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The week in nuclear news – Australia and beyond

The global corona virus – deaths nearly 1.5 million. Global heating moves on – Arctic events affect the world. BUT- the nuclear threat is also still with us, always there, and must not be forgotten.

With the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist, the world is yet again teetering on the brink.

Some bits of good news –  Britain Helps World’s Most Remote Inhabited Islands to Establish Biggest Marine Sanctuary in the Atlantic.

Optimism with the development of Covid-19 vaccines.


Investigative journalism – Australian children targetted for propaganda by the weapons industry.    – Australia’s Department of Defence captured by foreign weapons makers Thales, BAE.

The Australian government”s intimidation of whistleblowers – the torture of Julian Assange.

Kimba nuclear waste dump plan What next as the Senate rejects the mandatory selection of Napandee as nuclear waste dump?  Exposing the deceptions of Keith Pitt, Minister for Resources, on the failed nuclear waste dump plan.  Exposing the deceptions of Samantha Chard General Manager of the National Radioactive Waste Agency“Traceability” and Nuclear waste on agricultural land?  Can a new mine save BHP’s loss-making Olympic Dam? .

Victoria’s law banning nuclear activities. Victorian Parliament: Legislative Council Committee finds that nuclear ban should stay.    Victorian Government Inquiry confirms that there is no future in nuclear power.  Inquiry confirms nuclear energy’s ‘proven risks’.  Victorian Inquiry finds nuclear power costly and risky.

Uranium.Can a new mine save BHP’s loss-making Olympic Dam? .

Australian government’s Bill to weaken Environmental Law will be rejected in the Senate.   Corporate vested interests win as Australian Government weakens Environmental Laws.  Australian government is rushing to weaken Environmental Laws.



Today’s Google headlines on nuclear issues – weapons and Iran dominate the stories.

The global energy revolution.

Correcting 5 wrong opinions about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear WeaponsLiving with the Nuclear Prohibition Treaty: nuclear weapons states would be unwise to attack it.

Nuclear power hinders fight against climate change.

Standard nuclear reactor designs are still too costly, and safety features are only a third of nuclear costs.

Solar energy is bullish in the market; the same can’t be said for nuclear.

The creeping carbon costs of digital communication.

Book review: The Case for Degrowth.

Extradition hearing of Julian Assange – defence witnesses destroy myths, demonstrate his integrity

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to 23 November – the week in nuclear news, Australia and more

As I decided previously, I’m leaving out the news on Coronavirus and Global Heating,  important though they are.

Even so, this newsletter is too long. Especially as we seem to be in a sort of timewarp, waiting for a resolution in the USA, waiting for a new direction in the pandemic.

Some bits of good news – Future Crunch’s summary of good news.  Jeff Bezos Created $10 Billion ‘Earth Fund’ to Meet Climate Crisis, First Grants of $800M Go to Iconic Environmental Groups


What next as the Senate rejects the mandatory selection of Napandee as nuclear waste dump?  Exposing the deceptions of Keith Pitt, Minister for Resources, on the failed nuclear waste dump plan.  Exposing the deceptions of Samantha Chard General Manager of the National Radioactive Waste Agency.

Can a new mine save BHP’s loss-making Olympic Dam? .

Corporate vested interests win as Australian Government weakens Environmental Laws.  Australian government is rushing to weaken Environmental Laws.

Australia’s Department of Defence captured by foreign weapons makers Thales, BAE.


Correcting 5 wrong opinions about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Nuclear power hinders fight against climate change.

Standard nuclear reactor designs are still too costly, and safety features are only a third of nuclear costs.

Solar energy is bullish in the market; the same can’t be said for nuclear.

The creeping carbon costs of digital communication.

Book review: The Case for Degrowth.

Extradition hearing of Julian Assange – defence witnesses destroy myths, demonstrate his integrity

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Nuclear news – week to 16 November, Australia and more

As in last week. the media continues to be preoccupied with the American presidential situation, and after all, that IS pretty important.  The really big global stories are the global coronavirus and climate change.

