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Nuclear news to 13 June – Australia

Although climate change is still the monumental threat to all life on earth, I’ve decided to return, above all, to the original focus of this newsletter – nuclear news.

The nuclear issue is the perfect subject for examining how  prevailing journalism and shonky history distort genuine historiography.  And, this week, there’are fine examples of this in articles about the HBO TV min-series “Chernobyl”. There are articles claiming that the series is “inaccurate”, “exaggerated”, and quoting minimal health effects, and the area as a wildlife paradise.

In fact, series writer Craig Mazin extensively researched the subject, to faithfully retell the events of the April 1986 nuclear disaster. Historian Kate Brown thoroughly examined copious records of the huge health toll in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and reported on this, and on its implications for the future.   Daniel Taylor discusses the accuracy of the series, and reflects on the secrecy, bureaucratic mismanagement, and the war on truth which prevails concerning the nuclear industry, both in the Soviet era, and in today’s world, whether East or West.


Australia heads for authoritarian rule, as Federal Police under government control, threaten press freedom. Australia’s police raids on the media will silence whistleblowers. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton “knew nothing” about police raids on Australian media offices, and on a home!!  Statement by Ita Buttrose, ABC Chair, on the public’s right to know. Journalists who joined in the attack on Julian Assange may find themselves to be the next victims.

NUCLEAR. Liberal National Coalition’s “nuclear cowboys”. Despite the evidence, the Australian government refuses to accept Chronic Radiation Syndrome in nuclear test veterans. The health toll of Australia’s uranium nuclear industry.

CLIMATE. Australia’s reputation in the Pacific now trashed due to its failure to help, in climate crisis.  Adani’s flawed protections for groundwater: its Carmichael mine may dry up ancient desert springs.  Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor delayed releasing data that shows greenhouse gas levels continue to riseAl Gore – Australia is at climate crossroads, – could lead on renewable energy.  ClimateWorks to launch platform to track business pledges on zero emissions.

RENEWABLE ENERGY – AEMO to model “step change” in energy transition and major emission cuts  CEFC big solar investments pass $1 billion, with stake in Kiamal Solar Farm. Colonial backs solar and battery roll-out in major shopping centres. Sydney Catholic schools  install 1.3MW “power generator” worth of solar. Victoria’s biggest solar farm secures finance, may add huge battery.  NSW notches up 2GW of rooftop solar, as record installs continue.  Renewable hydrogen getting cheaper, Australia could lead global market.  Sydney Opera House turns to wind and solar, may add battery for perfect match.


Investigative journalism : Detailed history of violence of nuclear power – from start, to finish in the very very long future.

These Are the Banks and Financial Institutions Investing $748 Billion in Nuclear Weapon Producers.

Mars and travel to Mars – will kill astronauts with ionising radiation.

Global extinctions of plant species – going at a frightening rate.

A ‘P5+4’ summit could break the nuclear weapons deadlock.



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Nuclear news, and some climate news – to 5 June

It is clear that the climate crisis is the greatest threat to humans and other species. This week, Dahr Jamail and others have spelled out the intensity of the effects of ever accelerating global warming. One report gives a harrowing scenario analysis of how human civilization might collapse due to climate change.

Nevertheless, at this stage, I’ve decided to focus on the original purpose of this weekly summary – nuclear news.

Why?  Two reasons:

1, I can’t keep up with the variety of climate change impacts happening, and with the overall understanding of communicators such as Dahr Jamail,   climate researcher Paul Beckwith , and Radio Ecoshock.

2. The global nuclear lobby is peddling the untruth that nuclear power is essential to save the climate.  And – journalists, politicians, and other influential people are buying into this fiction, without troubling to look into the full picture. The information on the climate chaos is out there, and its effects are visible (e.g. the melting ice).   The lies about “new nuclear”, about “harmless , even benign” ionising radiation are being allowed to prevail in the media.


Julian Assange a victim of torture: Australian government just let it happen.  Swedish court rules in favour of Julian Assange: he will not be extradited to Sweden.

Australia joins with Japan and USA in urging North Korea to return to nuclear talks.

Concerns about the safety of 5G mobile network technology.

NUCLEAR. New Labor leader Anthony Albanese supports UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty : News Corpse doesn’t like him!   Queensland National Party MPs keen for nuclear power in Australia.    Anthony Albanese keeps Mark Butler in climate and energy portfolio, as COALition  renews call for nuclear.   Australia’s uranium lobby imports a very unreliable “radiation expert” to spruik at Adelaide conference.  Vimy Resources managing director Mike Young talks up uranium industry, despite its gloomy market.

Rare Earths.  Lynas still struggling to deal with its Malaysian radioactive waste problem.


RENEWABLE ENERGY  Western Australian councils urge state to step up on clean energy . Relief as “common sense” and Supreme Court prevail over Queensland solar rule change .     Off the grid: AEMC paves way for stand alone systems to replace poles and wires. Wind energy sets new records as strong investment and windy weather combine.

