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To 30 March – nuclear and climate news.

Yes, I know, it’s bad form to be writing about anything but the virus. But here goes, anyway.  As to climate change,  the current dread of the coronavirus feels awfully like a familiar version of the anxiety that many of us have felt about the climate crisis. There’s a bit of a silver lining, in that global greenhouse has emissions have dropped.

The pandemic, and its consequence – social isolation, have  stalled industry, and are expected to wipe out global growth in renewables deployment in 2020.

The nuclear industry has put a bold face on it, claiming that construction of huge new reactor stations are essential, so that workers at UK’s Hinkley Point C build, and USA’s giant Vogtle nuclear build  can count as “essential” so the building programmes can stay on track.  But, even more remarkable, the USA nuclear industry uses coronavirus to gouge $billions of tax-payer money.

Anyway, what should we do about this truly awful global situation?  I can think only of Voltaire’s famous advice – given by his fictional character Candide – “we must go and work our garden.”

A bit of good news – Chinese Company Ships Crates of Masks to Italy , Covered in Italian Poetry: We Are ‘Leaves of the Same Tree’


A major scorecard gives the health of Australia’s environment less than 1 out of 10.  With the pandemic, and the bushfires, we now must strengthen the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC).  Webinar: Yeelirrie – A Case for Environmental Law Reform .

NUCLEAR. Nation Radioactive Waste Management Bill: Submission deadline extended to April 9.  Submission re National Waste Dump Bill: Flawed process: the pretense that this National issue is just a Local issue.  Nuclear front group Energy Policy Institute joins with NuScam to promote Small Nuclear Reactors to Australia.

CLIMATE.  Environment department begins purging website of historical emissions data, projections.   NSW approves coal mine expansion under drinking water catchment . Tax-payers funded MP Matt Canavan’s expensive trip to attend coalmine opening

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australia’s newest and biggest wind farm sets benchmark for lowest price.  Victoria council works around Covid-19 restrictions to approve 200MW solar farm Big new solar farm in NSW begins production, on schedule for a change.


Action on Covid19 gives a lesson for action on climate change.

Pandemic brings a danger that is unique to the nuclear industryNuclear security must not be forgotten, even in times of pandemic.

With all eyes on pandemic, Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty still needs attention.

Nuclear waste disposal: Why the case for deep boreholes is … full of holes.

How will the IAEA spin the mind-boggling costs of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs)?

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What to do, in the time of pandemic?

Yes, this is an aberration from the real focus of this website.

BUT – we’re all going to have to deal with the time of pandemic.

The positives.  Much kindness is going on  – people offering help to the disabled, the elderly … the courage of health workers  –  the music – the balcony cheerers, the social networking,   the chance to be still at home, and reflect.

The negatives. The vulnerable  millions of the poor and crowded, in India, and elsewhere –  the losses of jobs and income, the loneliness, the family stress, domestic violence, the “digital divide” – for those without smartphones and computers.   The big corporations that will emerge as the winners.

What to do? Here’s my suggestion, (if you can) :

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Nuclear, climate, Covid19 – a weird week of news

graph above refers to worldwide deaths

Events happen so quickly. It becomes important to know what news is true, and what is not. It is something of a crisis in journalism, – which analysis, which interpretation is credible? I try to follow articles that make sense, and come from reliable writers and journals. Reported numbers vary a lot – of those infected with Cov19, of the deaths. For one example – USA infection numbers are almost certainly far greater than reported, because of inadequate testing. In interpretation, Donald Trump’s phrase the “Chinese virus” feeds in to xenophobia, an unfortunate theme when global co-operation is needed, to combat a global epidemic. Politicians exploit false conspiracy theory that the coronavirus is a bioweapon.

What action is needed?  I found this article, with its excellent graph, a reliable guide. It helped me to conclude that the drastic shutdowns and “social distancing”will have awful results, but that inaction on coronavirus would be worse.

Some bits of good news – 10 Positive Updates on the COVID-19 Outbreaks From Around the World


The Morrison govt’s emergency measures are a massive subsidy to Australia’s largest corporations.

