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Nuclear/climate news Australia – week to 14 April

On the surface, not much seems to be happening in nuclear news. Tensions between Pakistan and India have pulled back from the brink.  USA and North Korea remain at a nuclear stalemate, while South Korea tries for moderate progress. The mainstream media continues to regurgitate nuclear lobby propaganda about solving climate change, especially by developing small nuclear reactors.

The optimistic picture that’s often given of Chernobyl’s supposed recovery from the 1986 nuclear catastrophe has been thoroughly contradicted, as three new books reveal.  Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future by Kate Brown– details the dedicated research done in Belarus and Ukraine, on radiation effects, and draws attention to the pervasive and growing effects of ionising radiation, globally.  Midnight in Chernobyl: The Untold Story of the World’s Greatest Nuclear Disaster– by Adam Higginbotham  describes the course of the disaster and investigates  the propaganda, secrecy, and myths that have obscured the truth on its effects. Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe– by Serhii Plokhy dramatically reconstructs the meltdown, and condemns the  USSR’s bureaucratic dysfunction, censorship, secrecy and mismanagement that preceded the disaster, and hindered the Soviet’s response to it. point to the danger of ionising radiation to the world, as nuclear activities continue, and the radioactive wastes accumulate.

Once again the twin threats of climate change and ionising radiation come together. As glaciers melt, ionising radiation, (from nuclear bomb testing) is released from ice surface sediments. Good news : how we could get (almost) all our energy from the sun by 2050.

The Threat of Nuclear War Is Still With Us,

Police drag Julian Assange from Embassy.  –Extradition of Julian Assange must be opposed. USA govt wants to silence all reports of govt atrocities.  Wikileaks has won many awards for fine journalism.  What Does Julian Assange’s Arrest Mean for Journalists?


Police drag Julian Assange from Embassy. Scott Morrison says “no special help“, Bill Shorten pleads ignorance of the matter.  ‘He uncovered war crimes’: Greens leader urges government to protect Julian Assange

CLIMATE Emergency experts issue climate warning .  Liberal seats held by vacating and conservative MPs have extremely high levels of concern for climate change.    “Grey Power” Queensland activists protesting against Adani coal mine, demanding action against climate change.  Traditional Owners fighting Adani coal mine mount fresh legal challenge .

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Queensland enacts new solar rules, as stunned industry warns of investment standstill.  Large scale solar developers warns of cost blowouts, job losses.  Electric vehicles: Could this be Scott Morrison’s Prince Philip moment? Revolutionary Australian Clean Energy Startup Wins Global Award.  Elon Musk says “no question” Australia can meet 50% electric car target by 2030 .er delays.


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The week that has been in nuclear and climate news – Australia

This week, I’m briefly aberrating, to draw attention to the situation of Julian Assange. No, this is not directly relevant to nuclear or climate issues. But, knowing the corruption and lying ingrained in the nuclear and fossil fuel industries, it’s important to be mindful of the role of whistleblowers. The Australian government, which generously supports Australian convicted murderers and drug dealers in foreign lands, has done nothing to help Australian citizen, Julian Assange.  Assange is in dire danger of extradition to USA, of being locked up, “disappeared” forever, because in 2010 he exposed US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.   The branding of this truth teller as “criminal” should be a warning to the world.

On nuclear issues – India and Pakistan came close to the brink.

And the media is awash with propaganda about nuclear energy being essential to combat climate change. Especially propaganda about “new nukes” – small nuclear reactors (SMRs) . The reality is that it’s desperate hubris about a nonexistent technology without a future. Despite heavy promotion, SMRs are too expensive and there are no buyers.

CLIMATE – Climate change threatens millions of Bangladeshi children, warns UNICEF.     Some good news. Dozens of Countries Have Been Working to Plant ‘Great Green Wall’ – and It’s Holding Back Poverty.


NUCLEAR.Port Lincoln the likely thoroughfare for nuclear waste entering South Australia?  Incompetent management of CSIRO’s nuclear waste – used by ARPANSA to promote South Australian Hawker waste dump plan? Where do candidates stand on nuclear waste dumping? Friends of the Earth are finding out.   Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation  (ANSTO) can afford to help China build new reactors, but apparently not to maintain its own building safely.  Australia and Britain’s shameful history of Nuclear Bombing of First Nations Lands .