Energy transition has only just begun, but solar has already changed the game.  New APVI solar tool shows daily, time-based forecast for each state.Solar farms push 2019 PV tally past 1.5GW.  Electricity emissions fall sharply as renewable energy continues heavy lifting.    AEMO pushes solar register as rooftop installations head to 56GW.   Gupta secures China EPC contract for $350 million Cultana solar farmTwo new solar farms connect to the grid in Queensland.  Queensland electric super highway will soon have 50+ EV chargers. Mirvac taps Melbourne start-up for shared solar at new apartments.


Nuclear industry and governments colluded to obscure the health effects of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.  “Energy for Humanity”, “Nuclear Pride” – the greenwashing of Fukushima, Chernobyl, and the global nuclear industry.  Nuclear Pride Coalition and Michael Shellenberger: Greenwash and Propaganda 2019.  Panicky nuclear lobby produces a propaganda book, desperate to win public support

Nuclear power, useless against climate change, is itself threatened by climate change‘s weather extremes.

Nuclear weapons even more risky in this age of Artificial Intelligence, Cyberattacks.

Ionising radiation in space will kill astronauts headed for Mars.

Record viewing of HBO miniseries “Chernobyl”.  Breathtaking series on Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.   Accuracy of HBO’s “Chernobyl” mini series.

Problems in nuclear fusion, radiation risks – some active wastes, intermittency.

Continuing glum lookout for the uranium market.

Edward Snowden warns of greatest social control scheme in history .

Volcanoes not the major cause of global warming.  A new way to remove CO2 from the air – (perhaps – or too good to be true?)


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The week that has been, in climate and nuclear news – Australia

Media freedom now under grave threat, as USA aims to gaol Julian Assange for life.

Journalism should awaken the world to the looming climate catastrophe.  Link between global warming and war.  Despite misogyny, women continue to fight the reckless spending on nuclear weapons.  Carbon dioxide soars to record-breaking levels not seen in 800,000 years.  Climate crisis – the Impact of Ocean Acidification?      A fight for the future as climate change school strikes grow for fourth month running.


US charges Julian Assange with 17 counts under Espionage Act. (He’s an Australian citizen. Does the government or anyone care?)  Gross injustice! Ecuador to hand over Assange’s entire legal defense to the United States .

CLIMATE .  ‘We have lost Australia for now,’ warns climate scientist in wake of election.   Australia can be a global leader on combating climate change, and rejecting nuclear.  Mass protest in Melbourne, demanding action on climate change. Australian courts will consider the risks of climate change to be foreseeable, thereby creating further responsibilities for companies and directors.

Torres Strait lodges case at UN against Australia on human rights as climate change issue.

Prime Minister dumps Melissa Price from Environment Ministry, even though she had done exactly what the Liberal COALition wanted, on Adani coal mine.  Divisions in Labor Party over climate change policy. The Australian Labor Party wavers about the Adani coal project, but the anti-coal activists are not giving up.  There are still serious obstacles to Adani’s coal mine expansion. Queensland government hits panic button on Carmichael coal mine approvals.  Adani coal mine approvals could be granted within weeks as Queensland Premier Palaszczuk sets deadline.

Albo [new Labor leader Anthony Albanese] and the Green New Deal: Great name for a band, but is it good policy? BHP sees early end for thermal coal, plugs in to electric future.


Support for nuclear power is support for coal: John Quiggin refutes the arguments of Australia’s pro nuclear shills. Corruption in the Australian uranium industry.

Rare Earths.  Need for awareness on what Lynas will do with its rare earths radioactive trash.  Lynas plans rare earths “upstream” processing in Australia and “downstream” processing in USA and Malaysia.  It’s not clear what will be done about Lynas’ radioactive wastes in Malaysia, as Lynas plans rare earths processing also in Texas.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Western Australia taps into boom for raw materials for EV and storage batteries .  How serious is Queensland about its 50 per cent renewable energy target?  Twin Creek wind farm and Australia’s biggest battery edge closer to approval.  Electric Landcruiser conversion – made for Australian mining – goes viral .


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Climate and Nuclear News to 21 May – Australia

With bewildering rapidity, opinions on climate change action are shifting.   Corporate America is calling on Congress to pass big climate policy , while President Trump outright dismisses climate change as a serious issue.  Climate change action is a top priority for UK’s moderate Conservatives.  France is setting up a Citizens’ Convention
for the Climate. Despite record hot summer, in  Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s remorseless focus on costs outweighed climate concerns, and his climate-sceptic government was re-elected.

The media is, as usual, awash with articles about the “need” for nuclear power – to solve climate change. It’s like a religious belief for journalists to mention “zero carbon” or “clean” nuclear in otherwise well-researched articles.

