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(Sorry not the Olympics) Nuclear and Climate News

I’m thinking of changing my name to ”Cassandra”.(Greek goddess of  gloom and doom) The media in my country, and elsewhere,  has been ecstatic about Olympic Games medals. I guess that’s a relief from the virus/vaccine focus.  But it seems that nobody knows that this week has been the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that Fukushima ”recovery” has not really happened. That the Japanese government, despite the pandemic, in fact did not have the power to cancel the Games – under the contract, only the IOC can do that. That vast sums were spent, and will leave the Japanese people with vast debt, right when they have a crippling health crisis. . That the extravagant arenas and  buildings will become white elephants.That 430 athletes and others in the Olympic Village  got Covid-19.

Similarly, in the news we heard some whispers about wildfires around the world, and catastrophic floods, too. You really need alternative media to put all this together. A leader in this is Radio Ecoshock –  ”I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain”.  

BUT – just as I write this  – up comes the UN Climate report 2021 – this will wake up the mainstream media, even in Australia.Coronavirus – there’s still a surge in cases, worldwide, with a clear trend to the pandemic affecting the un-vaccinated.
Some bits of good news. Hard to find – but here’s a place – Empathy in the English Channel and A bird recovery programme, and Africa’s largest forest  reserve in recovery. 


  On the brink of a new nuclear arms race. On Hiroshima Day, the City of Newcastle reaffirms its commitment as a Nuclear Free Zone, supporting United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  

People of the Pacific condemn Talisman Sabre Military Exercises.

Conservation Council of South Australia supports ANSTO’s proposal for a new Intermediate Level Solid Waste Storage Facility at Lucas Heights. Thousands of litres of sulphuric acid leaks from tanker as it travels through South Australia froma uranium mine.


Global average temperature rise 
of 1.5c likely to be reached 10 years early. The world is getting “dangerously close” to running out of time to avert catastrophic climate change.

Towards a clean and sustainable energy system: 26 criteria nuclear power does not meet .

Nuclear weapons cannot be used, but their danger persists. Now, in the times of the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty, nuclear deterrence continues, but becomes increasingly discredited. Renounce the use and further development of nuclear weapons. The hard fought campaign continues – to ban nuclear weapons.

The myth that the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was justified.

Complicit – The countries, companies and think tanks that support the deadly nuclear arms trade.

Hiroshima City remembers the sudden cruelty of the atomic bombing .  Tokyo Olympics part of propaganda strategy to downplay Fukushima nuclear disaster, as Olympics have been previously used to downplay Hiroshima bombing. Tokyo Olympics were touted as a showcase for Fukushima nuclear recovery. That didn’t work.

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This week’s nuclear news

This week s news –   Olympic ecstasy – all those lovely medals. It’s hard to get past that, – for example, to find out how many of the 220  or more coronavirus positive people associated with the Games, are actually athletes. It is not polite to discuss the costs of the Games, – money that could have gone into tackling Tokyo’s heath problems, as Tokyo’s state of emergency  hits 4,000 new Covid-19 cases daily.I’m sorry, but I can’t get enthused about an event designed as the ”recovery” from the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. It’s so in line with that other timely myth, that it was OK, in 1945, to obliterate  two whole cities of children, women and men, in each case, with just one diabolical new bomb. (Attached is a video, 5 years old, but still valid coronavirus–  case numbers keep growing. Climate change:  Critical measures of global heating reaching tipping point.  Climate Change Is Driving Deadly Weather Disasters From Arizona To Mumbai


Australian Labor Party does not trust Angus Taylor’s ”moronic” approach to energy and economics. A reminder to gullible followers of Angus Taylor – small nuclear reactors are just not economically viable.

 Submission: Medical Association for the Prevention of War (MAPW) supports a new Intermediate Level Solid Waste Storage Facility at Lucas Heights. Higher cancer and stillbirth rates in Aboriginal people living near the Ranger uranium mine.

