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The week’s nuclear news

Some bits of good news Needles of Hope in the Ukraine War HaystackRenewables are booming – REN21 Global Review.

The pro Trump forces are going allout to blame and damage Joe Biden and his administration. I keep getting stuff from the non-corporate media. And some of it is in colourful and extreme language. And I know that some of it is from the Trumpians.    My problem is that in some of the Trumpian propaganda – the facts have a disturbing habit of sounding like they’re true. No – I do not want to support Trump’s ambitions. But yes, I do want the truth to come out. Especially about Ukraine and Taiwan. And the West is hiding it.


 Australian Prime Minister Albanese refuses to meet with Assange’s family .

Hard-Wired for Corruption -The arms trade and Australia’s lax monitoring regimes.

Does Australia actually need nuclear submarines?

US and Australia to launch second joint spy satellite from site in New Zealand.

Photos: Hiroshima Day protests call on Albanese government to scrap AUKUS, nuclear subs

Indonesia’s nuclear subs protest shows Australian relations will be no easy ride.

Peter Dutton has reached into the weeds of the climate wars and pulled out nuclear energy. It’s beyond ludicrous. The National Party’s false claim about nuclear power. France’s troubled nuclear fleet a bigger problem for Europe than Russia gas.

Australian War Memorial needs to own Australian frontier wars.


Why Is There More Media Talk About Using Nuclear Weapons Than About Banning Them?

The lost nuclear bombs that no one can find.

Poland rewrites or obscures the history of the Russians’ liberation of Auschwitz.

Anti-Nuclear Protest at U.S. Mission to United Nations.

Is nuclear disarmament possible? World one misstep from ‘nuclear annihilation’: UN chief. Biden, Putin strike conciliatory tones as nuclear arms talks start at U.N. If we are to survive…we must change course.

Nuclear weapons will not bring peace or security, only dangers.

The Anti-China Brainwashing Is Working: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix. Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit Stoked Tensions With China. What Comes Next?

Washington Is Making the Same Blunder Regarding Taiwan That It Did in Ukraine.

Russia’s very profitable nuclear industry – NO SANCTIONS on that!

Small nuclear reactors produce more radioactive trash than large ones do – American Academy of Sciences

Nuclear energy vs renewables: which is the best solution for the climate crisis? It’s all about public perception. Can the crooked nuclear industry convince the world?

‘Climate endgame’ warning: Scientists warn global warming could trigger nuclear war, financial crisis or an extinction-level pandemic. Climate Endgame: Risk of Human Extinction ‘Dangerously Underexplored’ .Climate breakdown is super-charging extreme weather.


POLANDPoland’s double standard on how it treats refugees, and the prospect of exhaustion by those housing Ukrainians.

TAIWANIs Taiwan’s Independence Worth War?

JAPAN. Hiroshima marks 77th anniversary of atomic bombing amid nuclear threat. 

Fukushima Prefecture seeks government help in preventing reputational damage to its marine products. Construction begins at Fukushima plant for water release. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant “Treated Water” Discharged TEPCO Announces Undersea Tunnel Construction to Begin in 4 Days “Already Started? Citizens were in a state of exasperation.   Ironic for Tokyo to caution others on nuclear issue despite Fukushima plan.


CANADALantern ceremony in Winnipeg calls attention to threat of nuclear weapons.


FRANCE. Reduced electricity output from France’s nuclear reactors due to high temperatures. EDF cuts output at nuclear power plants as French rivers get too warm. Bad luck for the river environment – nuclear reactors allowed to release hotter waterFrance importing power, as nuclear stations cut output because of global heating, Drought may force nuclear power production cut. France’s problems with nuclear corporation EDF.

RUSSIA. No one can win a nuclear war: Putin.

ISRAEL. Israel, secretly having nuclear weapons, will not join the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

IRAN. Iran says ‘optimistic’ after EU proposal for nuclear deal. Eu, Iran Russia optmistic.

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TODAY. All the fuss about Taiwan doesn’t make sense. Has anyone noticed?

Since 1979, USA, and its minions like Australia, have recognised that Taiwan is part of the Republic of China, and is NOT an independent nation.

