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March – Fukushima nuclear anniversary, news this week.

The global nuclear lobby will be glad when March is over. They were glad to see the end of January – too much public interest then in the U.N. Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

March is worse, especially because of the 10 year anniversary (11th March) of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown, with clean-up nowhere in sight. The half-hearted hype is now on for the Olympic Games in July. The whole plan was for the Games to demonstrate that the nuclear catastrophe was actually nothing much to worry about, and yet again, to promise a ‘nuclear renaissance’.

International Women’s Day – today 8th March, is a bit of a worry for the nuclear industry.  Ionising radiation is more damaging to women than to men, and polls consistently show that women oppose nuclear power.  Women are rarely part of decision-making, and when they are –  shock horror!  With nearly equal female representation in Switzerland’s parliament – it decided to shut down the nuclear industry.   In Germany, that very strong Chancellor Angela Merkel, was a supporter of nuclear power – but after the Fukushima catastrophe, she changed her mind.  It’s all a dilemma for the nuke lobby –   trying to get some (preferably  young and glam) women into the nuclear career,  – but oh dear, they might put too much emphasis on health, children’s future, etc – and hysterically change their mind, as Merkel did.

1st March – Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Day.  This day commemorates for Pacific islanders, the nuclear colonialism, that brought atomic bomb testing, radiatio-induced cancers, and continuing environmental pollution to their previously pristine lands and waters.  Today, militaristic colonialism is still in full swing across the region, and is still resisted.

CLIMATE.  I cannot resist referring you to the wonderful Katherine Hayhoe, interviewed on Radio Ecoshock. This woman, who is also a religious communicator, has the gift of explaining climate change entertainingly and with clarity.

Some bits of good news The first real-world data for COVID vaccines is in – and it’s really good news.   

In a Japanese village ravaged by tsunami and nuclear disaster, two farmers grow indigo to rebuild community and heal



Australia dodged a bullet in not getting nuclear power – Ian Lowe.   Australian Strategic Policy Institute – a stooge for weapons industries and China-haters. Australia’s purchase of vastly expensive French nuclear-powered submarine design, adapted to diesel, now to be scrapped?

Many people, both inside and outside Kimba, want a judicial review of the government’s nuclear waste dump decision.

Transnational Memory and the Fukushima Disaster: Memories of Japan in Australian Anti-nuclear Activism.


Nuclear Games.

Elon Musk and Bill Gates: beware of gurus toting solutions to climate change.

Nuclear energy proponents downplay its unresolved moral and ethical concerns.  Despite the problems, small nuclear reactor salesmen aggressively marketing: it’s make or break time for the nuclear industry.

Some bits of good news The first real-world data for COVID vaccines is in – and it’s really good news.   

In a Japanese village ravaged by tsunami and nuclear disaster, two farmers grow indigo to rebuild community and heal

ANTARCTICA.  Ominous news; Antarctic ice is melting at an accelerating rate.


Ex-PMs Kan, Koizumi urge Japan to quit nuclear power generation .    10 years after Fukushima nuclear disaster, – poor prospects for nuclear revival in Japan.

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to March 1st – nuclear news Australia

Like most people, I have not been able to keep up with the pandemic news. Figures on the incidence of Covid-19, and on deaths, seem to fluctuate.  Amidst the uncertainties about types of vaccines, new virus strains, and the anti-vaxxer movement, still there is an atmosphere of optimism.  Vaccine acceptance is rising in many countries, and health workers and many volunteers are putting in the efforts to administer vaccines , and care for those who are ill.

David Attenborough warns the U.N. Security Council –  the world risks ‘collapse of everything’ without strong climate action.

A bit of good news – Pollution in the Mississippi River Has Plummeted Since The 1980s


Australian scientists warn urgent action needed to save 19 ‘collapsing’ ecosystems.

