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The nuclear fantasy – time that we ended it -theme for January 2022.

It WAS a great dream – when the atomic scientists thought that they could assuage their guilt by inventing ”atoms for peace”

But that was a great lie. The USA raced on with nuclear reactors producing fuel for nuclear weapons. The British and Russians followed suit – then France, India, Israel, China – just about every nation wants them – Middle Eastern rulers now salivating at the thought.

Everybody piously talks about ”peaceful nuclear”. Now there’s the new champion lie – ”nuclear to save the world from climate change”.

And that feat is to be accomplished by so-called Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) – thousands of super-expensive little unicorns that don’t exist. The lying salesmen (who have no conscience) will keep pretending that they’re ”little”, while economies of scale demand that the reactors are put together to make Big nuclear plants.

And still the purpose is – all for the weapons industry. Technology, expertise, funding – to support that real industry – Nuclear weapons – under the sea, on land, in space! The ordinary peasant is not so keen, so investment in SMRs isn’t really happening. The thing is pushed by grandiose gurus like Bill Gates – . and even Gates knows that tax-payer funding is the intended funding system.

I recommend a couple of posts on this website:
Establishment support, secrecy and corruption, in the promotion of dangerous nuclear power. Natrium reactors, like those at Santa Susana.

And don’t think, just because these articles are about America, that the Establishments in UK, Russia France, China etc are any better. The same sort of toxic macho-men are in control of governments there, too.

Time to take the toys from the boys

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Australia can be a leader – and avoid the nuclear fantasy

Australia already is a leader, in the dazzling success of renewable energy, – and that’s despite the concerted efforts of the Liberal National Coalition government to stall renewable energy.

The Murdoch media and the nutty Nationals continue to push for nuclear power, because they hang on to that old Pangea dream, of Australia becoming the radioactive nuclear garbage dump of the world, making $squillions for a few ruthless men, (and maybe for Gina too).

So- there’s the absurdity of the $170 billion nuclear submarines (useless for Australia’s defence) – and the current push for fleets of Small Nuclear Reactors, massively expensive and – to ”solve climate change”.

All of this is part of the global insane frenzy for nuclear power-nuclear weapons.

Australia does not have to be in that. Australia does not have to remain a cultural colony of the USA.

Sadly, that is where we are as of now. There’s no better symbol of this than the plight of Australian Julian Assange. His sin was to expose American military atrocities.

If the Australian government were to, for once, stand up to the USA bully, we might have a chance to stand up to the pressure to join the American nuclear military machine, and the nuclear fuel chain fantasy.

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The only true purpose of small nuclear reactors- to promote the nuclear weapons industry, and hide its costs – theme for December 21.

Small Nuclear Reactors – the Big New Way – to get the public to fund the nuclear weapons industry

November 28, 2020

so-called “small nuclear reactors”

Downing Street told the Financial Times, which it faithfully reported, that it was “considering” £2 billion of taxpayers’ money to support “small nuclear reactors”

They are not small

The first thing to know about these beasts is that they are not small. 440MW? The plant at Wylfa (Anglesey, north Wales) was 460MW (it’s closed now). 440MW is bigger than all the Magnox type reactors except Wylfa and comparable to an Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor.

Only if military needs are driving this decision is it explicable.

”Clearly, the military need to maintain both reactor construction and operation skills and access to fissile materials will remain. I can well see the temptation for Defence Ministers to try to transfer this cost to civilian budgets,” 

Any nation’s defence budget in this day and age cannot afford a new generation of nuclear weapons. So it needs to pass the costs onto the energy sector.

How the UK’s secret defence policy is driving energy policy – with the public kept in the dark. BY DAVID THORPE / 13 OCTOBER 2020

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Small nuclear reactors lead the great mindless nuclear-war-mongering juggernaut – Australia keen to jump on? theme for December 21

The ”juggernaut” is an imaginary evil chariot, a giant, powerful, violent unstoppable force, crushing all in its path, (wrongly connected to a Hindu belief).

Of all the threats to our home planet, the only one to sustain life, only the nuclear threat could be stopped by human action. But human action is now dominated by the nuclear and weapons industry juggernaut– that ”military-industrial -complex” that controls big macho-men governments.

