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The week in nuclear news Australia

Again – climate and nuclear news collide. In Japan, Typhoon Hagibis re-spreads nuclear contamination far and wide – nuclear workers at heightened risk. Low lying Marshall Islands, victim of nuclear testing, now declares a Climate Emergency.



CLIMATE. David Glynne Jones on the unwisdom of nuclear power for Australia in a heating climate.  The role of climate change in A ustralia’s early bushfire seasonBushfires continue burning across Australia, destroying homes. Northern Territory Aboriginals call out for climate action as mangroves dieback with heat.  Weather experts predict more heat and fire risk coming, though fewer cyclones. Climate change – heat -drought – more mass fish deaths to come.

Greens seek to outlaw coal use by 2030, push climate emergency as Labor wavers. Don’t nuke the climate Australia.

Dick Smith, Julian Assange, and USA’s “outrageous” claim to “universal jurisdiction over every person on earth”.

Civil Liberties – Media Freedom  Barnaby Joyce and former foreign minister Bob Carr urge stoppingt extradition of Julian Assange to USA. Pamela Anderson to confront Scott Morrison and plead for Australia to help Julian Assange.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Is Energy Minister Angus Taylor on a one-man mission to stop wind and solar?  EnergyAustralia calls for “unity” to enable “inevitable” transition to renewables.   Solar reaches 80 per cent share of demand in South Australia on Saturday. Clean-energy hub Adelaide a drawcard for local and global innovators.   Queensland approves new 180MW wind farm, with possible battery. Massive 5,000MW solar and wind projects set to fuel WA’s hydrogen expansiono wind turbines. AEMO’s Zibelman calls for system plan, says ‘just in time’ investment won’t work.


Revealed by Wikileaks – facts about nuclear weapons and the nuclear industry.

Climate Scientists urge protestors to keep on going with Extinction Rebellion.  Google publicly decries climate change, privately donates to climate denialism Massive Carbon Tax is needed– International Monetary Fund.   U.N. officials on how Nuclear Power is irrelevant to climate action. The woman who was first to scientifically show, in 1856, how atmospheric C02 caused global warming.

The impossibility of nuclear power solving climate change. Mainstream media fails to cover news on military carbon emissions.

Physics Nobel Laureate predicts NO Migration to Other Planets.


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Nuclear news Australia for first week in October

Radio Ecoshock, which (along with Paul Beckwith) I regard as the best information source about climate change, devoted its most recent programme to Australia. Australia does stand out – as both the “canary in the coal-mine”– for climate change, and as the top climate-denialist country.

In today’s Australian news I find an item which illustrates this. Australian country towns are in drought, losing their water supplies. But the national obsession with sport goes on. Thousands of litres of water were trucked in to the now waterless town of Pooncarie – to settle the dust on the race track, for the annual racing carnival.  Australia’s P.M. Morrison criticised Greta Thunberg, and Australia continues to take no real action on prevention of, or adaptation to, climate change.


Senator Sarah Hanson-Young defends the right to peacefully protest. New involvement of Attorney General in press freedom.The government seeks to intimidate the media.

NUCLEAR Ballot dates confirmed for Flinders Ranges on nuclear waste dump issue. Nuclear waste dump for Kimba? Residents to vote soon.  A Kimba resident says there’s no going back: a plea to vote NO to nuclear dump.

A nuclear industry for Australia would be a huge cost to taxpayers  Queensland Liberal National Party opposes nuclear power. Queensland conservatives emerge as voice of reason in nuclear debate. Seriously!.  Labor challenge to nuclear power fan MP Keith Pitt – where would you put nuclear reactors?.

Energy Efficiency the FIRST FUEL – a top Nuclear Submission from Brenda Hugget.   Incidents related to transport of radiation instruments in Australia.

CLIMATEAustralia’s drought disaster a political disaster too, for its climate-sceptic Morrison govt?   Climate emergency petition surges towards 200,000 signatures, but will Morrison listen?  With temperatures heading for 40C, New South Wales and Queensland at bushfire riskClimate change the essential factor in planning about droughts. Black swans – the bushfires of the future are already here. Government caught out lying on emissions, and solar installs at record high

RENEWABLE ENERGY Horizon first utility to pull down power lines and replace with renewable micro-grids. Tasmanian renewable energy projects tipped to pour $6.5 billion in state’s economy. Experts want air-con “clunkers” replaced to soften Victoria demand peaks, cut bills .  XXXX! Hundreds of pubs slash energy costs through Lion deal on solar.