Australian federal and state governments keeping laws banning nuclear power, despite Murdoch pro nuclear propaganda.   Kimba radioactive trash Bill stagnates in the Senate, as Right-wing media extols nuclear power. Legislation banning nuclear power in Australia should be retained.  A new motley crew of Australian politicians form “Friends of Nuclear”

Australian government’s nuclear waste plans unacceptable – Dr Margaret Beavis.  Australian government obsessed with preventing legal appeals against its nuclear waste dump plan.

National Farmers Federation want govt to support renewable energy (not coal or nuclear).

Murder, corruption, bombings – the company at centre of Australia’s submarine deal.

The remediation of Ranger uranium mine: will it really restore the environment?


The role of the Churches in promoting the U.N. Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.  Nuclear-weapons treaty the right way forward.

The media revels in rockets to Mars, ignores the horrible risk of plutonium pollution.

Why is the media fawning over nuclear businessman Bill Gates?  Nuclear power-not clean, not renewable – Bill Gates is wrong.

Dr Helen Caldicott on Independent Australia tells The Truth About Nuclear Power.ant.

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To 22 February, Covid-19, climate, and nuclear news

Coronavrus update:

Climate;  disinformation is rampant.   –we have allowed governments around the world to throw away the time when we could have stopped the endless killer heat waves, fires, rising seas, superstorms, dying coral, dying everything. We let governments from Monarchies to Oligarchies to alleged Democracies endanger life on this planet, including our kids future.

If we can’t change that, we really are doomed.” – Alex Smith, Radio Ecoshock.

Nuclear – it is disappointing to me to listen to interviews with Bill Gates-  he is not questioned on his statements pushing nuclear power for climate. It seems that being a billionaire entrepreneur qualifies him for a kind of reverent belief and trust . Meanwhile, a real climate expert , Michael Mann, has just published an authoritative book on the subject.

Hunting for good news – but it’s tricky. Lots of good news on things like individuals being kind to homeless people. But there’s a dearth of news about public, government, action to provide homes for the homeless.


Wise warning to Australian government to withdraw embarrassing Nuclear Waste Dump Bill.

Nothing clean about nuclear, coal or gas – Australian Conservation Foundation.  Australian Liberal National Coalition enthusiastic for nuclear power.  Nationals add nuclear enthusiasm to the government’s energy bill.   Australia a renewables leader – or the ‘‘Saudi Arabia of nuclear energy”– Queensland neeeds job-supplying, clean, renewable energy, NOT antiquated nuclear powerNews Corpse fervently promoting nuclear power to Australia.

 Solar, storage to take over from Ranger uranium mine.  Mediation continuing over rehabilitation of Range uranium mine.

‘Clean coal’ is nothing but a marketing scam: Energy experts.

Federal energy and emissions reduction minister Angus Taylor wants to include dirty energy in Clean Energy Finance Corporation.


Nuclear lobby planning to take over the U.N Climate Change Conference.

Living longterm in radioactively contaminated areas damages our health.

On nuclear power as climate solution, Bill Gates shows alarming ignoranceBill Gates’undemocratic approach to climate crisis.  New books on climate change; Michael Mann versus (nuclear promoter) Bill Gates.

The “negaWatt” – the best energy is the energy you don’t use.

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This Week – nuclear news in Australia and more

The Julian Assange extradition case is back in the news, As Joe Biden pushes for extradition,   What did we really expect from a Biden win?   I am reminded of an old English comedian, who explained America’s political parties:

Well the Republican Party is the same as our Conservatives, whereas the Democratic Party is the same as our Conservatives

In nuclear news,  Japan is alerted by a 7.3m  earthquake all too close to Fukushima nuclear plant wreck.   The systemic corruption in the industry is highlighted this week,, with the continuing saga of political crookedness in Ohio.

CLIMATE  –   the role of methane in global heating, – the Arctic, and USA’s leaking natural gas.

Some bits of good news  – 10 Positive COVID Updates From Around the World – 2021 is Looking Brighter.


