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Climate/nuclear news Australia – week to 21 January

With apologies to Samuel Johnson and “MadMen” – “Nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of the economy going bust ”  Now, at the 50th anniversary meeting of  the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, climate change is the top subject. While poorer countries for a decade or more have suffered extreme droughts, floods -the impacts of global heating, it has taken the extreme wildfires of a rich country, Australia, to make the world’s big business people now sit up and take notice.

The case of Australia is remarkable also, in that the wildfires’ consequences have affected an entire continent.

While the news media is now more awake up to the global heating crisis, thing are pretty quiet on the nuclear scene.  The world continues to teeter on the nuclear war brink, and the millennials are apprehensive about this. On January 23rd, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists will announce the 2020 time of the Doomsday Clock.

A bit of good news – Dutch Guy Famous for Cleaning Up Pacific Garbage Patch is Now Clearing the World’s Rivers Too




Australian Nuclear Technology and Science Organisation, (ANSTO), jumps on the bushfire propaganda bandwagon.   Independent MP Bob Katter nominates two small rural towns as desirable sites for nuclear power stations. Experienced physicist doubts the value of small modular nuclear reactors for Australia.

It would be wise to cancel the plan for dumping Lucas Heights’ nuclear waste in South Australia. New short films show the shocking impact of nuclear waste plan on the Kimba community. Scandalous that the Australian government plans a nuclear waste dump on our precious, scarce, agricultural land.


The prosecution of Julian Assange – a travesty of justice.


Climate change afflicting the health of the world’s children. New review confirms that global heating  increases the risk of wildfires. The oceans are getting hot.

Debunking James Hansen’s claims in favour of nuclear power.

Low dose radiation causes cell mutations – new research.

Nuclear industry in terminal decline – over to solar and wind. Nuclear’s swansong?


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Australian Nuclear Technology and Science Organisation, (ANSTO), jumps on the bushfire propaganda bandwagon

Today, 15 January, there was a ’round table” meeting, (I think in Canberra) of “top scientists” on the urgent need to develop new bushfire adaptation and mitigation techniques.

And guess who’s at the top of the list in these TOP SCIENTISTS ON CLIMATE CHANGE. Why, none other than The Australian Nuclear Technology and Science Organisation, (ANSTO)

Of course, ANSTO is prominent in promoting the lie that nuclear power is the solution to climate change. They’ve put in submissions to parliamentary inquiries, You can bet that they’ve got one in now, to the Victorian Inquiry (submissions close 28 February.) One must admire the timing of the nuclear lobby’s manipulations, and the speed with which they are jumping on the bushfire-fix bandwagon.

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To 13 January – Climate and Nuclear News Australia

After days of denial from Iran, President Rouhani on Saturday admitted to “human error” in bringing down the Boeing 737, and the Guards’ aerospace commander General Amirali Hajizadeh accepted full responsibility. Rouhani agreed with Qatar and Pakistani leaders on de-escalation and dialogue as ‘only solution’ to solve the crisis with US. As Europe tries to preserve the Iran nuclear deal,  Donald Trump is currently a bigger headache for Europe than Iran is.

The global importance of Australia’s bushfires – climate impacts wildfires, and wildfires impact climate.  The concentration of climate-heating greenhouse gases is at a record high. Nations are not meeting their already inadequate climate commitments, and if Trump is re-elected in 2020, America will continue to lead the way in sabotage of action on climate.

A bit of good news – Fukushima Japan Vows to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy Use in 20 Years.