Since 1997 USA and its minions have recognised that Hong Kong is part of the Republic of China and is NOT an independent nation. When China cracked down on the Hong Kong administration, USA, Australia tut-tutted, and there was no suggestion of doing anything about it – let alone go to war.

Now, we’ve got Nancy Pelosi, the Congress Speaker, leading the push to provoke the Chinese government to a militaristic response.

Now you might wonder why on Earth countries so far way, USA, Australia would want to invite nuclear war and destruction if China cracks down on the Taiwan administration.

I can’t see China wanting to invite nuclear war and destruction if USA cracked down on Hawaii, or Australia on Tasmania.

But of course, I forgot – American authorities are in the grip of Pentagon war hawks, and of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing – and all the rest of the weapons corporation. And they just gotta have a war – or at least – an enemy to get to the brink – and keep the profitable business going.

The whole apparently unstoppable procession towards war makes no sense. But that doesn’t matter – the mindless corporate media loves it. Roll on – Ukraine catastrophe – and then we’ll move on to Taiwan catastrophe!

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This week’s nuclear news

I had trouble finding “good news” for today. So, I’ll put in a thought of my own. My own country, Australia, today gives some hope, For the first time, we have a government really trying to include our First Nations people in decision-making. Not only is Australia headed for a referendum to bring indigenous voices into our Parliament – with hope to redress the wrongs of 200 years, but also the hope that indigenous knowledge and culture will advise and further the mighty task of healing our damaged environment.

Coronavirus and Climate –  it’s all drastically bad- the mind boggles –  best for readers to do their homework on these.

Nuclear.  Ironically, as nations ramp up their nuclear weaponry – comes the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.      At some commemorations. survivors like Setsuko Thurlow will be speaking.  Like the survivors of Auschwitz, these first witnesses may not be with us much longer. It is all-important that their message is remembered, and that denialism of these truly awful horrors does not prevail.


 Labor should halt plans to dump nuclear waste on South Australia – Greens Senator Barbara Pocock. Alarm on nuclear waste transport.  

Australia urged to prove it is a safe nuclear custodian as Aukus comes under scrutiny at UNFleet of nuclear submarines will be sent by Britain to Australia as a warning to China. Indonesia warns of perils of nuclear-powered submarines in submission to the UN. 

Busting the poorly informed pro-nuclear hype of Spectator Australia.  Jenny Ware -A Liberal MP happily in the grip of the nuclear lobby.

Nancy Pelosi’s planned trip to Taiwan – ‘Unprecedented, foolish, dangerous’ -says former Australian Prime Minister.

Government to rewrite climate bill to win over Greens.


The World Does Not Want a Global NATO.

Deterrencelessness: Nuclear threats neither credible nor viable.

UN Nuclear Review: a prime time to stop the new arms race. Ukraine War Hangs Over UN Meeting on Nuclear Treaty’s Legacy.  U.N. nuclear conference to start Monday as Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya plant in “alarming” state, watchdog says.

For Warmongers It’s Always 1938.      US airman who rescued film of A-bomb horrors is honoured at last.

Small nuclear reactors will bleed us dry and won’t solve climate change – unfounded promises.

The future of global catastrophic risk events from climate change.

UKRAINE. Russia accused of waging war out of working nuclear power plant in Ukraine. How professional lobbyists have worked to generate enthusiasm in Washington for a long proxy military conflict in UkraineHigh risks at

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TODAY Busting the poorly informed pro-nuclear hype of Spectator Australia

Today I encountered, for the first time the magazine “Spectator Australia”. I was drawn to it by the tantalising title of its article (25/7/22) “Politicians destroy nuclear when the world needs it most.”, by Alan Moran. The main message of the article seems to be that the stringent safety regulations are an unnecessary handicap to the nuclear industry, and cause unnecessary costs.

I was tempted to check on what sort of a magazine ”Spectator Australia” is. Crikey reported that :

The Spectator presents a stridently — often rabidly — ideological conservative perspective on Australian politics and society. ”

Much earlier, The Guardian reported on its British parent:

The magazine cleaves to a purple-faced, right-wing, pro-fox-hunting, climate-change-denying, insidiously Islamophobic worldview” 

Ah well – that helps to explain this article. Here are just a few of my reflections on the article:

Nuclear power is reliable and safe” – as long as you don’t count Mayak, Santa Susanna, Church Rock, Chornobyl, submarine accidents, Windscale. Three Mile Island, Tokaimura, Fukushima …

“Deaths related to the industry are small” – yeah, when you don’t count the deaths caused by persistent exposure to radiation – especially amongst nuclear workers. Later-developing cancers are not as newsworthy as sudden accidental deaths.
”Demonisation”, presumably by fanatic anti-nuclear people , has caused the downfall of the nuclear industry? Well, well – I had no idea that we were so effective. I thought that it was caused by the unaffordable costs. the intractible waste problem, the nuclear weapons proliferation problem.