Webinar. Brisbane remembers Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thurs 5 August 6.30-7.30 p.m. AEST


Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki – no excuses for having nuclear weapons !

Degrowth: the necessary climate solution no-one is talking about. terrific, thought provoking article 

Small nuclear reactors
, a dangerous experiment, and distraction from real climate action – David Suzuki.

If man cannot overcome his desire to kill, we are doomed.

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To 27 July – the week in nuclear news, Australia and more

It has been a funny week in the news, funny not as in ha ha, but as in weird.  The news here prioritised the Olympics. Oh goody, my countrymen and women won lovely medals, for doing sporty things, very fast.- so, extensive coverage of all that. 

You wouldn’t know that the host city, Tokyo, is now daily getting close to 2000 new cases of coronavirus. You wouldn’t know that megafires are torching U.S. Western  States, and North Eastern Siberia. Briefly mentioned – huge floods inEurope and China.  Oh, and by the way, I think that the pandemic is still on, world wide, with the highly infectious delta variant.
The second biggest story, after the glorious Olympics, has been the success of the billionaire space playboys – Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos. The media can’t wait until Elon Musk and Bill Gates do their next thing – missile envy bringing great things for the world,(though we”re not quite sure what things)


Opposition to nuclear waste transport
 through the port of Whyalla, South Australia. Port at Cape Hardy could be the entrance place for radioactive waste transport to Kimba, South Australia. Barngarla native title owners were excluded from decision-making on Kimba nuclear waste plan.  A strong convention on radioactive waste safety means that nuclear’s toxic by-products should be kept as close as possible to the point of production

Western Australian site far more suitable than Kimba, South Australia, for nuclear waste dump. Regional site in Western Australia geologically and geographically suited to nuclear waste repository, unlike the Kimba site in S.A. Resources Minister Keith Pitt and his bald-faced lies about the Leonora nuclear waste proposal.

Submissions to the Federal Public Works Committee: 


Moral Intelligence or Nuclear War.

The world’s climate catastrophe – there is little time left to act.  All We Can Save”: As Climate Disasters Wreck Our Planet, Women Leaders Are Key to Solving the Crisis.  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) preparing assessments for COP26.

Climate change, extreme weather, is taking its toll on the nuclear industry. The nuclear industry determined to influence climate talks before COP26.

Racism and the misguided efforts to expand nuclear energy around the world,

After the lab-leak theory, US-Chinese relations head downhill.

Progressive lawmakers join across the world in a Global Alliance For A Green New Deal.

Huge carbon emissions of space tourismSpace tourism: environmental vandalism for the super-rich . Climate change report: Jeff Bezos & the new wild west show. Jeff Bezos and the corporate colonisation of the stars. Perils to austronauts’ health – high radiation and low gravity.

Emerging technologies and nuclear stability. Small Nuclear Power Plants No Use in Climate Crisis. Bill Gates’ fast nuclear reactor ”Natrium’‘ – not so safe and a nuclear weapons proliferation risk.

Why Scientists Plant Sunflowers After Nuclear Disasters.

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The week in nuclear news

Today, Dr Helen Caldicott speaks out forcefully on the omnicidal threat of nuclear war, on male aggression, and the need for women to take control in national governments.

On matters nuclear – not much is happening – news items this week, from UK, Canada, France and USA show that  nuclear development is stalling.    Meanwhile renewable energy is charging ahead globally – cheaper and faster. I am not able to keep up with solar, wind, developments etc.

CORONAVIRUS –  What’s happening in Canada and around the world.

CLIMATE Cascading Tipping Points & Permafrost. Germany the latest victim of extreme weather.

A bit of good news. Huge Supply of Water is Saved From Evaporation When Solar Panels Are  Built Over Canals 


Greenland moves toward a stricter ban on uranium mining.


With all its wisdom, the human race is killing itself.

As the world starts to panic over climate change, nuclear evangelists offer spurious solutions.

British court ruling heightens danger of Assange extradition to the US.

How Right-Wing Extremists Pose A Nuclear Threat.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is well aware of that danger we don’t discuss – NUCLEAR TERRORISM.

