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Broad support for nuclear waste dump at Napandee? Senate report shows that is a lie

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Australia’s mainstream media dutifully parrots out Government spin about gas

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See this graphic exposure of the coal, oil, gas, corruption in Australian government

Australian Government Corrupt Connections – Fossil Fuels democracy has been hijacked by the fossil fuel industry. Australians need to know about government links with the coal, oil & gas industry.Please share this so more people are aware. WE need an ICAC now!

For more information we recommend watching “Dirty Power” (15 min) which documents many of the fossil fuel links to government detailed in this thread.   Australian Government Corrupt Connections – Fossil Fuels

Thread produced by @aaron_brooks10 & @DanielBleakleyMost info sourced from

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Coalition to divert renewable energy funding away from wind and solar

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In tropical areas, increasing heat and humidity will make life almost unbearable

These impacts will be stronger in the seasonally wet tropics (such as the Northern Territory of Australia), where more extreme warming is expected than in the equatorial zone.

Predictions for Darwin, in northern Australia, suggest an increase in days with temperatures above 35℃ from 11 days a year in 2015 to an average of 43 days under the mid-range emission scenario (IPCC’s RCP4.5 scenario) by 2030 and an average of 111 (range 54-211) days by 2090. Under the higher emission scenario (IPCC’s RCP8.5), an average of 265 days above 35℃ could be reached by 2090.

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Australian government never intended to follow the advice of the review on environmental law

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‘Gas-led recovery’ may actually deter energy investment: Experts

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Liddell report shows Morrison and Taylor exaggerated case for gas intervention — RenewEconomy

Modelling for the Liddell Task Force reveals that Angus Taylor and Scott Morrison exaggerated the price impacts used to justify their extraordinary gas intervention. The post Liddell report shows Morrison and Taylor exaggerated case for gas intervention appeared first on RenewEconomy.

Liddell report shows Morrison and Taylor exaggerated case for gas intervention — RenewEconomy

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September 16 Energy News — geoharvey

Opinion: ¶ “US West Coast Fires: Is Trump Right To Blame Forest Management?” • President Trump has sought to highlight forest management rather than climate change as the key factor explaining the wildfires burning across California, Oregon, and Washington. But most of the forests in those states are owned by the federal government. [BBC] ¶ […]

September 16 Energy News — geoharvey

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Are Cannon-Brookes and Elon Musk about to team up for big battery plans? — RenewEconomy

Cannon-Brookes says he is talking to Musk again. Is this just about a Newcastle battery, or plans for the world’s biggest solar and battery project in the NT? The post Are Cannon-Brookes and Elon Musk about to team up for big battery plans? appeared first on RenewEconomy.

Are Cannon-Brookes and Elon Musk about to team up for big battery plans? — RenewEconomy

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South Australian Labor calls on the Federal Government to halt its plans to dump nuclear waste at Kimba.

SUSAN CLOSE MP Shadow Minister for Environment and Water EDDIE HUGHES MP Member for Giles 15 Sept 20, 
Kimba site selection process flawed, waste dump plans must be scrapped
South Australian Labor is calling on the Federal Government to halt its plans to dump nuclear waste at Kimba. The  The decision follows the release of the Senate Economics Legislation Committee report on the National Radioactive Waste Management Amendment (Site Specification Community Fund and Other Measures) Bill 2020.
The report found there was a deliberate attempt to remove judicial review rights from the Barngarla people and the farming community of the Kimba area.
In June this year, the Federal Opposition voted against this legislation in the House of Representatives.

SA Labor has consistently expressed its concerns about the site selection process and the lack of consultation with native title holders. Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Environment Susan Close

This was a dreadful process from start to finish, resulting in fractures within the local community over the dump.
The SA ALP has committed to traditional owners having a right of veto over any nuclear waste sites, yet the federal government has shown no respect to the local Aboriginal people.
Quotes attributable to Member for Giles Eddie Hughes

This report clearly reflects that any mediation undertaken with the Barngarla people did not have any legal or political weight.
This has been a very divisive process from the beginning due to individual land owners nominating the sites.
Instead of rushing this quick fix by dumping in SA, the federal government should do the work on a long-term plan for the management of nuclear waste in Australia.
We clearly have an obligation to manage our domestic nuclear waste in a responsible way for the long term. This proposal falls far short of meeting that obligation.

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Observations on the Senate Radioactive Waste Inquiry Report

Key messages:

  • Report has failed to provide a compelling case for the need for the proposed changes and the legal override
  • The fact that there are multiple responses and findings highlights there is no broad political consensus – this mirrors that there is no broad community support
  • This report does not provide certainty for the project – it remains unproven, unwelcome and this unfinished business will remain the focus of active contest.

The majority report – Coalition (and I presume but am not certain, some Labor members) predictably recommend the legislation be advanced.

