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Australia gets rid of the crooked, incompetent bible-bashing #ScottyFromMarketing government

It’s not just the angels who are rejoicing. All Australians who care about the environment, the climate, the children’s future, are now breathing that much-needed sigh of relief. Not to mention our shame at the way the government has treated refugees, and the appalling neglect of Julian Assange.

I hope that Albanese and co. realise that they got into government not because people wanted a Labor government, but because people couldn’t stand smirking dissembling, corrupt Morrison any longer.

The job now, for The Greens, the Independent Teals, and others who care – is to teach Labor to care about the environment, and our children’s future, and to do something about that.

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TODAY. This morning at the polling booth – Australian election

No – these ”Teal” supporters of Zoe Daniels on the left were not all present at the Goldstien polling booth this morning. But some of them were, and the mood was one of intelligent optimism. I was handing out ”how-to-vote-Green”. But there was a happy camaradie between the many Greens and Teals.

The atmosphere on the Labor side was more muted, and the few Liberals seemed on the defensive. The United Australia Party had just one lacklustre poster, and no-one there to hand out.

A general feeling among the many Teal and Green supporters that tonight, there’s a chance that Australia might get rid of its current anti-environment and corrupt government.

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TODAY. The Australian election – yawn! Where the most important issues are not mentioned by the major parties

Yay -it’s all about interest rate rises, the deficit, house prices, wages – yes these ARE important matters. (Maybe not the deficit so much – because good, positive policies would bring about community confidence and effort, resulting in a productive economy – leading to reducing the deficit.}

But what are Liberal and Labor NOT TALKING about? THE PANDEMIC, CLIMATE CHANGE (Labor – a bit) THE MILITARISATION of this country in the service of American weapons companies.

Intelligent Australians are hoping that The Greens and the Independents will make their mark, in this election on 21 May. And fearing that the ultra-right groups might also do so.

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This week, nuclear news and more

Some bits of good news –    Removal of over 200 dams in Europe has restored free flowing streams and migratory fish.   Norway turns its back on gas and oil to become a renewable superpower.

Curiouser and curiouser. In Australia, and presumably in other ”developed” countries, the focus on squabbling political personalities, and on sporting celebrities, pretty much dominates the news, except for the continued coverage of Ukraine, seen through an American filter.   Meanwhile, strangely lost in the background is the pandemic story, with new case numbers rocketing world-wide. Then there’s global heating – noted effects in California and Northern Australia –  but what about India, Pakistan, Kenya, Bangladesh?

It is strange, and worrying, that the pandemic, climate change, and the heightened nuclear dangers have  somehow slipped below the radar of public consciousness – but those threats are still there, even if it’s not nice to talk about them.


Radioactive: Inside the top-secret AUKUS nuclear submarines deal. AUKUS nuclear submarine fallout: double-dealing and deception came at a diplomatic cost.

Australian readers condemn the Morrison government’s AUKUS deal     Biden demanded bipartisan support before signing AUKUS. Labor was not told for months. Extraordinary’: Albanese slams Morrison for not briefing him on subs deal,  

Remote NT community not told about $5m contract to fix uranium in water supply

Young voters will inherit a hotter, more dangerous world – but their climate interests are being ignored this election.     Political leaders ignoring the biggest threat to our national security

No, Mr Morrison. Minority government need not create ‘chaos’ – it might finally drag Australia to a responsible climate policyMeet Zoe Daniel: Journalist turned independent fighting for climate, integrity and gender equality.     Greens voter exhausted from constantly being right – satire The Shovel

Democracy in danger State capture’ by private interests

The end of Adani? Investment giant says coal miner has revealed Carmichael closure plan.

The day one person was left to monitor nine river systems as floods swept the state


The Danger of Ignoring Julian Assange

Ending the War of Attrition in Ukraine.    Forgetting the apocalypse: why our nuclear fears faded – and why that’s dangerous.

Strategic partnership: U.S. pushes ASEAN to join crusade against Russia, China, Myanmar.   