Automation in nuclear weapon systems: lessons from the man who saved the world.

The Catholic Worker Movement, and its anti-nuclear heroes in prison.

3rd-gen Nagasaki A-bomb survivor continuing decades-long work for nuclear free world

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The week in nuclear news

No – there’s not really much happening in the nuclear sphere.  What is happening is the increasing pro nuke propaganda. It is so noticeable in my country, Australia. Not that it’s widespread (yet), but the pro-nuke spiel from the Murdochracy is so patently, silly, and ill-informed that it deserves mention for its absurdity. I hope to write more about this next time.

CLIMATE  Serious as the pandemic is, –  I’m thinking that in the total picture,  it does not compare with the weather extremes, the suffering, the forced refugees, that the world faces from global heating.

 When it happens in America, the media does sit up and take notice. It’s happening in California, with raging temperatures and raging wildfires. I know that this is terrible, and not funny, but still, I wonder if some climate change denialists might be having second thoughts , as they’re finding it hard to get oysters and other luxury shellfish –   seeing that these coastal marine organisms are being cooked now, before they can be harvested.

CORONAVIRUS.  World Health Organisation sounds alarm as global deaths top 4 million, delta variant spreads to 100 countries.


South Australian law demands an Inquiry into the Federal government’s nuclear waste storage plan. Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation (BDAC) will take legal action against nuclear dump plan if Resources Minister Keith Pitt names Napandee as the site. 

 Australian Members of Parliament from right and left parties call on US President Biden to drop charges against Julian Assange,


Reaching net zero without nuclear.   Nuclear Energy Will Not Be the Solution to Climate Change – not enough time, even if it were effective.

If They Chose, Biden and Putin Could Make the World Radically Safer,   Nuclear arms control hasn’t worked. We need a new approach.

Key witness in Julian Assange case admits to lies in indictment.    U.S. government offers meaningless assurances on Julian Assange’s well-being, as it gets right to appeal on UK court ruling against his extradition. U.S. proposals about extradition of Julian Assange are designed to keep him in prison for life.

Rapid growth of global renewable energy: it’s the major energy source in Europe.

Mobile phones/cellphones
 – the health danger from electromagnetic radiation.

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The week in nuclear news – to 6 July

Today I found an article which, although it’s about America, expressed a dilemma for the whole world.  Tom Engelhardt  of  Tom Dispatch discussed the 3 global horrors of  – the pandemic, climate change, and nuclear weapons. I recommend his article, lucidly explaining how vast sums of money now goes into nuclear weapons, and not into defeating the pandemic, nor saving the world from the slow apocalypse of global heating.

Coronavirus: What’s happening in Canada and around the world.

Climate Change Disaster Isn’t a Future Threat — It’s Already Here.

Good news?
  I’m sure there is some, but it’s hard to find.  News is, by  its nature, bad – because most people behave fairly reasonably –   and therefore, reasonable behaviour and normal life are not newsworthy.


Wittenoom – largest contaminated area in the southern hemisphere.


Even this conservative journal recognises renewables as the only meaningful future energy source – nuclear is irrelevant.

The world is bequeathing to our descendants the costly nightmare of unsolved nuclear waste disposal,

Canada is a warning: more and more of the world will soon be too hot for humans.

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Nuclear news – this last week of June

Pandemic.  Daily Update: What you need to know about the coronavirus around the world right now. World Coronavirus Dispatch: Three studies hint at where pandemic is headed.

Oh dear – I promised myself that I would not digress off into the pandemic discussion.  But – I’m finding it scary – to come across people who think that the pandemic is not real, or that vaccination is some plot to take over the world, or who’ve decided that they don’t need vaccination..  Dammit – vaccination is our best bet.……

Climate. As if anti-vacc isn’t enough to worry about, now we’ve got climate complacency – possibly more dangerous than climate denialism –   as global heating moves on inexorably.  Hundreds of millions of people worldwide at risk from rising sea levels.  Canada sets all-time record-high temperature as North America’s north-west cooks under ‘heat dome‘.