Still, nuclear issues continue – simmering tensions in nuclear weapons states, and the remarkably co-ordinated promotion of Small Nuclear Reactors to governments around the world, in both rich and developing countries.  The  site will now have to stick to just NUCLEAR news.

 Some bits of good news –          Vaccine Alliance Raises $2 Billion to Buy COVID Shots for Poor Nations. Renewable Energy Defies COVID-19 Downturn To Hit Record Growth in 2020.


Why the site  will now stick to examining NUCLEAR issues.

Federal nuclear waste dump plan for Kimba, South Australia

Senate dumps on the Australian government’s radioactive waste plan. The Australian government can still bully its way to imposing a Kimba nuclear waste dump.   Karina Lester speaks out: ”Traditional owners’ voices not heard and rights stripped over nuclear waste dump”.  Minister Pitt on Kimba nuclear waste dump plan – inept, badly briefed, or just plain lying? Planned nuclear waste dump at Kimba has absolutely nothing to do with the production of nuclear medicine. Doctors call for an open independent review of nuclear waste production and disposal.

Australian govt’s Kimba nuclear waste dump plan will be torpedoed in the Senate. Relief in Kimba, that Labor and crossbench Senators want a fair process on nuclear wastes.  Uncertainty over Kimba nuclear waste dump as farmers go to Canberra to oppose it.

Senator Sam McMahon enthuses about Generation IV nuclear reactors for the Northern Territory.

Australian government ponders nuclear submarines.

Since Penny Sackett, Australia’s Chief Scientists have moved further towards the extractive industries.  Previous Chief Scientist not a fan of Small Nuclear Reactors

CLIMATE.  Australia’s freedom of information system hides climate documents.


Hibakusha renew their push for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Julian Assange ‘targeted as a political opponent of Trump administration and threatened with the death penalty’.

Topics in today’s “Nuclear” headlines on Google News.

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Why this site will now stick to examining NUCLEAR issues

So much is happening – under the radar – in nuclear issues.

Although I recognise the huge importance of thr coronavirus pandemic, and of global heating (and Australia is the canary in the global cage), I have decided to restrict my posts from now on pretty much to nuclear news.

Why?   because many others are covering climate and clean energy issues so well.

But there is very little awareness of the nuclear global threat.

We are at a critical time regarding nuclear weapons –  the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will soon come into force –     already nuclear weapons do not have the ”respectability” that the nuclear nations claim that they have.

Then the ”peaceful” nuclear reactors come into question. The global industry is busting to establish ”small” nuclear reactors world-wide. Though they’re super-expensive, useless against climate change, unsafe, produce toxic wastes –  they are the desperately needed salvation.  The costs of weapons development can be hidden, and transferred to consumers and tax-payers via these new white elephants.

And Australia – with its scientifically ignorant politicians, and its media Murdochracy, is a sitting duck for the pro nuclear propaganda.

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News this week, especially about nuclear issues

Inundation of news this week, mostly about the USA election. But also about coronoavirus and climate.


The nuclear issue is less covered, and could be seen as less important than those two present world crises.
But here’s the problem. The global nuclear lobby is quietly organising, and the impending Biden-Harris administration in America is giving that lobby new impetus. It has been easier for the anti-nuclear and clean energy movement to oppose the policies of that bullying sociopath Donald Trump. It will be harder to oppose Biden and Kamala, who, like Barack Obama, are supporters of, and beholden to, the nuclear industry.
I have found all the news quite overwhelming this week. While I acknowledge the urgency and importance of coronavirus and climate, I think that, from now on, I might need to confine my news to  nuclear issues, (which is where this newsletter started).  The nuclear threat is going on, as it were, under the radar. Politicians and communities are being sucked in by clever pro nuclear propaganda and financial incentives, all this helped along by slick and uncritical media coverage.
Some bits of good news   Grass Restoration Project is a Virginia Success, Planting 600 Acres That Grow to Become 9,000.Growing food together is growing soul food, too.