Jenny McAllister – (Labor) has an individual dissenting report that changing the process ‘should not proceed at this time’

Rex Patrick – Independent – has a dissenting report stating the process has been flawed and improper and the waste should go to Woomera

The Greens – have a dissenting report that the legislation should not be advanced and that an inquiry into alternative management options and a consultation with transport corridor communities take place.

The majority reports recommends that the legislation be advanced – with the sop that the department and Barngarla ‘discuss issues and find a pathway for on-going consultation’, including through an independent mediator. These folks are graduates in the school that no doesn’t mean no – it means not yet.

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Not welcome, not needed: Community alliance united in response to divided Senate report on Kimba radioactive waste plan

  September 15, 2020 ‒   Federal government plans to transport, dump and store radioactive waste in South Australia are not needed, not welcome and will be actively contested says the South Australian community based No Dump Alliance.

This statement comes in response to a new Senate report into plans to change the federal radioactive waste laws by removing the community’s right of legal review.

The government controlled Senate Committee report had multiple conflicting findings which highlights the lack of political consensus. The report does not present a compelling case for the proposed changes including the legal override. In the three minority reports Committee members have raised serious concerns and opposition including over the heavy handed legal exclusion, the denial of Aboriginal and wider community rights and protections and the lack of proven need for the planned national facility.

“In the 21st Century it is unacceptable to try and airbrush away Aboriginal peoples concern over nuclear risks”, said NDA spokesperson Karina Lester. “The Barngarla Native Title holders were excluded from the Kimba community ballot about the waste plan and now the federal government is trying to deny them the right to contest the plan in court. This is not only unfair to the Barngarla people but a clear insult to the concerns expressed by Aboriginal people from right across South Australia to any dumping and storage of radioactive waste on our traditional lands from outside the state”.

The federal plan has attracted many critics as the government has failed to demonstrate that moving waste to Kimba is either necessary or responsible.

“This plan is a clear example of government overreach,” said NDA spokesperson and state secretary of the Maritime Union Jamie Newlyn. “South Australian communities have not had any say in the controversial plan but would face increased radioactive transport risks. The plan is deeply deficient and the process is fatally flawed”.

NDA member groups have committed to escalate their efforts around the Kimba waste push and will work against the federal government’s move to reduce community and environment protections in the Senate.

“We have a long, proud and united history of overturning radioactive waste plans in SA,” said Karina Lester. “From the senior desert law women the Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta challenging Federal waste dump plans in the late 90’s and early 2000’s to the Scarce Royal Commission (2015-2017) our community has taken action to protect and stand up for our state. The federal government – and the Marshall government – should be under no illusions – this will be opposed”.

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Critical mass in Canberra puts nuclear dump in doubt

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Senate inquiry recommends passing nuclear waste site at Napandee, South Australia

Senate inquiry recommends passing nuclear waste site at Napandee, South Australia, ABC North and West SA, By Gary-Jon Lysaght and Gabriella Marchant

Posted 2hhours ago, updated 1hhour ago  The Senate Economics Committee has recommended that Parliament pass legislation that would make Napandee, a farm on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, the site for a low and medium-level nuclear waste facility……

Dissent in the ranks

While the committee as a whole recommended the amendments be passed, there were three MPs who opposed the decision — the Greens’ Sarah Hanson-Young, independent senator Rex Patrick and Labor senator Jenny McAllister.

“The proposed facility has not received the support of the relevant traditional owners, or of many other First Nations representatives in South Australia,” Ms McAllister wrote in the report.

“In particular, the process undertaken to assess community attitudes to the facility has been criticised as inadequate by the Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation on the grounds that its members were excluded from participating in the community ballot commissioned to assess sentiment.”

But South Australian Labor senator Alex Gallacher, who is also on the committee, said Ms McAllister’s views did not represent the entire party.

“There’s a variety of views in the Labor party,” he said………

Mr Patrick said the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA), a large defence testing arena in outback SA, should still be considered as a potential site.

“Defence creates an argument that says there is nowhere within the Woomera Prohibited Area you can put a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility,” he said.

“My report goes to all the areas within the WPA that have never been subject to any testing.”

Traditional owners ‘excluded from vote’

A community ballot was held at Kimba in 2019, which showed more than 60 per cent of the Kimba community supported the facility.

But the traditional owners of the region, the Barngarla, were not included in the vote, because it was limited to those living in the Kimba Council area.

Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation chairman Jason Bilney said the Senate should vote the bill down.

“If the Government would only include traditional owners as a whole from the start and let Barngarla be a part of the process,” he said.

“We were excluded from the vote.”

Mr Bilney said he was concerned the proposed legislation effectively removed citizens’ ability to challenge the Government’s selection of the site in the courts.

“They’ve announced the site, why can’t they just give a reason why they picked the site, and we all have the right to question why they picked it?” he said.

“What have they got to hide, now they want to go and take away the judicial review?”

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