Significant item of the week Australia needs to talk about, and plan for, our climate-changed future.
Massive fires merge across the New South Wales – Victoria border . The impact of bushfires on drinking water, rivers and fish.  The vastly different way that bushfires are experienced by Aboriginal people.  Australia just had its hottest, driest, year on record – Bureau of Meteorology.
Australia stuck in the climate spiral – producing pollution, burning from pollution. Australia’s $multi-billion climate whammy: Ross Garnaut was right. In 2008, the Garnaut Climate Change Review predicted this bushfire situation. The $billions cost of Australia’s climate disasters. Australia’s costly failure to address global warming risk mitigation.
Thousands protest in Sydney and other cities, against govt inaction on climate change.  Climate protests in London, Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen and Stockholm target Australian government.
Dramatic drop in P.M. Scott Morrison’s popularity, over his climate stance.  Independent Australia on the Coalition’s toxic denial of climate change. Independent MP Zali Steggall calls on modern Liberals to support her proposed climate change bill.    Siemens sticks with Adani contract after intervention from Resources Minister Matt Canavan. Canavan.
The climate science deniers spreading misinformation about Australian bushfiresMurdoch media and climate change denial.  Climate change Australia, and the bizarre state of our national political conversation.
NUCLEAR.    Transporting nuclear wastes from Lucas Heights to Kimba in the age of bushfires.   Pyrphoricity – the spontaneous combustion of uranium and other nuclear materials: the unmentioned bushfire danger.   When traditional Aboriginal owners are included in the vote, support for Kimba nuclear waste dump drops to 43%. The risk of road closures, nuclear waste transport accidents.  Australia should go all-out for renewable energy, not nuclear – Dr Helen Caldicott.
RENEWABLE ENERGY. Wind, solar and batteries to slash emissions and costs in W.A.’s Esperance


The idea of a “Nuclear Second Strike”: NOT morally justifiable , NOT ‘acceptable.’
World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2019 dispels the illusion of nuclear power as a fix for climate change.
Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – a wasteful distraction from real efforts to combat climate change.
Expensive but necessary – protecting nuclear reactors from cyber threats.

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Nuclear and Climate News to 6 January -Australia

One wonders if Donald Trump’s aim is to take the world to the brink of nuclear war, and then to pull back , with himself appearing like the global hero. Trump ordered the drone assassination of an Iranian hero.  Iran will now no longer restrict uranium enrichment, part of the 2015 deal limiting the country’s nuclear program in exchange for easing sanctions.

A bit of good news – For the 29th consecutive year, India and Pakistan exchange lists of nuclear facilities.

The world is realising how quickly even a rich and ‘developed’ nation, Australia, can be devastated by extreme weather, exacerbated by climate change. Celebrities are donating to bushfire relief. Which is great. I’d like to think that they are equally generous to non-anglophone countries, which suffer even greater climate disasters.



Prime Minister and marketing man Scott Morrison is getting a lot of flak for his loyalty to fossil fuel interests, but in my opinion, “ScoMo” will weather this storm. He will use his one great talent, sloganeering, to eventually turn the whole bushfire thing to his advantage, – helped by the Murdoch media -expect lots of ‘feel-good’ stories..

Michael Mann- climate change is now upon Australia.  Liberal former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop calls for Australia to show leadership on climate change. Morrison’s Aussie ocker, very religious, fans won’t care, but he’s not popular globally. Scott Morrison’s govt under pressure for its lack of climate policy.

 Mega fire set to form as ‘frustrated’ authorities plead with ‘stubborn’ residents. Guardian’s latest updates on fires. Not only is the bushfire disaster devastating for Australia: it’s bad for its image, too.

Scott Morrison’s condescending call for “patience” and “calm” on bushfires and climate change. Murdoch media: The Australian, Herald Sun and Courier Mail downplay bushfire news. The Institute of Public Affairs has poisoned climate discussion in Australia. How the Murdoch media murdered Australia’s climate policy.

NUCLEAR. The hazards of nuclear wastes, radioactive particles travel in smoke. Kimba nuclear waste ballot – a one-sided exercise by the Australian government. Why does the Australian govt want to put nuclear waste onto Australia’s precious agricultural land? Nuclear waste dumping and Australia’s bushfires – the unmentionable connection.


War planners ignore the fire effects of nuclear bombing.

Not nuclear bombs, but the cutting of undersea cables, could be the decisive war weapon.

Researchers still don’t fully understand Arctic melt and sea level rise.

The rise and rise of global offshore wind capacity.

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Nuclear waste dumping and Australia’s bushfires – the unmentionable connection

In all the propaganda for a nuclear waste dump in Kimba, South Australia, there was no mention of bushfire risks.  An extraordinary omission, don’t you think?

The whole bizarre plan to trek the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor wastes some1700km by land, or even longer by sea, would entail trucking highly radioactive  (they call it intermediate) wastes through forest areas, towns, ports, to what used to be an agricultural area.

The nuclear industry touts itself as the cure for climate change. In reality,it is the other way around. For Australia especially, climate change, bushfires, water shortages –  make every aspect of the nuclear industry ever more dangerous.