CLIMATE. Jo Biden’s win leaves Scott Morrison looking pretty silly on climate policy. Biden as president would pursue climate ‘cheaters’, such as Morrison’s Australia.  Australian govt will feel the heat when a Biden administration rejoins the Paris climate agreement.  Zali Steggall calls on Australia’s chief scientist to clarify position on net zero emissions by 2050.
Australian doctors accuse government of failing on climate change.  Superannuation fund commits to net-zero emission investments after Brisbane man sues.   North of Australia is headed for a severe heatwave.

NUCLEAR. Australian government’s Nuclear Waste Bill – divisive, undemocratic and racist processes.  Farmers go to Canberra, to protest the law that forces a nuclear dump on Kimba’s agricultural land.  South Australia’s Jim Whalley provides nonsensical and misleading propaganda, spruiking small nuclear reactors.  Frazer Nash and The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) want nuclear power – “good for the environment”!!   Worry rocket launch site will damage environment (also at Antinuclear)  The plan to use nuclear bombs for fracking in Western Australia.


Politics – what hope for civil society?

The beginning of the end for nuclear weapons?

Some problems that will handicap the development of Small Nuclear Reactors.

As with every week, the Google headlines about nuclear power mostly lead to articles that promote it.

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A win for decency, rationality, co-operation , and science

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris,  and the Democrats have won the American election.

For four years, the world has put up with a lying, narcissistic,  sociopath as American President. Trump has done such damage to civil systems of health and environment, to democratic institutions, and to international relations. He has epitomised the bullying style of leadership that has become so popular and so dangerous in this 21st century world.

Jo Biden, in the way that he ran his campaign, and in his winning speech, demonstrates a completely opposite style –  one of reasonableness, courtesy, and respect for science and democratic agencies.

A key factor today is the appalling state of coronavirus cases, and coronavirus deaths in the USA.  That is a no. 1 challenge to the American administration. Now, they will have a leader who understands the seriousness of the pandemic, and cares.

The Democratic leadership understands the climate crisis, and even if the Senate should be dominated by Republicans, Biden can still rejoin the USA to the Paris Climate Accord. Much action against global heating can be done by executive action, bypassing the Senate,

On the nuclear issue, Biden will almost certainly support international arms control agreements, but not the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  Unfortunately, the Democratic Party now, as it did under Obama, still basks in the arms  of the ”peaceful”nuclear lobby, and the nuclear weapons making industry.

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The world needs, and awaits, a reasonable and decent American Presidency, under Joe Biden

I am hopeful that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party will win this American election.

What has this got to do with this website, which is dedicated to issues of nuclear and cimate?


That is because the human race has got to solve these global horrors – with reasonableness, decency and fairness. That demands thoughfulness, considerateness of others, co-operation, and global effort.

The United States of America used to be  a global leader –   up until recently, when  it has been cursed with the presidency of a narcicisstic bully, Donald Trump.  Four years of a government run by this sociopath have impeded the world’s effort to slow, preferably to stop, global heating.  Trump has  been a willing servant of the nuclear weapons industry , indeed an investor, profiting from it. He contines to foster distrust, hatred, and division among people.

I have not been a great fan of Joe Biden.  But he does bring a decency and reasonableness to politics –   qualities that are essential for America and the world to face the big problems. The Democratic Party does bring a mode of co-operation, and an intelligent respect for fair and legal processes.


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To November 3, nuclear, climate, coronavirus news – Australia

Pandemic As that election day arrives, US coronavirus cases break global daily record with just under 100,000 new infections.  Protecting nature is vital to escape ‘era of pandemics’ – report.   Urgency to protect nature, or up to 850,000 animal viruses could be caught by humans.