The Insanity Of Expanding Nuclear Energy.       Poisoned legacy: why the future of power can’t be nuclear.

John Kerry warns a long Ukraine war would threaten climate efforts

Underwater drones could be the end of nuclear submarines. Underwater drones herald sea change in Pacific warfare.

UKRAINEThe horrible dangers of pushing a US proxy war in Ukraine – Atomic energy chief: Ukraine’s nuclear safety situation ‘far from being resolved‘. UN: There is ‘credible’ information Ukrainian forces are torturing Russian POWs  .We Think).   

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Today. A lot of scathing comments on the story of how the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal came about

I wonder for just how long will these horribly expensive nuclear submarines actually be useful to Australia, if indeed, they ever are.?    Australia needs submarines  of a shorter range to monitor its own coastlines, –   not long range ones that could be equipped with weapons,   (later on nuclear weapons) for attacking China.  

Meanwhile China is developing hundreds of swarms of much cheaper drones. that can detect nuclear submarines, and even attack them.  
Maybe the USA and UK are very happy to get Australia to pay the costs of soon-to-be-obsolete underwater monster,.  And the costs of disposing of them – a problem not yet solved by any country.

In today’s Age and Sydney Morning Herald, Peter Harcher gives a detailed story on the secret negotiations that brought Australia to the AUKUS deal, and the plan to spend many $170Billion on nuclear submarines. Many questions on this – not least – where will the money come from?

Scott Morrison has the nerve to accuse Labor of financial extravagance, as Labor leader AnthonyAlbanese promises to spend a tiny fraction of that on fixibg our desperate health care system – as Australianhospitals struggle undervthe continuing onslaught of the pandemic.

Anyway – I’m not the only one to notice this. Many comments below that article. Here are just a few:

Misnomerthey could allow Australia to pose a direct threat to the Chinese mainland”

Exactly. Our war mongers in Canberra aren’t interested in defence, they want war with China. They have written a $100+ billion blank cheque for the “crown jewels” (seriously?), leaving us without subs and defence for decades so hairy-chested Morrison and Dutton can bang the defence drums for an election.

The subs are a political play from a reckless, spendthrift government beholden to the US, which is happy to take a huge chunk of our debt-fuelled cash and let us fight their war against China.

Ditch the subs. They are a folly from an out-of-control government and should be the first thing Labor axes in the name of debt repair.

Inner West Andrew….  The French option should not have been discarded so readily on what appears to be a political process instigated by scotty from marketing in secret and using notes on the back of a beer coaster. The lack of proper policy development on the AUKUS deal is truly astonishing. Neither Britain or America are likely to have the spare capacity to help us obtain a fleet of even just 3 nuclear submarines for decades. meanwhile we have a massive capability gaps, just as Dutton appears determined to start a war.

Budawang The momentous decision to bankroll the US projection of power against China in the Western Pacific for decades to come was made without any public debate and without even consulting with Labor. This is not the sign of a well-functioning democracy.

lets be frank. Since ScoMo didn’t talk to Albo . Albo as PM should bite the bullet and CANCEL THE NUCLEAR DEAL . Its too far above our budget and capability. It will bankrupt us . Scomo has shown himself to be the most incompetent reactive idiot in a conga line of LNP incompetent reactive idiots. This is what happens when you have amateurs in the Lodge

Ultracrepidarianist. Great article Peter. When the high financial cost was discussed the treasurer reaction was “Everything is affordable if it’s a priority. This is a priority.”
I now understand why major issues such as aged care are given superficial attention.
The Coalition does not perceive sorting out aged care issues as a priority.’
Shame on them. I no longer fall into the undecided voter category.

Alfie. There are a lot of quotes from private and sensitive conversations in this piece.
It wreaks of placement by invested parties to justify the most expensive and controversial defence project in Australia’s history.
Any further explanation on how all this information was obtained Mr Hartcher?

Oh well. So, “ScoMo” began the move to nuclear subs at least 2 years before the deal was announced, and the French informed. All so he could make the laughable boast that Australia could, once we got them, “threaten” China. This is what happens when you ask military people whether you should buy them more military toys.

