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30 Years After Chernobyl – comprehensive report

Chernobyl 1986highly-recommended TORCH, Ian Fairlea, March 10, 2016  First of all, apologies to the many readers who have written complaining about the lack of new blogs/information on this website.

The explanation is that I’ve been busy for the past 5 months writing a new report on the health effects of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster -TORCH-2016. This is an update of the 2006 TORCH report. (TORCH means The Other Report on Chernobyl.)

The report (120 pages) was commissioned by Global 2000/Friends of the Earth Austria and funded by the Vienna City Council Environmental Ombuds Office.

The report updates the new health evidence which has been published in peer-reviewed journals during the 10 year period 2006-2016.

In a nutshell, the report finds

  • 5 million people in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia still live in highly contaminated areas
  • 400 million people in less contaminated areas
  • 37% of Chernobyl’s fallout deposited on western Europe; 42% of western Europe contaminated
  • 40,000 fatal cancers predicted
  • 6,000 thyroid cancer cases to date, 16,000 more expected
  • increased radiogenic thyroid cancers now seen in Austria
  • increased radiogenic leukemia, cardiovascular disease, breast cancers confirmed
  • new evidence of radiogenic birth defects, mental health effects and diabetes
  • new evidence that children in contaminated areas suffer radiogenic illnesses

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