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The week that has been in climate and nuclear news

a-cat-CANMedia attention continues to focus on Donald Trump. He seems happy in the spotlight, even if the revelations are about his conflicts of interest, and the unsuitability of officials that he’s appointing. Trump himself hardly matters, really, as the Republicans will be in charge in the White House, Congress and Senate, and are dominated by anti-science, climate deniers, and hawkish militarists.

Meanwhile the impacts of climate change continue, and their repercussions for society, and world security are becoming realised. Uncontrollable climate change could be triggered by Arctic ice melt.  Military experts warn on refugee crises and need to combat climate change. With Temperatures Hitting 1.2 C Hotter than Pre-Industrial, Drought Now Spans the Globe. Biggest-Ever Coral Die-Off Reported on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Pope Francis urges national leaders not to wreck the climate change pact.

People power, not Trump, has killed the Trans Pacific Partnership.

NUCLEAR. As I write, South Australians are organising for  a demonstration outside Parliamant House for a rather joyful requiem for the Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission’s plan to turn that State into the world’s nuclear toilet. The Dump is Dumped – for now, anyway. Citizens demand action to enforce South Australian Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Act 2000.

But then, there’s the Federal government’s plan for a nuclear waste at outback Barndioota. They duplicitously claim that this is for “medical” wastes, but it is in fact for the intermediate and high level processed wastes returning to Lucas Heights from France and UK.  Kimba, South Australia, may rejoin the discussion on hosting a federal nuclear waste dumpTiny outback town divided over plan for federal nuclear waste dump.

Liberal and Labor quietly pass law to protect uranium industry from legal challenges. Australian govt ignores UN request to review its failing uranium industry.

CLIMATE and RENEWABLE ENERGY . No real action from Federal govt in its new “response plan” on the Barrier Reef. Firefighters Alliance calls for action on climate change. Prime Minister Turnbull out of step with Australian public on environment. Smart planning now will enable reliable renewable electricity.  Australian solar power technology sold to China, by CSIRO.

United Nations uphold their ruling in favour of Julian Assange.

Queensland. Traditional Aboriginal owners will fight on against Adani coal mine. Adani Carmichael coal mine faces many more questions and legal hurdles.

Northern Territory. Yingiya Mark Guyula is Confirmed as the Member for Nhulunbuy.

Victoria. Need to examine Australia’s electricity system – Victorian network fault.

Western Australia. Western Australian town to host large renewable energy grid.

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Wrapup of Australian climate and nuclear news

a-cat-CANMuch as I would love to completely ignore the Trumpomania that now grips the media, and at the same time, seems to paralyse political action, I just can’t – because climate and nuclear policies worldwide now stagnate, like  ships in the doldrums, waiting for the new wind – of Trump’s inauguration on January 20 2017.

The Marrakech climate talks, (follow-up to the 2015 Paris climate summit)  produced the “Marrakech Action Proclamation”, and some ambitious national programmes, but were described as producing  “defiance towards Trump, but little else”.  Global green movement prepares to fight Trump on climate change. Trump’s climate denial is just one of the forces that points towards war.

Unease amongst world leaders over Donald Trump’s nuclear policies, and appointments.

On nuclear weapons, the UN General Assembly First Committee voted on Resolution A/C.1/71/L.41 (L.41) States adopted the resolution to hold negotiations on a nuclear ban treaty in 2017. Here at least, some ray of light regarding Trump’s attitude of wanting to negotiate with Russia and North Korea.  –Perhaps Secretary General Ban Ki-moon can leave his office with an important victory at the end of his term by seizing this opportunity and encouraging the ‘deal maker’ in Trump to move forward with a US-Russia rapprochement, clearing a pathway for the elimination of nuclear weapons as well as putting an end to the hostilities on the Korean peninsula.


CLIMATE. Turnbull govt – hails climate accord while rejoicing in coal industry!  Trump plans to scrap NASA climate research: Australian scientists support NASA. NASA politely debunks Australian climate denying crank Senator Malcolm Roberts. Missy Higgins urges us all – read Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything”. Australian doctors warn about climate change and health.