Doctors again call on Australian govt about Julian Assange’s precarious health, risk of coronavirus.

NUCLEAR National Radioactive Waste Management must come clean. Kimba is the start of continued high level nuclear waste dumping. A radioactive waste dump will NOT unite the Kimba community.  It is not too late to tell the Australian govt “NO” to South Australia nuclear waste dump.

After backlash from colleagues, NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro backs down from nuclear power support. A nuclear power station is inappropriate for the Central Coast.              The lingering horror of the nuclear bomb tests at Maralinga.

CLIMATE. Zali Steggall holds fire on zero emissions climate bill amid Coronavirus chaos.  Government advisory body tells Morrison to lift his game on climate.  Plans to direct climate funds to coal plant upgrades rejected by panel.    Victoria slammed for using misleading data to justify lifting of gas moratorium.  Victoria lifts moratorium on onshore gas, but permanently bans fracking.  Legal challenge about Adani’s planned water use for giant coal mine.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  Solar, battery storage in demand as Coronavirus encourages shift to “self-reliance”.  Forget toilet paper, consumers are panic buying solar.   Morrison needs to be smarter, more creative, more sustainable with Covid-19 response.  As economy stalls, the government should remap Australia’s energy landscape.   Solar, batteries, micro-grids and ISP should be added to Covid-19 response.  Brigalow, the little solar farm that could, sending power to grid in Queensland.

Wind industry calls on Victoria to set “bold” science-based emissions targets. Wind output overtakes hydro power for first time in Tasmania. Australia’s first offshore wind farm gains ground with new contract. Huge Dundonnell wind farm begins production in Victoria.


Coronavirus Covid-19 Testing Per Capita By Country; The US Near The Bottom; India Worse

Tokyo Olympic Games‘ costly chaos: they can’t be held in 2020.

“Balance” a dangerous practice – journalists presenting as equal -Trump’s and scientists’ opinion on coronavirus science.

Coronavirus threatens nuclear power plants with staff shortages, possible shutdowns.

Destruction of habitats, loss of biodiversity, bring pandemics.

Impact of coronavirus is curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Paul Ehrlich on Coronavirus and the growthmania that drives environmental destruction. Bill McKibben on the Virus and the Climate MovementGlobal warming influence on extreme weather events has been frequently underestimated. Coronavirus Halts Street Protests, but Climate Activists Have a Plan.Ozone-depleting chemicals appearing again in the atmosphere.

Nuclear Power Plants: Tritium is a lot more hazardous than they say. Dr Ian Fairlea on Epidemiological Evidence of Cancer Risks.

“Peaceful” and military nuclear reactors always inextricably linked.  Nuclear-powered submarines – fraught with legal and political problems.   New research on the global climate impacts of a small nuclear war.  The catastrophic danger to nuclear weapons complexes, of climate change’s extreme weather.

A new low-cost solar technology for environmental cooling.

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The week in nuclear, climate, and coronavirus news

Awareness about infectious diseases seems to have faded, up until suddenly just lately. It really is a long time between epidemics, and now we have a pandemic. The quickly spreading Coronavirus disease is being handled differently, according to each country. Climate scientist Paul Beckwith explains this, and warns on the necessity of urgent action.    Another excellent resource is Corona Virus – With Dr. John Campbell. There is also the inhumane theory of “herd immunity”, being recommended by some as a strategy for Britain.

Climate scientists are bemoaning the slowness to take action on the coronavirus, but, even more so, the continuing slowness to act on global heating.

A bit of good news – One Million ‘Wonder Plant’ Seedlings Are Planted in Wales to Fight Climate Crisis—and Create Healthy Seas


Coronavirus spreading –  Federal and State governments taking appropriate action .P.M. Scott Morrison a bit slow to cop on, and, Trump-style, inclined to use the occasion as a PR pitch.

Australian defence officials and politicians, like Christopher Pyne, rotate quickly between government and weapons industry jobs.

Australian govt rejects a report that recommends nuclear submarines.