SteveM. Just imagine Dutton as PM with nuclear powered attack subs to play with.

JF. Yet more proof that Scotty from Marketing is both overly partisan and hopelessly incompetent. Australia deserves much better than this appalling LNP clown show pseudo government. Time for them to go.

Phil 1943 Why wouldn’t the US and UK rush to accept the offer of a base – or bases, for their naval assets in Australia without the inconvenience of having to pay for them? If all goes as vaguely announced by the LNP, Australia will fork out big bucks for a smallish fleet of nuclear subs that will be serviced here in ‘joint’ facilities that will be shared with those two nuclear-experienced nations while we learn how to operate our submersible purchases.

During the twenty or so years while we wait for this questionable deal to coalesce, our allies will have new Australian bases to show on the maps of their global military facilities. And it’s going to cost us billions of dollars in the interim. We can only hope Albo says ‘no’.

mmanuel Can. The fact it makes us more of a target doesnt seem to have been given too much weight.

Allan Woodley. I guess that’s what he was doing in Hawaii during the bushfires.

Southerner. So this puts into perspective China’s reaction to Australia, the trade bans and the Solomons and China’s spy ships cruising in international waters off Australia’s coast. Why does Australia need an attack capacity? Why would a nation of 25 million seek to be a protagonist? Why didn’t Morrison and Co spend the time building constructive, healthy relationships with the Pacific, our SE Asian neighbours and all our trading partners including China? Once again Morrison was playing domestic politics, keeping Albanese out of the picture, pursuing a fait accompli to reap what he saw as glory. Has Morrison made Australians safer? That is uncertain. Hopefully, this very dangerous man and his very bad government will be gone in 7 days time

More comments tomorrw.

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Today. Aw gee! What if USA and UK are selling us a pup with the nuclear submarines – obsolete all too soon?

It’s not just that the AUKUS deal is phenomenally expensive for Australia – $171 billion. It’s not just that they won’t be ready for 20 years at best – when they would then be superseded by more advanced submarines.

It;s that submarines themselves are losing their gloss, anyway. Everybody who’s anybody in the nuclear-weaponry-tax-payer-ripoff world is realising that underwater drones are a heap cheaper, a real threat to nuclear submarines, and much better suited to the relatively shallow waters of theb South China Sea.

But I guess that the USA and UK have to try to make a few bucks by selling their existing soon-out-of-date Vanguard and Astute nuclear submarines.

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The week in nuclear news

Some  bits of good news. New plan to accelerate clean energy access for millions globallyBrush-tailed bettongs doing well after reintroduction to SA mainland.

A busy week –    here are the headlines

BUT- let’s not forget the appalling toll that climate change heat is bringing to Pakistan and India


The Greens oppose nuclear waste dump on Kimba, South Australia.

Dissecting Vice Admiral Jonathon Mead’s Nuclear submarine zealotry.

This black smoke rolling through the mulga’: almost 70 years on, it’s time to remember the atomic tests at Emu Field .    Sydney University fined for carelessness with a radioactive device.

An Australian fusion company awarded money under a Defence program (Why?).

The ‘climate election’ we need to have. Major parties have Australia on track to blow past Paris targets.

Australia’s biggest climate polluter AGL,and Accel set to breach Paris-aligned climate targets.  “Coal fired power stations will close, regardless of who’s in office:” Bowen     How much are you willing to pay to help reduce carbon emissions? Vote Compass has the answer.    Great Barrier Reef not coping with ‘escalating’ climate change after first La Niña bleaching event, unpublished report warns

Secret Australia Revealed by the WikiLeaks Exposés.

Far from having a leftwing bias, the ABC has been tamed by cuts and incessant attacks.