CLIMATE. March was the hottest month ever recorded in Australia.  Australian voters back Labor to deal with climate change. Coalition signs off with a budget tailored for climate denialLabor’s emissions reduction policy: Does it really add up?  How Sky News and Peter Ridd try to mislead Australians about the Great Barrier Reef. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg passes the buck on Adani coal mine to Minister For Coal , Melissa Price.

Australia gets a very bad environmental report for 2018.

Environment Minister Melissa Price confirms Malaysia’s request for Australia to take back Lynas’ radioactive trash.

Australian Greens Platform for equality for First Nations Peoples .

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Fate of big solar projects could ride on May election, and carbon credits   The shocking regulatory and cultural fail in Australia’s energy transition.   Australia: 100% renewables could be cheaper, quicker and easier than thought. Bank Australia signs up for 100% renewables, calls on business to lead transition.  Pilbara wind and solar will be cheapest power in Asia. Daintree edges closer to Australia first renewable-only microgrid, with help from green hydrogen.  SolarReserve abandons huge solar tower and storage plant near Port Augusta.  Massive 700MW wind farm proposed for Victoria’s south west.


Before we enter “a new nuclear age” – learn from the newly declassified Chernobyl health records.

Risk of nuclear weapons use is now at a record high.- Nuclear weapons accidents and losses 1950s – 2000s.

Book – “Deadly Dust – Made in the USA: Depleted Uranium Weapons Contaminating the World”

Challenges in Nuclear Verification– IAEA .

Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and the campaign to criminalise whistleblowing.

Reflective roofs can reduce overheating in cities and save lives during heatwaves.

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Climate and nuclear news to 2nd April

Serious indeed, as the nuclear threat is, the climate change threat is upon the world right now, and it’s accelerating.  Paul Beckwith’s videos explain how Every spring, for the past 25 years, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) releases their State of the Climate report. This years edition clearly shows how dire our climate situation is becoming

Climate change, while it is, eventually, a threat to everybody, is also very much an issue of injustice.  While the rich world braces for future climate change, the poor world is already being devastated by it.  youtube  It’s also an issue of generational injustice with the children at the losing end of this betrayal.


CLIMATE. Poll shows Australians increasingly see climate change as human-caused. Government ‘failing’ on climate change: poll .   Labor’s climate plan.    Bill Shorten’s climate policy, much better than Liberals’;  it might appeal to some Liberal voters?  Shorten’s climate policy would hit more big polluters harder and set electric car target.  Labor sets 50 per cent Electric Vehicle (EV) targets for new vehicle sales and government fleets.

NUCLEAR. –   Coalition government rejects Clive Palmer’s call for nuclear power for Australia. Clive Palmer will promise to build a nuclear reactor in South Australia.

The Australian govnt and ANSTO classify spent nuclear fuel from Lucas Heights as intermediate-level nuclear waste.  Even in 1998, the nuclear lobby and Nick Minchin, were scheming for an international nuclear waste dump in South Australia.  Nuclear waste dump proposal divides rural communities in South Australia.

URANIUM. Western Australian Aboriginal community uses solar hydropanel to solve problem of uranium in water.

RARE EARTHS. Construction begins on Australia’s biggest lithium processing plant.    Lynas silent on long-term effects of radioactive waste.   Malaysia wants Australia to help remove Lynas’ radioactive trash from rare earths processing.  Lynas considers relocating its rare earths processing to Western Australia.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australia’s plunging wind, solar, storage costs stun fossil fuel industry.  It took just two summers for renewables to replace Hazelwood coal-power stationHuge wind farm planned for Victoria’s coal centre, overlooking closed Hazelwood plant.    Bad news. Closing coal-fired power stations costs jobs. We need to prepare.  Coalition grants permit for Australia’s first offshore wind farm AusNet: We’ve been swamped by the solar boom, and we’ve made some mistakes.  Queensland delivers first “solar hydrogen” exports to Japan, backs pilot plant.