Climate. In all the hooha about the American election, and all the very important coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, –  global heating moves on inexorably, with relatively little media coverage of its effects. But the effects are there –  in the melting Poles, in continuing wildfires, droughts, extreme weather.  Effects are worsein  developing countries that have not themselves been the emitters of greenhouse gases. Droughts and floods force populations to leave their homelands.

Nuclear. Not a lot of media coverage on nuclear issues, though some still about the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. But here’s one important one:

Investigative journalism -The tangled web – well-being of communities has become dependent on the nuclear weapons industry.

Meanwhile, media coverage of nuclear issues continues to be mainly propaganda for the industry.

Some bits of good news Chameleon last seen a century ago rediscovered in Madagascar.    14-Year-Old Girl Wins $25,000 For a Scientific Breakthrough That Could Lead to COVID-19 Cure.   Couple Turns Barren English Estate into Conservation Eden, Rewilding to Attract Rare Species of Astonishing Biodiversity.


NUCLEAR. International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)- from a tiny group to an International TreatySuperannuation funds are leaving investments on nuclear weapons.  Australia should stop selling uranium to nuclear weapon states and not sell uranium into unstable regions.

South Australian Upper House reaffirms the State’s law opposing nuclear waste dump. Australian Labor Party aims to amend the Nuclear Waste Bill, remove the stipulation of Napandee as the dump site.  Time to rethink Australian government’s flawed plan on nuclear waste dumping.  Problems re the planned nuclear waste dump: Some tough questions for the Kimba Council.


A Joe Biden victory could push Scott Morrison – and the world – on climate change.  International team tracks record-setting smoke cloud from Australian wildfires.    Bushfire royal commission’s final report issues warning to Australia over climate change. Australia is on the frontline, in the new age of fire.  New report on Australians’ attitude towards climate change and energy .

British Prime Minister urges Scott Morrison on climate action: Morrison twists the message.  $3 trillion and 880,000 jobs to be lost, if Australia continues inaction on climate change.   Long-term research shows ocean acidification ramping up on the  Great Barrier Reef.  Adani hires spying on activist’s daughter on way to school.

The Greens had a remarkable win in Australian Capital Territory elections.  In the Australian Capital Territory, (ACT),  Labor to share power with The Greens.

Malcolm Turnbull signs Kevin Rudd’s petition challenging News Corpse media dominance.


Businesses and State governments lead the transition to renewable energy.  South Australia’s global milestone -100 per cent of energy demand met by solar panels alone.    The pandemic and the prospect of zero interest present a massive opportunity for clean energy development..


The new Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty supports existing agreements, and in no way conflicts with them.  Archbishop Tomasi has led the Vatican’s fight against nuclear weapons.

Documentary history from the perspective of radiation victims.

Plutonium: How Nuclear Power’s Dream Fuel Became a Nightmare.

Despite propaganda from nuclear front group ”Third Way”, research shows that nuclear power as carbon reducer is counter-productive.

The world’s banks must start to value nature and stop paying for its destruction.

Space exploration – to lead to dangerous nuclear-armed totalitarian societies?

Super power: Here’s how to get to 100pct wind, solar and storage by 2030Renewables, not nuclear, are the solution, for a cleaner world..

The very real risks of radiation accidents on Earth, from nuclear reactors in space.

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The UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty and other news this week

Even the generally pro nuclear mainstream media could not ignore the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons as it reached the required 50 ratifications to become law.      Nuclear weapons – always inhumane and unacceptable, now illegal — IPPNW peace and health blog. The ethical and moral case grew stronger, for the U.N. nuclear ban treaty.

One important article this week links the otherwise irrational push for small nuclear reactors (SMRs) to their connection with the nuclear weapons industry.

Second COVID-19 wave swells across US and Europe as winter looms.

‘Back to the future of climate” –– research on the  Eocene period, some 55 million years ago, when atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide were over  1,400 ppm, indicate what the Earth’s future climate might be. Then the temperatures on Earth must have resembled those of a sauna. It was hot and humid, and the ice on the polar caps had completely disappeared. That situation deeloped over millions of years. Now, industrialisation is bringing it about by soon after 2100.