Nuclear. Well it’s the drums of war beating. The one thing that Wester conservatives and progressives agree on –  we’d better boost our nuclear weapons ready for a war on China. Meanwhile, the promotion of new small nuclear recators goes on. See below –  excellent article  by  Victor Gilinsky, Henry Sokolski, (highlighted in yellow) 

A bit of good news –  Park it! Why the world is greener.


Australia’s collective voice should silence the ‘drums of war‘. Federal nuclear waste dump plan


Nuclear power is in the front line of climate change – and NOT in a good way. Ten reasons climate activists should not support nuclearRising sea levels might mean the end for many nuclear power stations. Increasing carbon emissions from uranium mining.

Increasing numbers of nuclear warheads globally.Nuclear fusion’s unlikely future, – too late for climate action.

Old cracked infrastructure – the Florida building collapse – a warning for old cracked nuclear reactors.

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Nuclear news – Australia and beyond

The second EPR reactor at China’s Taishan nuclear power plant is about to enter into commercial operation.

Pandemic.    COVID-19 Is Still Raging in Much of the World  South America Is Now Covid-19 Hot Spot, With Eight Times the World’s Death Rate.

Climate.Warming stripes show that climate change is here and now. Climate in a Fiery World.NUCLEAR.  Not a lot is happening, probably  largely due to the pandemic.   There is, of course, the continued stream of articles in the mainstream media,extolling the virtues of new nuclear reactors –  most look like handouts from the industry, faithfully regurgitated by relatively ignorant journalists.  
A  leak at China’s showcase Taishan nuclear reactor has raised global concern for the industry. Radioactive leak at Chinese reactor could finish French nuclear exports.

A bit of good news – The pandemic has revived hope that a more sustainable world is possible.


Resources Minister Pitt changes Nuclear Waste Bill in the effort to gain Labor’s support. Labor consults traditional owners about the Kimba nuclear waste dump Bill, considers supporting the Bill.     The Greens will be standing up for a nuclear-free South Australia. The Federal government is pulling a nuclear waste confidence trick on South Australia. Nuclear waste storage facility legislation passes SenateSome highlights from the Senate nuclear waste dump debate. Racism on show in the Australian Senate. Premier Marshall must enforce South Australia’s legislation prohibiting nuclear waste dump. Resources Minister Keith Pitt forced to back down – now must allow legal scrutiny of the ill-advised Kimba nuclear dump plan..

Nuclear waste intended for Kimba, -used to be classified as ”high level” – now called ”intermediate”. ANSTO’s dodgy classification of nuclear wastes.

  NSW Productivity Commission Has “Lost The Plot” On Nuclear Power 

 Kalbar’s exotic minerals mine a toxic risk to Victoria’s food bowl.


INTERVIEW/ Daniel Ellsberg: Smart statesmen can make bad decisions leading to nuclear war. Biden and Putin agree: ‘Nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought’. Why can’t world leaders agree that a nuclear war should never be fought?  ICAN chief urges Biden and Putin to push for deep cuts in nuclear arsenals, encourage China to back away from arms race.

‘Advanced” nuclear reactor designs – the latest version of nuclear wishful thinking.

Earth is now trapping an ‘unprecedented’ amount of heat, NASA says.

Julian Assange and the Collapse of the Rule of Law.

JAPAN. The Fukushima nuclear disaster and the Tokyo Olympics.

EUROPE. NATO’s hostility to the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty is in conflict with its true goal – to become a non-nuclear alliance . NATO readies for a collective response to attacks in space.

UKFire at Hinkley Point C building site. We don’t need costly, slow, nuclear power: solar, wind, tidal and wave power can amply do the job. House-building plans thrown into doubt as doubts grow about Wylfa nuclear project.


