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Australian “Pentagon” against nuclear attack

KRudd’s war room to deal with all manner of Strangelove situations

Sydney Morning Herald, by Tony Wright October 1, 2009 “……..a brand-new, super-secret installation called Headquarters Joint Operations Command. It’s in a paddock about 35km outside Canberra, heading towards the village of Bungendore, and it’s been built for $300 million or so to provide, in military-speak, “the Chief of the Defence Force with an effective world class platform for the command and control of the Australian Defence Force on operations around the world and within Australia”.

This Australian Pentagon is supposed to have underground bunkers where the government can shelter and continue to operate in the event of a nuclear attack, major terrorist assault or natural disaster on Canberra.

The 2009 Budget, if you looked very closely indeed, revealed that $7.4 million was being spent on a super-secret plan to protect the nation’s decision makers in such emergencies.

No details were given, but The Goanna recalls early plans that seeped out after the Howard Government’s national security subcommittee approved in 2004 what was called “broad elements of the government post-doomsday blueprint”…………

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