After Victoria’s long and difficult coronavirus lockdown, it’s now the envy of the world. As coronavirus cases plummet, it’s time to ask: Is Australia ready for the third wave?

New government Bill could target journalists, environmental and human rights groups.


Uranium: the mineral that never made sense now doesn’t even make dollars.  BHP dumps its plan to expand Olympic Dam uranium mine.     The Olympic Dam silver bullet is forever tarnished – BHP abandons plan to expand Olympic Dam uranium mine – a sign foe the future.

Australia has nuclear waste problems.   Kimba residents have been sold a lemon – dubious financial gain from nuclear waste dump.   How ANSTO’s Synroc nuclear waste solution turned out to be a dud.

CLIMATEKevin Rudd’s vision for a green recovery out of the pandemic.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Twin peaks: South Australia reaches 100 pct solar, and then 100 pct wind power in same week.


Global Covid-19 cases top 42.5mn: Johns Hopkins Oct 25, 2020.

The passing of the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty  – an  embarrassment and a problem for the USA, and the other nuclear weapons nations. .   Difficulties in the membership of countries in the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Why nuclear power Is unsustainable.       Climate change a big threat to nuclear reactors – as water supplies at risk.    Every dollar wasted on nuclear power is a dollar not invested in clean energy.  The very genuine promise of cheap electricity – solar power.

Study finds that bees are harmed by quite low levels of ionising radiation.

The Guardian was grossly unfair to Julian Assange. They could still make up for this.

Geological disposal of nuclear waste – a focus of interest in the coming months.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. Pacific islands demand truth on the decades of nuclear testing, now that nuclear weapons are becoming illegal

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Australia and overseas, pandemic, climate, and focus on nuclear news

Covid-19 cases across the globe hit 40 million Monday with the United States leading the world with the highest numbers of infections and deaths.  World round-up of coronavirus. cases and restrictions.

Climate change just keeps on – cycloone, floods and landslides.– Vietnam, India.  It becomes important to devlop strategies to adapt to global heating.

Nuclear news items stress the need for international agreements on arms control.

But , on the ”peaceful nukes” scene, it is quite extraordinary that propaganda has ramped up enormously, even while the pandemic has actually slowed down nuclear building and other activities, as well as the demand for electricty.

What we’re seeing is a frenzy of  small nuclear reactor (SMR) propaganda handouts masquerading as real journalism. In English language news, it’s all about America selling these uneconomic and pretty useless gimmicks to their own population and to overseas countries. The most often praised model, NuScam’s reactor, is even now being touted as ”foreign development aid”.   No doubt the global industry is doing the same confidence trick in Russian and Chinese. They need a global burst of tax-payer funded SMR building,  to stave off the collapse of the industry.

Some bits of good news We’ve had so many wins’: why the green movement can overcome climate crisis. International Monetary Fund recommends a carbon price, for the economy as well as for the climate.  Solar energy is here with a vengeance – look at South Australia.


CLIMATE. USA election result, and Australia’s response– the world’s climate in the balance.  Greens renew call for Green New Deal, describe Morrison’s climate policies as “criminal”.

Climate and clean energy leaders win big in New Zealand, ACT elections.

NUCLEAR. South Australia  Upper House [Legislative Council] votes against any radioactive waste repository, upholds S.A.’s law opposing nuclear waste dumping.

Australia a leader in the worst sense – biodiversity loss and risk of ecosystem collapse.  Morrison government’s devastating cuts to Environmental research and teaching.

U.S. Deputy Sheriff Australia taken for a ride on an obsolete $90 billion submarine.

Michelle Fahy blows open the disgraceful collusion between Australian politicians and weapons industries.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australian Energy Market Organisation (AEMO)  takes lead role in global consortium seeking rapid energy transition.


The attack on journalism – launched with the persecution of Julian Assange.