International politics’ nuclear news can be scary.    Chilling similarity between out-dated nuclear weapons policies and world of Game of Thrones.    The escalating danger and unpredictability of nuclear weapons.   Border tensions continue between India and Pakistan.  Trump and Kim “in love”, but have few options now that discussions have collapsed. Donald Trump making belligerent statements on Iran. Danger of war – Israel vs Russia – could lead to nuclear war.


News Corpse – a propaganda machine for the mining industries.

NUCLEAR.  Warren Mundine, nuclear stooge, loses Gilmore election – the only Liberal loss in the country. PM Scott  Morrison would not rule out nuclear power.    Resources Minister Matt Canavan has failed to comply with an order to process information about the nuclear waste dump plan.  Why is UK govt covering up the records on nuclear bomb tests in Australia in the 1950s?


RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Australian Electric Vehicle industry faces 12 month policy wait



Ionising radiation as a cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Women poorly represented in, and disparaged by, the nuclear security “priesthood”.

Morrison’s reelection is a disaster for the future of the country — and the world.a.

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Beware Bill Shorten’s quietly pro nuclear attitude

Yes, Shorten is better than Liberal’s aggressive pawn of big industry , Scott Morrison.  And, more importantly, yes, the Labor Party’s policies are much, much better  -on climate change, renewable energy, along with so many other areas. Indeed, Liberals barely have any policies, other than kow-towing to their corporate donors, and to their far right Abbott-led faction.

Labor has a clear anti nuclear policy, and backs the Federal law prohibiting the building of nuclear reactors, or of any stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, except for uranium mining.  Building of a nuclear waste dump is prohibited, as is the importation of nuclearwaste. However, it does permit the building of a dump for waste produced in Australia.

Bill Shorten has been equivocal about nuclear issues.  I suspect that he would go with whatever policy helped him to pursue his own career.

Both Liberal and Labor have maintained complete silence about the proposed Kimba/Hawker nuclear waste dump.  It’s almost as if the dump idea is just a little plaything of ANSTO’s nuclear archbishop Dr Adi Paterson, nothing to do with the nation.

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The week that has been in climate and nuclear news – Australia

Climate change –   climate crisis might be the more accurate phrase. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in New Zealand, said the political will to fight climate change has faded at the same time as it is getting worse for those feeling its effects.

Some videos of this week’s news on the effects of global warming -Arctic Ocean Coastal Temperatures Surge to 84.2 F  11 May    -Global Sea Ice Plunges to New Record Lows . A tiny bit of good news: Rooftop Panels of Tiny Plants Can Cleanse Polluted Air at 100 Times the Rate of a Single Tree.

Nuclear news – the focus this week has been on international politics. While nuclear competition between India and Pakistan is accelerating, Stimson’s South Asia Program offers ways to reduce tensions.  Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign: paving the way for war against Iran?  Donald Trump likes strutting on the global ‘nuclear summit’ stage, but is not interested in genuine arms control.


Federal election on 18 May. If the climate-denying, nuclear-loving Liberal Coalition gets back in, I reckon that there’ll be wholesale emigration to New Zealand, where they have decent and compassionate policies, and a Prime Minister with integrity!

Australia’s role in the species extinction crisis.

Australia’s major parties’ climate policies side-by-sideClimate emergency is here, whatever the election result . Missing in action’: hunt goes on for Coalition’s invisible environment minister. Bill Shorten urged to declare climate emergency if Labor wins.

Yeelirrie uranium approval, Adani coal – Australia needs new and stronger national environment laws.


NUCLEAR. Duplicity of the Australian government on nuclear waste dump (“Temporary” means “Indefinite”)  At last – HENRY COX, a Senate Candidate with the guts to fight the nuclear waste dump plan ! Confident Clive Palmer predicts tax-payer funding for nuclear power.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Solar’s stunning rise takes big chunk out of coal in daytime market.  Numurkah solar farm, to help power steel works, Melbourne trams, begins production. First turbine completed at Tasmania’s Cattle Hill wind farm.  Western Australia to fund solar farms in six remote indigenous communities Rooftop solar kills summer peak demand in W.A., as renewables nudge 50% share.  NSW green-lights 100MW solar farm plus battery for Riverina region. Solar and storage to power disability housing in first of its kind.  Australian mayors want more ambition on climate change, 100% renewables.


Radioactive fallout could be released from melting glaciers.  Deep ocean animals are eating radioactive carbon from nuclear bomb tests.

Deep divisions between nations as preparations made for next year’s review of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Global paralysis in weapons control agreements as a new arms race begins.

The problematic arrival of Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear Weapons.

The vulnerability of nuclear weapons systems to cyber threats.

Nuclear power is subject to human error. — and that makes it a poor solution to climate change.

The World Blows Over $5 Trillion A Year On Oil And Gas Subsidies: Report

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To 7 May – Climate and Nuclear News Australia

Arguably the biggest news –  the world’s species are disappearing (and hey! – we’re vulnerable, too).