Australian Government could face an unwinnable legal case if Senate passes the Kimba Nuclear Waste Dump Bill,      Legal aspects of KIMBA  COMMUNITY OPPOSITION TO National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.  In its rush for Kimba nuclear dump. Refuting claims about the ”medical necessity” for Kimba Nuclear Waste Dump.   Australian government tries to remove rights to legal recourse.

Retain Gosford’s nuclear free zone status..  Central Coast Council will maintain the Nuclear Free Policy.

Developments at Kakadu National Park  (following shutdown of uranium mining. – Chief announces power plant for Jabiru, digi portal for businessLet the work begin: Kakadu Master Plan sign-off to breathe new life into our World Heritage Park

Australian government’s brazen duplicity concerning Julian Assange.


‘Ecocide’ proposal aiming to make environmental destruction an international crime.

The real value of the nuclear ban treaty.

Drone swarms: coming (sometime) to a war near you. Just not today.


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Not a lot happening in nuclear news, while coronavirus and climate change rage on.

It is getting harder to keep up with the coronavirus news – the fluctuating numbers regarding new cases, the comparisons between various vaccines, the good news  (Israel’s success), the bad news (new more infectious strains).

Then there’s the new preoccupation in the media about big sporting events.  In USA the Superbowl could turn into a super-spreader. The Australian Open Grand Slam tennis is watched anxiously, as an indication of whether the July Tokyo Olympics could safely go ahead.

Meanwhile it’s becoming clear that this pandemic is not going to be over quickly, that the vaccines are not a ”silver bullet’‘, and it is truly a global problem, needing global treatment.

CLIMATE. We are all too often focussing on USA, Canada, Australia, in news coverage. This week, a horror event in India brings home the impacts of global heating elsewhere in the world. Indian Glacier in Himalayan Valley Crumbles, Causing Flash Flooding. Himalayan glaciers melting at alarming speed.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  I muse that these industries are also becoming corporate giants, encouraging endless energy use, and overconsumption of new technologies, with little care about their toxic wastes. Whatever happened to energy conservation?

Largely due to the pandemic, nuclear developments have gone very quiet –  I guess that’s one compensation.

A bit of good news – Good news on ozone: world scientists make global assessment 5 February 2021.


Kimba Nuclear Waste Dump Bill yet again postponed in the Australian Senate.  High Court ruling a helpful precedent for opponents of Kimba nuclear dump.

Australian government will probably ignore most recommendations in the environmental report.  ”Nuclear Actions” in the final report on environment laws in Australia,

South Australia achieved world-leading 60pct wind and solar share over last year.



Economics’ failure over destruction of nature presents ‘extreme risks’,

Nuclear power unaffordable in USA, Russia, India, France, even China, but NO SOLUTION TO WASTES.

USA and Russia extend The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START Treaty) to 2026.

Bees may be more susceptible to ionising radiation than previously estimated.

As outdated nuclear power closes down, pro nuclear shills viciously attack critics.

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Nuclear news to 1st February Australia

Crisis within a crisis: Responding to COVID-19 around the world.

Climate crisis: world is at its hottest for at least 12,000 years – study.  Scientists say temperatures globally at highest level since start of human civilisation.

On nuclear news –  there’s a kind of hush, all over the world.…..     Well, I suppose that this could be seen, in one twisted way – as good news. This is the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is putting the brakes on nuclear development, in UK, and the USA.   As always, we don’t know much about its impact on Russia and China.

Still, the global nuclear lobby keeps up its unrelenting propaganda on nuclear power  as the (false) cure for climate change.         Also distressing is the move for nuclear reactors to be permitted to operat  for 100 years, a cunning, but dangerous, way to avoid costs of decommissioning them,

A bit of good news –.  Oh dear, I had trouble finding it this week – had to revert to one a few weeks back – What went right this week: hope for stabilising the climate.


Kimba nuclear waste dump issue is in limbo in the Australian Senate.  The Australian government’s Radioactive Waste Bill does not meet required IAEA standards.    Resource Minister Pitt should withdraw the Bill as the process for a Kimba nuclear waste dump has failed.