The mask of ”peaceful” nuclear power is off. If nuclear was ever useful for energy and climate – it is no longer.

So – what do the nuclear lobby wizards come up with?

Small nuclear reactors and the pretense that they could have any effect on climate. No, Virginia, their one and only use is to keep the nuclear industry alive. Thus the nuclear weapons industry can more easily pass their costs on to tax-payers, convince nuclear executives and workers that they’re doing something beneficial, and the rest of us – that governments are ”looking after us;”.

But governments are looking after the military-industrial complex, as it leads on to nuclear war, – on land, under the sea, and in space. And the small nuclear reactors are leading the war-mongering nuclear juggernaut

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Nuclear power for MINDLESS, ENDLESS, ENERGY use – Data ”Farms” and Bitcoin – theme for November 21

When you think about the stupidity of eternal wastage of energy , it’s hard to beat the system of the supposed ”CLOUD”. Every pointless little email, little emoji, tweet, and all the other bits of digital junk produced goes not up into the disappearing ether, but down into a dirty great computer server, just one of the accumulating number of dirty great computer servers. Far from being ”farms”, these collections of steel enclosed machines actually produce nothing, but they do CONSUME massive amounts of electricity.

No wonder that the nuclear industry loves them!

The nuclear industry also loves crypto-currency, Bitcoin being the current top favourite of energy-guzzling systems.

A pernicious trio – data farms, cryptocurrency, and nuclear power – leading the world into eternal energy consumption and environmental degradation.

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Conserving energy, reducing demand – no need for nuclear – theme for November 21

No, nuclear lobbyists – the world needs clean energy, smart energy , NOT endless nuclear energy ! The Cop26 climate conference is just underway. Too soon to know what directions the nations will be taking. Clean, renewable energy sources are needed.

But the most effective, cheapest and quickest measure is energy conservation

The nuclear industry is completely enmeshed in the energy -guzzling operations of space travel and militarism. Conservation of energy is a dirty phrase, not to be considered in their world view. You won’t find it in their propaganda films, like Pandora’s Promise’

The nuclear lobby spouts ”endless energy” as a noble goal to aspire to, – with a sort of religious fervour.

But that’s not what we need. We need a change of culture – a recognition that we live on the only known habitable planet, that has limited resources, and desperately needs to be cared for – not trashed any more..

Endless growth, endless consumerism is a the nuclear industry’s preferred, and suicidal, way for the human species to go.

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Energy conservation the top answer for climate action: forget nuclear – theme for November 2021

It might not be many weeks before Australians again face exceptional heat.

But most will resort to (or wish they had) air-conditioning, probably powered by fossil fuels. To cut down greenhouse gases, solar-powered air conditioners are a better answer.

But, overall, energy efficiency is the fastest, most effective, and ultimately cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Of course, renewable energy technologies are needed, too.

Energy conservation has little appeal for the corporate consumer world – less things, less devices, less electricity to sell.

The pro nuclear zealouts continue to preach their religion of endless growth, endless energy use. They would have us trash this planet with radioactive wastes, and then send a few suicidal astronauts , propelled by plutonium, supposedly to colonise Mars.

Energy efficiency involves many intelligent efforts, from large-scale design of buildings, transport and machines, to more appropriate use of human energy, such as cycling and walking, and even use of more hand-operated small clockwork devices.

This all does require brainwork, smart design, rather than mindless obedience to consumerism, and to centralised sources of electricity.

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Nuclear for climate? – DON’T MENTION RADIATION! – theme for October 21.

Recommending nuclear power as a a cure for climate change is like recommending cigarette-smoking as a cure for obesity – Helen Caldicott

Well, it’s just not nice to talk about ionising radiation right now – when we’re all gearing up for the COP26 Glascow climate change talkfest . I mean, by now the nuclear lobby has probably bribed its way into the conference, along with other corporations.

You’re allowed to mention – costs , safety, even time delay – in assessing the relationship of the nuclear industry to global heating.

