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29 September – more REneweconomy news

  • Future Grid teams with WattWatchers to tap demand response energy market
    “Software meets hardware” partnership aims to tap booming behind-the-meter energy market – a key part of future NEM.
    FRV reaches financial close on 100MW Lilyvale solar farm
    FRV reaches financial close on 100MW Lilyvale solar farm in central Queensland.
  • ARENA backs RayGen solar tower technology with $4.8m investment
    ARENA tips another $4.8m into RayGen Resources, to boost manufacture and commercialisation of home-grown PV Ultra solar tower power technology.
    Why isn’t energy productivity 
part of national debate on 
electricity costs and security?
    In the ongoing furore over energy and climate policy, the energy productivity opportunity is being ignored as a solution despite its potential for energy cost reductions.

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A threat to survival on Earth – the presidency of Donald Trump

Ultimately, Macron action’s will stand the test of time, while Trump is set to find himself increasingly isolated.


Under the Paris Agreement on climate change, countries agreed to keep the global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees of warming and strive for 1.5 degrees. Impacts are still expected at 2 degrees of warming, but at least some of the world’s coral reefs could survive. Beyond this level, coral reefs, which a quarter of the world’s marine life and half a billion people depend on, are expected to be completely wiped out.

At the United Nations this week, French President Emmanuel Macron described the Paris climate deal as a “pact between generations” and has told Donald Trump that the climate deal will not be renegotiated. Macron also stated that the “door will always remain open” for America to re-join, and suggested he hopes to convince Trump to do so.

The terrifying math of climate change shows us that in order to stay within the 2-degree safety limit, the majority of the world’s existing fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground and not be burned.  Macron’s plans to rule out fossil fuel exploration are essential, as exploration for new fossil fuels risks pushing the world over dangerous thresholds. Climate change is an existential threat.  At six degrees of warming, which we could get if all remaining fossil fuels were burned, falling oxygen levels could be a threat to the survival of life on earth. France’s new policy to phase out oil and gas exploration is absolutely in line with the science, and if anything, the year of 2040 is too late – exploration needs to be ruled out earlier.

France’s leadership on climate change

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The tooth survey that helped stop nuclear bomb testing in the atmosphere

The analysis revealed a spike in strontium-90 levels in children born between 1954 and 1955. This coincided with a period of extensive nuclear testing that started in 1953. Among these children, strontium-90 levels were also found to be higher in those who were bottle-fed compared to those who were breastfed.

This observation further emphasized that the children were absorbing the radioactive element from the environment — picture acres of dairy farms showered with rain that has just passed through kilometers of atmosphere containing radioactive dust.

Experiments explained: Baby Tooth Survey  In June 1963, shortly after publishing the first phase of the study, Dr. Eric Reiss, one of the main participating scientists, presented the findings in testimony before the American Senate committee. Two months later, the Partial Test Ban Treaty (PTBT) between the United States, the Soviet Union, and Britain was signed. This agreement prevented countries from performing test detonations of nuclear weapons, except for those conducted underground.

During a second phase of the study, a 50 per cent decline in strontium-90 was seen in children born in 1968, thanks in part to the PTBT that Franklin and her team helped bring about.

Ursula Franklin’s contributions to reforming the regulation of nuclear weapons, Varsity, 
By Farah Badr 

 ZAHRA DANAEI/THE VARSITY, Humanity has been fundamentally transformed by the discovery of nuclear radiation and radioactive chemical elements. Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radium in the late 1890s, following Henri Becquerel’s discovery of radioactivity. Since then, World War I has led to the advent of the first X-ray machine, which treated injured soldiers, and World War II has brought upon the development of weapons of mass destruction.

Not long after, scientists began collecting radioactive baby teeth on American land: the unexpected aftermath of harnessing the unprecedented power of nuclear radiation. Continue reading

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29 September REneweconomy news

  • Adani’s Whyalla 140MW solar plant set for construction in 2018Green industrial revolution continues at Whyalla, with Adani Group’s 140MW solar farm approved for construction.
  • Adelaide charged up as hub for electric vehicles
    The City of Adelaide is now a hub for South Australia’s electric vehicle charging network with eight fast charging stations opening today within a new dedicated EV parking area.
  • Hackett steps aside as chair, CEO of battery storage company Redflow
    Hackett steps down from twin roles at Redflow as company focuses on new manufacturing facility and cutting costs.
  • AGL looks at 250MW battery storage plant for Liddell
    AGL outlines plans to install 250MW of battery storage at Liddell, and to invest in Bayswater upgrade, new gas generators, demand response, and huge amount of wind and solar to replace Liddell.
  • Goulburn Council floats solar PV as a way to cut water costs
    Goulburn Council to commission feasibility studies into installing floating solar on government water stores, to slash power costs.
  • Graph of the Day: Green Bond issuance to soon pass $100 billion
    Green Bond issues expected to surpass $US100 billion for the first time in a single year in 2017.

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