Junior energy minister Tim Wilson may lose his Liberal blue ribbon seat — RenewEconomy

Canberra’s urban trees receive global recognition


Reducing Tensions, Building Trust
, De-escala
ting.                Is Russia increasingly likely to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine?      Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand may attend NATO summitExpansion into Asia-Pacific: NATO military bloc is poison, not antidote.       Ukraine reveals split in ASEAN .       Nuclear War Threat Drives Greater Divide Between U.S., China.

Propaganda During Times of War.

Russian Uranium NOT Sanctioned – Why?

Climate change could introduce humans to thousands of new viruses

Pope Francis reiterates complete opposition to the possession and use of nuclear weapons. Pope says NATO may have led to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A new propaganda film to jolly up the pro nuclear enthusiasts. Nuclear power is a HUGE water guzzler – so why are we guzzling the lie that nuclear is good for climate?

Diseconomics and other factors mean that small nuclear reactors are duds ( part of larger article)

They suck your electricity while you sleep. What you need to know about vampire appliances

Climate sceptic thinktank received funding from fossil fuel interests

FRANCE. The poisoned environmental legacy of France’s ”Nuclear Park”.

UKWhat is REALLY driving Britain’s seemingly illogical push for small nuclear reactors and nuclear megaprojects? 


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Australia should note the UK experience. There, government promotes costly nuclear power, solely to secretly fund and supply nuclear submarines.

After years’ long research, Phil Johnstone and Andy Stirling have produced a report   – –   it’s a seminal study of how tax-payers’ money goes secretly from ”beneficial” megaprojects to the nuclear weapons industry. In the UK, this means specifically- to nuclear submarines.

The money to the nuclear submarines cannot be measured, cannot be counted – it is so hidden in the world of energy projects, civil nuclear energy. But this explains why the governments persist doggedly with nuclear power projects that are clearly uneconomic, (and no use in combatting climate change – too late, even if they did work)

The sad and shocking thing about this – is the sort of groupthink that has pretty well everyone on the bandwagon – politicians, media, academia, business, education – and not just those who have been bribed by the nuclear industry. It’s a sort of groupthink treadmill, and they can’t seem to get off it, lest they look unpatriotic, or worse, – silly.

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The week in nuclear news

A bit of good news – We can restore the climate  – getting past climate despair. Tasmania has become one of the first parts of the world to become not just carbon neutral but carbon negative .

CoronavirusGlobal, new cases and deaths are declining, but still increasing in some countries.


Change of government would present ‘great opportunity’ in fight to free Julian Assange.

After 43-nation war council, Australia to send howitzers, ammunition to UkraineAnzac Day and the conflict-loving neocons. Hysteria over the Solomon Islands-China security pact.      

Nuclear submarines in an Adelaide shipyard – sitting ducks for a disastrous terrorist attack: conventional submarines – cheaper, safer. Unions NSW opposes nuclear powered submarines and the AUKUS treaty. Various groups oppose plan for nuclear submarine base – ”a military target” at Port Kembla, New South Wales.

Teals and Greens are the only political groups focused on the main issue .    Ratings agency says Morrison climate policies “obscure, unclear and confusing”.

Greens propose levy on coal exports to drive coal phase-out within a decade .

New Murray-Darling Basin Authority boss fails to mention environment in all-staff memo

Low emissions, lower prices: South Australia’s remarkable shift to wind and solar .

Renewables to be “the new baseload” by 2030, says McKinsey 2022 Global Energy Perspective/


Russia and the West are closer to nuclear war than they were during the Cuban Missile Crisis, warns Nikita Khrushchev’s daughter – 60 years after her father backed down from Armageddon.

NATO allies marching in lockstep: U.S., Canadian defense chiefs meet twice in a week.

NATO’s national armaments directors discuss Ukraine bonanza

The 1983 Military Drill That Nearly Sparked Nuclear War With the Soviets. U.S. sees no threat of Russia using nuclear weapons despite rhetoric- official. Huge solar storm once almost triggered nuclear war between USA and Russia.

Climate change ‘already’ raising risk of virus spread between mammals.

Climate change is increasing the likelihood of another pandemic, researchers warn.