NUCLEAR. Australian uranium fuelled Fukushima. Now about to fuel dangerous Ukraine nuclear reactors.

South Australia. The saga of the South Australian nuclear waste import plan continues – Michele Madigan. Michael West casts a satirical searchlight on South Australia’s nuclear waste import plan. Scarce and his pro nuclear Royal Commission not looking credible.   Sunday Mail survey reveals opposition to nuclear waste dump. Political mystery of South Australian Labor tying the State’s prosperity to a nuclear waste toilet. Solar thermal plant is the best solution for Port Augusta.

Western Australia Labor, likely to win State election, opposes all new uranium projectsAnti-uranium crusaders win top conservation award .

Victoria to ban fracking.

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Another week in climate and nuclear news

a-cat-CANThere’s an uncanny echo of the 1930s in the rise of extreme right wing politics in the Western world today. “I will make America great again” – says Donald Trump. And how many other strident voices are gathering mass support with a similar simplistic message, in other countries?

Donald Trump – the triumph of narcissism. Like the attention-seeking child in the classroom, with all eyes upon him, Trump captures the attention of the world, (this probably his main goal).  Some hope that, as USA President, his intelligent, gently spoken, kindly, side will prevail. Ralph Nader doubts this.

Meanwhile historic international meetings on climate change and on nuclear weapons ban are happening. Nearly winter at North Pole– but 36 degrees warmer than normal


Prime Minister Turnbull toes the complacency line, in the rush to “normalise” Trump. Why he’s a “businessman, like Turnbull” “, and of course we all know that businessmen are the best people to run the country! In a radio interview Turnbull criticised the “elite media” three times. I think that he means the ABC, SBS, and any media that has the effrontery to criticise the government, or praise Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs.   “Elite” is now a dirty word, implying intelligent and well-informed- we can’t have that attitude!

CLIMATE.  Australia Labelled A ‘Laggard’ On Cutting Climate Pollution. Australia near the bottom of the list in international climate policies.  Michael Marmot on the health risks of climate change. Former liberal leader John Hewson urges Turnbull govt to switch to a bright renewable energy future.

NUCLEAR Introduction to the newest South Australian nuclear front – Ben Heard’s ‘Bright New World’. Australia on the wrong side of nuclear disarmament history. Helen Caldicott, Australian hero of nuclear-free New Zealand.

South Australia.

Queensland. Urgent need for public education and action on fluoridation of Queensland’s water.



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What a week in climate and nuclear news!

a-cat-CANEven under Trump, there will still be reason for climate action hope – climate action internationally and in USA States. Donald Trump wants to blow up the global climate effort. People are now saying hopeful things about Trump. And I do agree – it is possible for a narcissistic, bullying, misogynist, lying, sociopath to change –  it just doesn’t happen all that often.

Anyway, Paris climate change agreement will not be derailed by Donald Trump. Paris climate deal now in force. The global nuclear lobby gears up to influence UN climate talks.

Trump will soon control America’s nuclear weapons codes. His defence policies may spark a nuclear arms race.

Human-induced climate change has already impacted every aspect of life on Earth. Climate change may be escalating so fast it could be ‘Game Over’ , scientists warn. Climate Disruption’s Legacy: Megadroughts, Extinctions, Obituaries for Reefs.


NUCLEAR . An extraordinary turnaround. It looks as though South Australia is about to dump the nuclear dump idea. Unexpectedly, the Citizens Jury said NO to the nuke waste dump plan. Citizens Jury exposed the bias and vested interests in Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission South Australia, and clearly examined the economic danger of importing nuclear wastes. South Australian Labor’s nuclear waste plan – “dead and buried” say Liberals. Nuclear lobby even loses support of its top business stooge, Nigel McBride. Premier Jay Weatherill’s political future on the line?