On climate: instead of denial or despair, there’s determined resolve.  Carbon emissions are deeply embedded in our lifestyle – the challenge post-pandemic.  Climate disasters – Earth is becoming uninhabitable for millions of humans.

Elimination of nuclear weapons is vital to the “survival of life on this planet”.

Nuclear waste – a danger for countless generations to come.

Resisting nuclear colonialism on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Offshore Wind Energy, Not Nuclear, Is the Future.  Study shows that renewable energy is clearly better that nuclear at cutting greenhouse emissions.


Thorium not likely to revive the nuclear energy industry.

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This week’s climate, nuclear, coronavirus news – Australia and more

The World Health Organisation has reported 338,779 new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded last week, a new daily record.

World press freedom endangered, if UK extradites Julian Assange to America.  Assange extradition case could esrablish a dangerous legal precedent.

This election isn’t just about you, America.  The world’s climate future – much depends on America’s presidential election.   Trump’s psychopathology a threat to US democracy and to global stability.

Some bits of good news – The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Goes To The World’s Largest Hunger Program.    A New Generation of Young Poll Workers is Stepping Up to Protect the Elderly From COVID-19


Murdoch media monopoly – an ‘arrogant cancer on our democracy’.

Pretty despicable -tax breaks for company exporting weapons to Saudi Arabia, UAE.

Australia needs a permanent war crimes investigation unit.

CLIMATE. Australian government has Zero interest in the climate .   Morrison government again fails on climate ation, snubs renewable energy.  Australia now the worst OECD country for climate change action.  China’s dramatic plan for switch to renewables – a warning to Australia‘s fossil-fuel economy.  Net zero emissions target for Australia could launch $63bn investment boom.   Queensland election – all about climate, coal, and minority parties.

NUCLEAR – Labor likely to amend the Nuclear Waste Bill, removing certainty about the Napandee dump happening.  Divisions in Labor, over nuclear waste dump plan.  Australian government’s controversial Nuclear Waste Bill delayed – not yet debated in Senate till atleast November 9.   Federal government hiding its toxic nuclear waste Act under the cover of budget fuss.

Uranium. Clean-up for Ranger uranium mine. Rum Jungle mine still a polluted mess.  Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association gets $millions from uranium mining: need for Royal Commission into Native Title.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Solar meets 100 per cent of South Australia demand for first time.


Why climate change is a time bomb. – Climate future depends on what action humans take.  Greta Thunberg: ‘Get everyone to vote for Joe Biden’.  Global and European temperature levels for September – hottest on record.

Countries that have included nuclear in their green stimulus plans may want to rethink their strategy.  Major study finds that renewables lower emissions substantially, and nuclear power does not. Nuclear power, irrelevant to climate change – and in fact, hinders climate action.

Promises, promises — the media keeps  buying the tired old nuclear spin, marketing small reactors.

U.S. and Russian negotiators try to salvage arms control pact.

14 million tonnes of plastic on ocean floor – more on the coasts.

Former world leaders urge those now in power to support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Pro nuclear bias in  articles in Google headlines.-news.

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The past week in nuclear/climate news – Australia

As happens all too often, news media is fixated on you know who. Conflicting stories – Donald Trump ‘incapacitated’ by COVID-19 drug side effects, law professor claims.  The White House’s medical team said Donald Trump “has continued to improve” since Saturday and could be released as early as Monday. Darned if I know what to think, and how this might affect the U.S. election.

Fierce fighting continues in the  Armenia, Azerbaijan conflict(The media doesn’t mention  the Azerbaijan threat to bomb Armenia’s nuclear power plant. But perhaps it’s Azerbaiji fear of radioactive pollution that prevents this)

A bit of good news – Good living standards for the world can be attained with reduced energy use


Morrison government refuses to sign  leaders’ pledge on biodiversity.  Australian State laws have weak environmental standards.

CLIMATE. China’s zero emissions target is contrasted with Australia’s inaction on global heating.

