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Nuclear reactors DO have a harmful impact on coastal environment, despite the false claims of the Australian nuclear lobby

Paul Richards ‘     Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 12 Oct 18    Of course none of this has any impact on plants built at coastal locations…” Robert Parker, speaking about release of nuclear reactor’s hot water into sea.

Dismissing this saying no impact is simply, false.

Nonetheless, that fact, is subjective to whether an individual or corporate group values the earth environment in saying: ‘there is no impact’.

Because it is a matter of record there are three major outcomes.

1. The temperature increase in the bodies of water can have serious adverse effects on aquatic life.

2. Warm water holds less oxygen than cold water, thus discharge from once-through cooling systems can create a “temperature squeeze” that elevates the metabolic rate for fish.

3. Additionally, suction pipes that are used to intake water can draw plankton, eggs and larvae into the plant’s machinery, while larger organisms can be trapped against the protective screens of the pipes.

Furthermore, before anyone comes back with a smart comment just be aware these nuclear reactor cooling systems run 24/7, 356 days per year.

Pushing out up to 3.745 gigalitres of water, taking excess heat out of the nuclear reactor system.

3.745 gigalitres = 3,785,411,784 litres per day of heated water is dumped into a coastal ecosystem.

* Based on whose value system, is there ‘no impact’, on the ocean environment from the hot water out of a nuclear reactor?


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Brave New World – I mean Bright New World pushing for a South Australian nuclear Morgue

Susan Craig Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA  Conversation Starter · 21 Sept18
This is an extract of an email being sent out to encourage YES submissions for the waste dump from Bright New World. It is misleading, as the email states the THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE in KAWKER AND KIMBA support the dump. The email makes the process simple by writing the submission and asking the recipient of the email to fill in their name only. Here’s the email in total. Please send an email to Bright New World if you believe that the majority of people do not want the dump and ask for a recall of the email as it is not factual.
Call for Submissions!

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is calling for submissions on the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility. The two volunteered sites, Kimba and Hawker, are progressing through the second consultation stage of this process. Submissions along with community feedback and voting will inform the Minister of their decision to progress to the next stage.

Submissions are due 24th September 2018

Bright New World has provided an easy to use letter below to email the Department supporting the process to the next stage. Continue reading

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Australia’s Minister For The Coal Lobby, Angus Taylor’s false statement about carbon emissions

Claim we’re on track to meet emissions targets is false, New Daily, James Fernyhough, 

Here is what he wrote in the Australian Financial Review on Tuesday:

“[E]missions reductions are the least of our problems, with every prospect we will reach the 26 per cent reduction below 2005 levels ahead of schedule and without interventions.”

This, he implied, justified the Morrison government’s decision to do nothing to reduce carbon emissions, and focus instead exclusively on price and reliability.

But The New Daily looked into Mr Taylor’s claim, and the evidence suggests it is in one sense downright false, and in another seriously misleading.

Let’s address the seriously misleading aspect first.

Under the Paris Agreement, Australia has committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

According to Mr Taylor’s department, Australia is on track to woefully miss the 2030 target.

On page 11 of this document from December last year, the Department of Environment and Energy projects that if no new emissions-reduction policies are implemented (as none have been), our greenhouse emissions will be just 5 per cent below 2005 levels – not 26 per cent, as Mr Taylor seems to claim.

Mr Taylor’s figures appear at a glance to be off by a massive 21 percentage points……….

The Morrison government has scrapped the NEG – the policy that triggered Malcolm Turnbull’s downfall – and has made it clear it will not replace it with anything.

So we are once more back to where we were – on track to miss all our emissions reductions targets.

Minister Taylor’s office did not respond when presented with the evidence that his statement was false.

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Changing acceptance of nuclear to DEMAND for nuclear- Australian propagandist Ben Heard to join new global spin?