The unique role of the Earth Journalism Network (EJN).

Research group finds that ending the USA-Russia arms pact will bring about a nuclear weapons race.  The huge financial risks of nuclear incidents.

Age and Gender Bias in Radiation Research.

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To 27 March – Climate and Nuclear News Australia

Why single out one ecological disaster – when there are so many? I originally dedicated this weekly post to nuclear issues. Now it’s hard to prioritise nuclear.  We have the biodiversity crash now going on, and picking up speed. Climate change is always there -its most notable expression this week is in the drowning of Mozambique



NUCLEAR.  Australia is to build new nuclear reactors, in partnership with China (does Parliament know?)   Nuclear waste, and court actions.  Independent report found ANSTO’s health staff lacking in knowledge about radiation exposure.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Court rejects bid to block South Australia wind and ‘biggest’ battery project. Wind generation hits peak output of more than 4,000MW in Australia.  CEFC tips $10m into home solar and battery-focused green bond.


A huge global wake-up call- the human devastation of climate change.

Drastic decline in insect numbers – the bugocalypse.

Small and Medium Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) – cost estimates, and what they cost to build.  The sorry history of small nuclear power reactors.

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Climate and nuclear news to 21 March

The various human-caused threats to life on this Earth are becoming more apparent. Sometimes, it seems almost silly to separate them out -as climate change, pollution, deforestation etc, as they all add up to one grand global human disrespect for nature. The latest U.N. study reports loss of biodiversity as a even greater crisis than climate change.

It’s a global disgrace, that it’s been left to children to take the lead on climate action. World wide climate protests, by hundreds of thousands of school students.

Southern African States, Mozambique, Zimbabwe,  are now devastated by Cyclone Idai.  Sure, they’ve had cyclones before, but climate change is increasing the intensity, to record levels.

On the nuclear scene, one veteran correspondent asks  “Who will be the world’s next nuclear policeman?”, as USA abandons its historic role as  the world’s chief advocate for de-nuclearis.ation.  Meanwhile, Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton leads us back to the Nuclear Precipice. Trump’s USA is committed to dominating the world – heading for weapons in space. 


NUCLEAR.  Curiouser and curiouser. Australia’s nuclear high priest, Dr Adi Paterson, has just  been to China, and quietly signed Australia up to partnering a Chinese state-run nuclear firm in developing generation IV nuclear reactors. By whose authority, I wonder? More on this later.

Matt Canavan, Australia’ s Minister For Nuclear and Coal, skirts around the truth about radioactive waste dump plan.  Do we want another nuclear industry puppet (RICHARD CARMODY  – Independent)  in the South Australian federal seat of Grey?  Animal Justice Party – pro nuclear advocate in sheeps’ clothing?  Hypocrisy in Scotland. For political reasons, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon refused to meet Aboriginal nuclear waste protestor.  Dismissing Aboriginal objections, Leonora Shire Council, (Western Australia) wants an underground nuclear waste dump!

CLIMATE. Students’ climate action strike: 150,000 people at 60 locations across Australia.   New South Wales school students rallied for climate action, despite the Premier’s disapproval.    Good to see former Australian Chief Scientist Penny Sackett with the kids in Canberra climate march.   Liberal Coalition government ramps up scare campaign against climate action, renewables . Angus Taylor, Energy Minister, confirms that the Morrison government considering supporting new coal projects . More drought, more heat, if a large El Nino event occurs in 2019.    Adani protesters shut down Western Australian  Parliament, ejected from public gallery.

Landmark High Court decision guides how compensation for native title losses will be determined.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australia was fourth biggest market in world for large-scale solar in 2018 . How the Tesla big battery kept the lights on in South Australia.   New South Wales Solar powered election race hots up, as new round of PV policies unveiled. New South Wales Labor’s pledge for ‘solar schools. Federal election: Frydenberg challenger Oliver Yates unveils “bold” rooftop solar plan.  Western Australia’s Carnegie wave energy project gets  anew lease  of life, with new investors.

