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Vermont sets precedent for other states in blocking nuclear power

The vote offers an example for companion initiatives in other states.

(USA) Vermont Vote Signals Nuclear Retreat and Sets Precedent for Other States’ Action

Beyond Nuclear 27 Feb 2010, “..the Vermont State Senate voted 26 to 4 to block federal relicensing of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant operated by its parent company Entergy Nuclear. The vote is an overwhelming statement of “no confidence” in both the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) 20-year relicensing process and the continued operation of nuclear power in Vermont beyond the reactor’s current 40-year license which expires on March 12, 2012.  Beyond Nuclear hailed the state vote to shutter the aging reactor as a victory for local democracy and a beacon for other states to assert more control over radioactive trespasses by the nuclear industry.

Vermont is now at the forefront of a fight to rein in an undemocratic technology and a promotionally biased licensing process. The vote is precedent setting. Vermont has said it is not in the best interest of a state to allow nuclear plants to operate without a waste disposal plan, with insufficient radioactive cleanup funds and shielded by shell corporations hiding behind limited liability firewalls. The vote offers an example for companion initiatives in other states.

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