The Lucas Heights nuclear reactor itself is uncomfortably close to the bushfires. But nobody’s talking about that. That reactor shoud be shutdown, and no more wastes produced.

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The week in climate/nuclear news

I am struggling to find good news – news that would be fitting for this festive week. Well, I guess that “bad” news is pretty much the definition of news, anyway.  As most people are behaving reasonably and decently, and many things are going well – that’s not noteworthy: then the unusual, the bad thing is, by definition, “news”.

On a positive note, Dr Helen Caldicott reminds us that although the nuclear-weapons nations are poised for ecocidal war, the path to peace is still possible;

       The United States of America urgently needs to rise to its full moral and               spiritual height and lead the world to sanity and survival. I know this is               possible because, in the 1980s, millions of wonderful people rose up                     nationally and internationally to end the nuclear arms race and to end the         Cold War.

       This, then, is the sound template upon which we must act.

On the climate front, my own country, Australia, is afire, with bushfires in every state. Australia is a “test case”- the continent most vulnerable to global heating, but also with a pretty much climate denialist government, lackeys of the coal industry.


In the media – the big events have been a rich mens’ yacht race, and cricket. And – Sydney’s to have a great fireworks night on 31st December; they hope it will be visible through the smoke haze   -oh well!

CLIMATE. Australia’s unprecedented bushfires, and the role of global heating.  Evacuation of thousands as Victoria’s bushfires merge. South Australia facing hightened bushfire conditions, as blazes continue. New Year heat wave threatens Australia with more bushfires.

‘Climate Emergency’ – the phrase that elicits anger and outrage. Thousands of Koalas Feared Dead in Australia Fires; Much Koala Habitat Already Destroyed By Deforestation.

Call to Prime Minister Scott Morrison – Time to stop pretending that you have a climate policy. Scott Morrison’s ‘brand’ damaged by silly cover-up of his Hawaii holiday.

NUCLEAR. Australian Parliamentary Report uses dodgy and incorrect nuclear information.  South Australia’s Liberals keen to weaken health and safety laws on uranium.   Uncle Kevin Buzzacott warns that the people, and the lizard are fighting back against BHP and its uranium mine.

Pastoralists relieved that Hawker is safe from threat of nuclear waste dump. Kimba is now the nuclear lobby’s target.

In water-scarce Australia, cooling water for nuclear power would become an impossible burden.  A reality check on the cost of nuclear power for Australia.     Nuclear Groundhog Day in Australia.

Australia’s dangerous subservience to the war-obsessed USA.


These 32 experts refute the claim that nuclear power is a sustainable method against climate change.    Busting the false claims of the thorium nuclear lobby.

Nuclear cost and water consumption – The elephants in the control room.The engaging of youth in the movement to end nuclear weapons.

Risks in incorporating artificial intelligence into nuclear weapons systems.

Ionising radiation damages brain connections.

Julian Assange “slowly dying” and “often sedated” in Belmarsh prison.

Renewables – Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2019.

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Australia’s lying Prime Minister, and our grim climate future

Diogenes went around Athens in daytime, with a lighted lantern. He was looking for an honest man.   He’d have an even harder time of it in Australian government circles.

We have a Prime Minister who is either stupid or dishonest. Presumably Scott Morrison is not stupid. It does take a certain rat cunning to weasel your way to the top, by ingratiating yourself with fossil fuel producers and religious bigots. I suppose the same goes for his self-serving underlings – Angus Taylor, Josh Frydenberg, Sussan Ley, and the rest of the pathetic Liberal Coalition pack.

I had thought that John Howard was our worst ever Prime Minister – he managed to do a lot to undermine workers’ rights, etc. Then we had Abbott – nasty , but fortunately achieved little. Poor old Malcolm Turnbull sold his climate-believing soul to get to be PM.

But Scott Morrison takes the cake.  He will be remembered for his prevention of real action on climate change.  Perhaps vilified by the next and later generations- for his Panglossian attitudes to global heating –  his rubbish about staying calm and praying for rain.   I wonder what his little daughters will think, one day, when they’re older, and things are even worse.

(at left – Dr Pangloss  –“Everything for the best, in the best of all possible worlds“)

Australia has stuffed up its opportunity to lead on clean energy, and to plan and work to adapt to extreme weather, to save its one big river system, to work for a clean, safe economy.