Nuclear waste plan meant that bit would be stored above ground long before underground facility is built – above ground for 100 years!

CLIMATE and ENERGY  At last – Australia to ratify Paris climate change agreement. Will Australia back coal at the UN climate talks? Australia cannot pretend much longer that it is acting against climate change.

Australian Energy Market Operator blaming wind industry for it’s own mistakes

Queensland’s solar hub in sunny Western country.


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Thoughts about the #nuclear “Citizens’ Jury”

a-cat-CANWe all know that this Citizens’ Jury has been a tainted process all along, carefully manipulated to produce the “amber light” that Jay Weatherill wants. Still national awareness of this toxic plan is now awakening – and all we can do is to continue the fight. As Redgum said, last time the plan was raised “If you don’t fight, you lose”

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Climate news – and nuclear, this week in Australia

a-cat-CANThe annual United Nations climate change conference starts in Marrakech on Monday and will also serve as the first official meeting of parties to the Paris agreement struck in 2015. Even with the Paris climate deal, world will warm 3.4°C by 2100. Famine, war and disease – a grim future if climate change is not stalled. Drifting into Arctic Un-Winter. Experts doubt that geo-engineering will succeed in halting climate change. Leonardo Di Caprio’s new film “Before The Flood” debunks climate myths.

Mikhail Gorbachev leads, in appeal for dialogue, and reason.


The danger for Australia as Prime Minister Turnbull wants to change Australia’s Environment Act

A Treaty with Australia’s First Peoples is the best path to get us to a good future.

CLIMATE Australia could be excluded from UN climate talks: has not ratified Paris agreement  Senate inquiry into bushfires hears of climate change impacts. Mike Baird’s New South Wales government – more “creative accounting” on climate change. Company directors could face penalties for ignoring climate change.  Victoria’s Point Lonsdale beach – just one example of rising sea levels.

Western Australia to be hit hard by climate change. W.A. has the opportunity to become a renewable energy superpowerWind energy a winner for W.A. communities.

New South Wales households lose solar feedin tariff benefits.

Queensland : Activists take coal mine fight to the High Court.  Adani coal mine: Queensland Government publicly embarrassed over handling of megamine.


UN vote to start negotiating treaty to ban nuclear weapons- Australia voted against it.

South Australian Labor comes up with the delaying tactic that pro nuclear Premier Weatherill wanted. Weatherill heckled by anti nuclear protestors. South Australian government nuclear focus groups at Port Pirie – separate the sexes! Tax-payer funding goes to South Australian nuclear propaganda event Nov 15-16.

South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury – a sophisticated exercise in manufacturing consent. A minority Citizens Jury Report is being prepared.

  • Shonky Nuclear Royal Commission could be the end for South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill.
  • Kevin Scarce’s Nuclear Conflict of Interest.
  • Tainted economic evidence was given to South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission.
  • Nuclear Royal Commission ignored world’s one and only existing deep underground nuclear waste dump – all this explained by Dr Jim Green.

Queensland :  Ben Lomond uranium mine hit with an Environmental Protection Order 


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Nuclear and climate news to 22 October

a-cat-CANNUCLEAR weapons and the risk of nuclear conflict very much in the news. One view – that this risk has been overstated lately. Final presidential debate reveals sobering facts on how fast nuclear war could happen. UN again to study the effects of depleted uranium contamination. Hans Blix warns on nuclear power stations as terrorist bait.

CLIMATE. Scary possibilities of Trump style demagogues as the world faces the consequences of climate change.   Arctic Sea Ice Falls into Record Low Ranges — Again. East Africa’s water resources threatened as a result of climate change.

My week started off in a somewhat surreal way, as I participated in a modest-sized, but determined National Day of Action on Nuclear Waste, in Melbourne. Here we were, in our anti-nuclear gear, politely handing out information at Flinders St Station to the elegantly clad ladies and gentlemen on their way to the start of the Spring Racing Carnival. You can be reassured that none of those lovely people tarnished their beauty by actually touching our foul propaganda.  The sad thing is that in my State, Victoria, the subject of Australia planned as the world’s nuclear toilet – is unknown. Sydney and Alice Springs demonstrations did better.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA had a massive rally.  Aboriginal landowners were joined by thousands in protest against nuclear waste dumping.