Both issues – climate change, and nuclear wastes have been in the political  headlines in anglophone countries. A pity that these seem to be rarely reported in English language in other countries, and probably not reported at all in totalitarian countries.  Good News:  In Britain, climate activists, – Extinction Rebellion, and school children’s strikes have had their political impact, as UK declares a Climate Emergency.  In Australia climate ‘paralysis’ looms over its coming election.

In USA, the battle over where to put nuclear wastes heats up with renewed political turmoil over plan for Yucca Mountain, Nevada, as nuclear waste dump. Radioactive wastes continue to trouble Europe  and UK, though not a peep out of Russia, China about theirs.



NUCLEAR. It is left to rural South Australians to oppose the misguided national plan for nuclear waste dumping.  Federal election candidates for Grey express their views on nuclear waste dump plan.   Clive Palmer expects to hold the balance of power in Australian Parliament, says he will bring in nuclear power. Both Liberal and Labor oppose Clive’s plan.

The harm done to indigenous people, through uranium mining – and it’s happening again. Unfinished business: a new report on the Ranger uranium mine: what its clean-up means for Kakadu National Park.

RARE EARTHS.  WA rules out Lynas waste imports Western Australian govt rules out importing Lynas’ wastes from Malaysia.  Australian rare earths company Lynas is determined to keep its radioactive trash in Malaysia.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Labor will establish South East Queensland community power hub. Labor pledges funding for renewable jobs, support for Tasmania Battery of the Nation. Labor battery subsidy could deliver 80% cut to household electricity bills. Solar schools to create 364MW virtual power plant in Labor policy plan.

Bank Australia becomes first Australian bank to purchase 100% renewables.    Big batteries help Tesla lift storage revenue near 10-fold in Australia. Wesfarmers dumps coal and turns to electric cars: Australia should follow . WA’s 130MW Badgingarra wind farm officially opens.  World’s largest Tritium EV charging R&D facility launched in Brisbane. Hanwha to launch 100% renewable “next gen” energy retailer in Australia.   International Award for Australian PV Leader.


Nuclear weapons companies doing very profitably out of governments. ICAN and PAX list the companies that make nuclear weapons.

Can the Non Proliferation Treaty and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons co-exist?  Hibakusha continue their mission to eliminate nuclear weapons.

High blood pressure risk from prolonged exposure to low-dose ionising radiation. Low level radiation exposure and increased risks of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease.

Why cockroaches might be able to survive a nuclear attack.

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To May 1st – Climate and Nuclear News – Australia

On climate change – where to start? – covers the world-wide impacts that are already happening. It seems that only the very young, Greta Thunberg, and the very old, David Attenborough, are able to get the message across. So many different impacts – the latest big one is another cyclone, followed by flooding, in Mozambique.

On nuclear issues, also, where to start?   With the stalemate in nuclear weapons negotiations, in several countries, and India and Pakistan on the tightrope? Or with the nuclear financial messes in USA and UK?

Perhaps it’s best to find a note of optimism. Izumi Nakamitsu, the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, spoke convincingly, in Tokyo, about improving prospects for progress in nuclear disarmament.

$70 trillion cost predicted, as Arctic permafrost thaws.

Across the world, Extinction Rebellion climate activists stage “die-in“.  Secretive Fossil Fuel Lobby Group, “Global Climate Coalition”, Manipulated UN Climate Programs.

UN assesses world environment in new report – it’s a grim story.

Reviewing the state of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. New report warns that world is dangerously close to increased use of nuclear weapons.  Use of Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Weapons Command and Control.


Nuclear power, climate change, and the Australian election.

CLIMATE2019: the climate electionLiberal Coalition gets a poor rating on climate policy.  Australian children want Australia to take action on climate change: it’s about their future! Labor commits $10M to boost CSIRO climate science centre capabilities. Pauline Hanson denies humans behind climate change, blames ‘fearmongering’

The Adani coal mine is a test of Australia’s environmental intelligence – Bob Brown.  Coalition slammed over ‘misleading’ Adani billboard. Adani coal mine expansion has become a decisive issue for Queensland’s marginal seats.  Adani’s bid to bankrupt traditional owner hits court.

NUCLEAR. “Australia’s nuclear waste is a national issue and putting the burden on two semirural communities isn’t fair”.Labor remains silent on the issue.  Petition to stop federal government’s plans to build a nuclear waste facility in Kimba or Hawker.  Voters in South Australia’s Grey Electorate angry over 3 years of federal radioactive waste plan. South Australian aborigines again face a nuclear threat – as Federal Government plans a nuclear waste dump.  Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency righteous about possibly radioactive jewellery, silent on nuclear threats

Maralinga nuclear bomb test survivor reveals truth of what happened in the SA desert.

