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NUCLEAR’s WHOPPING CLIMATE LIE – theme for July 2020

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth ”

Dr Goebbels would be delighted with the nuclear lobby’s lie that nuclear power is zero carbon and will fix climate change. He would be even more delighted with the current success of this lie.

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

The failing nuclear industry is fighting for its life. It now pitches its salvation on its claim to halt climate change. Even if
that were true (which it isn’t) the world would have to construct several thousand ‘conventional’ reactors, or several millions of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) very quickly, within a decade or two.

How is it that politicians , media, academics have swallowed this lie?


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Climate, nuclear, coronavirus – news to 7 July

Well, I do leave the biggest news – coronavirus  – to others, although Jane Goodall eloquently reminds us that the pandemic is utterly connected with our onslaught on the natural world and may well be a foretaste of worse to come, if the human species does not respect nature.  It’s time to get emotional about climate change.

But anyway, Covid 19 – climate change – global phenomena that don’t care about borders, are affecting  above all, the world’s poorest and most vulnerable – what are we to do?  Some media are rejoicing about hot weather in the Arctic, but the reality is that the persistent Arctic heatwave is wreaking havoc, with uncontrolled forest fires in Siberia, thawing permafrost destabilising buildings and industry, especially oil and gas, in Northern Russia and the Arctic North of America.  Meanwhile, the South Pole is warming at triple the global average.   Climate change will make world too hot for 60 per cent of fish species.

It’s hard to get concerted action on global heating, with powerful influencers like Facebook and the oil industry sabotaging efforts and information about climate change. Climate denialists are increasingly spreading misinformation on Facebook, while Facebook  is actively discouraging fact-checking.

Meanwhile – don’t let’s forget, even a limited nuclear war, whether started by intent or by accident, would bring a rapid climate change, a nuclear winter, which the human species might not survive.

A bit of good news –  Meet the Nuns Who Created Their Own Climate Solutions Fund.


Julian Assange’s fight for freedom.  Julian Assange’s father in tireless fight to free his son, calls on Scott Morrison to help Australian citizen Julian.

Australia –  USA’s Deputy Sheriff goes for bloated military expenditure.  Agressive defence policy – Australian Strategic Policy Institute has too much influence on government and media.

CLIMATE.  Canberra unprepared for climate upheavals that will rock the nation.    Australia seen as successful in Covid-19 response, deplorable in climate response. Australia ranks second worst in world on climate action, outside top 50 on clean energy. Independent MP Zali Steggall calls for conscience vote on zero carbon bill to kickstart Covid recovery.  Former Socceroos captain wants Australia to show climate leadership as World Cup host.  Australia claims Kyoto success, but three decades as a climate wrecker is all it can boast.


Napandee  nuclear waste Bill.

Yellowcake Country- a new webinar series explores the local, national and international impacts of Australia’s uranium industry.

Murdoch press enthusiastic about nuclear propagandist Michael Shellenger. Michael Shellenberger mucked up the pro nuclear “climate action” propaganda.

Queensland splinter political party   North Queensland First pushing for uranium mining in Queensland.

Western Australia: call for Mt Walton hazardous waste facility to accept toxic material from across Australia, (includes radioactive wastes.)

Australia was the guinea pig population for Britain’s nuclear weapons tests radiation fallout.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australia’s secretive defence operations HQ to get 1.9MW solar farm.  Deakin’s new Hub for world-leading energy storage and conversion.  Much more renewable news, but I am running out of time.


Rethinking security: Nuclear sharing in Europe in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nuclear power is incompatible with a Green New Deal.

Misinformation about Energy Economics, from nuclear companies and their propagandists

US, Russia nuclear arms talks end with plans for second round.

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Climate change a grave threat to nuclear power, especially in Australia – theme for July 2020

Over recent months the global nuclear lobby, USA in particular, and its Australian followers, have managed to get Parliamentary Inquiries and Bills going, with the aim of undoing Australia’s laws that prohibit the nuclear industry.  At the same time the push to make South Australia a nuclear waste importing hub has been revived, with the Federal government’s plan for a waste dump at Kimba as the first step.

And what is the nuclear lobby’s argument for nuclear power?  – the absurdly false claim that it will solve climate change.

IT’s THE OTHER WAY AROUND!      Nuclear facilities cannot cope with global heating!   Especially in Australia.

Climate change is bringing  extreme temperatures and weather events, and sea level rise, to Australia.

