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1 September REneweconomy news

  • Graph of the Day: States lead on renewables, but who leads the states?
    Climate Council ranks state efforts on renewables and climate targets as they race to fill the federal government void.
    Wind output hits record in July, wind and solar 59% in S.A.
    Wind output in Australia hits record highs in August, with wind and rooftop solar combining to provide 59 per cent of South Australia’s consumption.
    Indian Auditor-General finds public banks have US$1.8bn at risk on dud coal plants
    Two of India’s leading public sector banks at risk of losing a “significant proportion” of US$7.4 billion loaned over three years to private power producers
    Rooftop solar nears 6GW milestone in Australia
    Australian homes and businesses have installed 6GW of small-scale renewables – 5.9GW of it rooftop solar.
    ACT trials electric buses on public transport route
    Canberra’s public transport bus fleet will trial two pure electric buses and one electric-diesel hybrid, as it transitions away from ageing diesel fleet.
    Busting the solar ceiling: The fight for millions of Australians locked out of rooftop solar
    New data has shown that in North Sydney, alone, 74% of residents can’t access solar because they are renters or live in apartment buildings. But there are ways to solve the problem – as well as new companies making it their mission.

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