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11 March Fukushima anniversary, and the week’s news

Today we remember the catastrophe at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station, and the fact that this is a continuing disaster for that local area, for Japan, and for the world.  Eight years later, Fukushima nuclear wreck is still resulting in mounting tons of radioactive water, with no solution in sight. Japan continues its  culture of cover-up and denial about this national tragedy. An indigenous leader continues the fight for the truth on Fukushima’ s radioactive impact on the world, and condemns the University of California, for its role in the cover-up and denial of the seriousness of the situation. Eight Years on, the Fukushima  disaster still poses health risks“Recovery Olympics” does not impress everyone.


NUCLEAR.  Defence Minister Christopher Pyne sadly admit’s that there’s no chance of Australia developing a nuclear industry.

Traditional owners and Western Australia’s Conservation Council continue legal action, to uphold environmental law  . Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA) and three Tjiwarl Traditional Owners in court battle against uranium mining.

Independent environment campaigner, David Noonan,  has drawn up a scoping document, regarding BHP’s plans to expand Olympic Dam uranium mine.  I have broken this document up into 4 main themes:

CLIMATE.  Poll finds strong majority support for declaring a climate emergency.  Extreme weather is severely damaging Australia’s native creatures.

Julian Burnside, Greens candidate,  will take on Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on climate change . Environment minister Melissa Price and Energy minister Angus Taylor lying to the public on Australia’s carbon emissionsMining company Glencore behind global campaign to undermine climate change information.


Victoria leads again as rooftop solar installations set another monthly record.

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The week that has been, in nuclear and climate news Australia

Well, Donald Trump and Kim Jong had a nice little photo-shoot in Vietnam. Nothing actually came of it. But , look on the bright side.  It could have been a lot worse.  Meanwhile USA and South Korea officially call off annual military exercises amid nuclear talks with North Korea.

Climate change’s impact on the oceans is already affecting marine life, and the world’s seafood stocks are declining. How to face what is happening – global environmental collapse. Good news – The young are stepping up to the climate challenge – The Sunrise Movement



NUCLEAR. Friends of the Earth congratulates “The Advertiser” on its coverage of the safety dangers of Kimba nuclear waste dump plan. Minister Canavan incorrect in saying that terrorism risks had not been raised.  Matt Canavan, Minister for Resources (not very bright) , got very flustered about nuclear waste dump safety issues. Dept of Industry Innovation and Science promoting nuclear waste dump to Aboriginal group.  Three people treated at Sydney’s Lucas Heights nuclear facility after chemical spill.

Olympic Dam Uranium Mine  Major Development Declaration

Long delayed realisation of Australia’s brutal history of massacres of Aboriginal people.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. It’s time for Australia’s renewables industry to go all in.  South Australia’s second biggest solar farm begins production.

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To 27 February – Climate and Nuclear News Australia

I’ve tried to find good news – we need it. But, good news, by its nature, is not news. Most people try to behave decently, reasonable. When they don’t – that’s actually unusual , remarkable – and therefore is news. Anyway – here’s a good bit.:

Changing climate change“2040” paints an optimistic picture of the future of the environment, Youtube 2040 teaser

Meanwhile  – New report warns of climate Armageddon in less than 150 years.  New research indicates that world efforts towards climate change targets are likely to be too slow to take effectClimate change bringing crises, population displacement, wars to Middle East countries.  Climate change taking its toll on the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River.

Another good bit?  South Korea offers hope that the Trump-Kim nuclear summit could bring an end to the Korean War.

Meanwhile –  We are closer to a nuclear war than we would like to believe – new smaller bombs make this more likely. Indian and Pakistan relations have again reached a dangerous level.



CLIMATE    Climate and Energy Policies – Liberal/National versus Labor.   Slick talk by Scott Morrison – but the government’s “climate policy” is still pro coal, and not effective against global warming.  Morrison tries to play both sides of climate debate . Legal advice: Government cannot fund new coal plants without parliamentary approval. Climate change protesters disrupt parliamentary question time.

A fearful future for Australia’s one big river system – the Murray-Darling basin.

