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According to Senator Canavan, Kimba and Hawker locals asked for a bigger bribe, to become a nuclear sacrifice zone

Multimillion-dollar incentive put on the table for town that takes on nuclear waste facility  ABC RADIO ADELAIDE, 23 JULY 18   As debate rages over where Australia’s first permanent nuclear waste dump should be placed, the Federal Government has announced it will offer a $31 million package to the community which takes it on.

Two sites near Kimba and one near Hawker have been shortlisted to permanently hold low-level nuclear waste and temporarily hold intermediate-level waste.

However some concerned community members have likened the funding increase to “dangling a carrot” in front of the communities.

The new offer would include a $20 million community development package, $8 million to provide training and up to $3 million over three years for Indigenous skills training and culture heritage protection.

The Government had previously promised $10 million………

Funding likened to ‘dangling a carrot’

Aboriginal elder Regina McKenzie is a custodian of the Barndioota site — west of Hawker — and is a traditional owner of the land.

She said the proposal lacked cultural respect and believed the Government was trying to bribe the communities.

“It’s not a good spot, it’s very seismically active,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“The culture issues are bad as well, they wouldn’t put a waste dump on the Vatican… the respect for Aboriginal beliefs and customs should come into it.  “They’re dangling a carrot in front of the Hawker community, in front of the Kimba community.”

Senator Canavan said that after consultations with both the Kimba and Hawker communities, locals thought more incentive would be needed to get long-term support.

He said the hope would be that the $8 million would be a package of $2 million over four years as the facility was built.

Senator Canavan said the community vote in Hawker and Kimba on August 20 would be important in the Government’s decision, but it wouldn’t be the deciding figure.

“Can I just stress, this has been a grassroots process, it will not proceed without that community’s support,” he said.

“The views that matter now are not the Government’s or mine, it’s the views of the people on the ground there in Kimba and Hawker.

“Obviously we’d love to have support from both communities.”

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  1. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO TELEPORT RADIOACTIVE NUCLEAR WASTE TO SA – ONLY 0.0003% OF SA POPULATION ALLOWED TO VOTE FOR OR AGAINST DUMP : People within 50 kms radius (Pt Augusta 80kms away) from the proposed Federal govnt Radioactive Nuclear Waste Dump sites are the only people allowed to vote For or Against the dump (that’s 0.0003% of SA’s population) – because the NLP (Nuclear Liberal Party) are saying it wont effect anyone else – so look forward to hearing how the Feds will Teleport the Nuclear Waste instantly from Lucas Heights, bypassing the Stuart Highway, to sites in the Flinders Ranges (1,500kms) or Kimba (1,700kms), without the need to travel on anyone’s country?????


    Comment by Kim Mavromatis | July 23, 2018 | Reply

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