Red flags across the grid: New technologies hobbled by old thinking. Fourteen new big battery storage projects proposed for NSW. Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle smashes sales records, recasts Australia car market.


Bill Gates is wrong. Nuclear power will not save the climate.

How nuclear power powers the bomb.

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Australian nuclear news- week to end of September

Greta Thunberg gave an impassioned speech at the United Nations Climate Summit, .  It has resulted in some quite vicious media attacks on her, while it has highlighted the inability of world leaders to take effective action to stop or slow global heating.

It has also sparked a new burst of climate denialism. Nevertheless, science persists in uncovering the unwelcome facts.  The French National Center for Scientific Research has just released a report warning that  Earth could warm 7 degrees C by the year 2100. Numerous scientific bodies warn on increasing greenhouse gases, and increasing pace of global heating.

The World Nuclear Energy Status Report 2019 was launched on September 24. Some brief notes on its findings are here. They indicate that the commercial nuclear industry is in decline.


CLIMATE. Sir David Attenborough slammed the Australian government’s response to climate change. Scott Morrison and Donald Trump happily together against action on climate change.  Scott Morrison on climate change: he just doesn’t “get it. Behind closed doors: Australia pushes reputation as world’s leading fossil fuel dealer.    Minerals Council of Australia makes global top 10 climate policy opponents.  Australian schoolgirl attends United Nations Youth Climate Summit.

NUCLEAR. 50+ groups sign joint civil society statement on domestic nuclear power.  Submission for the public good: to Federal Nuclear Inquiry – Noel Wauchope.    Lyn Allen and Richard Ledger’s nuclear submission – for the public good.  Nuclear submarines for Australia? Dangerous, would require costly taxpayer insurance.   NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro wants to “normalise”nuclear power.

Nuclear waste dump ballot to go ahead in Kimba, South Australia.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Clean Energy Finance Corporation and National Farmers Federation back ready-made clean energy solutions for Australian farmersTwo huge renewable hydrogen projects planned for Queensland. Small but “smart” Kanowna solar farm comes on line in northern NSW. Australia’s main grid copes just fine with minimal amount of coal.


Leaders of world’s largest emitting economies do not have real plans to meet goal of net zero emissions.

Nuclear weapons an unacceptable danger to humanity – U.N.Secretary-General António Guterres.

Weapons proliferation risk of nuclear power in space.

Climate change makes nuclear waste even more of a deadly threat.  Nuclear power is on the skids: it’s really not going to help address climate change.  Nuclear energy too slow, too expensive to save climate: report .

Uranium industry in permanent collapse? And thorium industry probably no better.

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To 23 September – Nuclear (and Climate) News Australia

It’s been an important week for the world’s climate. Today, the world’s leaders meet in New York for a Climate Action Summit. The United Nations is trying to pressure the world into faster action on climate change.  On Friday, millions, led by children demonstrated in cities around the world, for action, for abandoning fossil fuels I was at the Melbourne protest, and I have never seen a rally so massive, paralysing the central business district.  So many children! It’s their future.

Some good news – The ozone layer is repairing – international co-operation pays off.



Found – historic film of Aboriginal resistance to uranium mining

CLIMATE. Australian children, and adults who care, march in their hundreds of thousands, for Action on Climate Change.  Resources Minister Matthew Canavan blasts ‘hypocritical, self-indulgent activists’ holding back mining sector.

Coal’s servant, P.M. Morrison makes Australia an international pariah at UN Climate Summit. He is in USA, but won’t attend the Summit.    UN bars coal nations from climate stage. (especially Australia).  Setting only long term zero carbon targets is code for “we’re doing nothing now”.  National Party disdains report from Farmers for Climate Action.

Australian Labor Party standing firm on its climate policies.

Climate change already damaging Australia’s ecosystems. Hot, dry summer to increase Victoria’s bushfire risk . Australian Capital Territory leads the nation in the climate emergency.