Australian pro nuclear propagandist Ben Heard has moved from chief of the fake environmental group Bright New World, to engineering consultancy firm Frazer-Nash.  We wondered why?  Well, here are some clues.
  World Nuclear News 14th Sept 2018 Consultants Frazer-Nash, in collaboration with Rolls-Royce, the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), EDF Energy, Jacobsen Analytics, Lancaster University, University of Bristol and University of York are set to deliver a nuclear safety and security research contract. Frazer-Nash said yesterday that, working on behalf of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the GBP3.6 million (USD4.7 million), two-year project, aims to deliver a “step change in the UK’s capability as the country moves toward an era of new nuclear build and new technologies.”
Nuclear lobby aims to change public view from acceptance of nuclear power to demand for nuclear power Mikhail Chudakov , deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) told delegates at the World Nuclear Association Symposium 2018 held in London last week,  said the industry needs to change public acceptance of nuclear power to public demand .  WNN 14 Sept 18
“…… Radioactive waste management practice must provide public reassurance that the industry has managed programmes for the whole lifecycle, he said.

Demand for nuclear

Public acceptance remains a key factor for the future of nuclear power, he said, and largely depends on public perception of the benefits and risks associated with this form of power generation, but also of the benefits and risks of non-nuclear alternatives.

All stakeholders ought to reinforce the social and economic benefits of nuclear power.

“We need to explain and to start education at all levels, from kindergarten, school and university, to parliament and ministers. We should not be ashamed to talk about nuclear energy; we are always defending ourselves, but it’s time to start attacking – to actively explain and promote nuclear power,” he said………We will greatly improve our chances for success if our efforts can shift the paradigm from gaining public acceptance of nuclear power to generating well-informed public demand for nuclear power. We must reinforce the benefits of nuclear power. This is a big, but a vitally important task and it will require enhanced international cooperation.………..,-says-IAEAs-Ch?feed=feed

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Nuclear propagandist  Ben Heard might spin nuclear submarines for Adelaide engineering firm

Steve Dale shared a link. Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, September 8   Ben Heard’s Linked-in profile has Frazer-Nash Consultancy as one of his present employers. I’m sure this company do many things, but the following two items from the UK site got my attention –

“Excellence in submarine design, nuclear propulsion and weapon systems”
………..”With over three decades of industry experience, Frazer-Nash successfully helps clients meet the strict nuclear industry regulatory requirements throughout the life of their nuclear projects; including the full lifecycle management of nuclear material and waste.”
From Maralinga, Pangea, to NFCRC – there always seems to be a UK connection.

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Is South Australian group Engage 2 Act a nuclear propaganda front?

South Australia has this organisation Engage 2 Act. I know little about it. Perhaps it is a genuine organisation. Perhaps you just have to offer yourself as a speaker for their functions, and no checking is done?
Anyway good old nuclear propagandist Ben Heard is right into it., and will be speaking at their function Escape 2 The Country South Australia, on November 16.

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Australian mining companies get federal funding to promote coal, uranium etc to schoolkids?

Mining industry in promotional push targeting school students, The Age   By Nicole Hasham13 August 2018  

Resources companies including Adani are targeting school students in a campaign to spruik the benefits of mining and recruit future workers, in a strategy some say risks pushing a biased agenda onto young minds.

The programs in primary and high schools include teacher training and free curriculum material, such as a fact sheet on mining and the environment that fails to mention climate change…….. Former Rio Tinto boss Tom Albanese has pointed to an image problem facing the coal industry, reportedly saying in June that “coal is becoming the next tobacco … Who’s gonna join coal as a career?”

The Queensland Resources Council in 2005 created the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy, which last year grew to involve more than 3000 students, some aged as young as 10.

The academy receives $1 million a year in industry funding as well as state government support, and places “students onto pathways into the resources sector and other science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) industries”.

……Programs include students working with industry representatives in engineering and other challenges that replicate steps in the mining process.

Staff from Indian mining giant Adani – proponent of the controversial Carmichael coal mine – this year visited several schools to discuss the industry. Adani told Fairfax Media it was one of 30 sponsors of the academy and no information on the Carmichael project was included in the academy’s educational content.

The academy also runs professional development for teachers including robotics and 3D printing sessions in a resources context…….

The Oresome Resources website, backed by the nation’s peak mining bodies, provides free educational content to teachers across Australia. It includes a fact sheet titled “Mining and the Environment” that covers effects such as habitat destruction and land subsidence, but makes no mention of climate change resulting from burning coal. ……..