Premier Jay Weatherill’s probable moves in November: amend the  Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Prohibition Act 2000  in the final Parliament scheduled sitting week of 29th Nov to 1st Dec. Then formally ask the Federal government to jointly work up the Inter dump plan along-side the SA gov through-out 2017 and in the lead up to the March 2018 State election.

South Australian Labor Party Conference on 29 October will surely debate nuclear policy, and overturning the law against nuclear waste importing – a critical point for Jay Weatherill’s political career. 

Adelaide will host the next Nuclear Citizens’ so-called Jury on 29-30 October. The list of witnesses, and their likely attitudes is up on Antinuclear. Though the meeting organiser DemocracyCo does try to be fair, it is probable that this event will be pretty much controlled by the shonky Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission, as was the last one. Various Facebook pages try to keep up with the process.

Meanwhile the Weatherill govt is importing top nuclear shills, such as James Voss to lecture South Australians on the benefits of nuclear. Geordan Graetz, pro nuclear spruiker is a ‘Community Engagement Advisor” to South Australians

Military targets in Australia. Prof Richard Tanter continues the great work of Desmond Ball, (who died on Oct 12) on analysing defence issues. Tanter now issues a warning on the dangers in Australia’s rather mindless hosting of American military stations, notably Pine Gap.

Australia will, for the first time ever, vote “NO” in the UN, to  negotiating a new treaty that prohibits nuclear weapons.

UN human rights expert finds that Australian government has lost trust of civil society

CLIMATE and RENEWABLE ENERGY Oh dear – Australian taxpayers funded publishing of climate denialist Bjorn Lomborg’s book. South Australia’s Sundrop Farms – desert solar powered agriculture.Tidal energy – Australian Maritime College launches new turbine in Tamar River.


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Australian nuclear and climate news to 14 October

a-cat-CANClimate change is still the Big One. But, the danger of nuclear war is also the Big One, and particularly so right now. Red Cross and Red Crescent (IRRC) statement to UN on nuclear disarmament. Religious groups unite to lobby at UN on nuclear weapons banNobel Prize laureates call for an end to the insanity of nuclear weapons.

Removing CO2 From the Air  seen as Only Hope for Fixing Climate Change

People and planet endangered by the Trans Pacific Partnership.


15 October Australia National Day of Action Against Nuclear Waste Dumps. There’ll be a big rally in South Australia, because people there who care are aware of the State and Federal government’s nefarious plans for two different systems of nuclear waste dumping in that State . In the rest of Australia, government and media have maintained a disgraceful silence about the ongoing process to turn Australia into the world’s nuclear waste toilet. Despite the media blanket, protestors will rally in Victoria New South Wales,  and  today in Western Australia. 

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Nuclear Citizens’ Jury members not allowed to change the wording of their set question.    Witnesses recommended for the next Citizens’ Jury on Nuclear Waste Importing, South Australia. Monitoring South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury.

People power against nuclear waste dumping – protest at proposed Federal dump site in Flinders Ranges

Australian International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons calls on government to stop blocking progress on nuclear disarmament.

CLIMATE  Australia under question at UN over its climate change policy. Turnbull government has misused clean energy funds.

South Australia. Premier Jay Weatherill on the right track regarding renewable energy and electricity blackout. Solar power needed, to bring energy security and jobs to Port Augusta, South Australia. World first: Concentrated Solar Power Plant growing tomatoes.

Queensland govt’s push for solar power on all government buildings. Queensland govt requires Adani to prove financial viability for Carmichael mine. Legal challenge to Adani’s Abbot Point plans in Queensland’s Supreme Court. Traditional owners fighting Adani mine meet UN Rapporteur .