For Australia, the threats from global warming are very real:

  • bushfires would pose the greatest threat to any nuclear facilities, (as Ukraine and USA are already finding out).
  • Droughts bring water shortages, meaning that precious water is not easily available for water guzzling nuclear reactors.
  • Where inland reactors are water-cooled – the threat to river life of heat pollution becomes greater.
  • There would be great  danger to the Great Artesian Basin increases, especially  for any nuclear facilities located in South Australia
  • For coastal nuclear facilities, sea level rise and storm surges are dangers.
  • For many nuclear facilities ( reactors, fuel processing, waste disposal), coastal or inland, flooding brings more danger.


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Financial institutions funding nuclear weapons – theme for June 20

Nobody except a few erratic multi-billionaires is willing to gamble their money on “peaceful” nuclear power.  Still, your taxes are going to so-called “commercial” nuclear power, if you live in a nuclear country.

But banks, pension funds, insurance companies and asset managers are investing in nuclear weapons – and you wouldn’t even know that your money is going there.  Don’t Bank on the Bomb has listed institutions around the world with substantial investments in nuclear arms producers. Fo example  From 2013 to 2016, United States 226 Financial Institutions made an estimated USD$ 344 billion available to 27 nuclear weapon producing companies .

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weaspons, (ICAN) has identified financial organisations funding nuclear weapons The report Don’t Bank on the Bomb, updated annually by PAX, provides details of financial transactions with companies that are heavily involved in the manufacture, maintenance and modernization of US, British, French and Indian nuclear forces.

ICAN is appealing to financial institutions to stop investing in the nuclear arms industry, as any use of nuclear weapons would violate international law and have catastrophic humanitarian consequences. By investing in nuclear weapons producers, financial institutions are in effect facilitating the build-up of nuclear forces. This undermines efforts to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world and heightens the risk that one day these ultimate weapons of mass destruction will be used again.

Engaging in dialogues with financial institutions about their investments in nuclear weapons companies can help to raise their understanding of the effects of nuclear weapons and their status under international law. Here are some tips for letter-writing:

  • How to begin: Let the financial institution know who you are. Do you hold a bank account with them? Are you a member of their superannuation plan? Do you own shares in their company? Are you writing as a representative of a particular organization? Are you simply a concerned citizen?
  • What to include: Inform the financial institution that you are aware of their investments in nuclear weapons companies. Specify which companies and briefly describe the activities these companies are engaged in. Outline why you believe that financing nuclear weapons is illegitimate.
  • Ask for information: Inquire as to whether the financial institution has a policy on investing in the arms industry. If you are already aware that such a policy exists, ask the institution to explain how its investments in nuclear weapons companies can be justified under the terms of the policy.
  • Call for action: Call on the financial institution to divest from all nuclear weapons companies. Explain that nuclear weapons are illegal to use and have catastrophic humanitarian consequences. End by making it clear that you expect a response. –  Don’t Bank on the Bomb 

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The absolutely UNAFFORDABLE NUCLEAR industry – theme for June 2020

How many $trillions is the American government putting into the nuclear industry, especially nuclear weapons?  With the USA essentially bankrupt, and the pandemic ushering it into an even more dire financial state –  it’s a joke!   Or, it would be a joke, if not for the hardship, suffering, poverty, brought upon its people, by this foolish financial extravaganza on behalf of a corrupt, dangerous and useless industry.

Russia, China, UK France, and soon Middle Eastern nations mindlessly follow this suicidal nuclear path.

The banking industry and other financial institutions join in the frenzy to feed this rapacious evil of the nuclear industry.

Sadly so many jobs and community “benefits” are attached to it.  It is going to take an enormous effort of brains, integrity, some sacrifice – to unravel the nuclear financial mess,.

But the world had better start unravelling it.  Even without the worst outcome –  nuclear war, this foul nuclear industry is going to devastate the finances of nations. and prevent action  to stall global heating.

In this Covid-19 pandemic era, it is absolutely time to phase nuclear out, and help populations to transition to a cleaner world, where public money is spent on the things that people really need.

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The absurd cost of Australia going nuclear – theme for June 2020

The global nuclear industry is in deep shit.   It was so, before the pandemic. It’s in an even worse financial state now.

So, it’s not surprising that there’s a concerted campaign going on –  to foist off this dangerous, out-dated and super-expensive technology onto nations that are nuclear-free.  Australia is an enticing target customer. (Never mind that renewable energy technologies are ever cheaper, and Australia is blessed with a wealth of these)

That is why we now have Nuclear Inquiries going on in several States, and in the Federal government.   Their first target is to remove the anti-nuclear legislation that is now in place in most states, and federally.

There’s also the move to weaken the Environmental Protection  and Biodiversity Conservation Act  (EPBC).  They want to get rid of sections that protect against the special radioactive dangers of the uranium industry.