Rare earths. Morrison and Trump open new front in China trade war with rare earth ‘action plan’.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Revealed: Josh Frydenberg was behind the strange Environment Department decision to block wind turbines on Lord Howe Island.  ANU to explore renewable energy exports for Australia, with Taylor’s backing.

Australia’s capital to be first city outside Europe to transition to 100% renewables.  ACT’s 100% renewable electricity target is saving households cash.

Victoria solar demand still sizzling: another 3,250 rebates gone in 20 minutes. Victoria locks in new solar farm planning guidelines. Another solar farm starts up in Queensland as daytime prices stuck near zero.


Nature is being exterminated: the Climate Strikes are just the beginning of our fight back. Climate Emergency – ‘We’re losing the race’. From space, the human impact on the Amazon is clearly visible. The good, the bad and the ugly: the nations leading and failing on climate action.

The health impacts of climate change.

Rising temperatures, rising seas – the growing climate change menace to nuclear power.

The catastrophe that would be a “limited nuclear war“. Dramatic rise in the risk of a US-Russia nuclear war, which would kill mega millions.

The ‘advanced’ nuclear power sector is dystopian..

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Nuclear and (some) climate news to 17 September

This newsletter is intended to be about matters nuclear. It IS, BUT, again this week, climate change is the overwhelmingly big issue. I cannot do justice to it at all. Thank goodness, we have Covering Climate Now, and other great media, taking up the cause.

A bit of good news – What Was Once One of the Most Polluted Landscapes on Earth Now Has Some of the Cleanest Air in the Region.



Australians concerned about climate change: few support nuclear power. Climate change deniers favour nuclear power!


Submissions to Federal Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia were  received up until 16 September. Summaries of 58 so far published submissions are available.  Up until 7 September, submissions to Federal Nuclear Inquiry were 50/50 pro and con.

Some examples:   Arnaud Coquillard’s submission to Federal Nuclear Inquiry rejects nuclear power, calls for care for the planet.  Eric Gribble’s submission to the Federal Nuclear Inquiry in favour of nuclear power.  Barrie Hill explains how Australia’s tax-payers must fund nuclear power development. John Quiggin sets out a very unlikely course for nuclear power in Australia.

Kimba or the Flinders Ranges – nuclear sacrifice zone?  Potential impact of radioactive wastes on water activities in the Spencer Gulf.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Fact Check: Malcolm Turnbull says renewables plus storage are cheaper than coal and nuclear for new power generation. Is he correct?   Network giant says renewables transition will deliver lower prices and cut emissions. Wind overtaking brown coal is only a matter of time. New investment fund targets small solar and wind farms in Australia. AEMO slashes output of five big solar farms by half due to voltage issues.


The poles in climate crisis, and that includes “third pole” the Mingyong glacier. Forest fires destroying vital buffer against climate change. UN warns that climate crisis is the greatest ever threat to human rights.

Frightening new simulation of a US-Russia war triggered by one ‘tactical’ nuclear weapon.

The danger of government secrecy and cover-ups: Kate Brown’s “Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future” illuminates the truth about radioactive legacy of nuclear industry.

How to warn distant future generations about nuclear waste?

UN Move the Nuclear Weapons Money campaign calls for divestment.

The ‘advanced’ nuclear power sector is fuelling climate change, and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Much touted “advanced” nuclear reactors nonexistent and just not practical. The costs and the risks are too great. Small nuclear reactors safe? Not so.

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This week in nuclear and climate news Australia

In an extraordinary article in the New Yorker, Jonathan Franzen predicts that the climate apocalypse is now inevitable, and that main goal should preparation rather than prevention. He makes a persuasive argument, but has aroused the ire of climate scientists.

In nuclear news, the problem of Russia’s recent nuclear explosion lingers, as abandoned boats and beaches near the accident area are found to have high levels of radiation.   Also lingering are the catastrophic effects of radiation and chemical poisons unleashed on Iraq, with thorium, a product of depleted uranium decay, still causing birth defects.



Australia sells weapons to Saudi-led coalition, is complicit in human rights abuses.