Law firm AJ and Co to wage war for Adani coal company – as an “attack dog”.  Australia’s democracy is threatened by Adani’s ‘legal intimidation’ tactics against community groups.   Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has refused to back the Adani mine.

NUCLEAR  Kimba and Hawker communities kept in the dark about the dangers of hosting nuclear wastes.  Call to scrap the plan for a national nuclear waste dump at Kimba, South Australia.  Australia’s Liberal govt’s reaction to another earthquake close to planned nuclear dump site – “She’ll be right, mate!”   Are there ANY members now on the Kimba radioactive dump community consultative committee?   Scotland’s Ministers have the power to stop export of nuclear wastes to planned dump in South Australia.

Northern Territory passes law on nuclear wastes, reiterates opposition to NT nuclear waste dump.

Australia participating in the Waigani Convention, – banning import of nuclear wastes to island countries, controlling their transport,

In this time of critical drought, water shortage, South Australia’s govt lets BHP expand its water-guzzling Olympic Dam uranium mine.

Australia increasing protection for whistleblowers, (at least on matters financial)

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Cost-effective, clean, reliable grid: “You can have it all,” says Audrey Zibelman. South Australia Water on path to “net zero” power bills, with 154MW solar rollout.


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to 13 February- Australia – climate and nuclear news

The discussion on climate change is subtly switching from warnings, and debates on, climate change impacts, to adaptation, preparation for those impacts.  What prevents us from thinking ‘meaningfully‘ about climate change.

While all seems quiet on the nuclear front, the nuclear arms race is now grimmer than ever.  Meanwhile angst over nuclear waste continues on both sides of the Atlantic. And I really wish that there were news from secretive Russia and China, about their waste problems.



NUCLEAR.  Contrary to what ANSTO says, nuclear waste returning to Australia IS High Level Waste (HLW).  Keeping South Australia nuclear-dump-free – a priority for Candace Champion, Greens candidate for Grey electorate  Nuclear Engineering company Frazer Nash increasing its pro nuclear lobbying in Australia. The Department of Industry an Innovation now spending much time and resources in Hawker.Why?

RENEWABLE ENERGY. New South Wales Labor announces plan for 500,000 households to get rooftop solar.  NSW under pressure to move quickly on renewables as coal clunkers fail .

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The week in climate and nuclear news Australia

This week has seen extreme weather in both North and South hemispheres. Yes, there have always been cold snaps and heat waves – “one in a hundred years” events, but climate change is making them more frequent and more extreme.

The world seems to be taking it all too calmly, – that USA and Russia are both about to withdraw from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty , opening the way to a renewed arms race, and, with Putin and Trump in charge, increasing the risk of nuclear Armageddon.


Independent media is here to stay – and to keep the politicians honest.


South Australian government changing Environment Dept, and cutting its budget.   Mark Parnell calls on South Australian government to stop its plans to diminish environmental department.

NUCLEAR. Mark Butler ALP Shadow Minister rules out nuclear powerLabor Party’s latest policy platform – on nuclear waste, and opposition to nuclear industry development.

Australian Aboriginal politician Jacinta Price cynical about BHP, Rio Tinto backing Uluru Statement (I would be, too!)

RENEWABLE ENERGY. State by state – solar records fell across Australia in 2018.   Energy efficient homes could save households $1,000-plus a year on bills. Western Australia unveils plan to lead global lithium-ion battery boom. Gupta challenges coalers with $1 billion plus solar and storage plan.



2 billion people at risk, as Himalaya’s glaciers melt.  Paradoxically, extreme cold weather indicates that global warming is accelerating. Atlantic ocean circulation is being altered, by climate change.

China urges dialogue, as Russia and USA ramp up nuclear weaponry, pull out of weapons treaty.– Why so little public anxiety about risk of nuclear war? With Putin and Trump in charge!!

How the utilities financial system is rigged to give the nuclear industry the advantage.

Storage of nuclear waste a ‘global crisis’ as stockpile reaches 250,000 tons, Greenpeace warns.

Sending dummies into space, to test effects of radiation on women.

ITALY. Radioactive poisoning by the world’s military – the scandalous case of Sardinia.