CHINA. Is China covering up a nuclear leak? What actually happened at Taishan? French nuclear company and Chinese government once again have a problem with their much vaunted EPR nuclear reactor design. About the radiation leaks at Taishan nuclear power station. The public is always the last to know. Safety concerns on Taishan reactor, but China wants to be world’s nuclear leader by 2050.

RUSSIA. Collaboration between Russia and Europe finally cleans up the most dangerous nuclear ship in the Arctic..

FRANCE. Is the leak in a nuclear reactor in China due to a Framatome manufacturing defect ? Climate and weather hazards to France’s nuclear reactors in summer 2021.

IRAN. U.S. wants nuclear deal done before Iran’s new president takes power.

LIBYA. For the first time, drones autonomously attacked humans.

PAKISTAN. No need for nuclear arsenal once Kashmir issue is resolved: Pakistan PM.

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Australian and other nuclear news this week

Climate ‘tipping points’ could push us past the point-of-no-return after less than 2 degrees of warming.

Some bits of good news – G7: World leaders promise one billion Covid vaccine doses for poorer nations.

Elimination of the Cold War’s Nuclear Heritage: 20 years of international cooperation.The G7 meeting of world leaders made some progress on action about the pandemic and climate change.  But they ignored that other global menace,nuclear weapons and the threat of nuclear war.  Well, not entirely –  as they managed to bring the world closer to war, with the focus on ”standing up to China”.



IT’S VERY PROFITABLE to prepare for omnicide,” A People’s Guide to the War Industry -5: Portfolio of Conflicts. Growing support for the nuclear ban treaty in public opinion polls , voters and lawmakers in NATO’s 30 countries. Nuclear energy – Nuclear weapons – the inseparable link. Nuclear weapons numbers building up again. The world’s narrow escape from nuclear war.

We don’t need nuclear power to tackle climate change – Jonoathon Porritt. Nuclear energy – The solution to climate change?

Pacific Ocean was once a garbage dump for nuclear waste, now Japan’s doing it again.

Is Bill Gates ‘a nice man in a jumper’ or a power-hungry egotist?   

ANTARCTICA. Fears Antarctic glacier could melt faster as it speeds up and ice shelf ‘rips apart’.

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This week in nuclear news – Australia

Coronavirus –  India records 100,636 new cases, tally hits 28,909,975

Climate crisis to shrink G7 economies twice as much as Covid-19, says research.
Chernobyl Guards Have Befriended Abandoned Dogs, Feeding Them and Bringing Medical Care,    I00-Year-Old Galápagos Giant Tortoise Found on Fernandina Island is Indeed Member of ‘Extinct’ Species, (but this is a ”good news – bad news’‘ story)

On the nuclear scene, while not a lot is actually happening, in nuclear weapons countries,  the determined nuclear weapons push continues, most politicians seem to have been well and truly bought by the industry.
With an eye to the November Climate Summit meeting in Glascow, the nuclear lobby revs up its push for small nuclear reactors, or indeed, any, nuclear reactors as the climate cure.


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This week’s nuclear news – Australia and overseas

Covid 19 coronavirus: Around the world – situation update

Climate change behind global heat deaths

Nuclear.  The coronavirus, with its global effects on health, human suffering is also, of course, affecting the economy, and most (though not all) businesses. The ”commercial” nuclear industry is affected, but not the nuclear weapons industry. The nuclear-armed nations are revving up their weapons expenditure. The USA is the shiningly obscene example. Clearly the nuclear weapons industry has captured the American government, it hardly matters whether the administration is in Democratic or Republican hands.

Some bits of good news:  Chernobyl Guards Have Befriended Abandoned Dogs, Feeding Them and Bringing Medical Care. World’s Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturer Says All Its Blades Will Soon be Fully Recycled.


 Australia, the USA’s only ”best friend” in the Indo Pacific, to deploy more USA military equipment, heightening the threat against China. Australian Robert Floyd to head the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation

Nuclear trash – a tale of two Sydney suburbs.  

Radioactive particles still endanger wildlife in the landscape around Maralinga. 

Australian company Greenland Minerals fails community test over controversial rare earths and uranium mine plan.

