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Peace Boat sails in to Hobart with anti-nuclear message

Peace Boat sails in to Hobart with anti-nuclear message

On Mornings with Leon Compton

 The anti-nuclear group who won the Nobel Peace Prize last year have sailed in to to Hobart on the “Making Waves Peace Boat”. They are on a national voyage with nuclear survivors to tell their stories and advance the call for Australia to reject nuclear weapons. Founder of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), Tilman Ruff, tells Leon Compton everyone agrees nuclear weapons will have to be banned at some point. The question is, when?
Duration: 13min 41sec

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Is nuclear power globally scaleable?

Nuclear Power: Caveats for Energy Policy 

Nuclear Power: Caveats for Energy Policy, Speaker: Prof. Derek Abbott, University of Adelaide, 1st Sept 2017. Is nuclear power globally scaleable? World energy consumption is 15TW. Energy efficiency could save perhaps 13TW. Consider 10 billion light bulbs in the world and replacing them with LEDs.

This could save 50GW – the output of 50 nuclear plants. Just the IEA countries alone in 2015 saved energy equivalent to the power consumption of the whole of Japan. If we were to seriously scale up to 15,000 nuclear stations we would only have 25 years worth of uranium left.

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Dr Jim Green on Solartopia radio

The Fall of the Nuke Power Industry is welcomed in Solartopia Radio as we talk with Jim Green in Australia. Our first “down-under” guest is the nuclear campaigner for Friends of the Earth and edits the NUCLEAR MONITOR for the NUCLEAR INFORMATION & RESOURCE SERVICE. He fills us in on the current energy crisis in Australia and Elon Musk’s offer to solve it with a giant battery farm, a solution Jim Green basically dismisses. We then cover the thrilling demise of the global atomic power industry, starting with Fukushima and visiting the collective downfall of the American and European industries. We worry about China, Russia, India and South Korea. But Jim’s in-depth understanding of the collapse of the Peaceful Atom gives us profound hope. PRN.FM 23rd March 2017

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‘Utopia’, the film, can be viewed for the first time online

Bronwyn Lucas Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 20 Mar 17, 

‘Utopia’, the film, can be viewed for the first time on this site
If you’ve ever wondered whether the federal government might be trustworthy, whether our first nation peoples have been treated fairly and whether they have the right to have a whinge, then this film might make wake you up, if you’re like most Australians and asleep at the wheel … my biggest surprise was the integrity of ABC’s Lateline … oh … and Dave Sweeney who spoke at Hawker at our latest gathering? He appears briefly too!

Do we believe what the Feds say? It’s propaganda +++ and poor Kimba, about to have a three-month intensive ‘community consultation’ roadshow …

John Pilger – … a great Australian journalist!

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Ghillar Michael Anderson interviewed on CAAMA Radio News

Anderson,MichaelProposed changes to Native Title Act “one of the vilest racist acts we’ve seen” – Ghillar Michael Anderson February 2017:

“A Bill before Parliament to amend the Native title Act in relation to Indigenous Land Use agreements has been described by a veteran Aboriginal rights campaigner as
“one of the vilest racist acts we’ve seen”.

Ghillar Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union says
the proposed amendments are a complete violation of the First Nations laws and customs
because each clan makes its own decisions about its own land and what happens on and within those territories.

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America’s secret military facility at Pine Gap makes Australia a nuclear target

VIDEOS here comprise  a three part interview with Donna Mulhearn, from Christians Against War, formerly a media adviser with the NSW Government. The text-from-the-archivesinterview details the role of Pine Gap as a secret US spy base. Donna discusses action (2007) she and other activists from Christians Against War attempted to carry out a citizen’s inspection of the secret US Pine Gap base, and the subsequent arrest and charging of these activists. She also exposes the utilisation of Pine Gap in triangulation of missle targets during the Afghan and Iraq wars.

PINE GAP & WAIHOPAI – THE SOUTHERN ECHELON  by reanimatedresidue  April 8, 2012  Pine Gap is a satellite tracking station located near Alice Springs in Central Australia. It hosts the largest CIA facility outside America. In the late 1960s, the then prime minister, Harold Holt, entered into an agreement with the Americans that led to the establishment of Pine Gap. Holt disappeared in December 1967 while swimming at Cheviot Beach near Portsea, Victoria, and was presumed drowned. Pine Gap is officially called the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap since 1988, previously it was known as Joint Defence Space Research Facility. Continue reading

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Australia’s farmers feeling the effects of climate change

climate-changeBetting the Farm: Farmers confront climate change Climate change is here, and Australian agriculture is acutely feeling the effects. Three farmers explain how it’s impacting their lives and livelihoods.