Australian Labor Party’s removal of Mark Butler as Shadow Minister for Climate Change & Energy. – an ominous sign for the nuclear-free movement   Labor’s climate spokesman, Mark Butler,  dumped as Labor’s climate action push collapses at a truly pivotal moment. Joel Fitzgibbon Demands Labor’s Climate Change Policy Be Solely Based On Keeping Him In A Job.

Rupert Murdoch gets a very dodgy ”Australia Day Award’‘, the honour coming from miners and bankers!


Avoiding a ‘Ghastly Future’: Hard Truths on the State of the Planet.

The most dangerous situation humanity has ever faced – Doomsday Clock stays at 100 seconds to midnight Who’s next? Experts worry about East Asia and the Middle East getting nuclear weapons.  Nuclear weapons proliferation can be contagious.

Nuclear wastes – deliberately left to our grandchildren.

Why nuclear power is a bad way to balance renewable energy .

French parliamentarians nominate Julian Assange for Nobel Peace Prize.

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Australian Labor Party’s removal of Mark Butler as Shadow Environment Minister – an ominous sign for the nuclear-free movement

Noel Wauchope 30 Jan 21, Anthony Albanese’s removal of Mark Butler as Shadow Environment Minister is an ominous sign – for the environment, the climate, and for a nuclear-free Australia. Having followed the Labor Party’s efforts (or lack thereof) on nuclear issues, over several years, I am not optimistic. When I wrote individually to each ALP politician, a few years back, I got standard answers from all, just quoting Labor policy, but not answering my question. Only Mark Butler and Sam Dastyari gave me straight answers, affirming their personal anti nuclear opinion. Labor has a sad history of caving in on uranium/nuclear issues.

As new climate spokesman, Chris Bowen has good climate change and environment credentials, and good ideas on connecting clean energy technologies with employment opportunities. BUT, this appointment looks like a Labor swing to the Right, and appeasing the fossil fuel fans (and ? the nuclear fans)

Labor leader Anthony Albanese used to be a strong anti-nuclear force in Labor. The former leader, Bill Shorten, was ever ready to make a deal with the nuclear lobby, if he thought that would help him win.  But – what has happened to Albo lately ?

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Nuclear news to 27th January

Of course, the big world news is the coronavirus. Climate is as always, the vital second issue.

There was much favourable reaction to the nuclear ban treaty coming into force last week. The critics and sabotage from the nuclear weapons nations will no doubt come later.

Apart from the ban treaty, nuclear news has been very much in the background.  The global nuclear industry is not wasting this ”quiet” time, but instead is ramping up and reorganising for a 2021 propaganda blitz.

Some bits of good news –   Arctic Oil Drilling Plans Suffer ‘Stunning Setback’ as Almost ‘No One Shows Up’ For the Sale. UK Prioritizes Climate Crisis By Supporting Sustainability in Developing Countries With $4 Billion Plan.  Startup Builds 3 Huge Indoor Farms in Appalachia Turning Coal Country into Agricultural Hub


Morrison government gets in early to disparage nuclear ban treaty, but Labor supports it.   Australia could sign the Nuclear Ban Treaty and still keep its military co=operation with America. Australian Capital Territory politicians join calls for Australia to sign nuclear ban treaty.  Get nukes out of our Super funds!

Nuclear weapons ban treaty: more than a symbolic victory.  Australian government complicit in nuclear weapons, silent on Nuclear Weapons Ban TreatyRed Cross celebrates Nuclear Ban Treaty- an incremental process towards elimination of nuclear weapons.

Kimba’s cosy nuclear corruption.  The nuclear dump for Kimba propaganda continues in 2021.


International Physicians for the Preve.ntion of Nuclear War comment on “The great evasion “.    Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – a major step towards a safe world. Praise from United Nations, Pope Francis, for nuclear ban treaty coming into force.  5 nuclear activities that are now Illegal under international law.  Nuclear Ban Treaty obligates countries to assist nuclear victims and remediate environments.

Russia and USA exchange documents to extend the NEW START nuclear weapons agreement.