CLIMATE. Climate change now brings Queensland into a new era of bushfiresRecord warming coming to Eastern states because of sudden warming of air above Antarctica. Australian Medical Association labels climate change ‘a health emergency’.  Minerals Council of Australia doesn’t like tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, with his statements about climate. The Morrison government’s scandalous deception about “Kyoto credits” and climate change.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australia has met its renewable energy target. But don’t pop the champagne.  Tasmania wind farm delivers Australia renewables target. But what’s next?    Wind, solar and storage prompt re-design of Australia’s energy market. ‘Bold’ scheme launches to power every property on SA’s Eyre Peninsula with solar. Victoria’s boosted rooftop solar rebate fully subscribed in minutes. Australian Energy Market Operator looks at role of rooftop solar to help manage Electric Vehicles on the grid.  The new normal: EV sales double in Australia, while petrol car sales slump. EDL’s Coober Pedy Hybrid Renewable Project wins at 2019 Asia Power Awards.


Global catastrophe ever closer as nuclear arms race revs up.

‘All of us are in danger’: John Pilger delivers warning from Julian Assange.

UN warns on need for global action – treaty – as the world’s oceans are in dire trouble.


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To 2 September -Nuclear and Climate News

It’s not that climate change is getting any better – it’s just that there were fewer news articles about it this week. There was a pretty desperate call from Pope Francis for governments to act.

One weather news item that is getting a lot of coverage is Hurricane Dorian -. not necessarily caused by climate change, but exacerbated by it. It’s of particular interest because of the St. Lucie and Turkey Point nuclear power stations on alert in Florida, potentially in its path.

August, the month when we remember the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,– has been an ominous month for bringing us all closer to World War 3. Donald Trump moved to trash all the nuclear arms agreements, that might put the brakes on international conflict.  Pentagon experts recommended Artificial Intelligence to control nuclear weapons. There have been at least 3 occasions when the imagination and intuition of a human being has just narrowly saved the world from a nuclear holocaust.

A bit of good news. Spanish group gives summer holidays to kids from Chernobyl’s polluted region.



CLIMATE. Queensland extinguishes native title over Indigenous land to make way for Adani coalmineIndigenous landowner challenges Environment Minister Sussan Ley’s decision for coal mine.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  NSW coal city, Newcastle, sets sights on 100 per cent renewables. Victoria government triples number of home solar rebates for September.     Solar and giant “water battery” to slash university’s grid consumption by 40%.

They are trying to break Julian Assange “physically and psychologically”. Injustices to Julian Assange in British prison. (Why is Australia making a huge fuss about an Australian detained in China, but ignoring Assange?)

Climate change is destabilising the Earth’s marine environment. ‘12 Years to Act on Climate Change’ – what does this really mean?

Nuclear winter – the global threat to life.   A freezing and deathly aftermath would follow a US-Russian nuclear war.

BRAZIL. International calls for urgent action on climate, as new fires rage in Amazon forests.

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(Reposting this important one)Ziggy Switkowski’s doublespeak pushes the nuclear lobby’s barrow

Noel Wauchope  31 Aug 19

He’s an expert at it.

What the nuclear industry wants is the removal of Australia’s Federal and State legislation that prohibits the nuclear industry in Australia.

Ziggy delivers.

Sure, he makes motherhood statements about nuclear dangers, about costs etc.  He even gives a subtle little tick to that distracting fantasy – small modular nuclear reactors.

But Ziggy faithfully conveys the central message of the global nuclear lobby to Australia:

Should we change the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act? Absolutely. All obstacles to the consideration of nuclear power should be removed as part of a nuclear energy strategy debate.;adv%3Dyes;orderBy%3Dpriority,doc_date-rev;query%3DDataset%3AcomRep;resCount%3DDefault

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To 26 August – Nuclear and Climate News

The thing about climate change is –  it’s all happening faster than we expected!  Only a few days ago, MEDIA MATTERS was highlighting the way that mainstream media was practically ignoring the Amazon forest fires. That is changing. World leaders are now alert to this international tragedy.The Amazon fires bring to the fore the awful dilemma facing climate scientists in telling the public the truth about the world’s climate crisis.

The recent Russian nuclear accident cast a bit of gloom over Russia’s launching of its floating nuclear reactor for the Arctic region. Questions are still flying around about the radioactive illnesses and deaths involved in that accident. Also – a general recognition of the Russian government’s record of secrecy about nuclear accidents.