Plastic pollution accelerating the consequences of climate change in Canada’s Arctic, according to new research

Solar beats nuclear at many potential settlement sites on Mars. Photovoltaics vs. nuclear power on Mars.

Renewables to be “the new baseload” by 2030, says McKinsey 2022 Global Energy Perspective.

Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve. We need to talk about cutting consumption

UKRAINE. International Atomic Energy Agency very concerned at dangers at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex. Despite deteriorating situation, Ukrainian parliament still insisting on NATO accession. IAEA probing Ukraine report that a missile flew over a nuclear power plant. The USA has not been able to confirm the allegations that Russia used chemical weapons in Ukraine.

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TODAY. Media angst about Ukraine, Australia’s election campaigning – but are we forgetting global heating?

Australia sure is an island, and not just geographically speaking. Australia is now playing its role, joining USA in the weapons-to-Ukraine frenzy. But that’s about the extent of our interest in matters overseas.

We hardly noticed the plight of Pacific islands as sea levels rise, though we’re quick to worry about China’s military influence in the region.

It seems to take a young student of Indian ethnic background to mention climate change. Are Australians noticing what is happening in India and Pakistan? Global heating has become all too important there – as extreme heat continues, with drastic effects on health, food production, fires, electricity supplies. For many Indians, life is near to becoming unliveable.

Australia enjoys a sort of false immunity to climate change. Our leaders of both big political parties haven’t really woken up to this, despite bushfires and floods. Are they even aware of what is happening in India?

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Today: The ANZACs and the Ukrainians: the dangerous mythology of heroically fighting to the death.

Australia has just celebrated the memory of a World War One battle which, in essence, was for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps to make what was a suicidal push at Gallipoli against the Turkish troops of the Ottaman Empire. It was part of British strategy against Germany, and to relieve the pressure on the European and Eastern fronts of the war, Britains ally, the Russian government had also formally requested a ‘show of strength’ against Turkey, one of Germany’s allies’.

The result?

The campaign was a costly failure for the Allies, with heavy losses (44, 000 dead) and no gains made. Of the 60,000 Australians that fought at Gallipoli, there were 26,000 casualties and 7,594 were killed. Conditions were filthy, and dysentery was rife.

The longer term result?

By some magic – this whole thing has been turned into a glorious military myth about Australia’s identity.

Australia enthusiastically celebrates the national identity – the national spirit -the courage of these young men, many just teenagers, who lost their lives, or their health, in this failed military adventure. Of course they were brave, and should be remembered with great sadness, – but not turned into a hymn to militarism

And Ukraine?

Today’s Age – print version has this headline – ”National identity forged in the fire of Russian aggression’‘  We are regularly being told that Ukraine can win this war. I believe that the reality is otherwise. The USA and NATO are happy for this war to go on as long as possible, with their goal of weakening Russia – let it be fought to the last heroic Ukrainian.

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Chernobyl anniversary week – nuclear news

What a week!   All about the war crimes –  though it is not certain that all these crimes are committed by just one side in this truly awful Ukraine war.   Meanwhile Julian Assange is blamed, persecuted., and kept in apparently endless imprisonment for exposing war crimes. 

Coronavirus .  Latest on worldwide coronavirus spread, and medical developments. 

Climate.  The climate has become unstable. Scientists warned us for decades. Now even they are rebelling.  Why climate change matters for human health.


Will Australia’s nuclear submarines end up being built overseas?

Unexplained Ordnance: A Missile on Aboriginal Land and a Breakthrough Legal Complaint.

Scott Morrison, Angus Taylor stack clean energy agencies with fossil fuel mates.   Coalition spending on fossil fuel subsidies tops $1.3 billion in first week of campaign.  Major parties suffer from a climate credibility gap: new health election scorecard     ‘Climate change isolationism’ puts Australia on par with Saudi Arabia       Australia’s election debate on energy ignores the miracle of rooftop solar

Australian politics -GRIFT, LIES & INFLUENCE –

The US Cries About War Crimes While Imprisoning A Journalist For Exposing Its War Crimes.