It’s not just the Yanks wanting to sell off their costly nuclear wares. There’s a determined little nuclear lobby here amongst Australians – military hawks, self-serving politicians, and ambitious and greedy people who want the fame and the money, which will come to a few, if they can get the Australian tax-payers to buy that atomic dream.

That dream – which will be  a nightmare –  involves the entire toxic nuclear chain, from uranium mining through to  geewhiz untested new nuclear technology, nuclear reprocessing, and the importing of the world’s radioactive trash.

The very first step in this nightmare could well be the ill-conceived and rushed move to set up a stranded nuclear waste centre in Kimba, south Australia.   That little enterprise has already cost the tax-payer plenty –   in the attempt to brainwash farming communities that nuclear waste is fine to have near your farm.

If there’s one silver lining that might come out of Australia’s current economic gloom in this pandemic ?recovery period, – it could be the public realisation that Australia does not need the huge costs and hazards of nuclear power, and nuclear weapons.

We have enough expense with that white elephant at Lucas Heights, the Opal nuclear reactor.  ANSTO has grand plans to expand that, when they should be looking to modern, non-nuclear , more practical, ways of producing mediacl radioisotopes.

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Nuclear issues and epidemiology – theme for May 2029

Epidemiology – a forgotten science?   But now, in the time of pandemic, it has come into its own.

The coronavirus illness is a global phenomenon. Global economies have ground to a halt. Epidemiologists, formerly just boring old farts, in a world that reveres high tech and space scientists, now are called upon for guidance .

Epidemiologists are not industry’s favourite people. Sir Richard Doll, in the 1950s, combined laboratory studies on mice with painstaking epidemiological research, proving that cigarette smoking causes cancer,  British Tobacco  did not like him.

The nuclear industry learned  – to downgrade epidemiological research, and prevent it wherever possible.  Subservient governments complied with the nuclear industry.

BUT – there has been epidemiological research applied to nuclear’s ionising radiation and its effect on health – just a few examples –  on nuclear workers’ health., on residents of Belarus and Ukraine, on the developing foetus,

Right now, the world sees value in identifying cases, clusters – where the invisible coronavirus exists, with its threat of immediate illness and death.

Equally dangerous  the cases and clusters of accumulating radioactive particles lead to the threat of later illness and death.

It is time that epidemiological research on ionising radiation was done, properly, thoroughly, like Richard Doll’s cigarette study. Time to no longer allow the nuclear industry to downplay and stifle such research, (and not to let them do their own biased studies)

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Australia: Epidemiology on nuclear radiation? – theme for May 2020

Australia ought to have extensive knowledge on the effects of ionising radiation.   Britain exploded 12 major nuclear bombs and 29 smaller ones in Australia and some neighbouring islands, in the 1950s.   The resulting clouds of radiation would have affected especially indigenous people, Aborigines, Islanders, and also soldiers, and the white population.

Was any epidemiological research done on these populations?   No, there was not.

Australia has had 13 uranium mines, 3 still in operation. It’s not as if the old ones have been thoroughly cleaned up.  Ionising radiation from these mines would have affected miners, the mining community, and Aboriginal communities, and may still be affecting them.

Was any epidemiological research done on the health of these populations?  No, there was not.

This is  why the nuclear lobby can say, confidently –  there is no evidence of harm to health in Australia, from low level ionising radiation.

Plenty of other evidence of individual cases – but these can be brushed off as “anecdotal”.

As the the Australian government plans a radioactive waste dump on agricultural land, and the global nuclear industry successfully lobbies some Australian politicians, it is time to genuinely examine the research that has been done, in other countries.   We pay attention to epidemiology about tiny viruses, why not to epidemiology about tiny radioactive particles?

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Nuclear industry in the time of pandemic – theme for April 2020

Nuclear power may soon be irrelevant to our energy needs. With the pandemic and social distancing, nuclear reactors are likely to be cutting back on output, or even going offline. And there are still the risks of extreme weather. Irrelevant, but still dangerous. Similarly, other nuclear facilities, like waste management, and nuclear weapons sites are also threatened. New nuclear development possibly stopped in its tracks, and certainly adding to its already astronomic costs.

The nuclear lobby, desperate to keep its industry alive, is claiming that “essential work” is the construction of the UK’s boondoggle  –Hinkley C project, and USA’s boondoggle Nuclear Plant Vogtle.

The “Small Nuclear Reactors” industry development  is looking sillier – carrying its huge financial risk, but no safety risk yet, seeing that it does not physically exist.