I suspect that the USA and UK nuclear industries are getting pretty desperate about their commercial future, and the necessity to export new nuclear technology.   There’s a hasty push going on in Australia to buy Small Modular Nuclear Reactors. In a rater undignified rush, there are no less than 4 separate Parliamentary Nuclear Inquiries going on, with abnormally short times permitted for Submissions.


NUCLEAR    Queensland Labor and Liberal Coalition say NO to nuclear power.

Nuclear weapons – the underlying aim in the new push for nuclear power?

Brief notes/summaries on pro nuclear submissions to Federal govt.  Early submissions to Australian govt Inquiry slightly favour nuclear power.Economist John Quiggin on Submissions to Parliamentary Nuclear Inquiries. One gem from the pro nuclear Submissions to FEDERAL. Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia.  EcoEnviro’s great submission to ‘Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia’. 17 submissions now published to Federal Nuclear Inquiry. Nuclear submissions: people are “doubling up”? Sending the same submissions to 2 different Inquiries. About the CURRENT NUCLEAR SUBMISSIONS.

Reaction against Robert Parker’s nuclear reactor plan for Ipswich, Queensland.

Council announces dates for Kimba radioactive waste ballot. Flinders Ranges Council delays nuclear waste dump ballotSecrecy in Sinister Matt Canavan’s meeting with nuclear waste dump organisations in Hawker, South Australia.   Resources Minister Matt Canavan in Kimba : pressing for a ‘Yes” vote in nuclear waste dump ballot?  South Australian lawNo public money towards nuclear waste dumping facility.

Lynas’ radioactive waste – still a toxic issue in Malaysia.

Wiki cables show Australia thinks Iran is not the aggressor.


RENEWABLE ENERGY  Solar sends Queensland wholesale day-time prices to zero six days in a row.  5B plans solar “speed record” for 10GW plant in north Australia. Prices hit zero again across the grid as renewables output tops 10GWCoalition MP Keith Pitt wants Queensland to leave main grid!  Schwarzenegger-backed start-up helps Australia wind farms duck negative prices.  Landmark deal to power Coles underpins three NSW solar farms.  Global industrial giant Molycop turns to wind and solar for half its electricity needs.


Distinguished scientist Martin Rees – world must fight climate change, don’t waste tax-payers’ money on space travel.

Massive wildfires are burning across the world- July was hottest month ever.  New fires – hundreds – in Amazon rainforests. Life on Earth threatened by climate change – loss of Amazon Forests.

Sea level rise only half the story – climate change is altering ocean waves.

Chinese Academy of Sciences warns on the safety hazards of new nuclear .


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Nuclear news to 19 August

The repercussions of the Russian explosion at a missile test centre continue. However, the radiation release was brief, and did not extend beyond the region, and not to neighbouring countries. There was confusion and secrecy following the explosion and Russian doctors were kept in the dark about patients being nuclear accident victims.

Attention has moved to questioning the missile project, – a mystery new nuclear weapon, dubbed Russia’s ‘flying Chernobyl’. What is clear, is that, in the month when we commemorate the nuclear tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,  – the world, led by Donald Trump, is ripping up arms control measures, and ramping up nuclear weapons development.

I haven’t been able to keep up with the news on climate change –  extreme weather events in various countries, the UN report including humanitarian effects, the costs, injustices, and inability to meet the goal of confining temperature rise to 1.5 C.   In a powerful symbol, Iceland holds a funeral for the first glacier lost to climate change.

A bit of good news: a win for Aboriginal people in the abandonment of uranium mining in Australia’s Northern Territory. Mirrarr people to lead the Kakadu region’s transition.


Australians need to rally in support of Julian Assange.

Time that Australia stopped blindly following USA into wars.

$40 billion a year needed for infrastructure to catch up with our population growth.

NUCLEAR. False statements on nuclear power by  Federal Liberal National Party MP Keith Pitt. Victoria parliament decides to hold its own nuclear power inquiry.  DELAY is the most salient reason why Small Modular Nuclear Reactors can’t work in Australia.