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal near Mackay has been accused of marketing coal to young children through its mascot Hector, a lump of coal with his own Youtube channel who offers advice on topics such as nutrition, bus safety and making new friends.

In NSW, the Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue school tours program is offered to all schools in the region. About 1000 students are expected to visit mine sites this year.

NSW Mining has previously offered scholarships to high school students studying mining-related subjects.

Most Victorian schools, as well as state government-run science and mathematics centres, develop partnerships with industry and business such as the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, which supports the Earth Ed science centre near Ballarat.

……Tom Swann, researcher at progressive think-tank the Australia Institute, said industry engagement with education brought risks as well as benefits.

“Think of a school that takes funding or teaching materials from a coal mining company. Is that school also going to teach its children about the need to keep most of the coal in the ground and transition quickly into other forms of energy?” Mr Swann said.

“It is essential … that we do not allow education to become part of a public relations campaign.”….

University of Queensland professor Bob Lingard, who has researched commercialisation in schools, said it was the responsibility of governments, not the mining industry, to promote STEM subjects.

“There is teacher concern … [about] too much potential commercial involvement in schools,” he said.

Industries were “intervening in the curriculum from a particular perspective and that’s why we need to be careful”…….

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Uncontrolled nuclear top gun Adi Paterson to spin to Kimba, Hawker and Quorn

Dr Adi Paterson is the man behind the nuclear push by secretive taxpayer-funded agency Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

Australians are not privy to information on how much ANSTO spends, particularly on this latest frenzy to convince rural South Australians  that they have a moral duty to public health to host radioactive trash, – further encouraged by generous bribes.

Adi Paterson seems to have not only an open cheque to spend on this, but also carte blanche to do whatever he likes regarding nuclear decisions.

In 2016, he signed Australia up, all on his own, to the Framework Agreement for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems, committing Australia to work towards the establishment of new nuclear reactors. The government was informed of this afterwards. A month later, a Senate Committee simply ratified Adi Paterson’s action. No Parliamentary discussion, no public discussion.  How long will Australians let this man make nuclear decisions for us, and pull the wool over the eyes of poorly informed farmers?

6 August, 2018  ANSTO CEO, Dr Adi Paterson, is part of a delegation who are visiting the communities of Kimba, Hawker and Quorn on 6 and 7 August, for Community Information Sessions being led by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Three sites in South Australia, two in Kimba and one at Wallerberdina Station near Quorn and Hawker, are considering whether to host Australia’s National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

The Community Information Sessions are an opportunity for those communities to ask any remaining questions ahead of a five-week community ballot that begins on 20 August.

Dr Paterson will join the CEO of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) Dr Carl-Magnus Larsson, and representatives from the Department.

“In particular, I will be focused on talking about the partnerships that are possible between nuclear organisations and their neighbouring communities.

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Paul Richards refutes nuclear lobbyist Robert Parker

Paul Richards   Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia    comments on nuclear lobbyist Robert Parker , quoting Parker’s statement ‘...we do want the legislation changed so that nuclear energy can be assessed fairly on its economic, environmental and technical merits.’ 

The logic is flawed.

The experiment to prove it works has already been running continuously with both fission and fusion reactors since the 1950s.

Yet, there still is no metrics proving nuclear energy is competitive.


* we live on the driest continent on earth, with
* least amount of potable water,
* have an abundance of sun and
* wind, as natural resources.

Then there is the fact the last nuclear reactor built in the US took;

* more than 43 years to be built,
* over 21 years to construct,
* over 5 years to commission,
* and was built on one of the largest freshwater rivers in the US.

Building reactors as a response to AGW, with subsequent climate change, requires;

* a much faster response than the history of reactor builds proves is realistically feasible.

The reality is, both solar PV and wind turbines are rapidly developed, relatively easily deployed, and systemically recycled safely.

Furthermore, there is over a decade of independent auditors metrics proving solar PV and wind turbines make cheaper electricity.

Cheaper electricity, integrated with a plethora of energy storage systems, able to distribute electricity seamlessly across geopolitical borders using current electrical design engineering systems.
^ As of December 1, 2017, the average age of U.S. commercial reactors was about 37 years, and they still prove to be unviable economically.