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The Week’s Climate and Nuclear News- Australia

The marathon climate talks in Madrid had a rather disappointing outcome  While the USA was excluded from the conference, other fossil-fuel addicted nations, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil did their best to sabotage the cause for climate action. Meanwhile the valuable perspective from women was largely ignored. From the top down in climate discussions, to regional and local talks in developing countries, women’s voices are generally excluded.

The nuclear lobby is working quietly away to get nuclear power accepted as “green”, thus getting not only ‘respectability’, but also hefty financial  advantages. They’re having minor success in Europe. The European Union’s sustainable finance debate was bogged down in the question of including nuclear power. It ended up with a weak inclusion of nuclear power as a “sustainable activity’, but it still has to be agreed by the European Parliament, which has insisted on its “no” to nuclear.  

Some good news – The Global Deal for Nature.


CLIMATE Prime Minister Scott Morrison is on holidays overseas, as fires burn across Australia. Australians are reminded of the tourism slogan that Morrison created – #wherethebloodyhellareyou?

New South Wales’ bushfire conditions are getting worse.   In blistering heat, Perth’s bushfire will keep burning for days.    Ominous forecast for Australia’s bushfire dangers. Bushfire near power plant (just as well it’s not a NUCLEAR power plant) Australia’s rainforests used to be too wet to burn. Not now.  250m tonnes of CO2 emitted from Australia’s bushfires.

Swedish youth climate activist Greta Thunberg hits out at Australia’s quest for climate loopholes talks. No legal or moral basis for Australia’s Kyoto accounting fudge, new analysis shows.

NUCLEAR. Liberal-Party-dominated committee recommends removing Australia’s ban on nuclear power. Albanese attacks Coalition’s nuclear ‘fantasy’ as Greens say report should ‘alarm all Australians’. Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor rejects call for partial lift of nuclear power.

In fealty to the global nuclear industry, the Liberals line up the nuclear dump site, amendments to law, deepwater port.

In the rush to get a nuclear waste dump site, the Dept of Industry, Innovation and Science has ignored the transport dangers. Residents vote against nuclear waste dump near Hawker in South Australia. Strong opposition to nuclear waste dump plan for Flinders Ranges.  Kimba now the likely site for nuclear waste dump.

ENVIRONMENT. While ignorant tunnel-visioned politicians kowtow to irrigators, the Murray River system faces death. A foreign corporation gets 89 BILLION litres of Australia’s water, as drought worsens. Scott Morrison trashes the Environment Department.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. A lot of progress, – much information at


United States and Russia are on the verge of a new arms race, Nuclear War Simulator shows the devastation that nukes could cause.

The toxic gender norms in the nuclear weapons establishment.

Ethics of burdening developing countries with nuclear debts and nuclear wastes.

Devastating array of craters on the ocean floor, from nuclear tests.

  Investigative journalism –  Hazards of Russia’s nuclear colonialism– example South Africa. Docking problems for Russia’s nuclear ships.

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The week in climate and nuclear news Australia

COP 25 – a chance to avoid catastrophic climate change. Not a lot happened in the first week of the COP25 climate talks in Madrid.  Dr Katharine Hayhoe on The Bible and Climate Change.  Disasters fuelled by climate change are the top driver of human displacement.

A bit of good news Renewable cities arising around the world. or  listen on You tube


BUSHFIRES and CLIMATE CHANGE. Australia on fire. Scott Morrison under fire over bushfire emergency. UN climate talks: what’s on the agenda in Madrid and what it means for Australia. COP25, and Australia’s position at the Madrid climate talks. Australia is copping it at COP25 – and rightly so. Australia slammed for using First Nations people to try and dodge climate bill.

Australian govt’s dodgy climate accounting tricks to be tested in Madrid. Energy Minister Angus Taylor escapes the House and heads for Madrid, where more fact checkers await. Australia burns, as government leaders choose not to discuss this. Fire? What fire? It’s business as usual in Morrison’s Canberra bubble.

Hypocrisy of Australian Labor Party on climate change. Peter Garrett urges Labor to reconnect with environmental movement, warns ‘true believers are dying’. To National Party members. “Climate Change” is real, not “dirty words”.

