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Indian govt presses on with Meghalaya uranium mining, despite public opposition

‘How can we allow them to start this mining project when they themselves cannot give satisfactory answers on health and environment impact of uranium mining,’

Meghalaya civil groups oppose uranium mining project Shillong,  sify news, Nov 10 (IANS) Anti-mining groups in Meghalaya Wednesday vowed that they would continue to oppose a uranium mining project, while the central government set 2012 as the year to start mining in the state’s West Khasi Hills district. Continue reading

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Australians – all too NICE on matters nuclear and military

What a week of sycophantic subservience it has been!

USA’s Clinton and Robert Gates informed Australia of our increased role in America’s war strategy, with a new target for terrorism to be set up in W.A.   And, Australians fawned and applauded.

Global airline pilots worried about radiation security scanning at airports, and the biggest international pilot union is boycotting them.  But Australia’s airline pilots will apparently let the government assure them that somehow, OUR radiation scanners won’t pose the same cancer risk.

The media happily applauded the U.S. top level secret military mission, and Obama’s visit to India.  What didn’t rate a mention were the big and passionate anti-U.S. protests that greeted Obama in India, and of course, the mass anti-nuclear action in Germany.

But them I forgot – this is the Australian monopoly mass media –  and, Hillary and Julia had a lovely walk together.  And, Tiger Woods is in town, too. – Christina Macpherson

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Young Australians question Hillary Clinton with a kind of self-censorship

Even closer military and political ties mark the latest hotting up of an old but seriously unequal love story…….Throughout, no one challenged Clinton on the purpose or impact of her nation’s  unprecedented global power. It beggars belief that your average room of youngish university folk wouldn’t contain at least some who were capable and willing of sterner stuff

Questions Hillary wasn’t asked on her date with Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, Hamish Ford, November 10, 2010 If you thought we were already ”all the way” with the USA, it seems the object of our long-distance affection was previously just flirting at the bar. Continue reading

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