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Australia joins in nuclear industry’s propaganda to schoolchildren in Asia Pacific

IAEA nurtures nuclear education in Asia Pacific July 2018

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held the first in a series of six regional training courses for secondary school science teachers last month in Indonesia. The courses aim to equip teachers in Asia Pacific to inspire a new generation of nuclear scientists and engineers by engaging students and enhancing their understanding of nuclear science and technology.

The first two-week course was attended by 26 teachers from 17 countries. The course comprised presentations, laboratory work and technical visits to Indonesia’s National Atomic Energy Agency (Batan). It also served a good opportunity for teachers from different countries to network and exchange experiences in teaching. The IAEA said the course marks the first time that it had formally engaged with the secondary education teaching community.

The participants were introduced to diverse methods of teaching nuclear science and technology to children aged 12-18 in an effective and engaging manner. The IAEA said it hoped the attendees will become mentors to other teachers in their countries. “This way, the project aims to reach one million students by 2021,” it said.

Sunil Sabharwal, a radiation processing specialist at the IAEA, said: “The idea is to introduce teachers to the link between the key role being played by nuclear science in enhancing the quality of our everyday life and the simple nuclear concepts being taught in schools as well as to provide them with innovative methods to deliver this knowledge to students through academic as well as extra-curricular approaches.”

Following the course, Jordanian teacher Amal Al-Khassawneh said, “The training course provided me with the necessary confidence, courage and knowledge to talk about the real facts of nuclear science with students.”

The course followed a Regional Workshop on Curriculum Development and Launching of Nuclear Science and Technology for Secondary Schools that took place in the Philippines in February. During an earlier workshop, in Japan, a regional nuclear science and technology competency framework was established that serves as reference for national educational curriculums. The IAEA said the competency framework was crucial in the preparation of the training course in Indonesia.

The next regional training course for secondary school teachers will take place at the Argonne National Laboratory in the USA in August. The following four will take place in Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Australia this year and next.

Between 2012 and 2016, the IAEA and experts from Australia, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea and the USA developed a compendium that collects unique teaching strategies and materials to introduce science and technology in education systems across Asian countries. This compendium was piloted in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and the UAE and reached 24,000 students. The IAEA said the pilot demonstrated that students “were more receptive to learning about nuclear science and technology when teachers used a diverse set of methods, which also increased their problem-solving skills”.

The IAEA said an updated version of the compendium will be prepared over the coming years.

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South Australian top university big-wigs are nuclear industry promoters

South Australia’s academic bigwigs infected with pronuclear delusions.
UniSA Chancellor Jim McDowell is also Chair of the ANSTO Board & ex-CEO of BAE.
AdUni Chancellor is Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commissioner Kevin Scarce.

University of Adelaide and UniSA in merger talks, InDaily,   Bension Siebert- 19 June 18 The University of Adelaide and UniSA have announced historic talks to merge into a single university which they claim could be immediately placed within the world’s top 100 universities.

The governing councils of both universities have agreed to a six-month “period of collaboration” to negotiate a potential merger, according to a joint statement released by the universities today.

University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen and UniSA Vice-Chancellor David Lloyd will oversee a joint report into the prospective merger, to be delivered by the end of the year.

The university councils will decide on the viability and merits of a merger at that time.

In a joint statement, University of Adelaide Chancellor Kevin Scarce and UniSA Chancellor Jim McDowell say now is the right time to consider joining together as a single university.

“Now is the time to facilitate a conversation about whether uniting our universities would create a new internationally renowned university of scale that would be well placed to anticipate and respond to this changing landscape,” the statement reads……..
Merging the Adelaide University and UniSA was an ambition of former Labor Premier Jay Weatherill in 2015, but universities and both sides of federal politics were opposed to the idea. ……..

However, this morning Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham, Premier Steven Marshall and SA Labor Leader Peter Malinauskas all congratulated the universities on the move. …..

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Barry Brook’s poorly informed commentary on the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe

The Barry Brook Position in the light of Ergen – Enforced Amnesia or Ignorance ? Nuclear Exhaust, 22 June 18 The Aim of this post is to present the mass media statements of knowledge and opinion given by Prof. Barry Brook.