“risk aversiveness to whatever safety problems there may be” – that phrase speaks volumes – this mansplaining macho author isn’t even interested in knowing about risks!

Costs? Well the Fin Review and CSIRO don’t agree with this author 

He quotes France – does he not know that France is in one hell of a pickle – nationalising the industry, shutting down reactors because of the heat, and the corrosion?

UK – he quotes Rishi Sunak – as Chancellor Sunak advised Boris against the big nuclear spend ! This article is a load of ignorant poppycock!

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This week in nuclear news

So much news, so overwhelming – the pandemic, climate extremes in China. South Asia, USA, Europe, UK.   In the middle of all the gloom, quite an inspiring article from science writer Julian Cribb,   with a method to save the world. He argues, passionately and persuasively for putting the ”weaker” sex in charge. In The Age of Women, Cribb says that If humanity is to survive the vast and growing threats it faces, women must assume the leadership of government, business, religion and social institutions around the world.

Some bits of good news –   Overwhelmed by environmental disaster? Here’s a scorecard to inspire optimism.     The bright spots in the State of the Environment report.  

State of the Environment report shows our growing cities are under pressure – but we’re seeing positive signs too


Documents show Australian Labor government supports Assange’s extradition to the USINSIDE LABOR’S ASSANGE GAME PLAN.

Militarism and submarines:   The tragic obsession with the Chinese threat.        AUKUS – contrived to foster the unrealistic and unattainable aims of American foreign policy.        Defence Minister Richard Marles is confident about AUKUS, nuclear submarines, and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Not everyone is so sure.          Ask Fuzzy: Will Australia’s nuclear-propelled attack submarines require weapons grade fuel?

Military chiefs to hold talks on basing UK nuclear submarines in Perth. Australia’s price tag for nuclear submarines could soar by $billionsNonsense to say ‘Australia needs nuclear submarines to defend itself.

British soldiers used as radiation guinea pigs in nuclear bomb tests in Australia.

Climate: Climate protesters criminalised as climate crisis escalates.

Environment:  A scientist reacts to State of Environment reportBe scared, very scared, as the environment goes from disaster to utter catastrophe.        State of the Environment: Blinky Bill is in intensive care.    Thousands of dead and dying frogs found across Australia.        What the bald eagle and a tiny bat can tell us about Australia’s broken system for protecting nature.

Poor and deteriorating’: Australia’s environment is sick and getting sicker.        Plibersek says Morrison government hid ‘shocking document’ outlining the state of Australia’s environment.    ‘We do need to change our laws’: Environment Minister.    It’s about time we acted like we’re in a crisis”: Greens to push Labor ‘further and faster’.


The Age of Women.

War wins the ‘big bucks’ while climate gets the ‘change’

Calling Putin ‘Hitler’ to Smear Diplomacy as ‘Appeasement’.

NATO: The Most Dangerous Military Alliance on the Planet.     Phil Wilayto column: The provocations behind the ‘unprovoked’ war.      The Biggest Lie The Hawks Ever Sold. In Ukraine, a proxy war on the planet.       US Military Analyst: West Can’t Afford Ukraine Spending, Will Run Out of Ammo to Send to Kiev.          Global action urged to block AUKUS plan on transfer of nuclear materials.

Nuclear Power Plants Are Struggling to Stay Cool.

Baseload nuclear power not needed in an all-renewable future – Claverton Energy Research Group.

Death toll rises above 1,500 as temperatures soar across Europe.

As Europe burns, the world’s climate plan, such as it is, unravels.


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TODAY. Omnicide threatens this planet: the loss of small, ”weak”, vulnerable, species is the warning.

In today’s list of news, there were some little bits of hope. The State of the Environment Report detailed the success stories of indigenous rangers, and of privately run conservation groups.