Morrison sponsored report says reef tourism may be virtually wiped out by climate change .  Australia warned on climate refugees .

NUCLEAR. Community of small rural town Kimba “blown apart” by nuclear waste dump plan.  Money, Money, Money, or perhaps not. Plan to dump nuclear waste in the Flinders Ranges.  Dr Jim Green busts ANSTO’s spin about nuclear wastes.

Federal Nuclear Inquiry Report expected this week.

Traditional Aboriginal owners will not give up fight against planned WA uranium mine, despite legal loss.

BHP’s Olympic Dam expansion plan deserves serious scrutiny. BHP’s plan to take yet more water for huge copper-uranium mine.

ENVIRONMENT Investigative journalism – Victoria’s chemical waste scandal.  Australia – water ownership and the politics of waterEnvironment is downgraded, as Morrison merges government departments.  Morrison carves up environment and energy, praises Angus Taylor for waving big stick.


Coalition said 50% renewables would wreck the economy. Now their modest climate targets depend on it. Australia’s biggest businesses could deliver “a Yallourn” of new wind and solar. Huge influx of solar will reduce risk of power outages this summer, says AEMO

How Australia’s rooftop solar boom can be good news for the grid. Electricity prices set to plummet as strong wind and solar investment kicks in.  NSW installs record 60MW of rooftop solar in November.   NCH Launches built-for-purpose solar Panel cleaner for harsh Australian conditions.  Cattle Hill wind farm starts sending power to the grid in Tasmania .


Water shortages to hit 1.9 billion people as glaciers melt.

Research shows that Climate models have correctly predicted global heating. UN chief praises youth leadership on climate action, deplores government inaction.  Coal power becoming ‘uninsurable’ as firms refuse cover.

9 climate tipping points pushing Earth to the point of no return.

Bacteria to consume CO2 – a climate change solution?

 .Antarctic ice sheets could be at greater risk of melting than previously thought.

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Nuclear/Climate News – week to 3rd December

COP25, the annual United Nations international conference on dealing with climate change is now beginning, in Madrid.     Global climate tipping point is getting near – researchers say.

For December, my websites are focusing on that unfashionable subject – ETHICS.  Some aspects of “nuclear ethics” are climate change, health and environment, sustainability, developing countries, economic feasibility,  – conclusion – nuclear power is not an ethical choice.

A bit of good news – Humpback Whale Population Bounces Back From Near-Extinction—From Just 450, to Over 25,000


NUCLEAR. Nuclear Inquiry Report now delayed, due to scandal over Energy Minister Angus Taylor? Minerals Council renews push for nuclear energy, but rather coy about its costs.

Shonky opinion poll results to give the go-ahead for Kimba nuclear waste dump?  Australia to get high level nuclear wastes from UK, in return for Lucas Heights nuclear waste sent to UK.

Three Tjiwarl women from WA’s goldfields win conservation award for uranium mine campaign.

CLIMATE. Catastrophic weather conditions, but Australian govt has no climate adaptation plan.  More than 160 bush and grass fires are burning across New South Wales.  Australia’s ‘permanently wet’ rainforests now burning for the first time.

Sir David Attenborough hits out at the federal government over climate position. Barnaby Joyce auctions lump of coal – in a glass jar – at Nationals dinner.

Public opinion: for the first time, Environment is Australians’ top concern. The Murray Darling water crisis and what governments must do to fix this.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Heating & cooling to go renewable and provide demand response.  Australian solar PV integrated window technology gains US approval.  Renewable South Australia posts lowest wholesale prices for second month in row.  The day rooftop solar met two thirds of South Australia’s total demand.  Power bills to fall by $40 as New South Wales Central West becomes wind and solar power hub.   Why is pumped hydro in Australia not used very much?


The negotiations in Madrid for COP 25 Climate Change Conference.   Tipping points leading to ‘Hothouse Earth’ already “active”, scientists warn.

Catholic doctrine; the use and even the possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.    Plans for nuclear waste disposal, but there’s no long term solution.

Despite Halting Progress, UN Continues its Push for a Nuclear-Weapons-Free Zone in the Middle East.


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Climate/nuclear news to 27 November

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are now at a record high levelMountain water serving half the world is disappearing.

Against the background of all the disturbing climate news, it’s a bit of a shock to learn the lengths of duplicity to which politicians will go, to prevent climate action.

