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Women more affected by nuclear power and ionising radiation

NUCLEAR POWER and WOMEN – our focus for May 2010

Decisions on nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear wastes are almost exclusively made by men.

Yet the brunt of nuclear-caused cancer is suffered by women and children, as is the brunt of nuclear war, and of depleted uranium spread.

Opinion polls over many years, and in many countries, consistently show that women are opposed to nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

More women than men are concerned about health and environmental effects of the nuclear industry.

Yet they are consistently reassured by narrowly educated nuclear physicists, and other technocrats, that nuclear power is safe, and that they have nothing to worry about in regard to ionising radiation.

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  1. This is great information about the price women pay for the nukes.

    Ace and Max will tell you a story about their mother and their grandparent’s problems because the nuclear cycle plus the problems with coal.

    Yes, the county Ace and Max lives in has very high incidents of breast cancer.

    Back in the 1980, a Canadian uranium company come to Pittsylvania County, VA and bore of 250 oils and numerous wells, rumor is the company did not cover up the holes and Virginia did not have a ban at the time on uranium mining.

    Ace and Max’s mom just found out she has DCIS, Ducal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) Breast Cancer which is supposed to be the best form of cancer, stage is 0 but still scary.

    Ace’s mom must have Lumpectomy with 6 weeks daily radiation treatment maybe Tamoxifen treatments.

    Is the reckless core drillings cause her problem because she love to pick up rocks and place in her garden but her hair started to come out, is it because the rock quarry across the mountain may have reach into the uranium part of the mountain or the bore holes or maybe something else?

    Maybe it be from her Father’s side of the family because while her Father was in the military, out in America’s wild west, the federal government made her military people watch outside where they would blow up nuclear bombs, our government who brought their military people home after WWII, after killing millions and future Japanese with the nuclear bomb to save military lives (the story the federal government told, blow up Japan with a nuke bomb to same 1 million military lives and then make them watch nuke bombs).

    Her Father died at age 72 of a rare heart problem, similar to radiation poisoning.

    Maybe it came from her Mother side of family, where her Mother as a little girl would go out and pick up coal cinders after the local cotton mill dump coal dust on the dirt roads that they own. Maybe the company back then did not know that coal cinders is almost the purest form of uranium, the coal dust full of other poisons: These wastes concentrate toxins such as arsenic, mercury, chromium, cadmium, uranium and thorium.

    Her Mother would put the cinders into the pot belly stove, can you imagine the poison.

    Her Mother has had several issues with her health: Miscarriage, one infant died of rare disease at 9 months, both so call healthy children had breathing problems, later her Mother has bypass surgery, even though she is slim, active and ate healthy.

    So our area of Virginia is much polluted, Virginia has the second dirtiest rivers, Virginia blow up her mountains for coal and may blow up our hills for uranium mining and milling.

    So, yes women have paid a high price for the greed of America and the wars men love and the nuclear power plants.

    Ace and Max


    Comment by NuclearFreeVA | May 11, 2010 | Reply

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