Environmentalists and Aboriginal traditional owners object to rocket launching on South Australian protected heritage land, at Whaler’s Way. 

 Tough environmental regulation brings economic benefits. Australia lags behind all OECD countries. Australia/UK Free Trade Agreement will give corporations the right to sue governments.  


A People’s Guide to the War Industry .

The appalling mistreatment of Australian citizen, Julian Assange, – by USA, UK, and Australia. Targeted surveillance threatens human rights defenders.

“Unqualified” —who is allowed to talk about nuclear power ?

Report on the threat of nuclear terrorism.

New technology comes nowhere close to solving the problem of nuclear waste. Despite the Small Nuclear Reactor push from Bill Gates and the rest of the nuclear lobby, we already have the technologies to decarbonise our global economy.

 New research highlights need for international standards to safeguard against plutonium ”hot” particles.    

Ionising radiation the big danger to astronauts.

The time to divest from Bitcoin is now.

1st U.N. nuclear ban meeting may be postponed until after Non Proliferation Treaty review.

U.S. Energy Information reports uranium at lowest price since 2007.

  As electric vehicles take off, we’ll need to recycle their batteries.  

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This week in nuclear news Australia

Coronavirus. I can’t keep up with pandemic news – but it’s not going to go away –   for a long time.It’s still looking like vaccination as everyone’s best hope.

Climate. G7 environment ministers have agreed that they will deliver climate targets in line with limiting the rise in global temperatures to 1.5C.

All quiet on nuclear developments this week. One news item from the UK (Hinkley project delays)  clearly illustrates that very real, but rarely acknowledged connection between the coronavirus pandemic, and the fizzling out of activity in the ”peaceful” nuclear industry.But nothing stops the weapons makers and the Pentagon from pushing for more $billions for nuclear weapons. No doubt Russia, China then follow suit.


Federal Government’s budget details indicate increased nuclear waste storage at ANSTO, Lucas Heights, rather than a rush for a nuclear waste dump at Kimba South Australia. Time to question the authorities on the nuclear waste dump mess, the incompetence of ANSTO, and the ?inactive role of Kimba nuclear waste staff . South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal rules  that information on the Kimba nuclear waste dump can be made public

 It’s not acceptable to ignore Aboriginal land owners, in order to impose high level nuclear waste on their land.   Safety issues in nuclear waste dump proposal. Indigenous rights issues in Kimba nuclear waste dump proposal. 

Australia has another go at cleaning up decades old pollution from old uranium mine Rum Jungle. New research on the complexity of particles from plutonium resulting from British atomic bomb tests at Maralinga. Plutonium ”hot particles” are not as stable as we assumed. 

 Australia has another go at cleaning up decades old pollution from old uranium mine Rum Jungle.

Research on contaminated landscape, plutonium particles,  around Maralinga in outback South Australia. 

 Morrison’s ‘unconstitutional’ crackdown on charities. Senator Rex Patrick challenges Scott Morrison’s special arrangement to protect his government from public scrutiny. 

  Australia’s mining lobby exaggerates by $45 billion the taxes and royalties they pay.


The effects of radioactive waste water released into the ocean.

Scaling back missile defense could prevent a nuclear attack .

world based on 100% renewable energy by 2035 is technically and economically feasible.   Both Germany and Britain are decarbonising while nuclear production is greatly reducing.  We already have 95% of the technologies and know how to slash emissions, remove air pollution and provide energy security and jobs.

“Advanced” isn’t the answer — New reactors as an answer to climate change are an illusion.

Scientists turn a blind eye to the fraud that is the ITER nuclear fusion project.

Should Bill Gates be viewed as a man of character and a trusted adviser to world leaders?

Tesla’s Bitcoin about-face is a warning for cryptocurrencies that ignore climate change.  

Uranium Film Festival – Online for free from May 20 to May 30.

We already have 95% of the technologies and know how to slash emissions, remove air pollution and provide energy security and jobs.