 Prof. Brook has presented the pro-nuclear environmentalist case for a number of years. I was and remain particularly interested in his public level presentations regarding the nuclear accident at Fukushima Diiachi in March 2011……….

Prof. Brooks, assured as he is by the statements of government and private nuclear experts, vigorously proposes that the risks of a greatly and rapidly expanded nuclear reactor for power sector are far less than the unmitigated risks of sudden climate change.

Both over the history of the “nuclear age” and since the accident a Fukushima Diiachi. It is my view that nuclear authorities have twice justified their actions on the premise that they and their skills and technology were and are needed to “save the planet”.  ….. nuclear experts and authorities have many very many false claims regarding the safety of the human dose response to exposures of radiation in absorbed dose quanta which suit the experts at the time.  ……..

on the basis of medical ethics, nuclear authorities often deliberately conflate medical treatment doses and medical diagnosis doses of radiation exposure with additional doses, whatever they are from case to case, imposed as a result of nuclear industry, military and civilian. ……..
(For example, in March 2011, the Japanese electrical generator company, TEPCO, claimed that the fallout exposure from radionuclides released by the failed Fukushima Diiachi nuclear power plant were harmless because the dose imposed upon civilians in the Prefecture was less than the dose imposed by a chest ray. This statement is a perfect example of a corporation acting completely outside of its brief and authority and in direct contraction of medical ethics. Medicine is only medicine when 1. the patient gives informed consent to the treatment 2. where there is a health benefit which outweighs the risks of the treatment. Power plant executives are not qualified to administer medicine to a gnat, let alone a human being. Much has been made of the alleged “paradox” of the Evacuation zones in Japan, but it is not a paradox at all, as much some nuclear advocates actually mock the evacuations which took place in Japan.) …….

Barry’s views on radiation safety are his views. They are based upon advise he has received. But with sincere respect, Barry is not qualified to give nuclear safety advice. He has no formal qualifications in health physics.  …….. The account Prof. Brook gives of the nuclear accident at Fukushima and it’s consequences is very conventional when compared with other accounts from nuclear industry experts.  ……

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Tax-payer forks out $20,000 for Kimba children to have nuclear propaganda trip to Lucas Heights


Federal Government pays for schoolkids from country SA to go on a nuclear fact-finding tour, Erin Jones, Regional Reporter, The Advertiser, 21 June 18

AUSTRALIAN taxpayers are forking out nearly $20,000 to send Kimba school students on an all-expenses paid, five-night excursion to Sydney to learn about radioactive waste.

SA Senator Rex Patrick believes the trip is to “schmooze” families ahead of an August 20 ballot to determine whether the town should host a national nuclear waste facility.

The Federal Government will also gauge community support in Hawker, in the Flinders Ranges, with Wallerberdina Station as the other possible location for the low-level waste facility.

This week’s excursion by 16 students to Adelaide for two nights and then on the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), in the southern Sydney suburb of Lucas Heights, follows a fully-funded trip by 17 Quorn students in April.

Senator Patrick said the money being spent by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science for the trips highlighted the site-selection process being a “sham”.

“My view is that the department … will do everything and anything to improve community sentiment by schmoozing the locals,” the Centre Alliance politician told The Advertiser.

“This is about understanding what will be in their backyard and I’m sympathetic to that effort, but it crosses a line when you move from informing to schmoozing.”

The government dismissed claims the trip was to influence the ballot outcomes and said each community proposed the excursions to educate students on career opportunities.

National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Taskforce principal adviser Bruce Wilson said the excursions were for children to get “insights” into the types of jobs in the industry.

“The Kimba Economic Working Group saw the success of the (Quorn) excursion and requested something similar for their area,” Mr Wilson said.

Kimba consultative committee independent convener Allan Suter said some 15,000 people visit ANSTO each year and the students had as much of a right to the opportunity as others, “probably more so given the conversation the community is currently in”.

“This is a school excursion that was endorsed by the school and will assist children to understand both nuclear research and types of jobs that would come alongside a radioactive waste management industry,” Mr Suter said.

“Jobs can be pretty hard to come by in our area.