NUCLEARPine Gap could play role in accidental US-China nuclear fight .      Legacy of Maralinga bomb tests -a reminder of need for safety in matters nuclear.



‘We have a chance’: David Attenborough says $500 billion needed to save earth.  A Positive Narrative for the Anthropocene .    Extinction crisis: ′The window of opportunity is closing′Debunking myths about saving the natural world.

The climate crisis is heating up nights faster than days in many parts of the world.  Climate change responsible for record sea temperature levels, says study   Coastal flooding will disproportionately impact 31 million people globally

The safety of the world requires a nuclear-free planet.

Julian Assange could face life in America’s most dreaded ‘Supermax’ prison.

From 38 million English-language articles, study shows Trump as world’s biggest driver of coronavirus misinformation.    Nuclear power and the mainstream media – a convenient advertising platform?

Lunar base woud have to be underground, due to the danger of high radiation on the moon.  On the moon ”normal” humans (i.e males) will get 200 Times the Radiation Experienced on Earth, (what about females?).

‘Reverse course’ towards full nuclear disarmament – UN chief.

Nuclear power is now the most expensive form of generation, except for gas peaking plants’.  Nano diamond batteries from nuclear waste? Impractical and not likely to ever happen.

Exposed! Extinction Rebellion fact checks pro-nuclear frontRefuting the nuclear lobby‘s nonsense on risks of ionising radiation.  It’s important to bust the pro-nuclear spin.

Ionising radiation – the tragedy of the ”radium girls”

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The week in climate, nuclear, (coronavirus) news

Coronavirus, climate change and weather disasters: 2020 has been a hell of a year, so far.  Some world leadersat this week’s annual United Nations meeting are taking the long view, warning: If COVID-19 doesn’t kill us, climate change will.

On the nuclear scene, well, really, nothing much is happening. Except for the propaganda. Covid-19 is making the nuclear industry’s problems even worse, so their marketing propaganda is intensifying. Last week it was all about small nuclear reactors. This week, it’s still that, but as an extra push, it’s all about thorium.

Some bits of good news – Over 12 million children, caregivers and teachers reached by UNICEF and Millicom (TIGO) to strengthen child rights across Latin America during COVID 19.  The Aahwahan Foundation in India works towards the eradication of poverty, while also focussing on maintaining a sustainable environment.


NUCLEAR. From October 6, the Australian Senate will discuss the NATIONAL ISSUE of the Napandee nuclear waste dump plan.  Kimba nuclear waste dump – not just a local issue, but only locals were consulted. Kimba mayor Dean Johnson shows his ignorance on nuclear wastes.

Dr Helen Caldicott and Independent Australia bust the media spin on ‘small nuclear reactors’.


Australian scientists censored on speaking about climate change.  Farmers have called out the federal government’s climate change low emissions policy as selling out an industry for profit.  Forget the lobbying. It’s the spin that wins on climate, report finds.  Why Australia’s hydrogen industry should be renewables only.

Julian Assange dragged from embassy “on the orders of the president”.  Medical experts testify to court on Julian Assange’s precarious mental health.  Australia’s media disgrace – the deliberate neglect of the Julian Assange extradition hearing.  The media ignores Julian Assange and the Media ‘Trial of Century’.

Australians recorded frog calls on their smartphones after the bushfires – and the results are remarkable


When looking at impact of coronavirus, we can’t forget the long-term health effects.

45 nations have now ratified the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Latest World Nuclear Industry Status Report shows high levelised cost of nuclear power.   Small Nuclear Reactors look good – on paper!.

Radiation exposure on the moon is nearly three times that on the International Space Station.

Solar and battery ads blocked by Twitter and Facebook move against “political content” .  Recharge’s ”must read” news of the week on the energy transition.

Nurdle alert – plastic pollution the next eco calamity for decades.

