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Samsung’s smartphones – the opportunity to redesign them for recycling of rare earths

The Toxic Legacy of 4.3 Million Flammable Samsung Smartphones


Greenpeace presses the electronics giant to recycle the defective phones and keep their hazardous components out of landfills. What will become of the 4.3 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones at risk of spontaneous combustion? The environmental group Greenpeace says Samsung’s corporate crisis presents a “big opportunity” to develop a new model for recycling and repurposing e-waste. Continue reading

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For the Marshall Islands, Climate Change Is A ‘Matter Of Life And Death’

Climate Change Is A ‘Matter Of Life And Death’ For The Marshall Islands, Honolulu Civil Beat,   The first female head of state of a Pacific island nation talks about the biggest threat her country faces. 4 Nov 16  By   It takes a combination of guts, grit and gray matter to face off against what is arguably the world’s biggest threat — a planet in the throes of environmental and climate upheaval.

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