Strangely – you can talk about the rapid health effects of tiny invisible viruses. BUT NOT the slow drawn out effects of tiny particles of low-level ionising radiation. Health impacts of unseen dangers 

Especially ignored are thg effects of Internal exposure – radioactive particles taken in by breathing or swallowing:

The dangers are probably still  small for most foods, but hazards are tenfold to a hundredfold for children, infants, and fetuses, who have the fastest rates of mitosis and development. Rapidly dividing cells in the young are most sensitive in any organism. Similarly, organs with rapidly dividing cells are affected (bone marrow, digestive tract, skin).  So risk avoidance is most important for the young.

Some of the list of long-term impacts for human health include the following:

  • Circulatory damage (high blood pressure, rhythm disturbances, MI, stroke, cardiomyopathies, rhythm disturbances artery spasm, especially during cardiac stress such as temperature extremes, physical/emotional stress) (Bandazhevsky, 2001)
  • Hematologic problems (leukemias especially)
  • Endocrine problems (especially Hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules/Cancer, and Diabetes)
  • Immune system
  • Uro-genital system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Dental problems as cesium replaces calcium in teeth and bones
  • Central nervous system and psyche
  • The eye (cataracts and retinopathies)
  • Increase in congenital malformations
  • Increase in cancers
  • Accelerated aging
  • Increased frequency of mutations
  • Fertility problems and Change in secondary sex ratio (Yablokov, 2012)

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Ionising radiation – the forgotten health disaster – theme for October 21

Today, it is fashionable to ingore the topic of ionising radiation. Indeed, as Australia moves towards proudly(?) becoming a part of the global nuclear chain, with the government’s rather vague plan to get nuclear submarines, the last thing anybody wants to talk about is nuclear radiation.

Australia has a sad history of prioritsing ”defence” and ”industry” over health. So, we ignored the health effects of atomic bomb tgests in the 1950s and 60s – the ”black rain” that fell on Aboriginal people (heck our government pretended that those people were not even there!). We ignored the health of uranium miners, and of the environment around uranium mines (still toxic to this day) In the interests of the uranium industry, to this day, it seems bad form for an Australian to talk about ionising radiation.

At the same time, Australia is in a panic over tiny viruses that can cause ill-health very quickly. It seems OK to ignore tiny radioactive particles that can cause illness and death decades later – especially as they affect children and women more than they affect men. Children are 10 to 20 times more sensitive to the carcinogenic effects of radiation than adults (little girls are twice as sensitive as boys) and fetuses are thousands of times more sensitive – one X ray to the pregnant abdomen doubles the incidence of leukemia in the childHelen Caldicott,)

Worldwide, in the interests of the nuclear industry, and their paid politicians, there has been a concerted effort to NOT do the necessary laboratory and epidemiological research to clearly show the effects of nuclear activities on human health. One glaring example is that in what little research is encouraged, they’ll study the effcts of external radiation, – such as the waves of radioactive particles hitting people from an explosion – (e.g. Hiroshima, Fukushima) , but not the effects of longlasting internal radiation, – that is, of radioactive particles breathed in, or swallowed.

Today the big thing is – Wow – Australia’s going to ?grow up – join the global nuclear push! It is timely now to remember that slow global threat of ionising radiation. As Helen Caldicott has put it – ‘‘Recommending nuclear power as a solution to climate change is like recommending smoking as a solution to obesity’

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Auustralia’s Nuclear submarines will be obsolete- this week we focus on the AUKUS submarine mess

Why will they be obsolete?

Because of the rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI), detection systems and signal processing, combined with swarming autonomous unmanned systems – by 2040 these present USA and UK models will probably be too easily detectable, and so, effectively useless.

Why does Australia want nuclear submarines?

  • So that America can use them to patrol South China Sea as part of uSA’s increased military presence
  • So that Scott Morrison can push the fear of China message heading for the khaki election.
  • Other reasons – helping the USA by buying these very costly submarines which are not particularly useful for monitoring our coastline, but good for long distance. Helping Scott Morrison to look important on the world stage.

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    Scott Morrison’s decision on nuclear submarines is his first foray into the murly world of Khaki electioneering. A pity that Joe Biden doesn’t even remember Morrison’s name. But no matter -the big thing is to sell super expensive U.S. nuclear technology to a willing, if somewhat ignorant and unimporrtant customer.