Quietly, under the brouhaha of the pandemic, the global nuclear lobby prepares a propaganda onslaught.

Pro nuclear publicist James Conca made a very big gaffe about Fukushima disaster.

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Will Australia join the global nuclear lobby’s propaganda onslaught?

‘If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth ” – Joseph Goebbels 

With the sudden mysterious departure of Australia’s high priest of nuclear spin, Dr Adi Paterson, and the flummoxed and failing government push for a Kimba nuclear waste dump, – the nuclear lobby in Australia seems paralysed at present.

But the world-wide nuclear industry is anything but paralysed, and, while everyone is agonising, (justifiably), over the pandemic, it is gearing up for a big publicity spin. So I’m guress that it won’t be long before a new nuclear champion takes up the nuclearv religion role in Australia..

This month, I’ve concentrated my efforts on the ground-breaking and historic UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons coming into force. Of course, the nuclear weapons states will try to destroy that Treaty.   Failing destruction, they will aim for pooh poohing and rubbishing that Treaty. Finally they’ll go for a favourite strategy – ignoring it, and hoping that the world will just forget about it.

I don’t think that the world will forget about it. The challenge will be to help those workers and communities that depend on nuclear-weapons-making to be helped out of that toxic situation, and into life-sustaining work and activities.

MEANWHILE, as media and science correctly focus on the global coronavirus pandemic, the issue of nuclear power has pretty much disappeared from view.  Nothing is happening?

Today, the nuclear weapons industry is pretty much the only reason for”peaceful” nuclear power.  ”Peaceful nukes” provide the trained experts, the technology development necessary for the weapons industry.  If governments and universities can be persuaded to back commercial nuclear energy, this solves a lot of probems. Especially, it helps the blur the picture onthe astronomic costs of nuclear weapons, as quite a lot of costs are covered by ”peaceful” nuclear development.

There’s another pressing reason to keep nuclear power going. It’s the horrible and never-ending cost of shutting down reactors and dealing with their toxic wastes.  How much cheaper to just relicense the for 100 years?    That way, the present responsible officials will all be gone, and they don’t have to worry about that problem. Heck – they’ve handed it over to our great-grandchildre,  What a fine idea!  NOT!!

Against this background, the nuclear lobby is girding its loins for the public perception battle.

Armed with lies –  that nuclear fixes climate –  that it’s cheap, is clean, works great with renewables, essential for society –  blah blah,  the nuclear lobby is preparing its onslaught. They generally try pretty hard to ignore matters like comparative costs, and wastes problems.  But they can just lie again, if put on the spot about such problems.

Just a few quotatios from World Nuclear News :-

The barrier to nuclear is perception

”addressing perceptions of its alleged drawbacks”

Bilbao y León –  “the nuclear industry has responsibly managed all its used nuclear fuel and waste “from day one”.

“We know where every ounce of used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste is because we have been managing it throughout the history of the nuclear industry. “We know where every ounce of used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste is because we have been managing it throughout the history of the nuclear industry“.  …….,-says-

The real challenges to nuclear are external”  –small modular reactors ..cheaper, safer, better, and going to provide more discreet financial solutions”

The government nuclear regulatory authorities are, unfortunately, usually well onside with the industry –  in what is known as “regulatory capture”.   Again, from World Nuclear News –

The hurdles advanced nuclear developers face‘ – ””We, as the regulator, are working on building public trust, confidence and social acceptance in these new technologies.’‘ 

Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the skills of Sama Bilbao y Leon, Director General of the World Nuclear Association. She’s great with language (as the global nuclear lobby has realised, in appointing her, and several other women to top promotional positions”

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An important week in nuclear news

An eventful week coming up.  And from the point of view of nuclear issues, a good week!

On 22nd January the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will come into force.   Yes, nuclear weapons will still be there, but no longer respectable, acceptable, and no longer an attractive investment option. The humanitarian cause for ending nuclear weaponry is made clear and legal.