But there was sadness, too. The native animals disappearing, including tiny bats, and frogs. Ecologists talk about ”key species”, that indicate the health level of an ecosystem,. If ever there was a ”key species” for the whole ecosystem, it’s the frog.

I felt sad, thinking that these small, vulnerable. ”weaker” creatures have no say, in the big decisions made by the out-of-control world’s top predator to dig, mine, clear forests, poison, pollute, blow things up, blow up and kill other species, and its suicidal rush to kill its own species.

But science writer Julian Cribb has come up with a method to save the world. He argues, passionately and persuasively for putting the ”weaker” sex in charge. In The Age of Women, Cribb says that If humanity is to survive the vast and growing threats it faces, women must assume the leadership of government, business, religion and social institutions around the world.

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Nuclear news -week to 18 July

A bit of god news  – On the Hudson River, a New Model of Environmental Stewardship 


Australia ‘Punctures’ US-UK Nuclear Submarine Proposal Under AUKUS; Says Hi-Tech Arms Better Than Nuke Subs.     Michael West busts the spin of Murdoch media’s nuclear marketing.



How social media is censored by algorithms to effectively throttle dissent.

Big guns’ keep the world on nuclear high alert. Atomic Lies: New York’s bizarre Nuclear Preparedness PSA

This proxy war has no exit strategy – the West’s desired outcome – a long and gruelling war?

World population to peak and decline sooner than previously thought . 8 billion morons on an orbiting sewer – World population rises as quality of life crashes.

Humanity is on track to cause one million species to go extinct, according to UN reportFed up with net-zero climate goals, activists call for ‘real zero’Radioactive portents on a burning earth.

The Nuclear Ban Treaty Had a Conference. Now it Has a Plan. The prohibition of nuclear weapons: a public health priority.

NATO’S 2022 PLAN DECLARES SECOND COLD WAR ON RUSSIA AND CHINA. NASA and Roscosmos Russian space agency sign deal to share space station flights.

Nuclear power is racist, sexist and ageist.

Uranium is losing the new energy market battle. Uranium, conflict and Indigenous lives .

No need for miracle technologies to rapidly decarbonise energy

UKRAINEDanger intensifies around Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in southern Ukraine. Unconfirmed reports that Russian forces at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station might drain the cooling ponds .   There Is No ‘Magic Bullet’ That Can Turn The Tide For Ukraine.   How To End the War in Ukraine?     Ukraine reveals negotiation ‘end point‘.

RUSSIARussia’s will to win in Ukraine.


UK. Heatwave? No, it’s a national emergency, disrupting lives and threatening our health.

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TODAY. Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) meeting across the nation, via Zoom.

Nobody wants the Covid-19 pandemic, but at the same time, it has resulted in enabling people across the continent to meet digitally, to build their awareness, and collaboration for action on nuclear issues.

Leading activists met on 16th July for the national ANFA meeting via Zoom – representing groups such as Friends of The Earth, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Medical Association for the Prevention of War, Conservation Council of Western Australia – and with people from at least 4 States and the Northern Territory.

These groups are working away quietly, informing communities, and encouraging governments to promote clean energy. and to protect Australia from the hazards of the nuclear industry.

These are some of the areas that they are working on:

Uranium mining: Preventing uranium mining in Western Australia, the rehabilitation of The Ranger and Rum Jungle closed mines,  Olympic Dam’s problems of water guzzling, dangerous tailings wates, injustice to Aboriginal people. Australia sends uranium to Russia, and to Ukraine.

Nuclear Weapons: – some political support for Australia to join the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, from Labor. the Greens. the Teals, and even some Liberals

Nuclear submarines: The former Morrison government’s $170 billion plan to get them is by no means a done deal – how it can be scrapped or altered.

Nuclear wastes: the coming court case in which the Bargarla people oppose the plan for a nuclear waste dump at Kimba, South Australia – a plan in which they,  and the wider South Australian community, were excluded from decision making. 

The new Labor governments – federal and South Australian, have inherited these very poor decisions from the previous Liberal Coalition administration. ANFA is working to advise and influence the Albanese government to review these decisions.