CLIMATE.  Global heating is intensifying a rare natural phenomenon that brings severe drought to Australia.  Climate change fuelled Australia’s devastating Black Summer – Climate Council Report. The climate denialist spin machine – the “Anti-Greta” in Australia.   NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean contradicts the Coalition party line – wants climate action and NO nuclear.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Rooftop solar unstoppable as market breaks “all previous records” in February .  NSW unveils two new renewable energy zones in $11 billion Net Zero strategy. Major clean energy industry events postponed in response to Coronavirus. Regional community solar and storage projects win NSW government grants. Australian researchers smash efficiency record for ‘tandem solar cells’Major solar farm and battery approved for New South Wales coal country.


Polar ice melting at an accelerating rate. The planet’s largest ecosystems could collapse faster than we thought.

Global response to Covid-19 is rapid. Response to climate change is too damn slow. Coronavirus poses threat to climate action.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warns on doomsday.   Hypocrisy: new commitments to Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) include push for nuclear power.

Nuclear modernisation, cyber operations, raise a dilemma for nuclear deterrence.

Investigative journalism –  Fukushima, and the ocean’s history of nuclear waste dumping.

Tritium – more hazardous than gamma rays and most X-rays..

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Nuclear and climate news in International Women’s Week

The nuclear industry took the opportunity to push itself as an equality-for-women campaigner. Also, in the media, parents were warned to see that their girls got STEM skills (Science Technology Engineering Maths), or else they’d be jobless dropouts.

Now I too believe that these skills are important.  But I deplore the downgrading of the so-called “soft” studies, that is going on at the same time. With the crises facing the world now, surely for decision-making, we need people with knowledge of languages, history, sociology, ecology. On the health effects of nuclear radiation, and of global heating, the “soft” sciences of biology and genetics are essential.  And, as social commentator Eva Cox has pointed out, the occupations with social values of caring and nurturing ought not to be downgraded and poorly paid, in comparison with the techno world and competitive occupations with macho values.

While climate and nuclear threats are the focus of this newsletter,  the reality is that the planetary mess is made of many interconnecting factors, in the unsustainable economy of “endless growth”. A big reminder –  investigative journalismPlanet Plastic.

A bit of good news -Farming in the Forest: A Chance to Reverse 1,000 Years of Destructive Land-Use Practices


The demonisation of Julian Assange: Former foreign minister Carr calls on the Australian govt to intervene. Government’s latest pressure on the ABC is slammed by Paul Keating.


CLIMATE.  Christiana Figueres– “Australia, you’re not ‘meeting and beating’ your emissions targets”  Global heating is causing a decline in River flows in Murray Darling Basin. Kyoto carryover is “legally baseless”, international law experts warn Morrison government.  Cosy little cocktail party for Liberal and Labor MPs, with coal industry bigwigs.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Morrison to cancel Australia’s participation in the Energy Transition Hub.  CSIRO spin-off, Windlab, looks to Africa after “year of frustration” in Australia.  Solar farms to carry cost of Territory government’s glacial pace on grid reform.  Schletter Australia has partnered with SCP ‘Solar Car Parks’ to launch the HELIOPARK range of Solar Car Ports for the Australasian market. Tasmania sets world-leading target of 200 per cent renewables by 2040. Home battery boost as Victoria expands rebate, NSW launches interest-free loans.


Why don’t we treat the climate crisis with the same urgency as coronavirus?

Investigative journalism Big Oil and Big Soda and plastically polluted Planet Earth.

The Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty – now more important than ever.The Threat of a Nuclear War Between the US and Russia Is Now at Its Greatest Since 1983.

A sceptical look at NuScam’s small nuclear reactor plans.

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As March begins – nuclear and climate news

This week there’s quite a lot of news about nuclear weapons development. Nobody seems very interested – all same-same? Weapons anxiety fatigue? UN disarmament chief hopes upcoming conference will address current nuclear challenges. Some experts think that the subject should get a mention in the USA 2020 election race.