This week is good news, too, for the immediately more pressing problems, coronavirus and climate. The inauguration of President Joe Biden on 20th January means that the American government will suddenly take the pandemic seriously and take action. Equally important, it will take action on climate change, and will rejoin the world in the Paris climate treaty.

The new administration under Biden will not play nuclear war brinkmanship, as Donald Trump did  –  (remember ”fire and fury”).  There is hope for some rational negotiations internationally on arms control.

However, as Obama was, Biden will be firmly in the grip of the nuclear lobby.  You don’t get to be President of the United States unless you have the backing of the nuclear industry.

Some other bits of good news – Stories of change from children in the Asia-Pacific  .


How will Entry Into Force of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty impact non weapons states parties, including Australia?

Why did ANSTO shut down National Medical Cyclotron, that made medical isotopes without nuclear waste?  ANSTO gets a blank cheque for its nuclear waste production at Lucas Heights?  Because ANSTO shut down cyclotron, Australia has the problem of importing a short-lived medical isotope.

Australia’s environmental scientists intimidated, silenced by threats of job loss.


Catholics welcome Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons coming into force.

Global nuclear policy is stuck in colonialist thinking. The weapons ban treaty offers a way out.

Scientists must tell the truth on our consumerist, ecology-killing Ponzi culture.

Nuclear power, too inflexible, is in conflict with sustainable development goals.

Investigative journalism – ‘Mini-Nukes, Big Bucks: The Interests Behind the SMR Push.

Hydrogen from wind and solar systems could be the ultimate solution to the planet’s pollution problem..


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The week in nuclear news – Australia

Midst all of the Trumpian circus, and the dire problems of the pandemic, it’s hard to find news about the underlying grave problems of the climate. I did vow to stay off that subject.  But that’s hard to do, when global heating has accelerated over 2020, when it should have been a cooler year, with La Nina prevailing.   Not only accelerating – climate change is here with us. The Earthbound Report lists 10 big impacts in 2020.

But – to return to the nuclear, it hasn’t been just a background problem lately, as the Washington mayhem raises anxieties about Donald Trump’s finger on the trigger of nuclear war.

A bit of good news – The good news hidden within one of America’s darkest weeks


Australian govt has quiet nuclear deal with China, but condemns Victoria-China medical research.

The Australian government’s shameful record in the Kimba nuclear dump fiasco.  Government’s Kimba nuclear waste dump slush fund – benefit goes straight to Kimba’s mayor.

Treaty – a step on the long path towards nuclear disarmament..

End of an ERA: four decades of radioactive risk come to an end at Kakadu.  Clean-up plan for Ranger uranium mine is ”woefully inadequate”.

Scott Morrison should change his mind and call Trump to end bizarre Assange saga.



Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: The Road There and the Road AheadBeatrice Fihn: How to implement the nuclear weapons ban treaty.

Multinational effort could help solve U.S.-Russia nuclear issue.

Geopolitics Of Nuclear Generation Delayed Renewables By Decades To Fossil Fuel Industry Benefit, Our Detriment.

Ten compelling reasons to stay away from nuclear power .

Judge’s refusal to extradite Julian Assange is still part of cowardly process to deny freedom of information.


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Significant Australian nuclear stories of 2020

There is very little nuclear news today.  I take this opportunity to revisit some of the most important nuclear stories of 2020

The Australian environmental movement has a long and honourable history in effort and action to keep this country clean and nuclear-free. Indigenous Australians have always been front and centre in this struggle.

At the same time, successive governments have kowtowed to the British and USA governments, and to the uranium/nuclear industry. It started with providing the fuel for nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons, then to allowing the British to test 12 major and many minor atomic tests in Auatralia. Liberal governments always supported the industry, Labor opposed it, to a degree, but many Labor politicians have supported it, and so have weakened Labor’s stance.

The struggle continues, as ignorant and career-minded politicians of both major parties are still caving in to the interests of USA  and UK governments, in craven subservience to the nuclear industry with its new mythical beasts, the small nuclear reactors. And there’s always that longterm dream of a few greedy entrpreneurs –  South Australia as the world’s nuclear toilet.