    During the coming week, this website will feature the various aspects of this extraordinarily unwise decision, (while not ignoring other important Australian nuclear issues.)

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    On the positive side – heading for a better and a nuclear-free, world – theme for September 21

    It’s time to recognise the positive developments – towards a clean and more just world. And time to turn away from the corporate spin of the polluters and nuclear lobbyists.

    The the world is finally realising the urgency of the existential threat of global heating. Meanwhile the polluting corporative partners, fossil fuel and nuclear industries, now redouble their spin to the public,

    And, don’t let’s forget, most of the mainstream media is owned by corporations that also have interests in those polluting industries.

    We need to acknowledge the good stuff that’s happening. We also need to turn our attention to those independent voices – the ones who seek out and explain both the facts about the dirty industries, and the positive developments leaving those industries behind.

    Great work is being done towards energy conservation, and truly clean energy technologies, and environmental protection. On this page, I’m confining the story to the work of the nuclear-free movement .

    Starting out with opposition to nuclear weapons, the movement broadened to opposing the nuclear industry as a whole.  Major anti-nuclear groups include Sortir du Nucleaire, Greenpeace International, Campaign for Nuclear DisarmamentFriends of the EarthGreenpeace Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear WarPeace Action and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service. International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Ploughshares Fund

    There are many others across the world, including in Russia and China.

    You might think that the nuclear-free movement has failed, especially given the proliferation of nuclear weapons. But the organised protests and work of the movement has had, and continues to have, some success. Most countries do not have nuclear power. Several advanced countries remain opposed to nuclear power – Australia, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Norway . Over the decades, activist movements have led to the stopping of atmospheric nuclear bomb tests, and the prevention of nunerous nuclear power projects.

    Importantly, nuclear energy has been excluded from the Green Zone at the COP26 Climate Summit.

    Also importantly , the USA Nuclear Regulatory Commision reaffirms the standard that low dose ionising radiation is bad for your health, and rejects the nuclear industry’s petition to weaken that standad.

    The work continues, with the most important recent development – the UN Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons . Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are in lockstep – a fact quite openly acknowledged now, even boasted about, by the industry.

    The nuclear-free movement works alongside the clean energy movement. On the world stage, the challenge is to keep real climate action in the COP26 climate conference in November, without nuclear. Locally, the clean fight is fought by communities around the world, especially indigenous people, who are always the victims of nuclear bomb tests and waste dumping.

    Most mainstream writers, and some academics, are caught up in the pro nuclear spin.

    Look for the fine writers who really seek the truth, A few examples – M.V. Ramana, Helen Caldicott, Jim Green, Mary OLson, Gordon Edwards Alice Slater Arnie Gundersen, Libbe Halevy, Diesendorf, Mark , Beatrice Fihn, Lovins, Amory B. Eric_Schlosser and for song – Caitlin Johnstone………

    You will note that women are prominent in the truth-seeking writers. They have been dramatically absent from the push for nuclear weapons, (though a few women are now ostentatiously promoted by the desperate nuclear industry)

    This little website has a very small readership. But we are still here, and trust our readers to spread the information. And we will keep on promoting the work of the honest seekers after truth, through this site, and via my weekly email newsletter.

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    A positive outlook for Australia’s clean climate, nuclear-free, future- theme for September 21

    As we head towards the Climate Summit, COP26 in Glascow, Australia ought to have a pivotal role to play in discussions on climate action. Unfortunately we have a federal government, and mass media, in the thrall of the polluting industries. Australians who care about their children’s future might well be ashamed.

    However, there is cause for optimism. The Australian public is aware and wants action on climate change. A national poll, reported on August 30, shows that in every single electorate across the land, voters want more government action on climate change. Whoever is sent by the government to COP26 to muddy the waters on climate action, will not be representing Australians asa whole.