UK. UK’s ageing nuclear power stations are likely to close early. UK’s Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit’s under-reported analysis – renewables cheaper than new nuclear.

INDIA. India’s Kudankulam nuclear power station means big debt to Russia.

HUNGARYCountries going into deep nuclear debt to Russia; Hungary the latest victim of this political blackmail.

CANADASNC-Lavalin, with its record of corruption should be barred from federal contracts. Grim outlook for uranium industry -financial analyst Jayant Bhandari.

SWITZERLAND. Employee faked radiation test data at Swiss nuclear plant.

FRANCE. Pump malfunction causes shutdown at Flamanville nuclear reactor.

BANGLADESH. Nuclear power: Surviving on secrecy and misinformation.

TAIWAN. Taiwan to abolish nuclear power in 2025.

RUSSIA. Russia also to withdraw from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, weakening weapons control. Russia’s Plan to Solve the North Korea Nuclear Crisis?

CZECH REPUBLIC. Czech industry minister: nuclear reactor tender not realistic in 2019 .

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The week that has been in climate and nuclear news – Australia

It must be harder for residents of the Northern hemisphere to get their heads around the idea of global warming causing extreme cold weather, but – climate scientists tell us that this is the case. Easier for residents of the Southern Hemisphere , especially Australia and New Zealand to accept the idea of global warming .

A great pity that government secrecy and the language barrier combine to prevent us learning anything about nuclear matters in China and Russia. Are they finding nuclear power cheap?  Do they have no problems with nuclear waste?  I doubt that.

Meanwhile the British government flounders about, pretending that its nuclear industry has a future, when informed opinion, and the stopping of new programmes indicate that it does not. In the USA, there’s a concerted push by nuclear companies, and some politicians, for “new nukes”, specifically for tax-payer funded Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – the push is led by Bill Gates.

A bit of good news – Radioactive Cesium-137 diminishing in 2 Fukushima rivers, after close to 8 years.



Olympian Zali Steggall’s main policy will be climate action, as she contests Tony Abbott’s Warringah election seat.

Adelaide – hottest capital city on record. Second wave of fish deaths in NSW labelled an ‘environmental catastrophe’ (result of diminished flow in Australia’s one great river system)  Environmental bushfire catastrophe” unfolds in Tasmania  Western Australia bushfire a threat to homes and life.

Traditional Owners in Federal Court continue to resist Adani’s  coal expansion ‘invasion’ Reliability of newer coal power questioned. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s allegiance is to the coal industry.


Pauline Hanson’s ONE NATION speaks out for the nuclear industry.  Tania Constable – a new spruiker for Australia’s coal-nuclear lobby.  Warren Mundine picked by Scott Morrison to stand in marginal seat of Gilmore. Warren Mundine, new Liberal candidate, makes it clear that he is pro coal and nuclear, and anti environment. Warren Mundine’s allegiance to the nuclear industry, rather than to the Aboriginal people.

Australian mining companies dominate in human rights abuses in African countries.

Nuclear energy doesn’t make sense in Australia – Climate Council.   Australia Day – 61st anniversary of the start of Australia’s nuclear reactor, and its toxic radioactive trash.

Courageous indigenous appeal to Scotland to stop sending nuclear waste – stop indigenous cultural genocide.

RENEWABLE ENERGYGrid held together by solar, load management, as coal fails in heat.    Labor supporting community renewables in the South Coast. Queensland government-owned company to install Tesla big battery in Townsville .   Construction begins on 255MW Sunraysia solar farm in NSW.  How our electricity system of the future could be powered by sun, wind and waves.

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To 23 January climate and nuclear news Australia

I promised to find good news. It’s not that easy. But  – Sir David Attenborough says ’Human activity has created a new era, yet climate change can be stopped And, again, I am struggling with the reality that it is nearly, perhaps already is, too late, to stop the progress of global warming. Which makes climate change a more urgent problem than the nuclear threat.

Even if climate change is now irreversible, it’s no time to give up: the effort now must be to slow its progress, and to plan and adapt to its impacts.