Nuclear waste:  21 August Senator Matt Canavan to hold closed meeting , then 2 open ones, in region designated for nuclear waste dumping.   Kimba committee even discussed transitioning out of the site selection process. Why is the Australian government planning a nuclear waste dump in an earthquake zone? Nuclear waste dump: Barngarla group says indigenous ballots won’t fix its worries over vote discrimination,

CLIMATE. Pacific islander nations fed up with Australia’s inaction on climate change. Australia tells Pacific Islands to “reflect” on climate action, dial down “crisis” talk. Australia demands Paris targets be removed from Pacific Islands communique.

South Australian students plan more climate action -“No jobs on a dead planet”.  Reserve Bank issues another warning to companies to take climate risks seriously. Bankrupted traditional owner vows to keep opposing Adani.

Investigative journalism:  Australian investigative journalist Mark Davis explodes the myths around Julian Assange.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Solar investors give Australia wide berth, thanks to Morrison’s lump of coal.


Climate change killing nuclear power? nuclear reactors can’t cope with water needs, as temperatures rise.

Cyber wars – as dangerous and deadly as nuclear wars ? Warning of  10 year totally dark Earth. – after a nuclear war between the US and Russia.

The Anthropocene is not an epoch. It’s a passing blink in geological time.

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Nuclear news – week to 12 August

NUCLEAR. This week , the spotlight has been on Russia, as conflicting and ambiguous reports come out, about a Russian rocket test explosion that caused radiation levels to spike in the Arkhangelsk region. The Russian nuclear agency Rosatom finally admitted its involvement. Russia honours as ‘national heroes’ the 5 nuclear scientists who died in this suspected secret testing of a nuclear-powered cruise missile.

CLIMATE. While governments and the older generation in general continue on their merry way with business as usual, young people are ever more concerned about climate change. It’s THE issue at this week ‘s International Congress of Youth Voices, in Puerto Rico.  High school students are organising Youth Climate Strikes.    Why stay in school if our planet will die?


Three  Parliamentary Nuclear Inquiries are now underway, with short deadlines for submissions. (You can bet that the nuclear lobby’s well-paid shills have sent theirs in already.)

National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Taskforce’s heavy-handed, repressive, approach to community consultation. It’s even more undemocratic than the one in Wales, UK. Federal nuclear waste management “consultative committees” – secretive – a farce?  Nuclear waste: residents near proposed dump told to sign draconian code of conduct.   Bangarla people call on Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt to intervene in support of their vote on nuclear waste dump.

Jervis Bay and previous governments’ secret plans for nuclear weapons.

Does Energy Minister Angus Taylor REALLY believe that nuclear energy would be viable in Australia. Energy Minister Angus Taylor orders inquiry into nuclear energy – a distraction from Australia’s climate policy failure?. Australia’s Liberal Coalition government still dreaming about nuclear power.

Australia’s strategy for ‘new nuclear’ – based on non-existent plantSmall Modular Nuclear Reactors don’t operate anywhere yet – but USA companies are keen to sell them to Australia.  Nuclear advocate Switkowski admits that Small Modular Reactors have big problems.

Australia needs intelligent long-term energy policy – nuclear does not ‘stack up’.  Pro nuclear promoter Warren Mundine back on the propaganda trail.

CLIMATE. Australian coal lobby plans another multi-million PR campaign.  EnergyAustralia plunges into red after massive writedowns, coal problems.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Queensland officially opens its first completed large scale wind farm. Stunning low costs inspire Alinta to ramp up renewables push, sees early coal exit. Rooftop solar slashes demand levels and emissions across main grid . AGL plans more storage as it eyes $200 billion energy transition opportunity,  Finley solar farm starts sending power to NSW grid.


How the viewing public was ‘protected’ from seeing what the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing did to people.  Hiroshima nuclear bombing, and the birth of the Doomsday Clock.

Another expensive nuclear weapons race about to take off. Putin And Trump are ‘normalising’ the increasing numbers, and the use, of nuclear weapons.

Wildfire cloud study sheds light on the processes of ‘nuclear winter”

Harm to astronauts’ brains from space radiation.