Australian Capital Territory  Canberra’s renewable energy leadership at risk, as Federal govt demonises renewables.

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To 8th October Nuclear and Climate News – Australia

a-cat-CANInvestigative journalism this week – yes, it still can happen. This time, it’s the Washington Post, revealing the scandalous origin of the rare earths that we use so prolifically in all our new gizmos – from mobile phones to wind turbines. Cobalt mining in the Congo. Graphite mining in China.


NUCLEAR. While climate news is still the BIG one, for Australia, the pro nuclear machinations going on in South Australia form the URGENT one. On October 9 and 10, the second Nuclear Citizens’ Jury will be held in Adelaide. The last Citizens Jury, while being very well run by DemocracyCo, had a strange brief, and some biased and ignorant witnesses. 

While in S Australia, all the very expensive preparations and propaganda for nuclear waste importing go on (all at S Australian taxpayers’ expense)  the rest of Australia is oblivious. We must thank the subservient Aussie media for this, especially the Murdochracy.

Another inaccuracy from pro nuclear propagandist Geraldine Thomas.  Adi Paterson, Australia’s top nuclear guru, in pro nuclear promotion to Asian schools.

Especially in South Australia, but also in other States, those who care will be protesting against this plan for Australia as the world’s nuclear toilet – on Saturday October 15 –NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION against nuclear waste dumps in SA. Sydney   Melbourne.


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“Dig it up” era should end. It is time to design new technology for RECYCLING rare earths

a-cat-CANIf mobile phones, lap-tops , wind turbines etc were all designed to make it easy to retrieve and recycle rare metals, the rare earth mining industry would hardly be needed.

At present, the world is mindlessly enjoying all the wonderful new gimmickry, without being aware of the toxic toll on miners who are being exploited by companies like Apple.

Sure – that industry must be cleaned up. But also, it’s time to minimise mining, by 21st Century design and recycling.


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The week that has been in climate and nuclear news -Australia

a-cat-CANAgain – climate change is the big one.  As UN climate chief calls for clear report on ‘feasibility’ of 1.5C climate goal, it’s looking as though this goal is not achievable, and climate change could already be irreversible.  In 2016 atmospheric carbon dioxide will pass 400 parts per million – permanently. Speed of Arctic change shocks scientists.

But nuclear disaster could be imminent, too, as we consider the consequences of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, with Pakistan upping the ante, with belligerent threats to India.

On the so-called peaceful nuclear scene, the focus is on South Africa. South Africa’s corrupt nuclear politics is like a nasty boil that developed slowly over years, and could now be ready to burst.

Shadow Courts – The Secret Tribunals That Corporations Use to Sue Countries.


CLIMATE AND RENEWABLE ENERGY.  An electricity blackout in South Australia gave the Turnbull government the opportunity to renew its attack on renewable energy, even though energy minister Josh Frydenberg and the grid operators admit that the source of energy had nothing to do with the catastrophic outage. However Frydenberg later toed the Coalition’s anti-renewables line.   I got some amusement from ANC senior journalist Chris Uhlmann’s misguided rant against wind power. The ABC is always getting blamed for its “left wing” bias – Uhlmann showed the opposite here!

Sadly – all this political and media misinformation could affect the coming election in the Australian Capital Territory

World first wave/solar power grid for Western Australia.

Climate change shifting rain from Australia towards Antarctica. Urgent need for increased research on climate change impacts on Antarctic sea ice. Australian government has had no modelling done to show how Australia is supposed to meet Paris climate pledgen   Australia’s farmers feeling the effects of climate change. Australia’s superannuation funds are backing exploration for fossil fuels.

NUCLEAR   Australia’s $36 billion splurge on submarines, intended for nuclear later on.

South Australia‘s nuclear dump plan – fool’s gold? – senior Liberal MP.  Premier Weatherill either dishonest or ignorant, about Finland’s nuclear waste dump plan.  There would be a long delay for money in for South Australia’s proposed Temporary Nuclear Waste Storage facility.  South Australian government’s barrage of pro nuclear advertising – making the unthinkable “normal”.