Latest nuclear news indicates that Britain’s nuclear dream is collapsing. Japan’s plans for selling nuclear reactors overseas are collapsing. USA is embroiled in nuclear waste problems. Not so in totalitarian Russia and China, where the State runs the nuclear industry, education, and the media, and maintains secrecy about nuclear costs, unsafety, and waste problems.


NUCLEAR Nuclear lobby wants to overturn Australia’s law prohibiting nuclear power. 

ANSTO nuclear waste will compromise safety and security in South Australia.   About nuclear wastes: Ignorance, incompetence and hypocrisy of Dan van Holst Pellekaan, South Australian Minister for Energy and Resources.    Both Liberal and Labor keep mum about South Australia nuclear waste issue.

Ranger mine closure costs to hit more than $800m .

CLIMATE  Australia leads the world in global warming – with the 15 hottest sites.  Australia bakes as record temperatures nudge 50C.   Australia faces ‘new normal’ of year-round bushfires .  Heat in New South Wales – bushfires, health impact, and roads melting.

Canberra aware of climate change, but heatwave adds urgency.  How Canberra can lead the way in cutting carbon emissions to zero.

Fiji PM tells Scott Morrison– Australian coal is killing the Pacific.

Adani still under investigation by Queensland government, over groundwater bores.

Crisis in Australia’s one great river system: climate change a factor.  “Don’t leave Dracula – Murray Darling Basin Authority Water management – in charge of the Blood Bank”.

On NITV A feast of films celebrating indigenous Australia, in leadup to 26 January.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  South Australia’s second big battery goes live, charges up.    Construction begins on 336MW Dundonnell wind farm – one of biggest in Victoria. Northern Territory on track for 10% renewables by 2020, with two new solar farms announced.

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15 January – climate and nuclear news in Australia this week

I scratch around for good news on climate. Alex Smith, of Radio Ecoshock, notes that ‘several long-time climate bloggers and Facebook activists are “retiring” to their private lives.’ He quotes one: “I’m no longer interested in awakening the masses. The masses made it clear that they are not interested.”

The grand old man of coastal science Dr. Orrin Pilkey warns: start withdrawing from the coast-line now, or wait for the coming panic. As Australia’s government promotes coal mining and coal power, and avoids any action on climate change, every State and Territory in Australia is being  hit with record heat.  Decentralising the energy supply system – renewables are creating a new world order.

On the nuclear scene, the New Nuclear Arms Race remains the biggest threat in 2019. Meanwhile, as the nuclear industry fails economically, the mainstream media continues to pour out articles about “new nukes” – Small and Medium Nuclear Reactors (SMRs)Molten salt reactors. – articles that read like straight handouts from the nuclear lobby.


Australia’s environment – a winner at National Labor Party Conference.

Australian Julian Assange in new danger as Ecuador caves in to USA pressure (and Australian govt does nothing)

NUCLEAR – UK “reviewing” files on nuclear bomb tests in Australia– this smacks of a cover-up. –Proposed nuclear waste dump in Flinders Ranges – an urgent issue for South Australians, and all Australians.   From uranium mining to nature conservation – Kakadu National Park to get $216 million boost.


Air conditioners make a massive contribution to global warming (Why not promote SOLAR air-conditioning?)

Bushfire in Adelaide Hills is still a threat.  Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road at risk from sea level rise.  Adani Contractor Locked Up and Blockaded.


The problem of hazardous waste from discarded old solar panels.  Australia’s “largest” wind farm wins planning approval for Victoria.

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Nuclear/Climate News Australia- first newsletter for 2019

I’ve made my New Year’s vows –  to keep this newsletter shorter, and to include good news – good things happening. I am mindful of Greta Thunberg’s dictum – “Look for action – then the hope will come”   Climate change: six positive news stories you probably missed in 2018

All the same, climate change’s drastic and rapid impacts must not be ignored. Paul Beckwith keeps us up to date on developments, especially in the all-important Arctic.

I wish that I knew the Russian language, and had access to Russian information, because climate change in the very Northern region is profoundly affecting Russia – its business, agriculture, and especially its operations in the Arctic. It is a chilling thought (no pun intended) that Putin has now put the nuclear industry in charge of shipping safety in the Arctic.