And, on the nuclear scene, duplicity of a different kind. I hate to use that tawdry phrase “fake news”, but that’s what it was, a false report of a nuclear explosion in the South China Sea.

Some bits of good news – In India, an intrepid old farmer grew a lush oasis in a cold desert In drought-stricken Australia, some farmers are learning to improve the soil, and conserve water, with regenerative farming.  Patients’exposure to medical radiation is going down.


Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says Assange faces ‘unacceptable’ and ‘disproportionate’ punishment. A previous Prime Minister intervened to help political prisoner: Scott Morrison could do this for Julian Assange.  Appeal from former political prisoner to Australia’s Prime Minister to help Julian Assange.

Australian government rushing laws to crack down on protestors. Journalists beware! Australia now a surveillance state.

CLIMATE. Bushfires flare and temperature records fall amid catastrophic conditions in South Australia. Climate change will make fire storms more likely in southeastern Australia.  Survey showed environment and climate to be Australian children’s top concerns.

How does the climate denialist Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) get away with being a “charity”?  Religiosity of Scott Morrison – about global heating and bushfires. Cuddling coal and people: does Scott Morrison think that Australians are that stupid about climate change?

University of New South Wales first engineering school to sign declaration to reduce harmful carbon emissions.


“The case made by the uranium bulls is in reality full of holes


States go it alone on energy after Coalition buries talk of emissions. How are Australian States progressing on renewable energy? South Australia way ahead.  South Australia Liberals celebrate nation-leading switch to wind, solar and storage.

Australian billionaire Cannon-Brookes says $20bn solar project will be “lighthouse” to world.  Is Gina Rinehart finally ready to switch to green energy and cut emissions? NSW tenders $3.5 billion supply contract in firm test for wind and solar. Right-wing front group Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) wants to hit Electric Vehicles s with road tax “before they appear in every driveway”.  Electric car ultra rapid chargers arrive in heart of brown coal country.


Journalism’s future in crisis – the case of Julian Assange.  Political manipulations– the Swedish allegations against Julian Assange.

Global heating is shrinking and accelerating the jet stream.   Pursuing nuclear power slows down real action on climate change by faster, cheaper, energy sources. Analysis: Global coal power set for record fall in 2019.

On nuclear radiation – past and future – extract from article on Chernobyl.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. As the Runit nuclear waste dome crumbles, Marshall Islanders want honesty and justice.

IRAQ. New report on Iraqi babies, deformed due to thorium and uranium from U.S. military actions and bases.


CHINA. Further debunking of the conspiracy nonsense about a nuclear explosion in the South China Sea.  China’s $2.5bn renewables investment in Inner Mongolia.

UKRAINE. Studies on Chernobyl nuclear disaster show that it’s relevant today, and for the future.


SOUTH KOREA. South Korea nuclear regulator wants information on radioactive Fukushima water release.


FRANCE.  France’s nuclear company EDF – report – a litany of failures  France’s Flamanville nuclear financial catastrophe gets worse. France’s government is giving mixed messages on future of nuclear energy. France’s company EDF selling out of USA nuclear plants, Exelon to buy.

INDIA. India’s government ignores opposition as it plans to build spent nuclear fuel storage facility.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s nuclear waste storage almost completely full; a dangerous situation.

RUSSIA.  Putin told bereaved families that nuclear accident scientists were working on an “unparalled”weapon.

TAIWAN. Taiwan govt to give $2.55 billion to Orchid Island in nuclear waste compensation.

GERMANY. In Germany , renewables replace nuclear and lower emissions simultaneously.

CANADA. Toxic flushing of nuclear poisons into Lake Winnipeg.

IRELAND. Irish wind power for France, as France’s EDF nuclear electricity is in a financial mess.

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The week in climate/nuclear news Australia

This is a bit more boring than usual, as, apart from the Australian bushfires, not many climate and nuclear events have been in the news this week.

A new book brings the nuclear and climate threats together in a scary warning. In The Plutocene: Blueprints for a post-Anthropocene Greenhouse Earth, Andrew Glikson considers a future scenario where nuclear war, radioactive pollution, and global heating combine to produce a new era. He urges a range of tactics to avert this gloomy future.

S and P Global Ratings has made it plain: nuclear power can survive only with massive tax-payer support.