    Meanwhile, Australians are taking up clean reneweable energy with enthusiasm. Reports on 31 August show the rapid growth in rooftop solar, ”AEMO forecasts rooftop solar would continue its boom and by 2026 would on its own supply 77 per cent of the demand in the National Electricity Market during the day.” ”Australia’s energy transition really does continue at pace and now our base case forecast by 2025 is the national electricity market can be supplied by 100 per cent renewable energy,

    Australians have a proud history of environmental action. Particularly in relation to nuclear issues. We have, as Professor Ian Lowe puts it ”dodged a bullet” in rejecting nuclear power. Australians have been foremost in the nuclear disarmament movement, more recently in initiating The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) , which brought about the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

    Both in small local groups, and in organisations, (Friends of the Earth, Australian Conservation Foundation, ICAN, Extinction Rebellion, and more) there’s a wellspring of enthusiasm for saving the environment, and bringing about a nuclear-free world.

    We now know that ”peaceful” nuclear power is absolutely connected to nuclear weapons (indeed, the nuclear industry now boasts of that). We also know that the nuclear industry is flat out publicising itself as ”clean and green”. A global task is to keep that dirty and dangerous industry out of the climate action policies to be decided on at COP26.

    Australians have a role in local action to keep this country clean and nuclear-free, and also in joining with international non-government organisations in the global environmental movement.

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    From Hiroshima to climate apocalypse – the consummate NUCLEAR LIES- theme for August 2021

    It began with the atrocity of Hiroshima, which continued the lie that it’s OK to massacre children, women and men. Then the specific nuclear lies about the reason for this particular bombing , then the lie about ”peaceful nukes” and on until today’s big lie – that ”nuclear is essential to save the climate”.

    IF this nuclear lie is allowed to prevail, especially at the Glasgow Climate Change Conference in November, the official climate action movement will have no credibility.

    Money, time, effort put into nuclear energy development is money, time and effort taken away from genuine action to combat and to adapt to global heating- energy conservation, and renewable energy technologies.

    It is also money put into nuclear weaponry – because so-called ”commercial” nuclear power is economically unviable, is really just a mask for nuclear weaponry, – – on land, sea, in sky, and space

    But – LET’S PRETEND THAT NUCLEAR ENERGY REALLY CAN COMBAT GLOBAL HEATING. But oh, what a pity! – the most recent research predicts that climate change will become irreversible by 2027 – 2042.

    That means that we have only, at best, 20 years to switch from coal, and gas to carbon-free electricity.

    The world would need 1000s of ‘conventional’ nuclear reactors to provide even a partially effective solution, and many 1000s of small nuclear reactors. There is no possibility of achieving that with 50 years, let alone 20. Renewables can be set up within months to a few years. (Nuclear development would be a costly and wasteful distraction).

    NUCLEAR POWER INCREASES GLOBAL HEATING. The entire nuclear fuel chain, from uranium mining through to wastes burial, is highly carbon emitting.

    Meanwile, the nuclear industry, so called ”emissions-free” emits ionising radiation, harmful to health and environment.

    The industry’s dangers and role in creasing weapons and the danger of apocalyptic nuclear war, make it totally unsuitable and indeed counter-productive , for inclusion in any climate change action strategy.

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    Australia must reject nuclear lobby lies about Hiroshima, Nagasaki, AND climate change – theme for August 21

    Australia is traditionally very vulnerable to nuclear lobby propaganda . Like the USA, Australia swallowd the story that the atomic bombings in 1845 were essential, to end the war. For Australia this was also seen as essential to save this country from invasion. Historian now genersally agree that the bombings were done in a hurry, because the war was ending, -the purpose was to frighten Soviet Russia with the threat of nuclear bombing

    The video below is not new – it was made in 2016 – but the facts remain the same

    This was the first big nuclear lie. It was followed quickly by the lie about ‘peaceful nukes’ (It is now openly recognised that the ‘peaceful’nuclear industry is absolutely connected to the nuclear weapons industry.

    Today – there is an equally big lie being broadcast around the world – that new nuclear power will solve climate change.

    A particularly absurd version of that climate lie is now being pushed by Australian politicians and others bought by the nuclear industry. The idea is that an enormous number highly expensive small nuclear reactors, which cannot possibly be up and running for at leat 30 years, will combat global heating – when the need for action is NOW.

    Even despite the Morrison government’s love affair with fossil fuel industries, Australia is already taking up renewable technologies, and is reducing carbon emissions. Australia cannot afford to derail the process of energy conservation, and clean energy, by believing the nuclear lie, and directing its efforts away from genuine climate action.

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