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On this site, for the first time ever, I am recommending donations to a cause


I have been, still am, so fed up with Australia’s cringing mainstream media – dominated by the Murdochracy. But they’re not the only ones. Even some of the ”alternative” media swallow the deceptions of our corrupt Federal Government.

Now, – I know that Michael West Media is in no way dedicated to the anti-nuclear cause. Nor even to environmental isses. Their focus is on turning the spotlight on the Morrison government and their crooked and grasping industry backers.

BUT – everything is connected, and in these crisis time of Covid-19 and climate change, Australia must join the progressive people of the world, and the nuclear free cause needs to be a part of this. It’s covered up, or lied about in the media. Yes the ABC tries, but it lives under the shadow of the Liberal Coalition’s goal to destroy it. We desperatelyu need this kind of investigative journalism

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This week’s nuclear news

NUCLEAR . Not much happening this week.  Intensified push for small nuclear reactors (SMRs) in Canada and UK.

CORONAVIRUS: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update.  No easy fix for global vaccine shortage.

CLIMATE CHANGE. Third of global food production at risk from climate crisis.

A bit of good news –  ‘The Manta’ Sailing Vessel is Designed to Feed on Plastic Waste for Power–While Cleaning Oceans.

Ionising radiation was scientifically proven to be bad for dogs. Does that mean it’s good for humans?

Nuclear industry survives on its false claim that it helps the fight against climate change.

How Bill Gates bankrolls the news agenda. Corruption in the pharmaceutical industry – the Bill Gates connectionBill Gates with his  GAVI (the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initative) has the power of a member State in the WorldHealth Organisation.

Fusion: Ten Times More Expensive Than Nuclear Power.

NO, nuclear lobby, a nuclear reactor is NOT the only, nor the best, way to produce medical Technetium TC99.

Energy effuciency – the most ignored form of climate action – and the most effective.

If Bitcoin is virtual, why are there environmental concerns?

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Australian and overseas nuclear news this week

Growing number of Asian countries ravaged by fresh coronavirus waves.   World Health Organisation updates its coronavirus advice, acknowledging aerosol transmission as the major source of infection.  Covid-19: hopes for ‘Herd Immunity’ fade as virus hurtles toward becoming endemic.   Biden’s proposal to waive patent rights for vaccine production has raised quite a storm.

Climate change:  how bad could the future be, if we do nothing?

And now – to nuclear issues.  There have been a number of important articles this week, on nuclear weapons in space – the militarisation of space.  It’s ironic that a big news discussion has also gone on, about an ”out-of-control” Chinese rocket, that could have hit land and caused havoc.  Ever ready to put a comforting Western spin on the news, this incident was used by the media to show how very safe U.S. rockets are, in comparison with those reckless Chinese efforts.

Many space rockets planned, thousands of satellites, thousands of space debris –what could possibly go wrong?


Australia risks bringing on a nuclear war with China : Urgent need to change foreign policy. Nobel prize winner Beatrice Fihn urges Australia to join the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty, as public support for it grows. Boris Johnson tells Morrison – ”Ditch coal and go nuclear”.  Gun totin’ gay-marriage opposing, sports-rorting Senator Bridget McKenzie leads the National Party’s push on behalf of the nuclear lobby. 

 Minister Keith Pitt – desperate times, desperate measures – to get Kimba nuclear waste dump.  Angus Taylor, Energy Minister – incompetent and ignorant – SO – VOTE HIM OUT.


Nuclear weapons have triggered a new geological era. The Fateful Choice: Nuclear Arms Race or Nuclear Weapons-Free World . Amidst Pandemic and Economic Sufferings, 2020’S Global Military Spending Reached Highest Level in Decades.      Amid Widespread Disease, Death, and Poverty, the Major Powers Increased Their Military Spending in 2020.

Faster glacier melting raises hunger threat.

Hypocrisy, climate bullshit, and the push for hydrogen+fossil fuels.

Bitcoin’s dirty little secret – its danger to the environment and the climate.

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