A bit of good news –  Ocean Cleanup Makes History by Successfully Collecting First Plastic From Great Pacific Garbage Patch.




Federal Govt to decide on new radioactive waste storage facility next year.    Flood risk at proposed nuclear dump site at Wallerberdina.  Open letter from Japan, to nuclear waste site candidates.  With 40% opposed to Kimba nuclear waste dump, is this “consensus”.  A duplicitous letter from Sam Chard, General Manager, Radioactive Waste Taskforce.

Australian Government report states that Lucas Heights spent nuclear fuel rods (for Kimba dump?) are High Level Wastes.

Rio Tinto drives ERA rehabilitation of Ranger uranium mine.

From Ziggy Switkowski – a new load of nuclear codswallop.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. ACT introduces first electric bus on path to zero transport emissions . Rooftop solar hits 45% of demand and sets new grid low in W.A. Rooftop solar delivers yet another record low in grid demand for South Australia. Renewables sector slams new network pricing proposals, says it will kill investment.


Climate change is a health emergency – physicians.

World Nuclear Waste Report.   Dangerous radioactive hot particles span the globe.    Still no country for old nuclear waste. Tritium and other radionuclides are hazardous,even in transport and storage.

Will Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) submarines make nuclear submarines relatively obsolete?

400,000 insect species face extinction.

In framing Julian Assange, The FBI tried to make Iceland complicit.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. U.S. won’t clean up Marshall Islands nuclear waste dome but wants it free of anti-U.S. graffiti.  Nuclear tomb: The Runit Dome is chipping and cracking. The climate crisis tied up in the dangers of nuclear weapons in ways that nobody predicted


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To 12 November – nuclear and climate news Australia

Global heating is behind critical news in California, and Eastern Australia.  Following the huge wildfires, Californians are realising that it’s more like a war situation, with more battles to come. Preparedness and adaptation are now the immediate needs, as well as reducing carbon emissions. And extreme heat waves will bring public health crises to American cities, despite the current very cold burst.

Australia’s ruling Liberal Coalition is still studiously avoiding the words “climate change”, and pouring abuse on The Australian Greens for their supposed insensitivity in mentioning those words in connection with bushfires and drought.

A bit of good news  – New Zealand – one small nation shows how to be nuclear- free and climate friendly.


Australia’s media fights for freedom of press – BUT NOT FOR JULIAN ASSANGE.

CLIMATE. Australia’s out of control bushfires (all along the region where the nuclear lobby wants to put reactors!).  Sydney and surroundings – “Catastrophic” fire warning.

Climate dispute between Scott Morrison and the Greens.  Massive bushfires in New South Wales are NOT “part of a normal cycle” – fire-fighting expert.

Scott Morrison wants to shut down moderate climate action group, Market Forces, BECAUSE IT’s TOO EFFECTIVE. Strong public demand for climate action, but Australian government determined to punish climate protesters. Double standards on “unacceptable” protests.

Australia’s over-exploited water supply – an issue being ignored.


RENEWABLE ENERGY. First offshore wind farm in Australia being tested. Western Australia set to decide on 180MW solar farm for state’s south. Solar and battery offered as “standard” in Victoria new-build housing project.


Planet in peril as world leaders ignore global heating’s catastrophes.

Julian Assange’s father comes to Ireland, Europe, to campaign for his son’s release.

Nuclear medicine has radiation dangers – a reminder to clinicians.

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Climate and Nuclear – the news this week- Australia

This week, Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist and evangelical Christian, sends a powerful message to other Christians, on the urgent necessity to act on climate change. Scientific warnings have intensified over recent month. It used to be “a problem for our grandchildren“, but climate change is here, now. With a new urgency, the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2019 will be held from 2-13 December in Madrid.California wildfires signal the arrival of a planetary fire age.

Mainstream media has been silent on the threats, and indeed the impacts, of extreme weather on nuclear facilities.  There is minimal (and all too reassuring) coverage following on the effects of Hurricane Hagibis on Fukushima’s collections of radioactive trash.   There is not a mention of the threats to  nuclear facilities, in the reporting on the Californian wildfires. For example, there are fires in Ventura County, which has the notorious nuclear Santa Susana Field Laboratory

A bit of good news – the Living New Deal Project.


