 2016 | Reply

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