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Northern Territory nuclear waste dump needed for nuclear medicine? That’s a Lie

Green, 8 Sept 11,

“As health organisations, we are appalled that access to nuclear medical procedures is being used to justify the proposed nuclear waste dump. Most waste from these procedures break down quickly and can be safely disposed of either on site or locally.”  − Dr Bill Williams, Medical Association for the Prevention of War 

“Linking the need for a centralized radioactive waste storage facility with the production of isotopes for nuclear medicine is misleading. The production of radioactive isotopes for nuclear medicine comprises a small percentage of the output of research reactors. The majority of the waste that is produced in these facilities occurs regardless of the nuclear medicine isotope production.” − Nuclear Radiologist Dr Peter Karamoskos.

 Proponents of a national radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory routinely claim or imply that nuclear medicine would be jeopardised if the dump does not proceed. There is no basis to such claims – they amount to dishonest scare-mongering.

Proponents claim that most or all of the waste that the federal government wants to dump in the NT arises from medicine, specifically the production and use of medical radioisotopes. However the true figure is 10-20%. Continue reading

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