‘Worst it’s ever been’: a threatened species alarm sounds during the election campaign – and is ignored


 Who Profits From Narrative Management & Eliminating Dissent?         Big Tech monopolies — Facebook, Google, and Amazon control media in the interests of American militarism. Ukraine: The End Game – A Proxy War and Armageddon – Who are the Flag Waivers supporting? America’s aim is not for Ukraine to win, It is to prolong the war and weaken Russia.   Western think tanks push permanent NATO presence on Russian border, Asia-Pacific analog — Anti-bellum     U.S., allies pour arms into Ukraine for war of prolonged attrition .  Nuclear weapons manufacturers see stock prices rise.

How do we assess the dangers of nuclear power plants in wartimeInternational Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day.

The big mistake of sudden renewed optimism about nuclear power.    First-ever talks: Pentagon completing integration of EU into transatlantic military network ,

An increased 2 degree Celsius world will not be liveable for vast swathes of humanity – but that’s the latest semi-optimistic research result.

Why are nature-based solutions on climate being overlooked?

UKRAINE. Ukraine can fight Russia ‘for 10 years’ claims Zelensky.     Ukraine threatens ‘terrorist’ attack on Crimean Bridge – the longest bridge in Europe.       Mariupol – city under siege – the OTHER SIDE OF THIS STORY        Playing with fire at Chornobyl.

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Today. About Julian Assange: Australian government, snivelling cringing sycophantic to USA. And the Labor Opposition is just as bad

Will Australia ever get any integrity in it’s leaders?

In the clearest denialof justice in British history, the UK kow-tows to American militarism in its court now agreeing to send Juian Assange to be ”disappeared” in the USA’s penal system. And, worse than the UK, Australia’s leaders stand by, and pretty much applaud this evil event.

Liberal Morrison mouthpiece Simon Birmingham – ” we have confidence in the process”

And Labor’s Penny Wong carefully keeping her nose clean as she sucks up to the UK-USA ”legal” fakery – ”We also expect the government to keep seeking assurances from both the UK and US that he’s treated fairly and humanely.” What does she mean? – ” ïf they don’t treat Assange fairly, well, that’s not our problem

I actually think that the Liberals are better – they don’t even pretend to care!

Paradoxically – we all love to hate Barnaby Joyce, but he stuck up for Julian Assange – and good on him!

And the Greens – a voice of intelligence and reason, in Australian political mental desert – the Greens spelled out the reasons for their opposition to this terrible injustice to Assange and to journalism.

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Are we in West being manipulated on a grand scale with deceptive propaganda about the war in Ukraine?

Today I’m posting two videos from Regis Tremblay. I’m sure that Western viewers will hate these, and call the ”Russian propaganda”. And I wish that I could believe that, too,

But I do have an awful fear. Swamped as I am by the tsunami of TV, radio, news, barrage of hyper-emotional depiction of the Ukrainian war, – I cannot help my fearful thought that Regis Tremblay’s speakers are telling the truth.

It’s a painful thought – but I think that the anglophone world, and NATO – the European countries are pulling a giant confidence trick on us all, as we all are led into this frenzy of endless weapons-buying to further the destruction of Ukraine. We are standing by, cheering, as Zelensky and the Ukrainian people are used as pawns, sacrificed, in the cause of the USA discrediting and disrupting Russia

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Today: Does Australia care about Julian Assange?

Apart from th fact that this cruel saga pretty well represents the death of investigative journalism, and its job of holding authority to account – apart from that, – Julian Assange is an Australian citizen

I am mortified, ashamed to be an Australian. Our government has not lifted a finger to save Assange. The corrupt Australian government, and the rather pathetic Opposition have remained in hushed collusion with the USA’s absolute persecution of this man – for his crime of journalism.

”A court has formally approved the extradition of Julian Assange to the US on espionage charges, in what will ultimately be a decision for the UK home secretary, Priti Patel”.

UK court approves extradition of Julian Assange to US.

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