By Jo Chandler for Background Briefing Real-world observations of temperature spikes, pasture growth and grape harvests across southern Australia reveal that the landscape is heating up at rates experts did not expect to see until 2030.

In some instances the rates of warming are tracking at 2050 scenarios.

Scientists concerned that climate change is biting harder and faster than models anticipated are campaigning for more research investment to protect Australia’s $58 billion agriculture industry from extreme weather.

Background Briefing has learned that their concerns about the capability of Australian research to address climate change will be validated in an independent review by the prestigious Australian Academy of Science.

The review, due for release in the next few weeks, has identified a substantial shortfall in the nation’s climate research firepower.

It’s understood that the review will recommend that the number of scientists working for CSIRO and its partners on climate science needs to increase by about 90. That is almost double the current number of full time positions.

Meanwhile, the reality is already confronting farmers on the front line, many of them battered by this last year of wild conditions.

Climate change makes farming more of a gamble than it ever was. It should be a complete concern to everyone who eats on this planet, because the whole world is going to be gambling on food production.

George Mills, Tasmania
We are seeing grapes ripening faster and ripening within a much shorter timeframe than they once did.

Brett McClen, Victoria
Climate change is here, there is no doubt about it … The hip pocket is when it makes you decide it is here or not, and it hurt our hip pockets, so we know.

Mark McDougall, Tasmania
Hear Jo Chandler’s full investigation into the impact of climate change on Australian agriculture on ABC RN’s Background Briefing at 8:05am on Sunday, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunesABC Radio or your favourite podcasting app.

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Liz Tynan on the secret history of Maralinga

Hear-This-wayABC Conversations interview: Liz Tynan on the secret history of Maralinga British nuclear testing on Australian ground: cover-ups, aftershocks and contamination. Dr Liz Tynan is a science writer, and senior lecturer at the James Cook University Graduate Research School.

In the 1950s and 60s, Australia’s then Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, agreed to provide land and support to the British nuclear test program.

At Maralinga in South Australia, the British exploded seven mushroom cloud bombs (the ‘major trials’).By doing so, they became the world’s third nuclear power, and created some of the most contaminated land on the planet.

Elements of the program were shrouded in secrecy. Prior to 1978, most people had never heard of Maralinga.

Then whistle-blowers and journalists began to expose the extent of the environmental and human costs of the program.

Listen now or download podcast at: (49min 21sec audio.)

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The Radioactive Show marks anniversary of Hiroshima nuclear bombing

this Saturday marks 71 years since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
radioactive-showjHear-This-wayTune in to the Radioactive Show at 10am on 855AM in Melbourne, or listen from anywhere in the world on
Poised to outlaw nuclear weapons

Is the international community poised to outlaw the most destructive weapons ever created? In this episode, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons reports on the progress made at the May session of a special UN working group on nuclear disarmament in Geneva. There the vast majority of nations declared a readiness to start work on a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons.

 Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and the Philippines were among those proposing that the first negotiating conference be convened 2017. While few expect that the nine nuclear-armed nations will embrace this new law, proponents are convinced that it will be a powerful catalyst for change.
The podcast will be available after the show is broadcast at
The radioactive show airs on 3cr 855 am (Melbourne) at 10am Saturdays and repeated at 6am Tuesdays,broadcast nationally on Tuesdays at 12 noon on the Community Radio Network and podcast on the 3cr website

We talk about Nuclear and Peace Issues; follow the most current news on nuclear issues in Australia.

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See this short video explaining the South Australian nuclear waste dump proposal

see-this.wayTodayTonight Adelaide: Nuke Dump

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Should SA accept 70,000 tonnes of radioactive waste from 37 countries?

(Video 4min 54sec)

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AUDIO: Radioactive Show on nuclear disarmament

radioactive-showjHear-This-wayLet us decipher the recent developments in disarmament diplomacy for you: tune into the Radioactive Show every Saturdaymorning at 10am on 3CR (855AM), or get the podcast at

Saturday 2nd April at 10am: UN talks to prohibit nuclear weapons #1

We delve deeper into the world of disarmament diplomacy, examining landmark United Nations talks that began in Geneva, Switzerland, in February. The new working group is gathering for three sessions this year to discuss how to take forward disarmament negotiations, and a ban treaty is front and centre. This is Part 1 in a two-part report, featuring an interview with Ray Acheson from Reaching Critical Will.