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Australia – lucky to be Nuclear- Free, in the time of Pandemic – theme for April 2020

Australia really is “The Lucky Country” when it comes to nuclear issues, in this pandemic situation. . We don’t have to worry about staffing and securing dangerous nuclear reactors, nuclear waste facilities, nuclear submarines, nuclear weapons.

We do have one unnecessary nuclear research reactor –   the industry’s “foot in the door”, and its high level wastes. The government may well be quietly proceeding with imposing a nuclear waste dump on Kimba, South Australia, – while everybody is distracted by the Covid19 .

The nuclear lobby is lobbying hard in the Australian Parliament and in the States, to overturn Australia’s very wise nuclear bans. This lobby is working for oversees supporters, “small nuclear power (SMRs)” companies like NuScam.  In the present time of pandemic, Australians, especially politicians, should think about this –  the exorbitant tax-payer cost of SMRs, along with the same dangers as in the large reactors. And with the advantages of renewable energy, especially home rooftop solar.


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Nu Scam – the Small Nuclear Reactors BIG CLIMATE LIE! – theme for March 2020

Why?   Well, to be charitable, I think that most journalists are too busy, and too poorly informed, to actually do their homework, when they are handed this beautiful copy on a plate.

It’s so much easier to just believe “the experts”.

Perhaps some of them are well paid to do it.

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Small Nuclear Reactors- the dying nuclear industry targets Australian tax-payers- theme for March 20

Desperate to survive, the global nuclear industry tries to sell uneconomic small nuclear reactors (SMRs) to the Australian government. They use media propaganda, buying politicians – whatever works.

Their first step is happening now. They are trying to remove Australia’s carefully planned State and Federal laws that prohibit the nuclear industry.

Cut through the spin:  SMRs are NOT cheap, NOT clean, NOT safe – and no use at all against global heating.

The several Parliamentary Inquiries are probably now hearing a complex collection of spin stories from NuScale  (NuScam) , and some of approximately 150 companies with their various individual designs (all still just on paper) – for SMRs.

For marketing reasons, even NuScam plans not to sell their product as individual reactors, but in a complex , becoming quite a large project. SMR now means Small and Medium reactors.


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Climate Action (nuclear has NO role) -theme for February 2020

The need for immediate action is now accepted by scientists, economists, humanitarians, and ordinary observers.

Don’t waste your time with climate change deniers.

Kick out those politicians who are funded by coal and other fossil fuel lobbies.

Also kick out the pro nuclear politicians. Crazily, they’re often climate denialists, too.

The more manipulative pro nuclear politicians and lobbyists are pretending that nuclear power solves climate change. That’s an elaborate lie, that takes energy and money away from REAL action on climate change, – energy efficiency and renewables.

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NUCLEAR POWER and RADIOACTIVE WASTES – theme for January 2020

The world faces a dangerous and ever more pressing problem – nuclear wastes.

The logical steps to deal with nuclear wastes are:

1. Stop making the stuff.  Close down the commercial and military nuclear reactors that produce plutonium and other long-lived radioactive materials

2. Choose the “least worst” option to dispose of the existing nuclear wastes   – (a) Interim storage of radioactive wastes into above ground containers (b) Deep burial underground permanent repositories.

The nuclear lobby, desperate to stave off the death of its industry, comes up with grand promises of new Generation IV systems, reactors that will reprocess, “recycle” plutonium wastes into Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX)  to fuel for other Gen IV reactors.  At the end, highly toxic radioactive wastes are still produced.

And all this – despite the enormous costs, the very dangerous transport of plutonium, the risks of terrorism, the increased risks of weapons proliferation.

The nuclear lobby’s cries for Very High Temperature Reactors (VHTR)s, Super Critical Water Reactors (SCWR)s,  Molten Salt Reactors (MSR)s, Gas Cooled Fast rectors (GCFR)s, Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors (SCFR)s, Lead Cooled Fast Reactors (LCFR)s –  all desperate and conflicting cries for their own salvation, rather than any solution to wastes, costs, climate change, energy needs.

The worry is that the nuclear lobby might win, by manipulating governments and populations into buying their expensive and dangerous new toys –  because nobody really wants a nuclear waste tomb in their area.

The trouble is – nuclear cemeteries, however unappealing, are still the least worst option.

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Climate action Australia – (nuclear has no role) – theme for February 2020

Bushfires have shamed the Morrison government into pretending that they care about climate change.

The task of adapting to climate change, and mitigating its effects is huge

Weaselly  coal lackeys like Scott Morrison must be held to account.

And, importantly, Dr Adi Paterson, ANSTO, and the rest of the nuclear schemers must be exposed and resisted.The nuclear industry has no role to play in Australia’s climate action. It is nothing but a dangerous distraction, and would be a shameful waste of tax-payers’money.

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