The Coronavirus has gripped the media – with climate change taking a back seat. Bad though that epidemic is, global heating also moves on inexorably.

a bit of good news –  Designer Works to Erect First Modern Village to Generate its Own Electricity–and Food–in 100% Sustainable Loop




RENEWABLE ENERGY  Australia could soon export sunshine to Asia via a 3,800km cable . Why an Australian mining giant chose wind and solar over gas for $1 billion project.  Australia’s first detailed database on household solar, batteries and EVs goes live.  Victoria energy efficiency market rides wave of optimism, NSW hopes to follow. Industry joins call for ARENA funding extension, as Energy MinisterTaylor ducks commitment. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2020 – 100% carbon-offset in partnership with Powershop.


Coronavirus – right-wing media reactions and conspiracy theories.

The Planet Is Screwed, Says Bank That Screwed the Planet. USA fails to stop G20 finance ministers and central bank governors‘ warning on climate change.

Nuclear testing left a signature of radioactive carbon all around the worldThe Castle Bravo bomb and its effects on the soldiers, and on the planet.

A Brief Study of Molten Salt Reactors.

Climate action? – you simply couldn’t build enough nuclear reactors.

Antarctic ice walls protect the climate..

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Keeping Australia nuclear-free: national campaign meeting in Melbourne

29 February, Melbourne. Anti nuclear campaigners from South Australia, Western Australia,  Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Victoria met today, to discuss the progress of the movement.  The Australian Conservation Foundation and Friends of the Earth were prominently represented, among other environmentalists, and representatives from indigenous groups, churches, human rights, and medical organisations.

There was an atmosphere of quiet optimism. The Federal Government, in its Inquiry into nuclear power, has concluded that conventional nuclear reactors are definitely not an option for Australia. Due to their escalating costs, and long delay in building, they are recognised now as a failed technology.

Another encouraging factor for the nuclear-free movement is the fact that Western  Australian uranium projects at Kintyre and Yeelirrie are at a standstill, with little likelihood of going ahead.

The federal government’s plan for a radioactive waste facility at Napandee, South Australia faces hurdles, with its plan for dual facilities . Low level waste burial and above-ground  temporary storage of intermediate level wastes do not meet standards for international best practice.

Participants returned to their home States with renewed confidence in their work of informing and encouraging local communities in seeking a clean, nuclear-free environment.

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This week’s climate and nuclear news – Australia

When their finances are affected by climate change, the guys at the top at last start to pay attention.  G20 finance ministers and central bank governors met in Saudi Arabia, and sounded the alarm over the climate emergency, despite U.S. objections. Leaked report for world’s major fossil fuel financier says Earth is on unsustainable trajectory.

Of course, nuclear weapons tensions are always there, particularly as regards USA and Iran.  However, when it comes to the so-called “peaceful nukes”, things are very quiet.  All that continues is an endless stream of  “journalism” promoting Small Modular Reactors (they leave out that unpopular word ‘Nuclear’). This hype resembles the early 2000s hype about the “nuclear renaissance’ and is sounding more and more hollow.

A bit of good news – All Australian Bushfires in NSW Have Officially Been Contained Thanks to Week of Heavy Rain. Australian Soldiers Are Using Their Time Off to Care for Koalas Displaced by the Fires.


Immoral and illegal spying on Julian Assange and his lawyers – MP Andrew Wilkie calls on Australian government to act.  Investigative journalism – How will Julian Assange’s extradition case proceed in court?

NUCLEAR. Bill in Australian Parliament names South Australia as the Nuclear Waste State.Greens in the Senate will oppose bill to storage nuclear waste at Kimba farm.- Barngarla Aboriginal people take legal action against Australian govt’s planned Kimba nuclear waste dump.  Correcting the propaganda: Australia’s nuclear medicine DOES NOT NEED a national radioactive waste dump.

What was #ScottyFromMarketing planning, with U.S. military, at PineGap?

No place for nuclear energy in Australia: Labor’s Josh Wilson spells it out.  Labor’s Chris Bowen: Renewables make much more sense than ‘nuclear fantasy’.  Frank Simpson warns against the pollution of Victoria’s agricultural land by thorium/uranium mining.

CLIMATE. Australia the ‘poster child’ for climate change inaction.   Australia’s emissions flat, but climate politics hit new low over zero carbon target. Conflict in the COALition over climate change and emissions reduction.  Religious leaders urge ScottyFromMarketing to move Australia away from fossil fuels.    #ScottyFromMarketing ‘s hypocritical ploy to do nothing effective against climate change.