Saturday 9th April at 10am: UN talks to prohibit nuclear weapons #2

We continue exploring the landmark discussions in the UN working group, laying the groundwork to negotiate a new instrument prohibiting nuclear weapons. This process is challenging the nuclear weapons possessors and their faithful allies, like Australia. Listen in to what happens behind the UN’s doors. This is part 2 in a 2-part report, featuring an interview with Richard Lennane, Chief Inflammatory Officer with Wildfire. 

Produced by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, spoken by Tim Wright.

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China’s State Grid Eyes Australia

see-this.wayChina’s State Grid Eyes Australia (VIDEO) April 1, 2016
It has more than one billion customers and sales bigger than Apple’s and Boeing’s combined. But not many people have heard about State Grid. It’s a Chinese-owned power company with ambitious plans to expand, especially in Australia. Bloomberg’s James Paton reports on “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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Radio Ecoshock explodes the propaganda for Nuclear Power




 SUMMARY: Lead author of “World Nuclear Industry Status Reports” Mycle Schneider on new Nuclear Leap Forward in China. Famous activist Helen Caldicott on plan to make S. Australia a world nuclear dump; and dangerous nuke waste in St. Louis, Missouri. Radio Ecoshock 160127

A tiny but powerful number of scientists, applauded by a few famous greens, urge us to accept nuclear power. They see it as the salvation of our civilization, our climate, our future.

It isn’t happening. As you’ll hear, nuclear power is shrinking, not expanding. World-wide, major nuclear companies are going bankrupt, or soaking up billions more of your taxes, or both.

Expert Mycle Schneider looks into secrets of the Great Nuclear Leap Forward in China. Remember, after Chernobyl and Fukushima, an accident anywhere in the world can irradiate the Northern Hemisphere. China’s new untested reactors are your reactors. Their radiation can land in your backyard.

All our lives, we’ve been told the problem of storing nuclear waste for a million years will be solved by science and technology. Instead, you will hear how hot waste from 70 years ago continues to threaten and poison a suburb of St. Louis Missouri. Dr. Helen Caldicott also reports on the mad rush to turn beautiful South Australia into a nuclear waste dump for the world.

Boiling water with reactors has become a time-bomb, a failed technology, a path better not taken, a threat and a burden to all succeeding generations.

This is Radio Ecoshock. I’m Alex Smith.

Listen to/download this Radio Ecoshock show in CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB).

Or listen on Soundcloud right now!

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Film “Containment” timely, as #NuclearCommissionSAust blocks environmental and Aboriginal voices

Madigan, Michele

It would certainly be beyond their comprehension that any community, any government, would actually volunteer to take other countries’ nuclear waste, which remains radioactive for thousands of years. Yet in Australia, this is what nuclear proponents, the SA premier, and now the prime minister are backing.

South Australia’s Royal Commission has refused Australian environmental movement experts ACF and Friends of the Earth permission to appear. On 8 December Rose Lester, a second-generation Yankunyjatjara nuclear survivor, found her own plea blocked by Commissioner Scarce.

Fears and fictions in SA’s nuclear waste tussle, Eureka Street,  Michele Madigan |  10 December 2015 The long anticipated arrival of reprocessed nuclear fuel rods in the first week of December has thrown the spotlight again on Australia’s nuclear industry. Greenpeace’s highlighting of the deficiencies of transport gives little hope that government plans will fit with the usual assurances of ‘world’s best practice’ in this, the world’s most dangerous industry…….

At a screening last month of his film Containment, Harvard Professor Robb Moss agreed with me regarding the ‘providence’ of its timely showing to Australian audiences. Five years in the making, Containment shows, among other sequences, how the US is attempting to tackle the massive problem of dealing with their own high level radioactive waste.

It includes interviews with government officials and regulator personnel amid their attempts to contain the radioactivity for the expected 10,000 years — a time frame that will embrace ‘people who will not share our language, our nation and even our civilisation’. It’s unsurprising that the oft repeated phrase from those from the nuclear industry was that ‘the hardest thing is to get the community onside’. Continue reading

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PODCAST No Nuclear Dump at Hill End

podcastSm This week we tune into the radioactive waste dump debate in Hill End, near Sally’s Flat, an area that is suddenly in the spotlight for being one of six potential sites for the national radioactive waste dump. We speak with Jodie Carter from the No Central West Nuclear Waste Dump Committee and Nat Wasley from the Beyond Nuclear Initiative. Further afield, we speak with Yankunytjatjara woman Karina Lester, in Japan for the World Nuclear Victims Forum. – See more at

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