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Stacked nuclear power hearing in California

State panel to debate nuclear power  Los Angeles Times, Patrick McGreevy, 27 Oct 10, “………..David Weisman of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility complained that the hearing lineup appeared stacked in favor of those who support expanded nuclear power in California and that opposition groups like his own are not on the agenda.

“Essentially what they are doing here is re-creating a private nuclear-industry promotional forum that was held in La Jolla last year,” Weisman said of the senate hearing. “It’s entirely one-sided.”…..
Weisman noted that the electric utilities are big campaign donors at the Capitol. Although Padilla recently returned a $35,000 check from PG&E that arrived a day after the gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, records show he previously was given $9,000 in campaign contributions from PG&E and six of its executives during the last two years, and $8,850 from Southern California Edison, Edison International and 22 of their executives….

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