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Australian and other nuclear news this week

I had a hard time finding good news this week  – I’m sure that it’s happening, and very many good people are doing good things  – just not seen as newsworthy.  Here is one little bit of good news –  India outlawed scores of plastic products.

I had a hard time finding good news this week  – I’m sure that it’s happening, and very many good people are doing good things  – just not seen as newsworthy.  Here is one little bit of good news –  India outlawed scores of plastic products.

Coronavirus numbers, and deaths, continue to increase  worldwide – and the scary thing is that many cases are nor reported and recorded.

Climate – also a whole nother story – of extreme weather events in many countries – check out Radio Ecoshock  and also latest news on heat, wildfires, floods……..

There’s so much going  on – I didn’t know where to start on things nuclear this week. I got a bit fed up with all the space colonisation fervour going on, so – I wrote my own little bit about it.


Why Australia’s Labor government refuses to defend Julian Assange.

Labor must reverse Morrison’s nuclear submarine bungle to protect the nation.     AUKUS submarines: Beasts of nuclear proliferation.

Albanese’s extreme language against China is out of place now, and against Labor tradition.

Slow, expensive and no good for 1.5° target: CSIRO crushes Coalition nuclear fantasy.  Forget nuclear and simplify electrification:” The message from energy experts.   A Liberal National Party, led by Dutton and Littleproud vote on support for Queensland nuclear plants.

Scientist sheds doubt on the viability of Australia’s planned Kimba nuclear waste dump. Kimba nuclear waste dump – phase 3 in progress, but the Australian Radioactive Waste Agency (ARWA) has not completed phase 2 !

Time to speak up: water apartheid is Australia’s dirty secret.

Climate emergency actions are needed not just promises.

Australia has key role to play as clean energy reshapes Indo-Pacific relations

‘A human rights crisis in the making’: Climate activists rally in Fiji ahead of Pacific Islands Forum.     ‘Far from adequate’: former Pacific leaders group urges Australia to increase 43% emissions cut.

Climate change modelling abandoned by Abbott nine years ago restarted by government.


Nuclear war would turn oceans upside down, crash food web.

Russia and other nuclear-armed parties must be held to account for violations of non-proliferation treaty.


Following Turkish blackmail, 30 NATO states sign accession protocols for Finland, Sweden .

Nuclear myopia — Promoting nuclear power as a solution to climate change is short-sighted

Enthusiastic space travel publicity avoids mentioning radiation danger. The Corporatisation of Space.

UKRAINE. Ukrainians have sold two French-donated 155mm Caesar howitzers to Russia. Not only Russian: Ukrainian forces also are killing children.   U.N. report on crimes, human rights violations in Ukraine-Russia war includes abuses done by the Ukrainian side.  Ukraine Reform Conference – name changed to Ukraine Recovery Conference – to hide the reality of Ukraine’s endemic corruption.

JAPAN. Nuclear plant cooling system stops working for 8 hours. Nuclear power in Japan may be a mistake we are doomed to repeat. Fukushima nuclear plant compensation burden was secretly reducedWhere to in 2045? Contaminated Soil from the Nuclear Power Plant Accident: The Present Location of Interim Storage Facilities, Fukushima. Decadal trends in 137Cs concentrations in the bark and wood of trees contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Criminal assassination of Shinzo Abe. But let us not forget Shinzo Abe’s full record as PM. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pretending that all is well at Fukushima, using this lie to promote Olympics. Japan could change pacifist constitution after Shinzo Abe victory. Japan’s Constitution Allows Nuclear Weapons, Says Shinzo Abe.


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The week in nuclear news Australia

A bit of good news – Marc Jacobson: No miracle tech needed: How to switch to renewables now and lower costs doing it.

In my newsletters and on my websites, there are a lot of articles critical of, indeed condemning, NATO and the USA.  There are also articles critical of Ukraine, and some revealing the Russian point of view.   This isn’t because I’m a Putin supporter. I’m not, and certainly don’t support his illegal invasion of Ukraine. I have publicised some atrocities by the Ukrainians –   but I don’t doubt that there have been some atrocities by the Russian side.