Federal Environment Minister, Melissa Price, fails the environment with secretive Yeelirrie uranium approval.    Clandestine approval for controversial uranium mine is evidence Australia needs better environment laws. Morrison govt approved Yeelirrie uranium mine just the day before calling the election. Bill Shorten questions Environment Minister Melissa Price’s shonky Yeelirrie uranium deal. Yeelirrie uranium mine approval all pain no gain for Coalition. Uranium to be transported across Nullarbor Plain all the way from Yeelirrie to Port Adelaide – The yellowcake highway to Port Adelaide. Uranium miner coaxed government to water down extinction safeguards.  Yeelirrie has a low grade of uranium, and Cameco has closed McArthur River mine with a much higher grade. It’s not worth wiping out a species for the Yeelirrie uranium mine.

Lynas’ rare earths miner: its troubles are a reminder that even renewables technologies involve radioactive trash.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  S.A. begins search for energy provider after failure of solar tower project. CopperString is back, with plan to unlock outback wind and solar. Australian wave power technology tapped to power Spanish Canary Island. Tesla driver clocks almost 1000km in Australian outback in one day. Victorian water utilities join forces to source cheap solar power.

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Climate crisis and nuclear news- Australia

In London yesterday, police arrested 963 people who were part of the Extinction Rebellion climate protest. This movement is continuing, and spreading to other countries. They will also set up a political taskforce to take forward public negotiations with the Government. Climate awareness is gathering momentum.  Still, climate scientists seem unwilling and perhaps unable to talk to the general public, to explain the basic facts on climate change, and the complicating factors, such as the effects on oceans warning, on sea ice loss, on air current changes, on low pressure areas, the polar vortex.  There are two climate scientists who do make this effort. Paul Beckwith has made over 200 YouTube videos, and he does tackle the complicated science in an understandable way. Katherine Hayhoe almost deceptively makes climate science seem simple, and is well known for her entertaining video series Global Weirding.

This newsletter was always intended to inform on the nuclear threat. It’s just that the climate situation is now a global emergency.


NUCLEAR –  Here’s a list of the many Candidates and Members of Parliament who support the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Why is Prime Minister Scott Morrison raising the suggestion of nuclear power, knowing it’s illegal in Australia?  Scott Morrison  chops and changes about nuclear power.  Cory Bernardi sulks as Scott Morrison, in election campaign mode, abruptly reverses his support for nuclear power.  Australian Nuclear Association’s Rob Parker continues to make absurd pro nuclear claims.

CLIMATE  ABC’s Vote Compass finds that environment is a high issue amongst voters.  The health dangers from climate change – catching Australia unprepared.

Scott Morrison misleads the public on the costs of Labor’s climate policy.

Adani did not accept key scientific advice.  Documents contradict Minister For Coal’s statement that Adani “accepted in full” changes sought by scientists regarding Carmichael mine.

RARE EARTHS Lynas rare earths corporation still struggling with its tricky problem of its radioactive wastes in Malaysia. Malaysian government insists that Lynas must remove its 450,000 tonnes of radioactive waste from the country. Kevin Rudd, as Foreign Minister in 2011, aware of Lynas’ probable radioactive wastes problem.  In 2011, secret report warned of dangers of Lynas’ rare earth’s wastes in Malaysia.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.    Renewables job numbers hit three-year high – led by Australia’s coal states.  Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to model rapid transition to renewables, quicker exit from coal.  Work begins on Warwick solar farm – University of Queensland’s ticket to 100% renewables. University of New South Wales  looks to solar-powered desalination to help bust droughts.  South Australia Power Networks taps solar to cut dependence on its own grid.  Rooftop solar to add 2,000MW in 2019, another Liddell by 2022.  Woolworths green bond flooded with orders as retailer looks to solar, efficiency .


Earth’s surface temperature steadily rose from 2003.   Extinction Rebellion can act as a catalyst for political debate and change .  Climate action: Invest in low-carbon but not in nuclear . Nuclear power plants in no way designed, or ready for, climate change extremes. “There is no such thing as a zero or near-zero-emission nuclear power plant”.

Climate Change Could Unleash Long-Frozen Radiation.

Debunking All The Smears Against Julian Assange.

EUROPE. More disappointments for Europe’s new nuclear stations– no nuclear future for Europe?

UKRAINE.  Life as a liquidator after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  Chernobyl: How bad was it? .


JAPAN. Japan Atomic Power looks to a big business in cleaning up dead nuclear plants. Japan’s plutonium surplus, its history, and its danger. Japan’s massive task to clean up nuclear fuel pools of Fukushima stricken reactors.  Hazardous removal of spent fuel rods is just one step in the long Fukushima nuclear clean-up.  Japan has a new kind of visa to lure foreign blue collar workers for Fukushima clean-up.