Divisions within both Liberal and Labor parties over Coal.     Labor leader Albanese delivers half a climate policy with “no cheating” – but no interim targets, either. Labor set to reaffirm net zero emissions commitment, oppose funds for coal power.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Solar thermal energy the way forward for Australia- says nuclear expert.  Ikea to offer home solar systems in Australia, starting this year.  Heavens to Betsy! Murdoch media suddenly discovers that wind and solar power are great for Australia!  Western Australia “uniquely” placed to be microgrid superpower, says report. Tasmania’s Granville Harbour wind farm now sending power to the grid.  “We have the technologies now”- Cannon-Brookes busts open Coalition myth. Sydney research hub to accelerate energy storage technologies.


All the world is betraying the world’s children, the World Health Organisation has found.

A war correspondent turns to today’s war on climate change, as he studies Antarctica.

Scientists warn on the seriousness of the collapse of many insect species.

Climate denialists using bots on Twitter to get their message across.

Reprocessing is NOT a solution to the nuclear waste problem.  Small nuclear reactors are no better than large ones.wastes.power imports.

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To 19 February – Climate and Nuclear News Australia

Climate change is, as always, the big news this week. Some climate models now predict unexpected , unprecedented spike in global temperaturesCan the insurance industry afford the rising flood risk?

  Giant iceberg ‘calves’ from Antarctic ice shelf.

The nuclear connection is significant for the UK, too, as sea level rise threatens its new nuclear projects, at Sizewell, Hinkley Point C, as well as existing nuclear reactors and waste facilities at Sellafield and Drigg

There are many organisations worldwide, that are pushing for, and working on, action to slow or stall global warming.  Global Optimism is the latest example, in which Christiana Figueres features, with her new book “The Future We Choose”


MPs Andrew Wilkie and George Christensen to UK to help free Julian Assange.

CLIMATE. For Australia “business as usual” on climate change will cost many $billions. Climate change extreme weather making parts of Australia uninsurable. Reserve Bank says climate change already having profound impact on Australian economy.

New Resources Minister Keith Pitt ignores renewables, pushes for more coal, gas and uranium exports.  Australia has done little on emissions, and is not planning much in next decade. #ScottyFromMarketing ‘s bushfire inquiry studiously ‘ignores’ carbon emissions.   Coal miners given free ride under Morrison government emissions “caps”. Zali Steggall’s climate Bill, Labor’s befuddlement on coal.


RENEWABLE ENERGY Australia’s global opportunity to lead on solar power.  Senate backs Greens call for ARENA funding extension as money dries up.  #ScottyFromMarketing and his crew – blind to the economics of renewable energy.

Australia must learn to mine rare earths responsibly.  Greens leader Adam Bandt seeks new deal with “renewable mining and manufacturing” sector.   Holden brand killed off as GM switches focus to electric vehicles.

South Australia’s renewable energy future hampered by lack of electricity infrastructure.  Queensland researchers smash solar efficiency record for ‘quantum dot’ solar cells.  How rooftop and big solar are pushing coal out of daytime energy market. Wind and batteries saved the day when storm cut South Australia adrift.   Australian ‘Solar Skin’ invention could power cities and vehicles of the future.



189 nuclear and radioactive material incidents in 2019.

Radioactive material ‘a magnet for groups with malicious intent’, warns UN nuclear watchdog chief.

Hysteria isn’t killing nuclear power. – It’s the very real dangers and catastrophic costs.  Uranium prices at rock bottom- doesn’t help the struggling nuclear industry.

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This week in climate/nuclear news Australia and beyond

I never want to minimise the nuclear perils. But, it is a dying industry, and can look irrelevant as news about the climate crisis continues to be revealed.

One thing about nuclear power – the mainstream media continues to mindlessly hype the industry as the climate solution, while in fact nuclear is the third highest carbon emitter after coal-fired plants and natural gas. Even if they were “zero carbon”, nuclear reactors would never be installed in time to make a difference.