The pro-Ukraine, pro NATO/USA side is fulsomely covered by the mainstream media. My reason is simply that the mainstream media is blanketing us with a very biased coverage of the Ukraine war – we are being brainwashed to believe that Ukraine is winning this war,  – there’s no case for a negotiated settlement, and that the might of NATO/USA is the solution to this problem, and to pretty much every other problem on the planet. China is evil, but NATO will fix everything. The message is, as a notoriously corrupt Australian Premier used to answer questions , –   ” Don’t you worry about THAT” – (ie. ”don’t think. just cheer us on.”)


Oh, for a Prime Minister honest about Australia’s security! Mr Albanese goes to Madrid: Australia on the alliance path to Global Nato

 Nuclear.   Spinbusting the propaganda of SMR Nuclear Technology’s Tony Irwin as he spruiks for Small Nuclear Reactors for Australia.

ERA looks for funding options for cleaning up Ranger uranium mine.

Fast-tracking Australia toward nuclear subs. ( I like this one: it is appealingly silly ) AUKUS nuclear submarine plan to be revealed by March 2023.

Harsher anti-protest laws targeting environmentalists
 are putting greed before green

Climate.    The Greens are our best hope for the urgent climate action we need. Labor to introduce legislation for climate targets and EV tax cuts in first week of parliament. Europe saw Morrison’s Australia as “handbrake” on global climate action, Albanese says.  Climate change poses ‘real and substantial’ threat to Torres Strait Islanders, Chris Bowen says

Tanya Plibersek declares environment ‘is back front and centre’ in Australia at UN ocean conference.

Gas Lies: as super profits ramp up so too does the fossil fuel propaganda war

Preparing for future crises


Assange’s wife sounds alarm over his treatment. Julian Assange files new appeal fighting extradition to US.    Extradition of Julian Assange – a travesty of justice.

Atoms and Ashes—lessons from six of the world’s worst nuclear disasters. (this is a terrific article – covers every aspect about nuclear safety).         Is Nuclear Power Just Too Dangerous?

ABOUT NATO and WAR  NATO and a War Foretold . While Biden Gives Ukrainian Army “The Most Lethal Weapon,” War Profiteer BAE Systems Stock Soars.

Empire To Expand NATO In Response To War Caused By NATO Expansion.

NATO has completed its post-Cold War transformation from Europe’s guard dog into America’s attack dog.    If you want to be accepted as ”Western” – best to be white.      NATO to add Finland, Sweden, prepare Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea .

NATO pressures Finland, Sweden to back “Türkiye’s” war against Kurds as price of admission.     Finland, Sweden join Turkey’s war against Kurds to get NATO pass.      New, aspiring NATO members must adhere to Anglo-American pieties, dogmas, articles of faith .         NATO summit: Pentagon to establish permanent military bases in Central, Eastern Europe.       Military social media campaigns promote the war in Ukraine, and attack any ”wrongthink” that dares criticise role of USA and NATO.

Nuclear warheads expected to increase in next 10 years.

Small modular nukes fall short on climate promises, new study suggests.

Lost in space: Astronauts struggle to regain bone density.

Gun Violence: A Public Health Crisis — IPPNW peace and health blog

Put women’s rights ‘front and centre’ of climate policies: Bachelet.

CLIMATE.  Greta Thunberg has warned that the world faces “total natural catastrophe” unless citizens take urgent action. World is not going to avoid 1.5C global warming ‘tipping point’, researchers warnThe Fossil Fuel Industry’s Expansion Plans Will Be the Death of Us! — Mother Jones

UN Ocean Conference ends with call for greater ambition and global commitment to address dire state of Ocean

UKRAINEBiden officials privately doubt that Ukraine can win back all of its territory . The IAEA Needs Access to Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Plant. Biden Can Help.   Ukraine says link restored to Zaporizhzhia nuclear station.   As West blames Moscow for ‘food crisis’, ships sail from Mariupol with Moscow’s help while Ukraine holds vessels in its ports. ‘Russian-speakers will be second-class citizens unless they give up their language’: A view on Ukraine’s future from Donbass.

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TODAY. Australia slides into the grip of the global nuclear lobby

It sounds so good doesn’t it? The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, (IAEA) is coming to Australia, to make sure that our new you-beaut nuclear submarines will be safe and healthy!

But let’s be clear on the purpose of the IAEA. It is not a neutral, independent, body. It is not primarily about safety.

The clear and prime purpose of the IAEA is to promote and develop the nuclear industry -it says so in its mission statement.