A week of anti nuclear protest at Australia’s top target – Pine Gap.

Northern Land Council delay agreement on Rio Tinto uranium exploration.

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to September 24 – climate and nuclear news Australia

a-cat-CANOnce again, I have to admit, that however terrible the nuclear industry is, the climate threat is the currently urgent global danger. That’s because the “window of opportunity” to contain it is near to closing.    Global warming will accelerate as oceans reach limits of remediation. Climate change action can be stopped by Trans Pacific Partnership.



South Australia.  Premier Jay Weatherill wrote a deceptive pro nuclear article. (I’ll be writing more about this at a later stage). However, the comments below his article showed that not all registered Advertiser readers were taken in. Weatherill has gone to Finland accompanied by pro nuclear advocates.  Jay Weatherill’s plan is not only ridiculously long term, but also political dynamite. Meanwhile, Finland companies keen to market their nuclear waste technology to South Australia. In that same article Weatherill mentions the next step in his campaign –  to change South Australia’s law against nuclear waste storage 

The SA government runs a nuclear “Your Say” site. People must register to comment. And they do. Some critical comments are posted.  80 % of ABC North and West listeners oppose South Australia’s nuclear waste import plan.

The SA government continues its nuclear roadshow. Very little media information. Facebook can be a source of news, e.g. Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia and Fight to Stop Nuclear Waste Dump in Flinders Ranges SA

CLIMATE. Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) lodges appeal against Federal Court’s approval of giant Adani coal mine.

Renewable EnergyBusiness Investment in Renewable Energy hit by government cuts to Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

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Adelaide Advertiser’s nauseous sycophantic account of Premier Weatherill’s nuclear jaunt to Finland

a-cat-CANI knew that The Advertiser was the mouthpiece of the nuclear lobby, anyway, but their latest effort was really sick-making. A rave which portrays Premier Weatherill as some kind of democratic champion, and which is pushing the soft sell that the decision on nuclear waste importing will not happen soon, but be dragged on for years.  (They  don’t say this, but in the interim, the nuke lobby has time to get secret arrangements made – and money lent to South Australia, so that ultimately, it might all be just too committed to turn back.)
A Premier with any spine might make a decision, a soon decision, and a wise one, to say no to the whole noxious scheme, – send home the business lobbyists and the propaganda spruikers like Geraldine Thomas, put the lid on the shonky Nuclear Royal Commission’s biased report, stop the silly nuke spinning Forums, and get on with running South Australia properly.   Such an opportunity that State has, as a world leader in renewable energy!
Lack of trust more toxic than nuclear dump notion: Daniel Wills, The Advertiser September 23, 2016   “South Australia is still at the stage where it needs reassurance about the science, as well as the competency and motivations of a government that would oversee its administration.

No site has been selected to house the world’s high-level international waste for profit, should the state choose to build one, nor any explanation of how one would be picked. The State Government is yet to overturn laws that ban public money being spent on investigating the establishment of a nuclear dump or even to pick up the phone to ask places like Japan what they would pay…….

nuclear-marketing-crapThe Finnish operators say they would jump at the chance to form an alliance with SA to build a dump here…..

Mr Weatherill is likely to confirm before Christmas that the Government will begin the serious work of developing a robust business case…….

Expect the Government to seek money from overseas to undertake a major geological survey that rules out places too unsafe for disposal to occur. At a cost of up to $1 billion, this is too expensive for SA to fund itself, but could have the benefit of doubling as a discovery tool for new mining deposits.

From there, it is likely the offer will be thrown open to communities to show an interest, and estimates made of what they could receive. Even on the most extremely rapid timeline, that point is unlikely to have been reached by the time voters head to the polls in March 2018.