CLIMATE – where to start? Combined environmental crises could trigger ‘global systemic collapse‘, scientists warn.  Some climate modelling is now predicting an unprecedented and alarming spike in global temperatures — perhaps as much as 5 degrees Celsius.   Ya know that things are getting serious when it hits industry and markets –  The northern hemisphere winter has been unusually mild: That’s making life difficult for oil and gas traders,

Antarctica posts a record high temperature. Arctic ice melt is changing ocean currents .  Coronavirus likely to be connected to climate change – bats the likely first vector. Fires and floods: Australia already seesaws between climate extremes – and there’s more to come. Delhi’s disaster – disappearing water supplies.

A little bit of good news – Nuclear energy exhibit to be closed, turned into clinic for doctor-hungry Yamaguchi town



Flooding events highlight the danger to proposed uranium mining sites Yeelirrie and Wiluna.


Coalition hands out $4 million to pursue new coal generator in Queensland.   Private investors won’t touch new Coalition-backed coal plant, Labor says.

Why can’t the Australian government do the right thing by the persecuted Julian Assange?

RENEWABLE ENERGY – lotsa news – check out


Climate emergency plans must have a ‘no new nuclear’ clause.

Nuclear power went backwards in 2019, and the outlook is bleak.

Nuclear power and harm to animals.

Permafrost thawing -“fast and dramatic, affecting landscapes in unprecedented compensation claims from Tahiti.

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To 4th February – Climate And Nuclear News Australia

It’s going to be costly for the world to take real action on climate change. On the other hand, fighting climate change Is the cheapest option we have left, to ensure the survival of the human race.   Australia is still in climate crisis, with a government strangely unaware of the reality of climate change, of its long-lasting impacts on this continent.

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics draw closer, the Japanese government redoubles its efforts to downplay any radioactive problems to health and safety .  Fukushima is the location for the start of the torch relay, and for some Olympic events. But radioactive trash bags are a defining feature of the Fukushima landscape. And Japan now plans to release over a million tonnes of radioactive water into the sea from the Fukushima power plant, as the radioactive water continues to accumulate.

A bit of good news –  Even Under Trump, U.S. Renewable Investment Hit a Record in 2019.

This one really appealed to me –Rather Than Slip into Depression, Man Quits Job, Sells Possessions, and Travels the World With a Ferret


NUCLEAR. A reminder to South Australian govt that nuclear waste dumping is illegal there. High Level Nuclear Waste: do we believe Canavan’s Queensland mates or official sources? Federal Government chooses Kimba farm Napandee on the Eyre Peninsula for nuclear dump.   Strong rally in Kimba, South Australia, against nuclear dump plan. Dodgy #ScottyFromMarketing govt process for Kimba nuclear waste dump needs investigation.


Aboriginal peoples must be restored as custodians of Country.

Inhumane treatment of Australian Julian Assange by UK government.



“Mercenary science”– crooked science funded by corporations.

Past time to listen to Greta.  Meet the scientists quitting academia for climate activism.

Media has ignored climate strategies to stave off ecological disaster.   BUT – Weather reporters now joining the battle against climate change. As forests burn around the world, drinking water is at risk. Could geoengineering strategies help tackle climate change?.


Oxford City Council says NO to nuclear weapons.

Dangers of Artificial Intelligence with Nuclear Weapons.

Westinghouse will acquire the Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear Systems and Services’ 11 locations in Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Surplus nuclear power has become an embarrassment. Inflexible baseload power no longer needed.

ARCTIC. Why Arctic glaciers are melting away at an accelerating rate.

JAPAN.  With 170 tons more radioactive water added each day, Japan’s desperate plan for dumping Fukushima water into Pacific Ocean. 

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Nuclear and climate news – week to 27 January Australia

Australia’s bushfires still dominate the climate news. Despite helpful rain, as of last Tuesday, 107 fires were still burning.-More extreme heat, and more fires, are predicted. Indeed, as I write, a new bushfire is reported, in Australian Capital Territory.