A 50-year-old agreement with the IAEA has effectively gagged the WHO from telling the truth about the health risks of radiation.

Don’t expect Mr Grossi to mention any of these basic problems. The IAEA is NOT objective – sure – it wants the nuclear submarines to be just safe enough to go ahead. There’ll be no emphasis on wottheheck will be done with the toxic wastes (IAEA has no idea about that), or on the risks to our Pacific neighbours in having these subs go through their supposedly nuclear-free waters.

The IAEA will be another nice-looking con job by the nuclear lobby – furthering our slide into this toxic industry

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TODAY. Australia is STILL America’s Deputy Sheriff

And we thought. by getting rid of the bullying blustering Scott Morrison and his war-mongering muse Doomsday Dutton, we were at last to have an intelligent administration, that recognised Australia’s position in the Pacific region, and did not automatically jump to the whim of the American military-industrial-corporate. Albanese sounds like a more diplomatic. intelligent P.M

But no – on our TV screens we witnessed Albanese in Spain, fawning all over NATO. Now, NATO seems to be expanding its great reach to the Southern Hemisphere. Next thing, we’ll be joining NATO , and revving up the warmongers plans for attacking China. AUKUS is the start.

For a while there, China and Russia had some disagreements. But good old NATO is now succeeding in joining them together. I mean, why fight Russia, or ight China, if you can take on both of them at once?

Does that make sense? Does Australia really have to make enemies of both Russia and China?

These days – we seem to a be afflicted with Prime Ministers intoxicated by being seen on the big stage with the US President, kow-towing to whatever is the current USA whim.

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Nuclear news in Australia and beyond

Mercifully brief this week, as I have had the flu

A bit of good news –  Fiji joined over 86 states to adopt a treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons and take the first step back from the knife edge of Armageddon.  Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama eloquently set out the reasons for the treaty, and the need to heal the wounds of the dark legacy of nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific. The best explanation i”ve yet read, on the value of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.


Greg Barns: Julian Assange and the Albanese Government – Enough is enough! China accuses the US and UK of hypocrisy on press freedom for calling out Beijing’s crackdowns while putting Australian Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on trial for espionage.

A new era as Australia joins historic UN nuclear ban meeting. MP Susan Templeman represents Australia at landmark nuclear weapons ban treaty in Vienna. “Truly historic” First Meeting of States Parties concludes! -UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Richard Broinowski on Australia’s Nuclear past and future.

Nuclear test survivors’ plea for Australia to sign treaty, as they speak at UN meeting.

big win for Yeelirrie.

Climate change minister Chris Bowen says nuclear is too slow and expensive.

Australia has a once in a lifetime chance to break stranglehold fossil fuels have on politics .

Kean goes deep green with budget that links climate action with future prosperity.
Moderate Libs flag revolt against Dutton’s climate stance

Ransom Notes: pay us to keep our old power plants running or else, say fossil fuel majors.


Let us move towards a world without nuclear weapons. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Members agree a plan of action in response to renewed threats of nuclear weapons use. A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought .

After lying for months, the media are preparing the public for Ukraine’s military collapse. Glenn Diesen: As propaganda about a Ukrainian ‘victory’ retreats, is a split emerging in the West? Western Officials Admit Ukraine Is Crawling With CIA Personnel.

European Pressurised Water Reactors (EPRs) – a nuclear economic fiasco in Finland, France, UK and China.

The United States-the Pacific bully.

Welcome to the ‘Pandemicene‘..

World facing real risk of ‘multiple famines‘ this year, UN chief warns.

UKRAINE. West’s Ukraine fantasy will spell doom for the Ukrainian nation.A despicable Ukrainian PSYOP in Bucha. No Western ”boots on the ground” in Ukraine? Just commandoes and CIA agentsAs world leaders promote nuclear power as SAFE, a dangerous situation develops at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant _- Zaporizhzia in Ukraine ! Panic as Russian missiles pass CRITICALLY close to nuclear power plant, as Putin’s ‘grave health worsens’.

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TODAY. To survive, the human species must heed the voices of small nations, and of babes and sucklings

We really don’t have time for the antics of the big tough men that run the world – on corporate greed, vying with each other for power and importance. They’ve brought us global heating, planetary and even space pollution, and their next trick is nuclear war.