Is climate change playing a role in Australia’s drought? Hotter and drier- Australia’s weather records set to be broken this year.

CLIMATE.-Dry weather set to return after thunderstorms bring temporary reliefClimate change is bringing more extreme weather events to Sydney and Melbourne.

Coal from six biggest miners in Australia produces more emissions than entire economy. Coercion is coal’s only friend. Australia’s surging diesel emissions from cars and utes cancel out wind and solar gains.

Scott Morrison’s threats against climate activists – getting a bit sinister. Scott Morrison doesn’t like even the “quiet people” speaking up. Scott Morrison delivers a speech that sounds very like an attack on democracy. Morrison’s crackdown on climate protests could have unintended consequences.

Energy Minister Taylor’s ‘expert panel’ in search of emissions reductions shuts out clean energy sector. Coalition’s carbon market plans at risk from low quality “grey” credits.

It’s time that the Australian government declared a water emergency. A national approach needed to a national river system.


RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Renewable energy target now overshot by nearly 1GW, says regulator. Victoria 50% by 2030 renewable energy target voted into law.  South Australia had lowest cost of supply in main grid in October. Hydro Tasmania pushes “battery of the nation” plan, will unlock wind and solar.  Hydro Tasmania pushes “battery of the nation” plan, will unlock wind and solar. Carnegie Clean Energy set to resume trading, with big plans for CETO wave power. Coalition gives $1bn to CEFC for 24/7 reliable renewable power.


Ruthless and relentless – USA-UK destruction of Julian Assange.

Fukushima is not safe for 2020 Olympics, nuclear scientists warn.

The human species at threat of wipeout – nuclear war in space.

A Global Review : Threats o f Nuclear Conflict. How an India-Pakistan nuclear war could start—and have global consequences.  United Nations adopts Japan’s nuclear disarmament resolution.

Argentina’s Rafael Grossi chosen to head UN nuclear agency.

No, thorium nuclear power is still not a viable energy technology.

 Greta Thunberg and Leonardo Di Caprio join forces in climate crusade.

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To 30 October – nuclear news Australia

On October 24, seven Catholic peace activists were convicted on all counts for their 2018 protest against nuclear weapons. They face 20 years in gaol. This case is symbolic of where we  are at  – in the nuclear weaponisation of our planet.  At the same time, Julian Assange, in solitary confinement in UK, faces extradition to USA and a life sentence- for exposing the truth on U.S. military atrocities.

Climate change is going to be even more costly than we thought. In California, the severity of wildfires signals the future climate situations.

A bit of good news – The cleanest waste-to-energy power plant in the world.


Australia’s media under threatABC challenges the validity of Federal Police raids. Australian Federal Police put their case at Federal Court hearing about their raid on ABC. Attorney General Christian Porter backs laws that restrict journalists’ reporting.  A new court order is being abused in order to harass a journalist. Australia’s environment department is unlawfully withholding documents from the public.

CLIMATE CHANGE.  85 fires burning across New South Wales  Iconic Macquarie Marshes on fire. Climate change and the prospects this year for the Darling RiverSome good news for a change: Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are set to fall.

Why we can’t trust Scott Morrison – his REAL climate policy.  Australian Prime Minister Morrison’s attitude  to Pacific Islanders – “Take the Money and Shut Up about Climate Change”.    Angus Taylor repeats misleading claim on carbon emissions yet again.

240 conservation scientists call on Australian government to strengthen environmental protection laws. 47 experts urge NSW government to defend NSW law and climate.


Tilman Ruff discusses radiation risks regarding Olympic events at Fukushima.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Jobs and growth: Albanese recasts Labor’s planned clean energy revolution. Morrison and Taylor’s little big grid plan not quite what it seems.  Building Tasmania’s future on renewable energy. Another 162MW solar farm gets connection approval in Queensland. Townsville shopping centre builds “Australia’s biggest” solar car park.  ARENA-backed project trials all-electric “net zero energy” homes in Melbourne. Big wind farm and even bigger battery approved for South Australia.

World Nuclear Waste Report (WNWR) to be launched 11th November.

A young Hannah Rabin was the peace movement’s Greta.

Over 300 financial institutions put $748 billion in to nuclear weapons companies.

The hazards of nuclear submarines.

Offshore wind to become a $1 trillion industry by 2040.

Science journalism – dominated by white males.

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