FRANCE. Some consternation in France, as EDF plans to split off its nuclear section.  Electricite de France (EDF) €33 billion debt, and more problems – its nuclear section to be nationalised.  EDF’s Belleville nuclear power plant to continue to have increased monitoring by France’s nuclear regulator.

CHINA.  China gambles on untested “Hualong One” nuclear reactor, and plans for international sales.

RUSSIA. Putin’s new super-dooper longest submarine packed with nuclear torpedoes.  More countries headed to go into nuclear debt to Russia.

INDIA. Dangerous electioneering: India’s Modi ramps up the nuclear weapons rhetoric.

CANADA. Canada’s Came co Corp slow to clean up groundwater contaminated with uranium at Saskatchewan mill.

BANGLADESH. China keen to sell nuclear reactor to Bangladesh – an inflated and costly project.

FINLAND. Finland to start constructing nuclear plant with Russian reactor in 2021 .

ISRAEL. History of Israel getting nuclear weapons.

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Nuclear/climate news Australia – week to 14 April

On the surface, not much seems to be happening in nuclear news. Tensions between Pakistan and India have pulled back from the brink.  USA and North Korea remain at a nuclear stalemate, while South Korea tries for moderate progress. The mainstream media continues to regurgitate nuclear lobby propaganda about solving climate change, especially by developing small nuclear reactors.

The optimistic picture that’s often given of Chernobyl’s supposed recovery from the 1986 nuclear catastrophe has been thoroughly contradicted, as three new books reveal.  Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future by Kate Brown– details the dedicated research done in Belarus and Ukraine, on radiation effects, and draws attention to the pervasive and growing effects of ionising radiation, globally.  Midnight in Chernobyl: The Untold Story of the World’s Greatest Nuclear Disaster– by Adam Higginbotham  describes the course of the disaster and investigates  the propaganda, secrecy, and myths that have obscured the truth on its effects. Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe– by Serhii Plokhy dramatically reconstructs the meltdown, and condemns the  USSR’s bureaucratic dysfunction, censorship, secrecy and mismanagement that preceded the disaster, and hindered the Soviet’s response to it. point to the danger of ionising radiation to the world, as nuclear activities continue, and the radioactive wastes accumulate.

Once again the twin threats of climate change and ionising radiation come together. As glaciers melt, ionising radiation, (from nuclear bomb testing) is released from ice surface sediments. Good news : how we could get (almost) all our energy from the sun by 2050.

The Threat of Nuclear War Is Still With Us,

Police drag Julian Assange from Embassy.  –Extradition of Julian Assange must be opposed. USA govt wants to silence all reports of govt atrocities.  Wikileaks has won many awards for fine journalism.  What Does Julian Assange’s Arrest Mean for Journalists?


Police drag Julian Assange from Embassy. Scott Morrison says “no special help“, Bill Shorten pleads ignorance of the matter.  ‘He uncovered war crimes’: Greens leader urges government to protect Julian Assange

CLIMATE Emergency experts issue climate warning .  Liberal seats held by vacating and conservative MPs have extremely high levels of concern for climate change.    “Grey Power” Queensland activists protesting against Adani coal mine, demanding action against climate change.  Traditional Owners fighting Adani coal mine mount fresh legal challenge .

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Queensland enacts new solar rules, as stunned industry warns of investment standstill.  Large scale solar developers warns of cost blowouts, job losses.  Electric vehicles: Could this be Scott Morrison’s Prince Philip moment? Revolutionary Australian Clean Energy Startup Wins Global Award.  Elon Musk says “no question” Australia can meet 50% electric car target by 2030 .er delays.

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The week that has been in nuclear and climate news – Australia

This week, I’m briefly aberrating, to draw attention to the situation of Julian Assange. No, this is not directly relevant to nuclear or climate issues. But, knowing the corruption and lying ingrained in the nuclear and fossil fuel industries, it’s important to be mindful of the role of whistleblowers. The Australian government, which generously supports Australian convicted murderers and drug dealers in foreign lands, has done nothing to help Australian citizen, Julian Assange.  Assange is in dire danger of extradition to USA, of being locked up, “disappeared” forever, because in 2010 he exposed US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.   The branding of this truth teller as “criminal” should be a warning to the world.

On nuclear issues – India and Pakistan came close to the brink.

And the media is awash with propaganda about nuclear energy being essential to combat climate change. Especially propaganda about “new nukes” – small nuclear reactors (SMRs) . The reality is that it’s desperate hubris about a nonexistent technology without a future. Despite heavy promotion, SMRs are too expensive and there are no buyers.

CLIMATE – Climate change threatens millions of Bangladeshi children, warns UNICEF.     Some good news. Dozens of Countries Have Been Working to Plant ‘Great Green Wall’ – and It’s Holding Back Poverty.