Still, Australia is far from the only climate story this week.  Climate change could unlock new microbes and increase heat-related deaths.    Deadly flooding and landslides are striking Brazil. Extreme weather is causing falling iguanas, rise of deadly spiders and swarms of locusts.  And, no doubt of prime importance to “sensible” and “corporate” humans, Climate Change could blow up the economy and the banks aren’t ready.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved the “Doomsday Clock” to 100 minutes to midnight, its closest to doomsday since it began ticking, due to nuclear proliferation, failure to tackle climate change and “cyber-based disinformation”.


NUCLEAR. Australia’s megafires a wake-up call on the climate-nuclear danger.

“Ecomodernists” – Ben Heard, Oscar Archer, Barry Brook, Geoff Russell, – Australia’s pro-nuclear fake environmentalists.   1980 spill of nuclear poisons – a warning note for Kimba area.

Honeymoon uranium mine might restart this year, and pigs might fly.  South Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young slams investment in South Australian uranium mine.  Uranium prospects poor, but Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt and Northern Land Council agree on a new mine.

CLIMATE. Australian bushfires drive up global emissions as economic costs mount.  Australia singled out for climate denial as “Doomsday Clock” ticks closer to midnight. Australia’s Finance Minister Mathias Cormann spruiks for coal and for Trump at Davos summit.

Secret research reveals rift in the Liberals, over climate change. Climate and the Coalition’s new denialism. ”  Former Prime Minister Turnbull scathing about #MorrisonFromMarketing, on the climate issue. Experts slam Morrison’s false equivalence between emissions targets and hazard reduction. Tasmania’s new Liberal premier appoints himself as climate minister.

‘Money talks’: Outrage at billionaire climate sceptic’s political donations. Legal action over climate change is on the rise.

34 environmentalists and conservationists received Australia Day Awards.


Australia May Add Record Amount of Renewable Power in 2020. 23 solar farms added to grid in 2019 as PV costs fall to record lows. Bushfire crisis: The answer to future energy security lies on our rooftops.  South Australia on track to 100 pct renewables, as regulator comes to party.  Boost for Canberra’s growing renewable sector. Western Australia has waited far too long for renewable energy.


Six legal arguments against the extradition of Julian Assange to America.

New interactive flood-risk map shows that global vulnerability to sea level rise is worse than previously understood.  Davos conference – an expensive exercise in corporate spin. Greta Thunberg says climate demands ‘completely ignored’ at Davos.

The global danger as insect species disappear

Nuclear recycling is a bad idea.  The nuclear nations push the fantasy of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

World’s first public database of mine tailings dams aims to prevent deadly disasters.

Solar, storage, and wind tipped as top energy job generators.

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Climate/nuclear news Australia – week to 21 January

With apologies to Samuel Johnson and “MadMen” – “Nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of the economy going bust ”  Now, at the 50th anniversary meeting of  the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, climate change is the top subject. While poorer countries for a decade or more have suffered extreme droughts, floods -the impacts of global heating, it has taken the extreme wildfires of a rich country, Australia, to make the world’s big business people now sit up and take notice.

The case of Australia is remarkable also, in that the wildfires’ consequences have affected an entire continent.

While the news media is now more awake up to the global heating crisis, thing are pretty quiet on the nuclear scene.  The world continues to teeter on the nuclear war brink, and the millennials are apprehensive about this. On January 23rd, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists will announce the 2020 time of the Doomsday Clock.

A bit of good news – Dutch Guy Famous for Cleaning Up Pacific Garbage Patch is Now Clearing the World’s Rivers Too




Australian Nuclear Technology and Science Organisation, (ANSTO), jumps on the bushfire propaganda bandwagon.   Independent MP Bob Katter nominates two small rural towns as desirable sites for nuclear power stations. Experienced physicist doubts the value of small modular nuclear reactors for Australia.

It would be wise to cancel the plan for dumping Lucas Heights’ nuclear waste in South Australia. New short films show the shocking impact of nuclear waste plan on the Kimba community. Scandalous that the Australian government plans a nuclear waste dump on our precious, scarce, agricultural land.


The prosecution of Julian Assange – a travesty of justice.