Russia certainly has toxic nuclear sites. This, along with Putin’s fervour for nuclear imperialism, means that, without media coverage, the world is ignorant of Russia’s nuclear health, environmental, and safety toll.

Then there’s the reality of escalating nuclear weapons tensions. While there is hope, in The U.N. Nuclear Ban Treaty, the Doomsday Clock  (monitoring the risk of nuclear war) is at a record 2 minutes to 12.


CLIMATE. With heatwaves like this, what sort of future do we have in store? Australia’s wide swathe of mid-40 degree heat breaks records, and there’s more to come.   Over 20 years of Australian governments failure to act on climate change. The Howard government started the hypocrisy on climate change. Victoria’s bushfires could burn for weeks

Adani’s attack on Aboriginal leader morally reprehensible.

NUCLEAR  Dave Sweeney reflects on the achievements of Australia’s nuclear-free movement in 2018.  ANSTO’s worrying history of covering up releases of radioactive gases from Lucas Heights nuclear reactor.    Dept of Industry (DIIS) “rules out” Woomera as nuclear waste storage site, despite much waste already there. Facebook commentators not impressed with nuclear toady Australia’s Department of Industry Innovation and Science (DIIS). The global nuclear lobby co-opts academia- now they’ve got University of Tasmania.

Caloundra, South East Queensland, an ionising radiation hotspot.

What’s the radioactivity level of Lynas’ refinery thorium wastes?

ABORIGINAL ISSUES: The biggest porky pies: How fake news has shaped our history.

RENEWABLE ENERGY Despite Tony Abbott, renewable energy investment has been successfully promoted by Labor and the crossbench.


Weather – perhaps our best hope of bringing home the urgent message of climate change.

Between USA’s John Bolton, and Russia’s nuclear hawks – the fragmentation of nuclear arms control spells global danger.

The nuclear power industry is moribund.

Brave environmental journalists face increasing threats and dangers.

Climate change brings a boom in jellyfish, and a threat to nuclear reactors.  Tons of methane being released into atmosphere by melting ice sheets.

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2019 – For a clean nuclear-free climate – theme for January

It would be nice to just wish everyone a happy New Year. We can do that. And for the Earth, we can wish that the human species would stop polluting it.  We can say, along with Dr Pangloss  – “Everything for the best, in the best of all possible worlds”.

But, I’m afraid that we’re kidding ourselves, if we think that we can do any more than to slow the onset of climate change. “Disruptive impacts from climate change are now inevitable”. Jem Bendell, A British Professor of Sustainability now says that nothing in our civilization is sustainable.  The emphasis must now also be on adaptation to climate change. Elizabeth May, Leader of Canada’s Green Party, has recently stressed, on Radio Ecoshock,   that not only grandchildren, and later generations will be affected, but today’s children will experience the social, and health disruptions of climate change.

The Power of One Green – Elizabeth May in 2018

As for the nuclear threat – it’s no wonder that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock stays now at 2 minutes to midnight, with aggressive leaders like Trump and Putin, with weapons’ companies and military brass salivating about new, advanced weapons, even space warfare.

Still, nations continue to sign up to the U.N. Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. It’s a start.

For the “peaceful” nuclear industry – the good news is that it’s becoming  a failing economic disaster. It would die a faster death, if it were not so valuable to the nuclear weapons industry.   Colossal waste problems in USA, Japan, UK, are stalling plans for new reactors . Russia and China are not publicly divulging information on their wastes, but both are keen to export nuclear technology, rather than develop it at home.

The nuclear industry continues its lies about nuclear solving climate change -lies that are mindlessly regurgitated by the mainstream media. Media also faithfully parrot the promises of “new nukes” – the “Generation IV” nuclear designs that do not yet exist, and would be prohibitively expensive, requiring huge tax-payer subsidies..

Anyway, I promise to include some good news, some positive stories, in 2019, because, after all, good people continue to do good things. And, we just can’t afford to give up hope – as Greta Thunberg tells us “Look for action – then the hope will come”


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