This project is multi-generational, with a point of no return years away. But it is a doubtful and open question as to whether our politics are up to the job…….Mr Weatherill has framed this as a great test of our democracy’s ability to consider difficult questions and come to wise solutions. …

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to 18 Sept – climate and nuclear news – Australia

a-cat-CANCLIMATE.  Approaching the First Climate Tipping Point — On Track to Hit 1.5 C Before 2035.   Low Arctic sea ice in 2016 – close to record low level. Marshall Islanders culture threatened: emigration as sea level rises.   Polar bears losing habitat as sea ice melting earlier, and refreezing later. Extreme drought: the impact of climate change and El Nino on the Amazon rainforest. Climate change endangers nuclear facilities, as water supplies heat up and evaporate.

NUCLEAR. In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May finally gave the go-ahead for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project. This decision, like New York’s decision to subsidise the nuclear industry, will have global effects.

The decision was probably inevitable, given the circumstances. The factors at play were:

For everyone else, especially the British public, it’s  a very bad deal. –  E3G, a leading climate change think tank sets out reasons why going ahead with Hinkley is a massive mistake. It is  a megaproject which could become a “stranded asset”.  After all, Hinkley still might not ever happen.  Renewables are faster and better.


SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Jay Weatherill dithering on when to make a decision about nuclear waste importing for South Australia.  South Australian Premier off to Finland to visit unfinished and costly nuclear waste facility. A nuclear -led economic recovery for South Australia starting 15 years away – no way! says Liberal leader. Taxpayers up for huge costs in South Australia – just for the PLANNING for nuclear waste importing, before any decision. .

Turnbull govt slashes half-a-billion dollars from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency,but doesn’t actually kill it.

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The week in Climate and Nuclear News- Australia

a-cat-CANNUCLEAR The world was jolted into a renewed awareness of nuclear war danger, today, as North Korea conducted another nuclear bomb test. It may also be miniaturising nuclear warheads, to fit on a missile.  President Obama has stated that America will stick to the principle of being willing to make a pre-emptive nuclear strike.  However, the “Red Button” nuclear war system can be reformed: Donald Trump’s rise illustrates the need for this. Nuclear war risks lessened by Iran nuclear deal, which should continue in USA’s next administration. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty has enduring value.

CLIMATE. The world had better pay attention NOW – to soaring ocean temperatures.  Effect of Global Warming on World’s Ocean Circulation is an unknown quantity. More frequent, more powerful Super Typhoons, with climate change. Flooding – a dire hazard to nuclear power stations. USA and China formally ratify Paris climate agreement. Coal lobby is urged to copy tactics of the tobacco lobby!


French anti-nuclear activists force Australian delegation to leave National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (ANDRA).

Australian govt uses out-dated terminology, to disguise reality of High Level Nuclear waste. Confusion about the two South Australian nuclear waste dump plans.

Australia’s nuclear lobby wants waste dump as a prelude to setting up ‘new nuclear’ in South Asia

Australian uranium companies notorious for exploitation of African communities.

South Australia. Hawker in the middle of the earthquake hazard zone, close to federal govt’s planned nuclear waste dump site.

CLIMATE   High Profile Members of Climate Change Authority slam ‘Untrue and Dangerous’ report. Climate Change Authority Special Review: Minority Report. Meaningless climate weasel words from Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg. Australia the Pacific Pariah as it idolises coal.  Australia an international pariah? as other nations ratify Paris Climate Agreement.


South Australian govt makes a change- to purchase 75 per cent of its long-term electricity needs.

Queensland. Renewable energy future – Hybrid Solar and Wind Systems ? Queensland is getting one. Queensland University of Technology to divest its fossil fuel shares.

ENERGY Sharp falls predicted for Australia’s thermal coal exports.    

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funding 12 large scale solar projects. Australian Renewable Energy Agency negotiating with govt, trying to save its funding. Farmers get economic safety net, thanks to wind farms. Solar power in Australia working better than expectedGeothermal energy – not necessarily renewable, nor environmentally benign.

Australian business leaders support UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Poll shows broad support for green groups using ‘lawfare’ to challenge mining ventures.lems.


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