They don’t seem to ”get it” that if you blow the other lot to smithereens, it doesn’t actually help your lot at all.

I recall that the King of Siam as played by Yul Brynner way back, reflected that ‘‘Unless some day somebody trusts somebody – there’ll be nothing left on Earth excepting fishes

The King of Siam was an optimist – as human stupidity and greed are already bringing about the end of the fishes.

BUT – the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is right now being discussed and worked on by representatives of over 100 governments. 122 governments are in favour of it, 86 have signed up to it, and 65 have ratified it. It is wisely designed, allowing even nuclear state to join, with reasonable steps.

But no. The big boys of the weapons corporations and the military run the show, so of course, they spurn this Treaty, and the opinions of the little nations. After all, the little nations are expendable, like all the ordinary little folk that are going to be obliterated by weather extremes, and by a nuclear weapon, however ”successfully” that weapon might be used.

Today, as Fiji joins the Treaty, we hear a wise and sensible opinion on the way forward. We need to learn from those ”unimportant” little nations, from indigenous peoples, from ”ignorant” children and young people – because we sure ain’t getting any wisdom from the world ”leaders”

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Nuclear news – Australia and more

A bit of good news –  this  week Vienna, Austria, is hosting the First Meeting of States Parties, UN member states that have agreed to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). Over 100 governments will participate. The great majority of the world’s representatives — 122 countries — voted their approval of the TPNW in 2017, and 62 have since ratified it. The treaty has entered into force, and only the tiny minority of nuclear-armed governments and their military allies continue to reject it. In the midst of all the doom and gloom news, we need to remember that thousands of people in many nations are working for a better world.

Otherwise – the week has been a perfect storm of awful news. The coronavirus pandemic has not gone away – far from it!  Global heating is striking – the poles are melting at a fast rate, floods in India and Bangladesh, extreme heat in Europe, wildfires in Germany, Greece, Spain and New Jersey. USA.   USA and UK determined to punish Julian Assange forever –   let that be a warning to any journalist who exposes USA military atrocities !


Can Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese save Julian Assange? If Albanese asks for Assange’s freedom, Biden has every reason to agree: Bob Carr. Julian Assange and family suffer as unjust detention continues Federal government lobbying behind the scenes for Assange’s freedom.

Australia yet to sign up to treaty banning nuclear weapons but will attend UN meeting as observer. ICAN Australia welcomes government decision to attend the first Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons as an observer.

Why nuclear energy won’t work in Australia. D’oh! David Littleproud’s nuclear comments insult our intelligence.

No decision yet on choosing USA or UK nuclear submarines, but a USA Bill to train Australian submariners! – writer.   Australia’s Opposition Leader Dutton Says US Can Provide Two Nuclear Subs by 2030.

Albanese locks in Australia’s higher 2030 emissions reduction target . “Australia is under new management”: Bowen tells clean energy investors.

BP takes 40% stake in vast $30bn Australian renewables project. “The problem is not renewables:” Bowen puts Uhlmann back in his coal box. More than 1GW of battery storage to replace coal in world’s biggest isolated grid.


Assange Is Doing His Most Important Work Yet. The UK’s Decision to Extradite Assange Shows Why The US/UK’s Freedom Lectures Are a Farce.

The deteriorating nuclear order. The Nuclear Weapons Treaty Ban in the Footsteps of 1982’s Million-Person March.

Nuclear-armed nations spent $82.4bn on weapons in 2021From all continents: mercenaries from 55 nations serving in Ukrainian army.

Pope Francis again says that the West provoked or failed to prevent Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Rosatom Exemption: How Russia’s State-Run Nuclear Giant Has Escaped Sanctions.

Bank group accused of exploiting loopholes and ‘greenwashing’ in climate pledge.

UKRAINE. The US-led bloc is unwilling to fight Russia directly and treats Ukraine as a proxy, Dutch PM admits. Ukraine vows to reclaim Crimea with US weapons. Ukraine killing civilians in ‘unprecedented’ shelling on Donetsk ignored by Western media and politicians. Profit in a time of war? The madness of more reactors (from Westinghouse) in Ukraine.

ANTARCTICA. Antarctic “doomsday glacier” melting at faster rate than in past 5,500 years.

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