Even the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)  is concerned about radioactive trash management from Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

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Hiroshima – Nagasaki week – nuclear news Australia

There’s a not at all funny irony in that significant nuclear weapons decisions have been made by USA and Russia in this anniversary week.USA formally withdraws from nuclear treaty with Russia and prepares to test new missile. Putin warns that Russia will follow if USA develops new nuclear missiles. A dangerous nuclear arms race likely to follow, if the New Start Treaty is not renewed.  USA Democrats struggle with Senator Elizabeth Warren and others’ determination to change America’s present “presidential first use” policy, and make it official U.S. policy not to be the first to use a nuclear weapon.

Intense heat waves have swept Europe this summer, breaking temperature records in at least a dozen countries. Scientists have warned that the world should expect more scorching heat waves and extreme weather due to climate change.   July confirmed as the world’s hottest month ever recorded


NUCLEAR. Prime Minister Scott Morrison says no USA missile base in Australia – (not YET, anyway).

Former High Court judge Michael Kirby urges Australia to sign up to nuclear weapon ban treaty.

Angus Taylor, Australia’s Minister for Coal and Nuclear, wants to launch Inquiry into nuclear power. Nuclear power in Australia to be examined by multi-party parliamentary inquiry.  Small modular nuclear reactors for Australia?   Labor demands that the federal government outline potential locations for nuclear power plantsNo investment appetite for nuclear- says Ziggy Switkowski.  Barnaby Joyce’s fantasy for Australia– nuclear unicorns?

Paul Richards refutes Heiko Timmers’ push for Australia to import nuclear wastes.

What would it really take, for Australia to get “its own nuclear deterrent”?.

New South Wales Parliament inquiries on uranium, nuclear, and energy.

Yeelirrie uranium project court outcome shows environment laws in need of urgent repair.

Australian govt ignored nomination panel, appointed uranium industry’s Vanessa Guthrie to ABC Board.

Looks as if Malaysia will let Lynas keep its radioactive wastes there, after all.

CLIMATE  Emissions auction flop rams home climate policy failures as Taylor blames election timing.  Australia’s government, lackey of the coal industry, in denial over climate change. – says former Liberal leader.

water.  Drought-stricken NSW braces for an early bushfire season with not enough water to take them on.   Australia’s one great river system – Murray-Darling Basin Plan ‘untenable’ – corrupt?      Water shortage hitting Queensland town Stanthorpe.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Windlab’s sol ar-wind-battery project finally connected to Queensland grid. AGL shows off what will be Australia’s largest wind farm. Victoria solar rebate “disaster” as August quota fills in 90 minutes.


Samantha Smith – a 10 year old who acted to reduce nuclear weapons.

The Myths, the Silence, and the Propaganda That Keep Nuclear Weapons in Existence.  Collapse of the INF treaty could be followed by the expiry of New Start.     What Exactly Is Nuclear ‘No First Use’?

Nuclear power will ‘lumber into extinction,’ ex-regulator says.  Nuclear power has never been financially viable.

Major problem for astronauts – radiation damages mood and memory?

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The week in Nuclear News – Australia

Oh it’s climate again! How can we ignore it?  This time, it’s not just the heat-waves across the Norther hemisphere, but the effects of that hot air moving to the Arctic. Greenland and the Arctic in general, are headed for a record sea ice melt.  It will be an unprecedented ice loss – ultimately rapid loss will lead to rising sea levels.

Nuclear news?   There doesn’t seem to be much. Is that because the important stuff is kept secret, or at best, pretty quiet?   Russia is the best at this.  Now it is revealed, by an international team of scientists, that in September 2017 there must have been a nuclear accident at the Mayak nuclear reprocessing facility in Southern Russia. It’s the only feasible explanation for the cloud of Ruthenium-106 across Europe in late September.

New economic research discusses nuclear power’s real costs – ‘seven decades of economic ruin’. (a brief report on this is here)

Bits of good newsInternational kindness to Chernobyl children from radiation-contaminated areas – but more help is needed.  For First Time Ever, Scientists Identify How Many Trees to Plant and Where to Plant Them to Stop Climate Crisis


It’s climate here, too. Except that the current Australian government doesn’t believe that climate change is a serious problem. Australia is in an unprecedented drought – long-lasting, and across wide areas. With this government, “water shortage”is becoming an unmentionable political term like “climate change”. (Officially no human -caused climate change in Australia) but Queensland towns are running out of water. And Norther Territory towns are running out of water.


RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Energy minister Angus Taylor a no-show at clean energy summit. Wind and solar turn up ramping pressure in South Australia and Queensland. Queensland drops bidding directions, says wind and solar less than $50/MWh.   Solar dominates day-time markets, lifting share and pushing down prices. CEFC looks to energy storage, grid stability, after record spend on renewables. Victoria drafts new guidelines to smooth way for solar farms.

BHP casts doubt on renewables as it commits $US400m to cut emissions  – via including nuclear power and carbon capture, 

Senate voted on Press Freedoms – Matter of Public importance.


‘Thermal limits’ – extreme heat effects on the body

The horrors of nuclear weapons testing – 460,000 premature deaths.

New report: nuclear energy cannot be classified as “clean”, nor as economic.

ARCTIC.  Unprecedented wildfires in the Arctic release huge CO2 to the atmosphere.


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To 23 July – Nuclear and climate news Australia

Again – hard to focus on nuclear issues, as extreme climate events continue.  Africa is suffering from a crippling drought, as is IndonesiaEurope Faces Another Record-Setting Heat Wave This Week . India cops both flooding and heatwaves. Record high temperatures in America. Australian writer Peter Boyer– outlines the plight not only of his country, but of countries across the globe.

Nuclear news – less  dramatic, but still important.    In USA and UK, how to fund nuclear development is the preoccupation of the industry. The State of Ohio is just about to finalise a vote for a dodgy plan that will subsidise its nuclear plants, while ending incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Meanwhile the UK plan is for consumers to pay upfront through energy bills, for new nuclear projects before they’re even built,  – and might not even be built.   Alas, we don’t have access to information on Russia and China, but it appears that both countries are more and more relying on selling nuclear reactors overseas, rather than making them economically viable at home.


NUCLEAR. Energy Minister Angus Taylor grilled by Labor, says no to Barnaby’s “free” nuclear fantasy. MP Barnaby Joyce suggests free electricity as an incentive for communities to host nuclear power plants. The National Party’s Barnaby Joyce recommends nuclear power for impoverished rural Australians.  The probably insuperable hurdles to Australia getting nuclear reactors.    John Quiggan demolishes the case for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in South Australia.

How the Mirrar Aboriginal people, helped by environmentalists stopped uranium mining at Jabiluka.


No clear answer in sight, for Lynas’radioactive waste problem in rare earths project in Malaysia.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Electricity prices across the grid fall to zero as renewables reach 44% share. Melbourne’s tram network is set to be powered by the state’s largest solar farm. Northern Territory government backs 10GW solar and storage plant, biggest in world . Network plans for Victoria wind and solar sparks outrage from Federal Energy Minister Taylor.  Fourth huge solar and battery project approved for South Australia.  NSW to loan up to $14,000 to homes for rooftop solar and batteriesSolar industry fights back against surge of climate trolls on social media.


America’s original moon plan was to explode a nuclear bomb on the moon.  A heightened solar cycle, by chance, reduced the exposure of Apollo astronauts to space radiation.   Future space travellers will be, in reality, radiation guinea pigs.

Dangerous nuclear arms race to follow, if New Start Treaty is not renewed. World security needs nuclear New Start agreement – USA-Russia, not a distraction about China.

July to be world’s hottest month on record.

UN nuclear watchdog chief Yukiya Amano dies at 72.

New research shows how low dose ionising radiation promotes cancer.

The radioactively polluted oceans.

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A pity that Australians generally missed out on seeing the “Chernobyl” series

In Australia – the TV miniseries “Chernobyl” has pretty much passed us by, with minimum discussion.  That’s because it has been available only on Foxtel.  Foxtel does have many subscribers, but they”re mainly on Foxtel so that they can watch the AFL Football, which is the major religion in this country.  So – it’ s no surprise that even the majority of Foxtel subscribers are not likely to watch “Chernobyl”.

Hardly remarkable, in a country so devoted to that religion, and secondarily devoted to reality and cooking shows.  But a bit of a pity, as the influential, though poorly informed, right wing is pushing for nuclear power in Australia.  Watching “Chernobyl” might have given Australians an opportunity to think about the downsides of nuclear power.

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