Climate change afflicting the health of the world’s children. New review confirms that global heating  increases the risk of wildfires. The oceans are getting hot.

Debunking James Hansen’s claims in favour of nuclear power.

Low dose radiation causes cell mutations – new research.

Nuclear industry in terminal decline – over to solar and wind. Nuclear’s swansong?


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Australian Nuclear Technology and Science Organisation, (ANSTO), jumps on the bushfire propaganda bandwagon

Today, 15 January, there was a ’round table” meeting, (I think in Canberra) of “top scientists” on the urgent need to develop new bushfire adaptation and mitigation techniques.

And guess who’s at the top of the list in these TOP SCIENTISTS ON CLIMATE CHANGE. Why, none other than The Australian Nuclear Technology and Science Organisation, (ANSTO)

Of course, ANSTO is prominent in promoting the lie that nuclear power is the solution to climate change. They’ve put in submissions to parliamentary inquiries, You can bet that they’ve got one in now, to the Victorian Inquiry (submissions close 28 February.) One must admire the timing of the nuclear lobby’s manipulations, and the speed with which they are jumping on the bushfire-fix bandwagon.

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To 13 January – Climate and Nuclear News Australia

After days of denial from Iran, President Rouhani on Saturday admitted to “human error” in bringing down the Boeing 737, and the Guards’ aerospace commander General Amirali Hajizadeh accepted full responsibility. Rouhani agreed with Qatar and Pakistani leaders on de-escalation and dialogue as ‘only solution’ to solve the crisis with US. As Europe tries to preserve the Iran nuclear deal,  Donald Trump is currently a bigger headache for Europe than Iran is.

The global importance of Australia’s bushfires – climate impacts wildfires, and wildfires impact climate.  The concentration of climate-heating greenhouse gases is at a record high. Nations are not meeting their already inadequate climate commitments, and if Trump is re-elected in 2020, America will continue to lead the way in sabotage of action on climate.

A bit of good news – Fukushima Japan Vows to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy Use in 20 Years.


Significant item of the week Australia needs to talk about, and plan for, our climate-changed future.
Massive fires merge across the New South Wales – Victoria border . The impact of bushfires on drinking water, rivers and fish.  The vastly different way that bushfires are experienced by Aboriginal people.  Australia just had its hottest, driest, year on record – Bureau of Meteorology.
Australia stuck in the climate spiral – producing pollution, burning from pollution. Australia’s $multi-billion climate whammy: Ross Garnaut was right. In 2008, the Garnaut Climate Change Review predicted this bushfire situation. The $billions cost of Australia’s climate disasters. Australia’s costly failure to address global warming risk mitigation.
Thousands protest in Sydney and other cities, against govt inaction on climate change.  Climate protests in London, Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen and Stockholm target Australian government.
Dramatic drop in P.M. Scott Morrison’s popularity, over his climate stance.  Independent Australia on the Coalition’s toxic denial of climate change. Independent MP Zali Steggall calls on modern Liberals to support her proposed climate change bill.    Siemens sticks with Adani contract after intervention from Resources Minister Matt Canavan. Canavan.
The climate science deniers spreading misinformation about Australian bushfiresMurdoch media and climate change denial.  Climate change Australia, and the bizarre state of our national political conversation.
NUCLEAR.    Transporting nuclear wastes from Lucas Heights to Kimba in the age of bushfires.   Pyrphoricity – the spontaneous combustion of uranium and other nuclear materials: the unmentioned bushfire danger.   When traditional Aboriginal owners are included in the vote, support for Kimba nuclear waste dump drops to 43%. The risk of road closures, nuclear waste transport accidents.  Australia should go all-out for renewable energy, not nuclear – Dr Helen Caldicott.
RENEWABLE ENERGY. Wind, solar and batteries to slash emissions and costs in W.A.’s Esperance


The idea of a “Nuclear Second Strike”: NOT morally justifiable , NOT ‘acceptable.’
World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2019 dispels the illusion of nuclear power as a fix for climate change.
Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – a wasteful distraction from real efforts to combat climate change.
Expensive but necessary – protecting nuclear reactors from cyber threats.

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