“These kids are aged between 15 and 18, which is a key time you are thinking about your future career.

“Should Kimba have this facility, we want our kids to be in the best position to work towards jobs created by it, or in the flow-on contracts, or in the research the facility enables.”

An itinerary by school principal Anne Moyle said all flights, travel, accommodation and meals, including a dinner cruise, had been paid for by the department.

As well as the excursion, ANSTO staff have visited the schools to talk about nuclear science and its applications.

ANSTO chief nuclear officer Hef Griffiths said: “We are there to answer questions about what it’s like working at a nuclear facility, how safety is assured, the medicine we produce and why, agricultural research and the like.”

A Senate Inquiry into the government’s site-selection process highlighted landowners, traditional owners, community members, neighbours and stakeholders had all visited ANSTO.

The Advertiser last week revealed a private company said it had support for the nuclear repository to be built in Leonora, in Western Australia.

Minister for Resources Matt Canavan said any landowner was free to nominate a site until the final selection was made however, “the government will not be progressing detailed assessment of other nominations until the results of the votes in the two South Australian communities are known”.

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Graham Readfern exposes the climate denial group “The Australian Environment Foundation”

Inside the AEF, the climate denial group hosting Tony Abbott as guest speaker, Guardian 15 June 18 

The Australian Environment Foundation has secured a former prime minister to speak. But what does it actually do?

Securing a former prime minister to speak at your organisation is no doubt a coup for many groups.

Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy recently got Kevin Rudd. Australia’s Nelson Mandela Day committee has snaffled Julia Gillard for their next annual lecture.

What about our most recent former PM, Tony Abbott?

Next month, Abbott will deliver the “2018 Bob Carter Commemorative Lecture” to the Australian Environment Foundation (AEF), where the ticketing site says he’ll talk about “Climate Change and Restraining Greenhouse Gas Emissions”.

The AEF is an “environment charity” that promotes views that wind turbines make you sick, that human-caused climate change isn’t really a thing, and that environmentalists (the other sort) are killing farmers, fisheries and the economy.

Abbott’s lecture will no doubt pick up from his speech in London in December, where he delivered a suite of climate science denial talking pointsto the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

So who, or what, is the AEF? To look into its history, and the people involved with it, is to take a deep dive into Australia’s climate science denial network.

But first let’s look at the AEF right now because, as an “environmental charity”, Abbott’s next port of call doesn’t seem to do very much.

Latest figures available from the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission show that in 2016, the charity declared an annual income of just $1,175.

In May 2017, the AEF lent its logo to a letter to US President Donald Trump to offer “enthusiastic support” for his commitments to withdraw from the UN Paris climate agreement. But between July 2017 and February 2018, there was virtually nothing posted on its website.

Much of that website, including the “Climate News” section, is content from former Institute of Public Affairs fellow Alan Moran and postings that variously dismiss human-caused climate change and renewable energy, in particular wind power.

The charity has two other trading names listed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission – the Australian Climate Science Coalition(ACSC) and ListenToUs – but both of these seem to be defunct. …….

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Nuclear industry bigwig Erica Smyth gets Queen’s Birthday Award – don’t it make ya sick!

This award sure shows you where the present Australian government’s priorities lie.

Also – it’s on of those master spin strokes that are supposed to tell women that the nuclear industry is good for women

QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY 2018 HONOURS – COMPANION (AC) IN THE GENERAL DIVISION “For eminent service to the community through corporate governance roles with charitable, medical research, higher education, nuclear scientific and technology organisations, to the minerals exploration sector, and to women in business.”

Erica Smyth  – Deputy Chair of the  Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Director of the Deep Exploration Technologies CRC

Smyth began her career with BHP (now BHP Billiton) at Newman in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Her later positions included 7 years as Principal Geologist for BHP Minerals and BHP-Utah Minerals International’s Beenup Project Manager for 4 years. She then moved to BHP Petroleum as their Manager Gas Market Development WA and later joined Woodside Petroleum as General Manager – Corporate Affairs. She has been a professional company director since 2005. S he is a past chair of uranium explorer Toro Energy

“Clean energy ….nuclear can be… an almost immediate part of that solution.” says Erica

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