NUCLEAR.Port Lincoln the likely thoroughfare for nuclear waste entering South Australia?  Incompetent management of CSIRO’s nuclear waste – used by ARPANSA to promote South Australian Hawker waste dump plan? Where do candidates stand on nuclear waste dumping? Friends of the Earth are finding out.   Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation  (ANSTO) can afford to help China build new reactors, but apparently not to maintain its own building safely.  Australia and Britain’s shameful history of Nuclear Bombing of First Nations Lands .

CLIMATE. March was the hottest month ever recorded in Australia.  Australian voters back Labor to deal with climate change. Coalition signs off with a budget tailored for climate denialLabor’s emissions reduction policy: Does it really add up?  How Sky News and Peter Ridd try to mislead Australians about the Great Barrier Reef. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg passes the buck on Adani coal mine to Minister For Coal , Melissa Price.

Australia gets a very bad environmental report for 2018.

Environment Minister Melissa Price confirms Malaysia’s request for Australia to take back Lynas’ radioactive trash.

Australian Greens Platform for equality for First Nations Peoples .

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Fate of big solar projects could ride on May election, and carbon credits   The shocking regulatory and cultural fail in Australia’s energy transition.   Australia: 100% renewables could be cheaper, quicker and easier than thought. Bank Australia signs up for 100% renewables, calls on business to lead transition.  Pilbara wind and solar will be cheapest power in Asia. Daintree edges closer to Australia first renewable-only microgrid, with help from green hydrogen.  SolarReserve abandons huge solar tower and storage plant near Port Augusta.  Massive 700MW wind farm proposed for Victoria’s south west.


Before we enter “a new nuclear age” – learn from the newly declassified Chernobyl health records.

Risk of nuclear weapons use is now at a record high.- Nuclear weapons accidents and losses 1950s – 2000s.

Book – “Deadly Dust – Made in the USA: Depleted Uranium Weapons Contaminating the World”

Challenges in Nuclear Verification– IAEA .

Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and the campaign to criminalise whistleblowing.

Reflective roofs can reduce overheating in cities and save lives during heatwaves.

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Climate and nuclear news to 2nd April

Serious indeed, as the nuclear threat is, the climate change threat is upon the world right now, and it’s accelerating.  Paul Beckwith’s videos explain how Every spring, for the past 25 years, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) releases their State of the Climate report. This years edition clearly shows how dire our climate situation is becoming

Climate change, while it is, eventually, a threat to everybody, is also very much an issue of injustice.  While the rich world braces for future climate change, the poor world is already being devastated by it.  youtube  It’s also an issue of generational injustice with the children at the losing end of this betrayal.


CLIMATE. Poll shows Australians increasingly see climate change as human-caused. Government ‘failing’ on climate change: poll .   Labor’s climate plan.    Bill Shorten’s climate policy, much better than Liberals’;  it might appeal to some Liberal voters?  Shorten’s climate policy would hit more big polluters harder and set electric car target.  Labor sets 50 per cent Electric Vehicle (EV) targets for new vehicle sales and government fleets.

NUCLEAR. –   Coalition government rejects Clive Palmer’s call for nuclear power for Australia. Clive Palmer will promise to build a nuclear reactor in South Australia.

The Australian govnt and ANSTO classify spent nuclear fuel from Lucas Heights as intermediate-level nuclear waste.  Even in 1998, the nuclear lobby and Nick Minchin, were scheming for an international nuclear waste dump in South Australia.  Nuclear waste dump proposal divides rural communities in South Australia.

URANIUM. Western Australian Aboriginal community uses solar hydropanel to solve problem of uranium in water.

RARE EARTHS. Construction begins on Australia’s biggest lithium processing plant.    Lynas silent on long-term effects of radioactive waste.   Malaysia wants Australia to help remove Lynas’ radioactive trash from rare earths processing.  Lynas considers relocating its rare earths processing to Western Australia.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australia’s plunging wind, solar, storage costs stun fossil fuel industry.  It took just two summers for renewables to replace Hazelwood coal-power stationHuge wind farm planned for Victoria’s coal centre, overlooking closed Hazelwood plant.    Bad news. Closing coal-fired power stations costs jobs. We need to prepare.  Coalition grants permit for Australia’s first offshore wind farm AusNet: We’ve been swamped by the solar boom, and we’ve made some mistakes.  Queensland delivers first “solar hydrogen” exports to Japan, backs pilot plant.


The unique role of the Earth Journalism Network (EJN).

Research group finds that ending the USA-Russia arms pact will bring about a nuclear weapons race.  The huge financial risks of nuclear incidents.

Age and Gender Bias in Radiation Research.

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To 27 March – Climate and Nuclear News Australia

Why single out one ecological disaster – when there are so many? I originally dedicated this weekly post to nuclear issues. Now it’s hard to prioritise nuclear.  We have the biodiversity crash now going on, and picking up speed. Climate change is always there -its most notable expression this week is in the drowning of Mozambique



NUCLEAR.  Australia is to build new nuclear reactors, in partnership with China (does Parliament know?)   Nuclear waste, and court actions.  Independent report found ANSTO’s health staff lacking in knowledge about radiation exposure.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Court rejects bid to block South Australia wind and ‘biggest’ battery project. Wind generation hits peak output of more than 4,000MW in Australia.  CEFC tips $10m into home solar and battery-focused green bond.