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Australia’s media disgrace – the deliberate neglect of the Julian Assange extradition hearing

”Fair” castigates the international media for ignoring the Assange case – the “Media Trial of the Century”.   But hey !   What about the  Australian media?   Julian Assange is an  Australian.  When our citizens overseas commit murders and drug trafficking, it is all over our media, about their plight in the overseas justice system  – pages and pages, TV and radio broadcasts. Then the benevolent  Australian government bends over backwards to save their bacon.  But when it comes to Julian Assange – only  courageous mentions  by the soon to be demolished ABC .

Our whole media – News Corpse and the ABC ran a big campaign on “Press Freedom” –   Assange didn’t get a mention.  Why should I expect them to?  Decades ago they pillories Wilfred Burchett for reporting on Hiroshima bombing victims.  Kowtowing to USA is the system here.

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Pandemic, climate, nuclear – very bad news, and some good news

Well, all news, by its very nature is likely to be bad. (Good behaviour is pretty ordinary, not news.) But there’s  bad news, and there’s very bad news.  And this has been a week for the very bads.

Start with the pandemic. The global death toll exceeds 957,000. cases nearly 31 million.  India’s coronavirus cases pass 5 million as hospitals scramble for oxygen. A second wave grips EuropeUK cases could grow exponentially, if no action taken. Most of the US is headed in the wrong direction again with COVID-19 cases as deaths near 200,000.

Climate. Weather extremes are more frequently with us now, and as with the pandemic, the longer term future is unceetain:  abrupt changes could bring interconnected tipping points.

Economics. The FinCEN files: Dirty little secrets of the world’s banks revealed in mass US government leak.

BUT – some good news. East Asian countries – China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore Malaysia -have learned, through their previous SARS epidemic, how to structure their health systems to plan for and manage pandemics,  mount particularly effective responses to COVID-19, and reduce the death rate.

Why harsh COVID-19 lockdowns are good for the economy. 

World’s Biggest Rooftop Greenhouse in Montreal is as Big as 3 Football Fields – Now Can Feed 2% of the City.



CORONAVIRUS. The State of Victoria has achieved remarkable success in bringing down the infection rate to 11 in one day, death toll 2.  This is the result of the strict lockdown regime imposed by Prmier Daniel Andrews, despite vicious attacks on him by the opposition party. You know the good result is true, when even the Murdoch Press has to admit it, and its opinion poll  backs the Premier.


CLIMATE.  Young Australians call for COVID-19 recovery plan with climate jobs.    See this graphic exposure of the coal, oil, gas, corruption in Australian government.  Scott Morrison turns to socialism, with his new religion, not coal, but “gas-led recovery”.  Morrison thinks gas is the new coal, and it’s just as big a climate threat.  ‘Gas-led recovery’ may actually deter energy investment: Experts.  Australia’s mainstream media dutifully parrots out Government spin about gas.

Australian government never intended to follow the advice of the review on environmental law.

Killing the virus comes at enormous cost — doing nothing will cost moreNews Corp, Facebook and disinformation about climate and pandemic.

Coalition to divert renewable energy funding away from wind and solar.


Julian Assange was offered a pardon, if he would name a source.  Julian Assange exposed “a very serious pattern of actual war crimes”.  Assange insisted on not revealing names of informants.  Julian Assange case: Witnesses recall Collateral Murder attack: “Look at those dead bastards,” shooters said.

David Attenborough now wants us to face up to the state of the planet.  In tropical areas, increasing heat and humidity will make life almost unbearable.  Importance of the ocean’s biological carbon pump

What Frogs Can Teach Us about the State of the World.

53 million tons of plastic could end up in rivers, lakes and oceans every year by 2030.  The persistence of plastic.

The coronavirus pandemic and the increased safety risks for nuclear reactors.

Nuclear exposure standards discriminate on the basis of sex .

Why NuScam and other ”small” nuclear proposals just don’t make any sense.

The hidden stumbling block to progress on nuclear weapons.

BHP betrays international safety efforts.

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