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(Mercifully short) nuclear news this week

The good news from 2020: 10 sunny stories from an otherwise dark year.

In ‘Huge Victory for Polar Bears’, Court Rejects Arctic Offshore Drilling Project.  U.S. “climate mayors” are hopeful that a Biden administration will help cities accelerate progress toward climate goals.


Curiouser and curiouser – the dishonest acrobatics of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)

Cowardly silence from South Australia’s Premier on nuclear waste dump plan.  Australia’s lying Minister for Resources gets an “F” in assessment of govt ministers.


The Madness of Nuclear Deterrence.

Nuclear power ridiculously expensive and uncompetitive – the market has spoken.

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To 22nd December – nuclear news this week

‘Tis the season to be jolly.  But, honestly, I can’t.  If you want to know what’s really going on in this human-species-afflicted planet, I recommend Radio Ecoshock.  Here you will learn about  Climate Collapse & The Plastic Plague

It’s not about some distant future problem. It’s about now, and how we are living on a trashed planet.  And we’re and adding more to this with all our festive junk and unnecessary gifts.

Having said that –    there are so many good people trying to clean up, and keep clean, our fragile planet.   For some examples – I recommend  99 Good News Stories From 2020 You Probably Didn’t Hear About.

Also, I am reading “The Good Germans – resisting the NAZIs  1933 – 1945“, by Catrine Clay. I find this book a very timely reminder that in very worst of modern times, there were so many people who saw evil being done, and resisted it, and also helped the persecuted, as best they could.


2020 in Australia – a successful year for resistance to nuclear pollution.

Nuclear waste dump plan for Kimba, South Australia.  Senator Rex Patrick contests Freedom of Information refusal about Australia’s nuclear waste plan.  Federal govt accepted Queensland’s “NO” to nuclear dump. Why not South Australia’s?.  Senator Rex Patrick calls on South Australian govt to come clean about nuclear waste dumping. Australia’s Industry Department is bluffing in employing staff for non existent nuclear waste project

Ranger Danger: Rio Tinto Faces Its Nuclear Test in Kakadu Uranium – Unfinished Business: Rehabilitating the Ranger Uranium Mine .  Green group raise toxic leak concern at Ranger Uranium Mine

A reminder of the danger of ionising radiation, after theft of a nuclear device.

CLIMATE. The Usual Suspects: oil and gas majors star in Australian tax heist.    Australia, the climate laggard, could lead the world: over to you, PMHypocrisy on steroids: Frydenberg backs witch-hunt on banks that won’t lend to miners.


Sleepwalking Toward the Nuclear Precipice.

The insanity of nuclear power in space.

About writing about the nuclear crisis. We’re in a storytelling crisis”: Advice for writing on nuclear issues, from the author of “Fallout”.

Unveiling New Billboards: “Nukes Are Now Illegal!” (Nuclear Weapons) .

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About writing about the nuclear crisis

This is such an important article (We’re in a storytelling crisis”: Advice for writing on nuclear issues, from the author of “Fallout”)    Whether we like it or not, an issue becomes important to people  – not because it actually IS vitally important, but because it is described, pictured, written about as something that is important to the simplest non-expert, ordinary person.

In this pandemic period, the nuclear lobbyhas done a damn good job in just not covering the true importance of nuclear weapons. The mindless mainstream media happlygoes along with this impressive non coverage at all.

On January 22nd, the Trarty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will become international law.    The global nuclear lobby will be working overtime to portray this as silly, ineffectual, counter-productive – blah blah.

It will be a challenging time for journalism.  The need is to show that this Treaty is as valid as existing  treaties banning inhuman weapons of mass destruction, and that this Treaty enhances existing disarmament agreements, and does not conflctwith national security agreements (e.g as betweenUSA and Australia.     This Treaty is based on humanitarian concerns, an idea which the technocrats find hard to understand.

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