A huge global wake-up call- the human devastation of climate change.

Drastic decline in insect numbers – the bugocalypse.

Small and Medium Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) – cost estimates, and what they cost to build.  The sorry history of small nuclear power reactors.

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Climate and nuclear news to 21 March

The various human-caused threats to life on this Earth are becoming more apparent. Sometimes, it seems almost silly to separate them out -as climate change, pollution, deforestation etc, as they all add up to one grand global human disrespect for nature. The latest U.N. study reports loss of biodiversity as a even greater crisis than climate change.

It’s a global disgrace, that it’s been left to children to take the lead on climate action. World wide climate protests, by hundreds of thousands of school students.

Southern African States, Mozambique, Zimbabwe,  are now devastated by Cyclone Idai.  Sure, they’ve had cyclones before, but climate change is increasing the intensity, to record levels.

On the nuclear scene, one veteran correspondent asks  “Who will be the world’s next nuclear policeman?”, as USA abandons its historic role as  the world’s chief advocate for de-nuclearis.ation.  Meanwhile, Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton leads us back to the Nuclear Precipice. Trump’s USA is committed to dominating the world – heading for weapons in space. 


NUCLEAR.  Curiouser and curiouser. Australia’s nuclear high priest, Dr Adi Paterson, has just  been to China, and quietly signed Australia up to partnering a Chinese state-run nuclear firm in developing generation IV nuclear reactors. By whose authority, I wonder? More on this later.

Matt Canavan, Australia’ s Minister For Nuclear and Coal, skirts around the truth about radioactive waste dump plan.  Do we want another nuclear industry puppet (RICHARD CARMODY  – Independent)  in the South Australian federal seat of Grey?  Animal Justice Party – pro nuclear advocate in sheeps’ clothing?  Hypocrisy in Scotland. For political reasons, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon refused to meet Aboriginal nuclear waste protestor.  Dismissing Aboriginal objections, Leonora Shire Council, (Western Australia) wants an underground nuclear waste dump!

CLIMATE. Students’ climate action strike: 150,000 people at 60 locations across Australia.   New South Wales school students rallied for climate action, despite the Premier’s disapproval.    Good to see former Australian Chief Scientist Penny Sackett with the kids in Canberra climate march.   Liberal Coalition government ramps up scare campaign against climate action, renewables . Angus Taylor, Energy Minister, confirms that the Morrison government considering supporting new coal projects . More drought, more heat, if a large El Nino event occurs in 2019.    Adani protesters shut down Western Australian  Parliament, ejected from public gallery.

Landmark High Court decision guides how compensation for native title losses will be determined.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australia was fourth biggest market in world for large-scale solar in 2018 . How the Tesla big battery kept the lights on in South Australia.   New South Wales Solar powered election race hots up, as new round of PV policies unveiled. New South Wales Labor’s pledge for ‘solar schools. Federal election: Frydenberg challenger Oliver Yates unveils “bold” rooftop solar plan.  Western Australia’s Carnegie wave energy project gets  anew lease  of life, with new investors.

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11 March Fukushima anniversary, and the week’s news

Today we remember the catastrophe at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station, and the fact that this is a continuing disaster for that local area, for Japan, and for the world.  Eight years later, Fukushima nuclear wreck is still resulting in mounting tons of radioactive water, with no solution in sight. Japan continues its  culture of cover-up and denial about this national tragedy. An indigenous leader continues the fight for the truth on Fukushima’ s radioactive impact on the world, and condemns the University of California, for its role in the cover-up and denial of the seriousness of the situation. Eight Years on, the Fukushima  disaster still poses health risks“Recovery Olympics” does not impress everyone.


NUCLEAR.  Defence Minister Christopher Pyne sadly admit’s that there’s no chance of Australia developing a nuclear industry.

Traditional owners and Western Australia’s Conservation Council continue legal action, to uphold environmental law  . Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA) and three Tjiwarl Traditional Owners in court battle against uranium mining.

Independent environment campaigner, David Noonan,  has drawn up a scoping document, regarding BHP’s plans to expand Olympic Dam uranium mine.  I have broken this document up into 4 main themes:

CLIMATE.  Poll finds strong majority support for declaring a climate emergency.  Extreme weather is severely damaging Australia’s native creatures.

Julian Burnside, Greens candidate,  will take on Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on climate change . Environment minister Melissa Price and Energy minister Angus Taylor lying to the public on Australia’s carbon emissionsMining company Glencore behind global campaign to undermine climate change information.


Victoria leads again as rooftop solar installations set another monthly record.

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